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DIY SuperHero “Happy Birthday Bunting Banner”

Hey everyone, so I wanted to put together a post with all the details on how I made the SuperHero decorations from Jeffrey’s Party!!! Looking back on my previous post I was reminded of how much FUN we had!!! To read all about our SuperHero party you can Click HERE or scroll down to the previous post.


I had an absolute blast making all the decorations myself! I was all over Pinterest looking for ideas but really had trouble finding pre-made decorations.  I went shopping at our local party supply stores and couldn’t find anything that was affordable.  I’m all about being on a budget when it comes to crafts and party supplies.  It all adds up so fast.

First off I made this amazing Bunting Birthday Banner with fun Comic Book lettering that says “Happy Birthday!!”

Birthday Banner #3

To make this fun Birthday Banner you will need the following supplies:

5 sheets of Red Craft or Scrapbooking Paper

1 sheet of Yellow Craft or Scrapbooking Paper

3 sheets of Blue Craft or Scrapbooking Paper

Sharp Scissors

Decorative Edge Scissors (I used a simple scallop edge)

Craft Tape


Ribbon, Wire, or Twine (to hang your banner)

Hot Glue Gun

Birthday Banner #1

To get started I measured and cut out all my Red triangles.  I measured out the size I wanted and made a basic template out of thick paper to trace.  It is so much easier than measuring out each triangle.  Set aside all the triangles for now.

Next, I sketched out the lettering I wanted on the Blue paper and cut out all my “Happy Birthday” letters.  Using the double sided craft tape I glued the letters to the red triangles.

Finally I cut 1/2 inch wide strips of Yellow paper and used my decorative scissors on one side to get the fun scalloped edge.  Flip the Red triangle over and glue the Yellow strips to the edge of the triangle to finish.

The last step is to attach your triangles to a piece of wire, twine, or ribbon etc.  I used 1 long piece of Gold sparkly ribbon.  Using a Hot Glue Gun I attached my ribbon along the edge of the triangle where the RED and YELLOW meet.

Birthday Banner #4

Birthday Banner #5

The whole project went really quickly and ended up being way CUTER and way CHEAPER than purchasing one from the party supply store or on Etsy!!! Plus you can use any color or font type you want. The only items I purchased were the sheets of paper and I got them 50% OFF at Hobby Lobby.  They ended up being like 20 cents a piece.  I love a good Hobby Lobby deal!!!!

Birthday Banner #2

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.38.25 PM

Lots more decorations to come!!!

Stay Tuned Friends 🙂