Baby Haguewood #2 – 30 Weeks

30 week pregnancy chalkboard

How far along? 30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +18lbs. 

Maternity clothes? YEP! 

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. I definitely feel a little bigger for this pregnancy and have been slathering on the Mustela Cream still. I think I’m more concerned about getting stretch marks on my bust and tummy at this point.  

Sleep: I have officially accepted that sleep has changed and won’t go back to normal until the new baby is almost 10 months old.  I’m planning out all the movies and shows I will be watching on Netflix and considered getting a Kindle to read during those late night nursing sessions.  I’ve got a pile of parenting books that I am dying to get to. During the day Miss Reagan keeps me on my toes so casual readying is just out.  At night i’m so tanked that I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone read a book.  Night time sleep is restless, full of trips to the restroom, and i’m constantly switching from side to side.  Totally normal stuff and completely expected at this point in pregnancy. 

Best moment this week: We made it through another week and had a successful check-up at the OBGYN.  Everything is looking good and we are just cruising and counting down the days.

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Hip pain, lower back pain, and round ligament pain.  Every time I move or shift from side-to-side in bed, I can hear my hips and pelvis cracking and popping.  This is the point in pregnancy where the body starts producing a specific hormone called Relaxin that softens all the ligaments in the pelvis to prepare for birth.  So much fun.  Its not too bad but does make me feel like i’m 90. Getting in and out of bed id difficult and i’m so grateful that Reagan is learning to walk as bending down to pick her up is getting painful.  

Miss Anything? Everything and nothing.  I’m trying to embrace all the pregnancy “feels” and just remember that this is part of the process of growing a little human.  I see how much Reagan has grown and developed and I almost start crying. Can I get an amen for pregnancy hormones.  Watching her grow from a little baby into a toddler is so magical. She is developing this goofy little personality and is slowly becoming her own person. Knowing I get to see that process in action again is so exciting and makes missing out on sleep and margaritas totally worth it. 

Movement: Baby Haguewood #2 is a little more mellow than Reagan was in the womb.  He/She has always had a lower and steady heart rate, usually in the low 140’s, and moves consistently but not radically.  Reagan always went crazy in my belly and loved moving at night when I was laying down. This baby still moves often but consistently throughout the day.  I did start doing kick counts daily to watch baby’s movement.  

Food cravings: Ice water throughout the day AND ice cream at night.  I’m trying to really pace myself on the ice cream consumption.  I get a terrible sweet tooth in the evening and look forward to eating a little ice cream every night.  Its a bad habit but seriously makes me HAPPY and makes these last few weeks bearable. I’m trying to cut myself some slack and just roll with things.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Occasional episodes of morning sickness and i’ve noticed when I get upset or feel overwhelmed I get extremely nauseous.  I’ve always had terrible anxiety and actually take medication for it, but this seems magnified in the final trimester of pregnancy. My doctor has me weaning down my meds in preparation for delivery which is slightly stressful.  I’m working on staying calm, practice relaxing breathing exercises, meditation, and warm epsom salt and lavender baths every night make a huge difference.  

Symptoms: All the feels.  

Have you started to show yet: Yep.  Luckily i’m all belly and all baby.  I have noticed some swelling in my legs and feet.  Sitting down and putting my feet up definitely helps.  Water retention has begun as well.  I’ve noticed the puffiness and night sweats that signal oh so lovely pregnancy related water retention.  

Gender prediction: BOY or GIRL!!!! I have no idea this time.  We did finalize our name picks and are so excited for either gender at this point.  

Labor Signs: Nada but lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions. 

Belly Button in or out? Out and tight. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY but definitely moments of emotional breakdowns and anxiety.  

Looking forward to: D-Day!!! I know I still have 10 weeks to go but i’m already ready to be done.  

xoxo Friends,


30 week pregnancy chalkboard

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Baby Haguewood – 30 Weeks

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***Had to change my chalkboard location because we finally set up the dresser which got in the way of my clean empty wall which was fantastic for taking belly photos…

How far along? 30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +20lbs.

Maternity clothes? YES

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Charlie horses and little Baby kicks are getting the best of me this week.  I’ve been eating bananas like its going out of style AND drinking a ton of water…both of which are making a dent and helping with the sleep.  Potassium, water, and stretching are all supposed to help with the cramps. 

Best moment this week: Knowing I have the BIG Bridal Show this weekend immediately followed by my BABY SHOWER! I’m getting so excited to see everyone and to celebrate our little bundle of love. 

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: I haven’t been sleeping at all this week. Such a bummer, but i’m rallying and trying to make the best of it. 

Miss Anything? SLEEPING…any amount of uninterrupted sleep sounds great at this point.  I know this is going to be my reality moving forward.

Movement: ALL THE TIME! The baby does full on somersaults and has some strong legs for kicking in my tummy. 

Food cravings: The most random thing ever…Bagels and Cream Cheese.  I don’t often eat these but lately i’ve been craving them like no other!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Feeling GREAT!!!!

Symptoms: Light Headedness, Leg Cramps, Bad Sleep, Vivid Dreams, and trouble bending and moving in general.  The belly is officially getting big and it is therefore hard to get around 80% of the time.  I really do love every minute of it though 🙂

Have you started to show yet: YEP

Gender prediction: BOY!!! I’m getting really impatient and can’t wait to meet my little gummy bear! Everything is starting to feel very real…

Labor Signs: Nada

Belly Button in or out? OUT

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY and tired…

Looking forward to: We are having our carpets cleaned WOO HOO and my Baby Shower is this weekend!!! We have a few little touch ups to do in the nursery and then we can finally start setting things up.  

xoxo Friends,