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Getting Started with Clean Eating (part 2)

 30% gym There is a lot of truth to this photo. You can do crunches all day long but if you don’t have the discipline to eat clean you will never cut down on the layer of fat that sits over your belly preventing all your hard work from showing through.

Workouts and Clean Eating go hand in hand. For 30-Days I am on the clean eating train. Check out my first post I did on this topic HERE to get caught up.

My detailed game plan is as follows:

  • Before Photos and Measurements to track my progress
  • Workouts 6 days a weeks
  • 6-7 Small Meals a day
  • A gallon of water every day
  • Recording and Tracking all my meals/workouts in my Food Journal
  • 1 Cheat Meal per week
  • After Photos and Measurements to reveal my progress

I took some time last night to plan out all of my workouts for the next 30 days! Here is the rest of April and May!!!

April Workouts

May Workouts

I also did a 30 day countdown with colorful tabs in my office to monitor my progression through the next 4 weeks.

30 Day CountdownWorkouts and Clean Eating here I come. I will post my progress everyday along with my thoughts & feelings as I give this a go. I am hoping to try some new recipes along with my basic clean eating staples…chicken, fish, fresh veggies, oatmeal etc. Oh and lots and lots of WATER!!!!

Gallon a Day

Here is a sample of what I will be eating everyday…

6:00am – Wake up & Coffee/PreWorkout Supplement (meal #1)

 – Americano with 1 tbs Almond Milk

6:30am – Workout

– Weight Training followed by 40 min. Cardio

8:30am – Breakfast (meal #2)

– 3 Egg Whites with 2tbs Salsa

11:30 am – Mid-Morning Snack (meal #3)

– Isagenix Protein Shake

2:00pm – Lunch (meal #4)

– Tilapia with Sweet Potatos & Veggies

4:30 pm – Late Afternoon Snack (meal #5)

– Apple with 1tbs Peanut Butter

7:30 pm – Dinner (meal #6)

– Chicken and Veggies

9:00 pm – Before Bed Snack (meal #7)

– 1/4 cup Cottage Cheese

Well there you have it. Portion control and watching what I eat. I know it seems like I will be eating all the time but that really is the BEST part. I won’t ever feel hungry and I have a plan that I can follow to help keep me focused and on track. I will be prepping all my meals tonight for the rest of the week and that will help with convenient and easily accessed meals. No excuses for not staying on track if I always have something ready to go.

Here I go…not looking back!!!!