Six Months of Reagan Marie

How is our baby girl 6 months old??? Our Little Baby Haguewood isn’t quite so little anymore. On September 2nd we celebrated Miss Reagan Marie’s half birthday.  Now, anyone who follows my blog knows i’ll snag any opportunity to celebrate pretty much anything.  Half-birthdays have never been something on my list.  But when you’re 6 […]

Five Months of Reagan Marie

Oh sweet little Baby Girl, you are growing up so fast and my heart can’t handle it.  It seems like overnight you went from a newborn to a little baby who can sit up by herself and is eating solids. Month five of your life has been full of transition for us as a family […]

End of Summer Baby Sales

As I headed downtown this morning for a work meeting, I was quickly reminded that today is the first day of school for lots of “littles” all around our area.  Labor Day is on the horizon and that usually signals the END OF SUMMER and the beginning of all things Fall.  Cooler weather, falling leaves, […]

Four Months of Reagan Marie

WHOAAAAA…guess who has officially graduated from the “newborn” phase into the “infant” stage?!?!? Sweet Reagan Marie is four months old and I can’t believe how “cool” and “happy” this little girl is.  I’ve always loved kids and while I was never a baby/infant person, I could still appreciate the extreme cuteness of a newborn baby […]

Month Three Newborn Favorites aka “Playtime Essentials”

Whoa Nelly…I can’t believe it has taken me so long to write this post, and yet here we are.  In writing this, Reagan is almost 4 months old and time is flying by. I’m absolutely astonished at what she is capable of doing and she is surprising us and making us smile more than ever. […]

Happy July First

Happy July 1st to you ALL and Happy Friday Friends!! I am so exited to be kicking off the long weekend with everything fun & festive for the Fourth of July. I love a good LONG weekend! Holidays that spill over onto a Monday mean a little extra sleep (maybe), a little extra help from the hubs, and […]

Mama + Mini // 4th of July Style

With only one week to go until one of our FAVORITE HOLIDAYS, I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite Mama + Mini Styles for the 4th of July!!! Have I mentioned lately that having a Little Girl is the best and most festive thing EVER!!! And I LOVE it beyond […]

Summer Nights

Ahh Summer nights have finally arrived and we are LOVING IT around here!!! The days are bright and sunny, the evenings are so warm and enjoyable, and we’ve been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and walking Miss Reagan and the girl puppies as much as possible.  I wear Reagan in my Tula Baby Carrier […]

Mama + Mini // Summer Swim Styles Flamingo Favorites

Hallelujah Friends, Summer has finally arrived! I AM SO EXCITED for the weather to get HOT and then we are headed to the lake with our sweet baby girl. Our current weather status however, is less than appealing. Windy, stormy, and a bit rainy around here today. Not fun but a good excuse to stay indoors […]

Three Months of Reagan Marie

Oh my goodness, this beautiful baby girl is already three months old. She is just so much FUN!!! The past three months of Reagan Marie have been an amazing adventure. I know things will only get better, and at times a bit more challenging as she continues to grow into her own little person. On […]

Memorial Day 2016…Summer Starts HERE!!!

WooHoo…Memorial Day is officially in the books and that means Summer has “unofficially” started! We enjoyed a completely relaxed and uneventful weekend at home complete with a mini family photo session, puppy walks, and a movie marathon on Saturday night. Ultimately, the extra time as a family was glorious. Reagan is becoming much more engaging […]

Month ONE Newborn Favorites…aka “Survival Gear”

Ok friends, I by NO means claim to be a pro at this “mommy” thing yet, but its funny how quickly I picked up exactly what needed to be done, how to do it, and the best gear for the job at hand.  I did a ton of research on different products during my pregnancy. I […]

Reagan’s Birth Story

Here is the story of sweet Reagan Marie’s BIRTH on Wednesday, March 2, 2016. Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Little Baby Haguewood’s birth month had finally arrived.  I had officially made it to 38 weeks and life in general felt strange.  I felt like I was in a day-to-day holding pattern just waiting for something to […]

Two Months of Reagan Marie

On May 2nd, Little Miss Reagan Marie turned two months old. Time with this sweet angel has simply flown by.  When I was around 35 weeks pregnant, EVERYONE told me to just soak up every moment because it goes by so fast. NO KIDDING.  I can’t believe Reagan is already two months old; she no […]