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2nd Trimester Favorites

BYE BYE 2nd Trimester!!!!

And that is officially a wrap on the 2nd Trimester for this pregnant mama! I can’t believe i’m almost at the end of my pregnancy and we are in the final stretch.  The countdown is on and my to do list is longer than ever.  Every time I cross something off the list, I think of two or three more things that need to be added. Thus is life and at this point i’m just rolling with “the pregnancy vibe” and trying to enjoy every minute before the baby comes and our lives change forever. It really is so easy to get carried away with all the “baby stuff” out there and lose sight of what is really essential or necessary! Here are a few items that have helped me survive the middle stretch of my pregnancy.  They really do call it the “Honeymoon Phase” and it has been glorious.  I get to enjoy being pregnant without being sick and i’m not that BIG yet.  Feeling Good and Feeling very very Happy and Optimistic.

2nd Trimester Favorites

#1 – Crane Humidifier     #2 – Foam Roller     #3 – 10 lb. Weights     #4 – Peach Sorbet

#5 – BKR Water Bottle     #6 – MinneTonka Slippers     #7 – Lime Perrier

#1 – White Crane Humidifier

This was on my First Trimester Favorites list as well. We use it almost every single night and have especially enjoyed it during these cold and dry winter months.  Growing up in the Northwest i’ve always been acclimated to the cold weather, the dry air, and the hard water.  These are all a wicked combination for dry skin and believe me, pregnancy already takes a huge toll on the skin.  While we’ve been dipping down into the chilly teens at night i’ve loved having this humidifier to help balance things out a bit.  Pregnancy hormones also make for a stuffy nose pretty much 24/7 and the extra moisture makes a huge difference.  I’m so glad we have this little machine and am planning on purchasing a second one for the baby’s nursery as well.

#2 – Foam Roller

This is a spill over from my short lived Crossfit days.  I loved stretching out my tight and sore muscles after a good workout and apparently the same can be said for pregnancy. Things, aka muscles, move on their own and things get out of alignment quickly from the growing belly.  I started going to the Chiropractor about once a month and my doctor was fantastic and taught me some great stretches/ techniques for a stiff back and for readjusting myself after a long day on my feet at work.  I made this part of my nightly ritual before bed and it really helps alleviate any pain before the stiffness sets in from sleeping on my side.  The joys of pregnancy friends! Every second is worth it though!

#3 – 10lb. Weights

These have been amazing for my half-assed attempts at staying in shape during this pregnancy.  I’ve done quite a bit of research on what exercises are safe and helpful during pregnancy and have tailored a morning routine that I try and do every single day.  Some days…i’m just not up for it and as i’m entering the 3rd Trimester my belly is growing larger by the minute.  It throws off my balance and even doing simple exercises can be difficult at times.  I know there are several woman out there who have just rocketed through their workouts while pregnant but i’m not one of them.  This routine has really worked for me though.  You can check it out on my Pinterest page HERE and be sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program especially while pregnant.

#4 – Haagen-Dazs Orchard Peach Sorbet

This is a little treat that has really helped my pregnancy. I’ve been addicted to this yummy treat for years but really try and stay away from it as much as possible. Every once in awhile though…this treat is THE BEST EVER!!!!

#5 – BKR Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is absolutely essential.  I am not going to get on my soapbox about this topic because the internet is covered in research that supports it.  All I can say is that drinking lots of water + a little extra has made a huge difference in how I feel on a day-to-day basis.  Find a cute water bottle that you won’t want to put down and chug away!!!

#6 – MinneTonka Brand Slippers

These were actually a gift from a coworker and I am so thankful for them! I have always been a die hard UGG Slipper fan and still love them to pieces, but these beauties are fantastic for keeping my feet cozy and warm while doing chores around the house. They are great for the cold winter months when our hard wood is super chilly on the feet.  And we have tile flooring in the kitchen and our house can get super drafty at times so the floors feel like icicles.  These are a great addition to any pregnant woman’s wardrobe.

 #7 – Lime Perrier

My recycling bin is overflowing with bottles and bottles from this pregnancy addiction.  Lime flavored Perrier quickly became my pregnancy go-to drink shortly after the 1st Trimester when morning sickness stopped.  I am a HUGE margarita fan and love the tartness and sour flavor of a yummy carbonated beverage with added lime. Given margaritas are out of the question for 9 months…this is as close as I could come to my favorite drink.  I drink tons and tons of regular water on top of this, which is probably why I am stuck using the bathroom all night long.

Some 2nd & 3rd Trimester Thoughts…

I now totally understand why they call the 2nd Trimester of pregnancy the “honeymoon” phase.  Everything was great for me, minus the passing out and lightheadedness that hit me often.  I am so excited to see what this next trimester will bring and at the end of the journey we’ll have a sweet little nugget in our arms.

I think the reality of my pregnancy is finally setting in.  The first few months I felt off, sick, and tired but I never really felt “pregnant” yet.  The 2nd Trimester was wonderful because my energy and appetite returned and I actually felt normal most of the time. The third trimester feels very intimidating to me because I know the end is coming and that means Labor & Delivery. HOLY CRAP.  The thought of the that literally scares the shit out of me.  I think once we take our birthing classes i’ll finally be able to wrap my head around the birth process and will be able to process my feelings.  I know this is a major part of pregnancy and I can absolutely tackle it…but i’m still terrified. HAHA.

Some Fun & Exciting things to look forward to in the 3rd Trimester…

The 3rd Trimester is full of excitement for us and i’m so pumped.  Everyone keeps telling me that it is going to fly by and our schedule is already packed which will make it all go by in the blink-of-an-eye.

First off, I am going into the busy season at work which is always exciting and exhausting.  The days fly by and every hour is packed with good friends/coworkers and the most wonderful brides.  I absolutely LOVE my job as a Bridal Consultant & Sales Manager and can’t imagine doing anything else. Next up, the hubby will be cramming all his business trips into the month of January so that he can be available should Baby H decide to make “his or her” appearance early.  We have my Baby Shower which will be hosted by my mommy…the best future grandma ever and a Maternity Photoshoot scheduled with a fantastic photographer.  Literally every weekend is packed with something new and fun and the days already feel like a whirlwind.

In February we have an Infant CPR Class and a 3-part Birth Class from our local hospital.  I’m nervous and excited for these.  The thought of “needing” to give CPR to my child is not something I want to even think about, BUT I am all about being prepared and knowledgeable instead of ignorant. The birthing classes are going to be essential and I can see us retaking them with each pregnancy in the future. I know absolutely nothing about the birth process and these classes will be so helpful and eye-opening for both of us prior to Baby H’s arrival.

We have a few more projects to wrap up in the nursery and then we are going to start unboxing all the “loot” that we have been stockpiling over the past few months.  I am really excited to see the transformation.  We did have the carpets cleaned and the hubby is going to do a little paint touch up, but really we have an “empty and clean” blank space to create a beautiful nursery in.

Nursery - Clean Slate

I go to bed every night a little anxious knowing that we have absolutely nothing set up yet…what if Baby comes early??? I have to remind myself that we have lots of time left and I can only control the things I can control and everything will work out the way its meant to. I am so excited to meet our little gummy bear so with each crazy weekend and fun event we are getting closer and closer to meeting out our little miracle child.

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And with that i’ll close on the 2nd Trimester! Time for the big-girl/mommy panties and the final stretch of this pregnancy.

Hello 3rd Trimester!!!!

xo xo Friends,