Summer Recap – Part 2 “The Bridal Party Olympics”
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Summer Recap – Part 2 “The Bridal Party Olympics”

I’m soooooo excited to share all the details about the awesome Bachelorette Weekend we threw for my gorgeous sister-in-law Jessie!!! Over the 4th of July weekend we had a big celebration with a bunch of friends and family celebrating the soon-to-be newlyweds,  Jessie and Joshua! Bridesmaids and Groomsmen converged on the lake house for a whole weekend full of festivities topped off with a beautiful and rustic Bridal Shower!!!

We kicked off the long weekend with a fun & festive 4th of July celebration.  To read all the details from my Summer Recap – Part 1 “Our 4th of July” click HERE!

Next up my fellow Co-Mohs, short for Co-Maids of Honor, planned a kick-ass joint Bachelorette & Bachelor Party, minus the stripers and penius themed everything. Totally tacky and not our style at all. We opted for something slightly more tasteful and went for a fun Bridal Party Olympics themed weekend, a twist on the common Beer Olympics. The weekend was full of “TEAM BRIDE” vs “TEAM GROOM” events, competitions, party decor and coordinated outfits.

Bridal Party Olympic Bibs


Bridal Party Olympics

*TEAM BRIDE Olympic Marathon Bibs HERE


Bridal Party Olympics

TEAM GROOM Olympic Marathon Bibs HERE

bridal party bibs

To get started we needed a fun & festive “Scoreboard” to keep track of the winners and the losers!  In true “Olympic” style the winning team was given a trophy!!! In honor of the Bride and Groom, we joined their 2 last names and called our Olympics “The Ranwood Games.” Cue the traditional olympic music…

photo 1-4

We put together these awesome “Bachelorette Party Weekend” Survival Bags for all the girls! I’ll be sure to do a small tutorial on how I made these fab little packs.  They were awesome!!!

photo 1

We kicked off the “Ranwood Games” with a traditional Beer Pong Tournament followed by a fun 3-Legged Race.  We creatively used blue and pink blow up kiddie rings for our race. Oh yea, we are just awesome like that!! Sorry about the blurry video quality…


photo 5-4


Excited to report that TEAM BRIDE won the 3-legged race!


 Next up we had a series of Minute-to-Win-It Games thanks to my awesome co-MOH, Kristen!!! You rock!!! Again, sorry about the blurry video quality…

photo 4-1

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3-1

photo 3

photo 1-2

photo 4-4



photo 3-4

And last, for the ultimate WIN of the Ranwood Games, we had a totally fun Relay Race complete with color coordinated batons. It was a blast and TEAM GROOM beat us by only seconds on the human pyramid!!! I absolutely LOVE all the goofy girly golden retrievers running around after us!!!

photo 4-14










Ultimately the whole day was an absolute SUCCESS and most importantly, everyone had so much fun!!! The whole weekend was such a blast and we all made fabulous memories! It was also a fantastic way to get the whole Bridal Party together as a meet & greet before the wedding!!!

So much FUN and more to come about Jessie’s beautiful Bridal Shower & Wedding!!!

xo xo Friends,