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Welcome 2018!

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Happy New Year, Happy January, Happy February…so I suppose that rolls us right on into Valentines Day!!! And also, seriously, how in the heck is it two thousand eighteen???

Once again it’s been quite awhile since I jumped into the blogging sphere. We’ve been so busy living life, enjoying the holidays, and wrapping our heads around this parenting thing. We barely have time to blink. We have an almost two year old, an 8 month old baby (who with every passing day is less and less a baby), and I’m holding my head above water trying not to drown in motherhood.  This past holiday season was the first time in two years that I haven’t been pregnant, nursing, or trying to get pregnant.  Holiday cocktails and champagne on New Years gave me all the happy feels.


It was a special New Years Eve this year as I celebrated my 30th birthday. Jeffrey spoiled me with a wonderful dinner out at my favorite place. It was our first time “OUT” at a restaurant, by ourselves, with young children.  There were car seats and high chairs, ONLY 2 adults present, and we felt like we must have had an extra child in there somewhere.  Oh what an adventure it was. Giggles, crying, cups knocking over. We both had our hands completely FULL but it was perfect and everything I wanted for my birthday. We rang in the New Year “quiet style” after our dinner out, and I was the last soldier standing when the clock struck midnight.

We are so ready to check back into REALITY and get back to our normally scheduled programming. I am thriving on structure and routine these days because I know its the only thing that makes sense at the moment. I’ve officially decided that a 15-month age gap is absolutely bonkers and we might have been crazy to have our kids so close together. During the questionable moments I try and remember that the most important work is taking care of our two beautiful little souls. Ever tear, anxious moment, and needy little person clawing their way up my legs is entirely worth it. Making sure they are well taken care of and happy at the end of the day is the only thing that matters. Their love and happiness are enough. But its a new year and a whole new world of possibilities.

I am feeling very optimistic about the things we can accomplish this year. January was full of trips and meetings, new possibilities, and several BIG decisions to unravel as a family.  That brings us right up into February. Time seems to be going quicker then ever.  This month is shaping up to be rather quiet for us but we have lots and lots of “STUFF” going on behind the scenes. The weather is clearing up and we are anticipating lots of work to be done on the house (indoors & out) as well birthday planning for one special little girl who turns two next month. That event will almost immediately be followed by a very special family wedding and Jackson’s first birthday.

When all is said and done, we are feeling like 2018 will be our year.  We are hitting the “PAUSE” button on babies and focusing more on the BIG picture for our family.  So many exciting things in the works.  I have been diffusing Joy essential oil and Stress Away essential oil like its my JOB (it kind of is actually haha). We have so much to be grateful for and 2017 blessed us with more then we could ever imagine.  Thank You Lord for watching over our hearts and minds and keeping us focused on what really matters in this beautiful world.

Cheers to 2018 (and Valentine’s Day) because, ya know, I’m always late to the party when it comes to blogging.




Happy Spring

Awwwwwww Spring has officially arrived and our cooped-up, so over Winter, Summer loving hearts are ECSTATIC!!!! Miss Reagan has been ONE for a few weeks now and we are absolutely positive that these have been the best days of our lives to date!!! There is something about having a beautiful growing child and one on-the-way that gives me so much JOY!!!!  I still have my “oh shit” moments but we are just beyond excited to add Baby #2 to our little family.

As soon as Reagan turned One, she simply took off in terms of development. She is so happy and hitting new milestones left and right. I distinctly recall absolutely sobbing over how fast she was growing when she was like 4 days old. But I was totally bonkers at that point.  Now, I seriously look forward to each day and all the amazing new things she will learn. She is so close to walking and I am so excited to take her to the park for some FUN once she is cruising around.  The stroller just doesn’t do it for her anymore and she gets sooooo bored.  I almost feel guilty taking her out now because I know she would rather be crawling and climbing around the living room getting into everything. Much more fun. But my pregnant self has been loving the sunshine, fresh air, and I swear my energy is so much higher on bright days when we can get out of the house. I can literally feel a difference in my mood if its raining outside vs. sunny. All-in-all, we are LOVING SPRING and are so ready for some consistently sunny days.

I finally had to toss out the beautiful and bright spring blooms from Reagan’s birthday party.  I was able to snap a few photos of how pretty and bright they looked. Having the window ledge littered with flowers completely changed the atmosphere in our home.  I might need to splurge on some more and ramp up the Spring vibe. Mason Jars + Fresh Tulips = PERFECTION

spring flowers

spring flowers

spring flowers

Has anyone else been swooning over the adorable mini outfits for Easter and Spring?  I am so NOT a fashionista, but I absolutely love dressing Miss Reagan.  I secretly hope we are having another little girl because it is so much fun and I would have no idea where to start dressing a little boy.  I love the mix of comfy clothes with a little feminine style sprinkled in. Totally my vibe but in “mini.” Of course i’ve been living in stretchy tops, maternity clothes, and yoga pants/leggings… so maybe I shouldn’t be talking.

Here is a little roundup of some of our Spring Favorites for Baby Girl!!! I’ll take a pair of matching yellow Hunter boots just so we can splash around in the rain puddles together once she starts walking. 🙂

springtime mini styles for baby girls

Creative Little Person Sweatshirt   //   Gap Baby Jeggings   //   Coral Baby Girl Nike Frees   // Striped Gap Baby Dress   //   Yellow Baby Hunter Boots   //   Lace Pink Sweater   //   Polka Dot Leggings   //   Pink Baby Wedges   //   BabyLit “A Little Princess”   //   BabyLit “The Secret Garden” 

Happy Springtime Friends!

I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods and there are lots of Spring blooms around!!!

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End of Summer Baby Sales

As I headed downtown this morning for a work meeting, I was quickly reminded that today is the first day of school for lots of “littles” all around our area.  Labor Day is on the horizon and that usually signals the END OF SUMMER and the beginning of all things Fall.  Cooler weather, falling leaves, and early September days are all calling my name.  The changing of the seasons is extra special this year because it is the beginning of “a bunch of FIRSTS” for Little Reagan Marie.  First time doing Fall activities, first football season, first Halloween, First Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas is right around the corner.

Labor Day sales are everywhere right now including a bunch of Summer goodies for next year.  I rounded up some of my absolute favorites that I can’t wait to see Reagan sporting next Summer. And as a bonus everything is clearance pricing right now + an additional 40% OFF all clearance items.  This really is the only way to shop for your “littles.” They outgrow things so fast that it is impossible to justify spending $40 on a freaking baby outfit…but thats just my opinion.  And if you buy the right sizes you can see your sweet baby in the same cute outfits again next year!!!

summer favorites 2016

Embroidered Chambray Romper     Teal Palm Dress + Cardigan Set     Pink Sailor Bow Headband     Chambray Tank Romper     White Fiesta Dress + Cardigan     Polka Dot Chambray Top     Polka Dot Chambray Bow Headband     Ruffle Tank Onesie with Floral Bottoms

baby shoes

Carters Mary Jane Flats

I have always aimed to purchase any BIG baby items on super sale and Labor Day is no exception when it comes to great deals. Here are some of the other items that are on my radar for fantastic deals and steals when it comes to baby items!

PLAYPEN – We have been wanting a Playpen for awhile now but Miss Reagan was just not quite big enough. Now we are a few short weeks away from her sitting up on her own and I am so excited to have a place that can be all hers. After lots of research we decided to go with the 4moms Breeze Play Yard for convenience, storage, and longterm durability over multiple babies! It is on SUPERSALE right now and I could not be more excited!

HIGH CHAIR – We intentionally held off on purchasing some of the BIG baby items that we knew we wouldn’t need right away when I was pregnant. Well, the last 6 months have absolutely flown by and I can’t believe that it is time for Miss Reagan to be in a High Chair. I fell in love with the Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair and am so excited to snag it for a good deal. I love that it has interchangeable seats so we only have to purchase one high chair but can change the color if we have a little boy in the future. We have been using our Bumbo Chair with the Play Tray as a temporary place to feed Miss Reagan, but her chubby little baby legs are beginning to not fit in the seat openings. HAHAHAHAH. So…I am taking this as a sign that it might be time for her to get an upgrade.

BABY GATES – Miss Reagan is still months away from walking but she is getting big enough to be in a walker & jumper. And that little walker of hers will mysteriously make it across the length of our kitchen when i’m not paying attention. So we decided that its time for a baby gate! We have a set of steep stairs right off of our kitchen and I don’t want to risk a tumble. Labor Day seems like a good time to get this item on sale as well. We decided to go with the Summer Infant Multi-Use Baby Gate and can’t wait for it to get here.

Labor Day is going to be extremely low key. We finally had our fence rebuilt after the crazy windstorm blew it apart last November. We’ve been hard at work staining every little nook and cranny whenever we get some free time together. So far it is coming together nicely and the color really pops against our yard!!! So happy to finally have some stain on it and we will most likely wrap up that project over the long weekend. September 2nd is Reagan’s Half Birthday and she will be 6months old. Holy Crap! Where did the time go?  Its been so fun watching her grow up and I am so looking forward to her walking and getting dressed up for Halloween.

Bye Bye Summer. Hello FALL!!!!!!!

xo xo Friends,

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Summer Nights

Ahh Summer nights have finally arrived and we are LOVING IT around here!!!

The days are bright and sunny, the evenings are so warm and enjoyable, and we’ve been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and walking Miss Reagan and the girl puppies as much as possible.  I wear Reagan in my Tula Baby Carrier and we have a solid route that we explore. Its about four to five miles total. The exercise is fantastic for my postpartum mommy body, but we both get pretty warm while hiking along. I might be the worlds laziest momma, but she loves it when we let her hang out and cool down in ONLY her diaper after our nightly walks.  I’ve never seen a baby so happy to chill in her diaper and a bow.

 Reagan usually goes to bed around 7:30pm but sometimes we’ll keep her up past her bedtime and simply hang out as a family of three.  OR Mommy and Daddy can relax and enjoy the peace and calm together rocking the night away on our porch swing. I recently added some festive bistro lights to our front porch and I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out.  There is nothing better than sipping on a margarita and rocking the night away next to my hubby. We are definitely loving summer nights in the Haguewood household!

mommy and baby

Summer Nights - June 2016 #2

baby faces x4

porch margarita

porch margarita #2

Recycled Glass Tumblers – Gift (similar HERE)

There is an unwritten rule that its ok to stay up late past our bedtimes when margaritas and porch swinging are involved! So…on that note, to the swing we GO! Cheers to Summer nights friends!

xo xo,

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Mama + Mini // Summer Swim Styles Flamingo Favorites

summer baby swim style

Hallelujah Friends, Summer has finally arrived!

I AM SO EXCITED for the weather to get HOT and then we are headed to the lake with our sweet baby girl. Our current weather status however, is less than appealing. Windy, stormy, and a bit rainy around here today. Not fun but a good excuse to stay indoors and get some work done!

Can I just take a second and gush over some of these cute and tiny baby swimsuits??? My heart is bursting in anticipation of seeing Miss Reagan in some of these adorable little suits.  Clearly, i’m loving everything “FLAMINGO” related right now! There is just something so bright and summery about bright Poppy and Flamingo colors! Plus, chunky baby legs and a tiny flamingo swimsuit seem like a rockin’ combination in my book. Check out my Summer Swim Styles below, complete with all of my Flamingo Favorites!!!!

summer baby swim style flamingo favorites

JCrew Bikini Top     H&M Scallop Bikini Bottoms     OH JOY! Flamingo Stuffy     SunnyLife Extra Large Flamingo Float     SunnyLife Baby Flamingo Float     Flamingo Halter Baby Swimsuit     Flamingo Ruffle One-Shoulder Swimsuit     Polka Dot Flamingo Swimsuit     Bandeau Bow Swimsuit     Flora & the Flamingo Book

Not quite sure if i’m ready for “bikini season” as i’m still working to get some of the baby weight off. But in the spirit of summertime and cutting myself a little slack, I will be rocking a bikini this summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Growing a tiny human was hard work, and I am so proud of myself and my body. I’ve been eyeing this adorable striped JCrew bikini top, perfect for the nursing/pumping mommy and these girly H&M scalloped bikini bottoms! Love the color combination together and how dainty they look.

bikini top       bikini bottoms


Mama + Mini

 I know for this summer at least, Miss Reagan will still be a little on the small side to play with a gigantic Pink Flamingo! Next year though, oh its on! I can’t wait to capture some photos of us sporting our matching Mama & Baby Pink Flamingo Floats from the SunnyLife! We are big time lake people and I can’t wait to get Miss Reagan out in the water for some summer fun! This year, we’ll stick to the Flamingo Stuffy Friend and some shade!!!!

giant pink flamingo floatbaby flamingo float

Gold Laurel

Our Summer plans are somewhat minimal at this point but we do have a few things on the agenda that we won’t be missing.

#1 – We have several weddings to attend including one that means a mini-getaway for Mommy and Daddy. Gulp. It will be my first time away from the baby and i’m half-excited and half-terrified to leave her. The thought of sleeping through the night fully for two days makes me SOOOOOO happy, but she is also my little girl and I will miss the heck out of her! She will be in good hands though!

#2 – We are celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary. Say What?!?!?! I’m not sure where the past five years have gone but i’m pretty darn excited to celebrate my love and best friend! Not sure what we are doing yet, probably chilling at home changing dirty diapers, but who knows what might go down!

#3 – We are spending a week at the lake relaxing while hopefully getting nice and tan!!

#4 – We will be celebrating AMERICA and all things patriotic over the 4th of July in true Haguewood fashion…like always!!!! The Fourth is always one of the biggest holidays on our calendar and we can’t wait for Miss Reagan to partake in all the FUN!

#5 – We will be keeping the patriotic train rolling as we celebrate the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics! GO TEAM USA!!!! WE LOVE WATCHING the Olympics and are ridiculously proud of our country and all that she stands for! What could be more patriotic than the olympics?!?! Can’t wait to hear Bob Costas voice and the good old Olympic anthem on the tv this summer!!

baby swimsuit

Happy Sweet Summertime Friends!!!

xo xo,

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Summer Recap – Part 2 “The Bridal Party Olympics”

I’m soooooo excited to share all the details about the awesome Bachelorette Weekend we threw for my gorgeous sister-in-law Jessie!!! Over the 4th of July weekend we had a big celebration with a bunch of friends and family celebrating the soon-to-be newlyweds,  Jessie and Joshua! Bridesmaids and Groomsmen converged on the lake house for a whole weekend full of festivities topped off with a beautiful and rustic Bridal Shower!!!

We kicked off the long weekend with a fun & festive 4th of July celebration.  To read all the details from my Summer Recap – Part 1 “Our 4th of July” click HERE!

Next up my fellow Co-Mohs, short for Co-Maids of Honor, planned a kick-ass joint Bachelorette & Bachelor Party, minus the stripers and penius themed everything. Totally tacky and not our style at all. We opted for something slightly more tasteful and went for a fun Bridal Party Olympics themed weekend, a twist on the common Beer Olympics. The weekend was full of “TEAM BRIDE” vs “TEAM GROOM” events, competitions, party decor and coordinated outfits.

Bridal Party Olympic Bibs


Bridal Party Olympics

*TEAM BRIDE Olympic Marathon Bibs HERE


Bridal Party Olympics

TEAM GROOM Olympic Marathon Bibs HERE

bridal party bibs

To get started we needed a fun & festive “Scoreboard” to keep track of the winners and the losers!  In true “Olympic” style the winning team was given a trophy!!! In honor of the Bride and Groom, we joined their 2 last names and called our Olympics “The Ranwood Games.” Cue the traditional olympic music…

photo 1-4

We put together these awesome “Bachelorette Party Weekend” Survival Bags for all the girls! I’ll be sure to do a small tutorial on how I made these fab little packs.  They were awesome!!!

photo 1

We kicked off the “Ranwood Games” with a traditional Beer Pong Tournament followed by a fun 3-Legged Race.  We creatively used blue and pink blow up kiddie rings for our race. Oh yea, we are just awesome like that!! Sorry about the blurry video quality…


photo 5-4


Excited to report that TEAM BRIDE won the 3-legged race!


 Next up we had a series of Minute-to-Win-It Games thanks to my awesome co-MOH, Kristen!!! You rock!!! Again, sorry about the blurry video quality…

photo 4-1

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3-1

photo 3

photo 1-2

photo 4-4



photo 3-4

And last, for the ultimate WIN of the Ranwood Games, we had a totally fun Relay Race complete with color coordinated batons. It was a blast and TEAM GROOM beat us by only seconds on the human pyramid!!! I absolutely LOVE all the goofy girly golden retrievers running around after us!!!

photo 4-14










Ultimately the whole day was an absolute SUCCESS and most importantly, everyone had so much fun!!! The whole weekend was such a blast and we all made fabulous memories! It was also a fantastic way to get the whole Bridal Party together as a meet & greet before the wedding!!!

So much FUN and more to come about Jessie’s beautiful Bridal Shower & Wedding!!!

xo xo Friends,