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Sweat, Sparkle, and Repeat – Week One

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Introducing Sweat, Sparkle, and Repeat from

My husband is rolling his eyes at me as I write this post.  This is officially my billionth attempt at getting in shape. Ugh!!! I’m sincerely trying to change my attitude about this. I’m wondering if any other young women in their 20’s struggle with staying in shape, but even more so, struggle with staying MOTIVATED to stay in shape.  I’ve always been a naturally thin person but I really don’t feel confident and in shape! I want a “feminine” and athletic physique, and as I my hubby would put it “JUST DO IT.” No excuses, total willpower.

HERE WE GO…time to get your Sweat & Sparkle ON…then REPEAT!!!!

SSR - week 1 #3


How long have you been committed to working out? It’s DAY 1 baby!!!!

Current weight? 115lbs

Any noticeable loss in measurements? Took them for the 1st time today!!!

How is your energy? Crappy.  I’m all over the place and dependent on caffeine to make it through the day.

How many days did you workout this week? Again, Day 1 here I come!!!

How are you sleeping? Getting my full 8 hours but very very restless.

Best moment this week? Finding the WILLPOWER to actual DO THIS!!!

Miss anything? Not yet…

Favorite workout this week? Went on a gorgeous walk saturday night…so pretty

Motivation Level (scale 1-10)? I would give it a solid 8 right now…ask me next week haha

One thing you felt impeded your progress this week? I’m my own worst critic…I need to be kinder to myself

One thing you WILL DO differently Next Week? Follow the plan…

Reality check number #1 …NO MORE BOOZE

SSR - week 1 #2


Gallon a Day

Reality check #3…TIME TO GET MY SWEAT ON

I sparkle

Sparkle Tank

SSR - week 1 #1

Next up i’ve finally gotten around to spicing up my workout playlist with some fresh music.  I get bored easily while working out so i’ve got to keep my energy pumping with awesome fast paced  music.  Boom!

Here is my August Sweat it Out Playlist from Every Day Should!!!!

August 2013 - Sweat it out Playlist

August 2013 playlist

OK…here I go!!!  Next week i’ll check in again and update ya’ll on how my progress is going.  Off to the gym…Day Number 1!