Eleven Months of Reagan Marie
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Eleven Months of Reagan Marie

Holy Cow, how in the heck is Miss Reagan Marie 11 months old???

The big ol’ FIRST BIRTHDAY is creeping up on us.  I am so flipping excited for her.  I know parents always talk about how they don’t want their children to grow up and how they should stay little forever…BLAH BLAH.  But, what a cool gig to grow up in this world and I am simply so excited for her to experience everything this life has to offer. She is getting so BIG and so smart.  I love seeing her little brain work out new things and she is getting so vocal and active.

11 months reagan

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP & GROWTH: Reagan is officially 11 months old and will go in for her check-up later this month for her 12 month shots. What a milestone.  I am guessing she is almost 25lbs. now and is the sweetest chubbiest little baby.  She has thigh rolls and chubby baby wrists for days.  She is such a healthy little girl, Thank Goodness.  We’ve actually been taking her out more because we want her to get exposed to all the germs that exist in this world.  Since we don’t do daycare, she really isn’t around other children much and therefore never gets sick.  She is growing every day and seems to change before my eyes. I can’t wait until her check-up to find out where she sits percentile wise.  I know its not super important, but people always comment on what a big, fat, healthy baby she is and I want to be able to say back, “Damn Straight, 90th percentile bitches.” Classy, I know.

11 months reagan

 EYE COLOR, HAIR COLOR, & DIMPLES FOR DAYS: Baby girl is FINALLY getting some hair.  WooHoo! I love long hair and have extensions that I adore!!!! I can’t wait to do cute toddler top knots and braids! Right now, we’ve got a little more then peach fuzz going on, but enough that I can play with it when we snuggle together.  I love stroking her sweet little head and just loving her up.  I know the baby stage will be gone before I know it and I am just soaking up every second of her being tiny and sweet still.  She is a strawberry blonde little gummy bear and I am just obsessed.  I am a natural red head and was carrot orange as a baby.  She is definitely more blonde and we’ll see how it changes as she gets older.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she will keep a reddish tint and might go darker like her daddy.  I don’t see any super red “ginger” jokes in her future but we’ll see.

11 months reagan

SLEEP: Baby girl sleeps like a champ and is totally set in her routine.  I don’t even need to set an alarm for myself anymore because she is up and ready to go by 7am everyday.  I usually hear her at 7am, almost down to the minute, every morning.  I leave her in her crib until 7:30am while I wake up and wrap my head around starting the day.  She plays and talks to herself in her crib.  I love watching her wiggle around and jabber away through the baby monitor.  It really is the best way to start your day.  Her happiness and excited energy are contagious and I can’t help but SMILE every morning when I go in and see her.  She is usually standing up in her crib and gets the biggest smile on her face. Then she lets out a big scream with happy excitement at seeing me.  To be loved and wanted that much by a child is a wonderful feeling. We do a quick diaper change followed by fresh jammies because she often pees through her jam jams from sleeping so hard. Then we head downstairs to start our day.

Reagan is a good napper but the times often fluctuate.  She always takes an early morning nap around 9am and will sleep for 45min to an hour.  Her afternoon naps are all over the place but somewhere from 12pm to 3pm she’ll go down for a 2 hour nap consistently.  When she goes down is totally up in the air and changes daily.  We’ve tried getting her on a schedule but she just isn’t interested.  She sleeps on her tummy with butt up in the air and it is the cutest thing ever.  I’ve tried dozen of times to sneak in there and snap photos but she always seems to wake up. I know i’ll get it one of these days.

11 months reagan

FEEDINGS: Miss Reagan is fully transitioned to table food and pretty much eats whatever we are eating.  And BABY GIRL can eat!!!! She is not shy when it comes to food and literally gobbles down anything we give her.  So far she isn’t picky about anything and loves playing with her food.  At this stage, we are just rolling with it, but eventually we’ll start enforcing that “food is for eating, not playing.”  She loves to throw her sippy cup and knock food on the floor for the dogs. At first it was a big deal and I absolutely hated cleaning up the floor a thousand times a day.  We also don’t feed our dogs people food and were concerned about their health.  But they are fine, Reagan does her thing, and its not worth the battle to observe every single piece of flying food that hits the floor and try and clean it up before the dogs get to it.  Now, they do it for me and I don’t stress about it.  We have remained firm on her feeding the dogs from her high chair though.  They totally take advantage and she doesn’t understand that they can’t eat her food.  She thinks its so fun to hold out her hand full of food, and they come running and give her lots of licks and kisses.  My husband calls her a little drug lord and that she has a Reagan food cartel going on.  Even the cats are getting in on the action and it can get out of hand pretty quickly.  She is slowing beginning to understand the concept of NO and will shake her head “no” at us, but then she does it anyway and doesn’t understand whats really being communicated. Or does she??? I need to start reading up on basic early childhood positive discipline and am fully open to any advice or book recommendations from other parents.  Its a tough GIG and knowing whats normal or expected behavior is totally out of my comfort zone.  I know my child fully and her behavior patterns, but educating and curbing unwanted behavior is new territory for me.

She still takes 3 bottles a day, before naps and bedtime, and we do a mixture of 4oz. Plum Organics Formula and 4oz. organic whole milk.  She is doing great on the transition and will be ready to wean off of formula all together by her first birthday.  I stopped nursing and pumping after a few months so she has had a cows milk based formula for awhile now.  I didn’t want to shock her system so we slowly introduced whole milk in 1 oz. increments and will continue to do so until she is fully off of formula.  I am so EXCITED to not have to mix bottles on a regular basis anymore!

11 months reagan

SCHEDULE: I feel like i’ve already covered a lot of her schedule but here is our basic breakdown…

7am – Wake up and play in crib until Mommy gets her ass out of bed!

7:30am – Head downstairs for cheerios and coffee.  She doesn’t eat a ton right in the morning and this is more for me to get my act together and make some coffee.  Sometimes she will eat half a banana at the same time.

8am – We PLAY!!!! I sip coffee and watch my favorite Fox News channel show and she crawls around on top of me. We read books and play with colored blocks and just ease into our morning.

9am – Down for nap #1. Mom cleans up the cheerio mess and picks up toys.  I am generally feeling awake by this time and get out my to do list to start tackling my day.  I plan everything out, maybe do a load of laundry, make the bed, and scrub my face and teeth.

10am to 10:30am – Reagan wakes up and we kick off the active part of our day.  We run errands, do grocery shopping if needed, go to my favorite Pure Barre Mommy & Me class on Wednesdays, and Thursdays we do story time at the library.

12pm to 3pm – Depending on our schedule and how long we are out of the house will dictate when Reagan goes down for her second nap.  We just roll with it and I put her down as soon as we get home.

3pm to 5pm – Wakey Wakey little peanut.  She always sleeps hard, and I mean hard, for her second nap.  She wakes up disoriented and cranky most days.  She sometimes is shaky and hates being around people at this time.  After 3omin. or so she is back to her normal happy little self and we play, read, and practice walking.  Sometimes we’ll take the puppies for an afternoon walk with daddy.

6:30pm – Dinner time for Reagan.  She loves eating and will sit and eat her food with us as a family. She tends to get extremely goofy as she gets tired and has normal toddler behavior.  Things get goofy and more wild and thats are cue for bed time.  We alternate who does dishes vs bath time.  She plays in the bath and gets those last bits of energy out.  We put her down immediately after and she is out by 7:30pm every night.  Very rarely she’ll fuss for a few minutes in the middle of the night.  We let her self soothe and she goes back to sleep almost right away.

11 months reagan

MILESTONES & PLAY: Playtime and her new active lifestyle really have me going on all cylinders.  When she isn’t sleeping, she is going 100% full force all the time. She is sooooooo BUSY crawling all over the place, is always up and down on furniture, has learned how to dance, and rolls around everywhere giggling constantly and kicking her chubby feet. It is so much FUN, but so much WORK!!! We have been doing Montessori type activities and she loves it.  We do colors and play with wooden blocks, she does letters and we practice making sounds and words.  She is extremely drawn to small objects or the smallest details on something, so we practice touching and finding them.  She loves reading books and can turn the pages on board books.  So I read, she turns the pages, and we touch all the small details on the pages and learn what they are. She sets the pace and when we’re done, we’re done!

As far as milestones go, she has officially mastered crawling, pulling herself up, can walk with assistance although we are working on keeping her heels down, she can clap her little hands and is imitating our sounds and movements.  She had her first dance session and crushed it to “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees. I actually got the whole thing on video and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was FANTASTIC.  We do table food, sleep through the night, are down to 3 bottles a day, and she is pretty good at independent play.

ONE is right around the corner baby girl and we are so proud of your little self!!!!!!

xo xo,

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