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Welcome 2018!

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Happy New Year, Happy January, Happy February…so I suppose that rolls us right on into Valentines Day!!! And also, seriously, how in the heck is it two thousand eighteen???

Once again it’s been quite awhile since I jumped into the blogging sphere. We’ve been so busy living life, enjoying the holidays, and wrapping our heads around this parenting thing. We barely have time to blink. We have an almost two year old, an 8 month old baby (who with every passing day is less and less a baby), and I’m holding my head above water trying not to drown in motherhood.  This past holiday season was the first time in two years that I haven’t been pregnant, nursing, or trying to get pregnant.  Holiday cocktails and champagne on New Years gave me all the happy feels.


It was a special New Years Eve this year as I celebrated my 30th birthday. Jeffrey spoiled me with a wonderful dinner out at my favorite place. It was our first time “OUT” at a restaurant, by ourselves, with young children.  There were car seats and high chairs, ONLY 2 adults present, and we felt like we must have had an extra child in there somewhere.  Oh what an adventure it was. Giggles, crying, cups knocking over. We both had our hands completely FULL but it was perfect and everything I wanted for my birthday. We rang in the New Year “quiet style” after our dinner out, and I was the last soldier standing when the clock struck midnight.

We are so ready to check back into REALITY and get back to our normally scheduled programming. I am thriving on structure and routine these days because I know its the only thing that makes sense at the moment. I’ve officially decided that a 15-month age gap is absolutely bonkers and we might have been crazy to have our kids so close together. During the questionable moments I try and remember that the most important work is taking care of our two beautiful little souls. Ever tear, anxious moment, and needy little person clawing their way up my legs is entirely worth it. Making sure they are well taken care of and happy at the end of the day is the only thing that matters. Their love and happiness are enough. But its a new year and a whole new world of possibilities.

I am feeling very optimistic about the things we can accomplish this year. January was full of trips and meetings, new possibilities, and several BIG decisions to unravel as a family.  That brings us right up into February. Time seems to be going quicker then ever.  This month is shaping up to be rather quiet for us but we have lots and lots of “STUFF” going on behind the scenes. The weather is clearing up and we are anticipating lots of work to be done on the house (indoors & out) as well birthday planning for one special little girl who turns two next month. That event will almost immediately be followed by a very special family wedding and Jackson’s first birthday.

When all is said and done, we are feeling like 2018 will be our year.  We are hitting the “PAUSE” button on babies and focusing more on the BIG picture for our family.  So many exciting things in the works.  I have been diffusing Joy essential oil and Stress Away essential oil like its my JOB (it kind of is actually haha). We have so much to be grateful for and 2017 blessed us with more then we could ever imagine.  Thank You Lord for watching over our hearts and minds and keeping us focused on what really matters in this beautiful world.

Cheers to 2018 (and Valentine’s Day) because, ya know, I’m always late to the party when it comes to blogging.