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Operation Organization – Phase 1 “Home Office”

So…my first attempt, aka last year, at getting my s**t in gear and cleaning/organizing my house was an EPIC FAIL of major proportions.  I actually succeeded in getting my office organized and it was beautiful until around the middle of December of this last year. To read the full blog post check it out HERE.

My goal in getting my office all cleaned up is to SIMPLIFY and PRIORITIZE this space because I spend a considerable amount of time in it. I’m also hoping to get a jump start on my Spring Cleaning and tackle one area of my home per month.  Given the crazy schedule I have and working full time, blogging, and managing my EtsyShop I need to have a space that reflects the calm and productive energy I want to create in this space.  I need to keep my brain focused so I can accomplish all the tasks I need to get done in addition to enjoying all my fun and creative projects.

Operation Organization - Home Office

Here are some “Before & After”  photos from my Home Office clean up project!

Home Office 2014 4

Office Organization #2

Home Office 2014 5

Office Organization #4

Home Office - 2014 2

Office Organization #8

Office Organization #6

Since I tackled this room at the start of 2013, I really just needed to give it a good cleaning and touch up.  In terms of chucking all the junk and keeping my “stuff” organized i’ve been doing a pretty good job.  Our house overall stays pretty clean but i’m definitely much more “messy” compared to my husband. It cracks me up how we are so opposite in this area and how much it represents the differences in our personalities.  I’m the uber-creative one and he is the uber-black&white one. HAHA.

I’m sure no one really cares how organized my home is and this feature is really more for me.  This is great motivation for me to get my “ish” together and finally organize my house. Plus I would love to work on some decoration changes come next year and step one is to get rid of all the junk.  With the addition of Roxie to our family I feel like i’m always playing catch up on cleaning.  1 Big House x 5 Long Haired Animals = ME LOSING MY FREAKING MIND.  If I can simplify and organize all our belongings, sweeping through the house will be easy and quick. I’m loving “quick” and “easy” right now!

This year I am determined to not give up on this and Operation Organization is totally happening!!! I’ll be back in March with another room tackled and organized!!!!!!!

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. WOO HOO!!!