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I literally have no words to describe how CRAZY the Seahawks game was on Sunday.  We are beyond thrilled and still in COMPLETE SHOCK that our Hawks are heading back to the Superbowl.  It has been one freakin’ crazy season but with a 9 game winning streak…they definitely deserve to go back to the BIG GAME!!! I am so flipping excited. The news about the game has been endless on social media etc. so I won’t bore you with highlights and recaps.  Just know…that I was completely speechless and crazy excited!!!!!!

12th man on

After last years BIG WIN we were hoping that we would make another Superbowl appearance and my brain is on decoration and party planning overload!!!! I don’t know if I can top last years design, but i’m definitely going to give it a go.  To check out last years posts on our BIG Superbowl WIN click HERE and HERE.

SuperBowl #9

SuperBowl #6

SuperBowl #7

I can’t wait to jump in and get started!!!! Lots more to come on this topic and i’m sure our TV will be stuck on ESPN until the game starts on FEB 2nd.

Let the countdown to Superbowl 49 begin…