Happy Easter Eve & Baby’s First Easter Basket
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Happy Easter Eve & Baby’s First Easter Basket

I am so excited for Reagan’s very first EASTER!!! I love playing the Easter Bunny and am so excited for all the fun adventures we will have watching our little one grow up and learn.  I am absolutely obsessed with holidays and any excuse to be Fun & Festive.  I can’t wait to experience what the holidays feel like with babies and small children. Reagan arrived on March 2nd so her first holiday was St. Patrick’s Day, Blog Post can be found HERE, but Easter will be her first official BIG holiday celebrated with Family!!!  I am just so excited. I’m also trying to remind myself that she is still a newborn and won’t know what the heck is going on at all.  I need to keep my expectations in check but my holiday loving heart gets so excited!!!! Happy Easter Eve friends!

Easter Basket Goodies 2016

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit   The Velveteen Rabbit   JellyCat Duckling   Golden Easter Eggs

Pink Easter Pajamas     Blue Easter Pajamas     Infant Bunny Slippers     Bunny Ring Rattle

I started hunting for the perfect Easter basket fillers right after Valentine’s Day.  We didn’t know what Little Baby Haguewood was going to be so I was shooting for items that were #1 – Useful, #2 Gender Neutral, and #3 as CUTE as possible.  All the adorable bunny stuff out there had me swooning and it was so hard to not go gangbusters buying everything for her. I had to remind myself that she is only going to be a newborn for a little bit here and unless we have another baby girl around Easter we probably won’t get much use out of any special clothes.  I really wanted to get her some toys that I know we will use in the future, so I went for these Vulli So Pure Toy Blocks from the makers of Sophie the Giraffe. Reagan is already mesmerized by Sophie and loves to stare at her and hold her. Thanks Grandma Julie!!! I’m excited for her to get a little older so we can start learning and playing games with her.

vulli toy blocks

I also got her several fun Easter Books, some NEW colorful easter eggs which are currently filled with candy for ME, the pink bunny pajamas pictured above, and the Bunny Rattle from Bunnies by the Bay, a company i’m absolutely obsessed with.  Everything they have is just so darn cute!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 6.29.54 PM

We are looking forward to starting some new holiday traditions with our sweet little girl, one of which is celebrating the “Eves” of just about every holiday out there.  There is something incredibly magical about holidays and I remember eagerly awaiting the arrival of the morning as a young child and being so giddy the night before .  The anticipation of a holiday is half the FUN!!! I found the cutest series of books that celebrate the “eves” of all the holidays.  I can’t wait to read them to Miss Reagan and continue adding to our growing library.  After her bath tonight we are going to sit down as a family and read The Night Before Easter together!!! I am just so excited for our first BIG HOLIDAY together as a family of 3!!!

The Night before Easter

Happy Easter Eve Friends

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  • Kristyn Marie

    April 16, 2016

    Hey! Reagan is beautiful!! I am so happy for you! I sent you a facebook message a while back with a blogging question 😉 I am curious how you make your “favorites” images. I love them and want to make a couple for my blog. Hope all is well! Love your blog! Keep the posts coming 😛

  • kristynxmarie

    April 16, 2016

    Hey! Reagan is Beautiful!! Congrats! I sent you a message on facebook asking you a blogging question. I am curious about you make your “favorites” images. I love them and want to include a couple in my blog as well. Love your blog, keep the posts coming 😛


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