Our Springtime Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photos feel like a lifetime ago.  Way back when we were a family of three, we had a few maternity photos snapped around 36 weeks.  Its so crazy for me to imagine our little guy all snug and tucked away in my belly.  We also had no idea that we would soon have a perfect little boy to complete our family.  Theres nothing like having a big belly and some gorgeous maternity photos to capture the moment in time.

We had photos taken for our first pregnancy with Reagan in January of 2016 at a local park by our home.  I immediately fell in love with them and will treasure them always.  To check out “Our Wintery Maternity Photoshoot” click HERE.

I was so excited to snap a Spring version for my second pregnancy. We chose the same local park and the exact same location.  I love the contrast between the Winter landscape from our first shoot and the beautiful Spring look from the second.  It seemed special and sentimental to be pregnant again and have the photos taken in the same location.  We walked the same path and literally stood in front of the same bushes, trees, and park bench for both shoots.

I am so in love with this little family of ours and even more in love with my sweet Jackson James boy who was still all cozy in my huge belly.

Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017

_MG_5280Maternity Photos 2017


Maternity Photos 2017


Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017



Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017

The blooming lilac trees were the perfect backdrop and our amazing photographer Jenn, from Jenn Elliott Photography, completely captured the vintage and natural look I was going for.  I have never been a fan of super staged pictures and love that our shoots are always natural and easy.  We literally just walk around laughing and goofing off together while she snaps away.  This is what we would be doing anyway so it seems fitting to be comfortable and relaxed.

I recycled the Rachel Pally maxi dress I wore to Reagan’s first birthday party and did my own hair and makeup.  I also love that I don’t look like a whale in most of the photos. At 36 weeks pregnant I was super worried that I would balloon out.  We did photos at 31 weeks for our first pregnancy and there is a noticeable difference in my belly size.  Reagan’s outfit is from, details below, and is currently on SALE!!! WooHoo.

Lilac Flutter Top // White Stretch Jeggings  // Suede Bow Moccs // amazon

Again, being pregnant feels like a lifetime ago.  Life with our sweet Jackson James is awesome, stressful, and so very beautiful.  Some days it feels like there isn’t enough love to go around and then something shifts and everything falls into place. We are beginning to sleep a little more, fall into a solid routine, and are remembering to cherish the small crazy moments. Everyone is getting there love quota each day, including Mommy and Daddy, and general happiness seems inevitable.

I’m excited to share Jackson’s newborn photos and birth story next!!!!!

xo xo,

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Baby Haguewood #2 – 32 Weeks

32 weeks pregnant with number 2

How far along? 32 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +18lbs. I can’t seem to make the hump over this weight.  I know a healthy minimum is 25lbs.  We still have a few weeks to go. Most weight is typically gained in the last weeks of pregnancy when baby is bulking up. I shouldn’t be complaining about “not” gaining weight. 

Maternity clothes? YEP!  And choices are running low.  I am so thankful I won’t have to extend into a summer pregnancy, but I was looking forward to lots of maxi dresses and flowy baby bump pics.  I suppose that will translate into flowy postpartum maxi dresses instead.  Hoping and praying I can get my post-baby #2 body back quickly for summer bikinis.  The minimal weight gain helps I suppose. I should probably slow down on the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 

Stretch marks? No

Sleep: Lots and lots of pregnancy insomnia.  I’ve been trying to drink EXTRA water throughout the day and cut off water consumption after 8pm.  This has helped a bit with the nighttime bathroom trips significantly.  

Best moment this week: I am so proud of myself this week because it has been a tough week, but DAMN, I made it through and my family made it through.  I unexpectedly hurt my back and have been facing some anemic like pregnancy symptoms that have made moving around and feeling good/positive a major challenge. I’ve been in bed and struggling to get around.  

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Awwww I hurt my back and was semi-bedridden.  I have never had any kind of major injury, and i’m not saying thats what this was, but it was super scary.  I have given birth once before but I knew that pain was only temporary.  This was excruciating and beyond the feelings of having contractions.  Plus, I didn’t know how long the pain would last.  Back injuries can go on for weeks and months, and because i’m pregnant there is nothing they can provide for relief like muscle relaxers.  I was just curled up in a ball on the floor crying non-stop from the pain and anxiety.  My mom was so sweet and came and helped with Reagan while I was struggling.  I was able to go to the Chiropractor and got a few adjustments as well as a pregnancy massage to help the damaged muscle and ribs heal.  This made it worse for a few days but ultimately helped the healing process and by the end of the week I was feeling so much better.  I could finally sleep again, was taking multiple Epsom salt baths a day to relieve the pain, and used my favorite Stress Away essential oil to keep calm and breathe away the pain.  I also found the most amazing chronic pain meditation app that I would listen to to take my mind off the pain.  Its amazing how the mind can literally “think away” the physical sensations of pain.  I’ve been using this regularly at night to help get myself to sleep. Having experienced labor and contractions, I can easily say this was so much worse.  My heart goes out to anyone struggling with chronic pain issues.  

Miss Anything? Feeling normal. I’m definitely appreciating that while the final weeks of pregnancy are “uncomfortable,” they are nothing to the feelings of dealing with an injury or chronic pain.  So other than missing a margarita I am just thankful to be feeling better finally.  Its such a relief to know that I can actually ENJOY my final weeks of pregnancy instead of just waiting around to give birth in major pain.  

Movement: Baby #2 is moving sporadically. Baby is much more active in the evening and tends to be quiet and calm during the day. 

Food cravings: Not really.  Eating in general doesn’t sound appealing.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.  But I did have several puking episodes from the pain I was feeling in my back. 

Symptoms: All the pregnancy “feels” plus a few extras because of the back and rib pain.  But things are looking UP!!!!

Have you started to show yet: YEP

Gender prediction: BOY!!!

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: It was a rough week but I am happy to be feeling better!!!!

Looking forward to: Sunshine and warmer temps. I am so grateful to be feeling better and now I just want to soak up every second of the nice weather we are having.  Mommy needs a tan and the sunshine is lifting my mood so much.  I am getting so excited to meet the little gummy bear growing in my belly and Reagan is excited to be a BIG SISTER!!!!!

xoxo Friends,


week 32 with baby number 2


Baby Haguewood – 32 Weeks

32 weeks pregnancy chalkboard

How far along? 32 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +22lbs.

Maternity clothes? YEP

Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans

Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans

Stretch marks? Praying to the Stretch Mark Gods every single night and on a more practical note…applying my Mustela Cream morning and night. 

Sleep: Sleeping really well this week.  Waking up a few times here and there but I think Baby H got the memo that mommy was running on empty and needed some extra zzzz’s!

Best moment this week: Huge triumph on the pregnancy front…I managed to shave my legs without falling over in the shower! Other mommys-to-be out there will know exactly what i’m talking about.  BONUS…its not just the fact that I DIDN’T fall over but the fact that I had the energy to do this at all. Major Pregnancy WIN for me!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Went for a walk with the puppies and didn’t realize how much I was huffing and puffing along, thanks iPod, until a kind old lady stopped me to ask if I was feeling ok.  She could tell I was pregnant and stopped me because my breathing sounded “labored.” Well SHIT…I officially sound like an old lady and can’t get around without waddling like one too.  I think it’s safe to say i’m well into my pregnancy and i’m reaching the point were i’m kinda ready to be DONE!!!  But I do appreciate the kind gesture and concern for my wellbeing…Thank You stranger for caring enough to stop me and check! Time to pay it forward to someone else out there! 

Miss Anything? Walking up the stairs without feeling like I might die. Also being able to reach my toes and put socks on, and getting out of bed without having to throw my weight around to roll up and out of our bed. 

Movement: Lots and Lots.  My belly feels super tight this week and I think baby had a little growth spurt in there!

Food cravings: Still craving fruit.  This week Granny Smith apples have been my jam…YUMMY!!!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.  We did take our Infant CPR & First Aid Class though and they covered a smidgeon on the birth process…definitely got a wee bit dizzy and light headed at that point in the video. But no food aversions or anything else making me “not feel good.”

Symptoms: Leg Cramps, Back Aches, Tailbone Pain, and general restlessness.  I feel so much better when i’m up moving around. When I just sit down everything gets achy. 

Have you started to show yet: UMMMM…Yea!

Gender prediction: BOY!!! This week the “not knowing the gender” thing hasn’t bothered me as much as last week.  We are officially in the home stretch and my gender neutral nursery design is starting to come together! It is so beautiful and soft in there and I know Baby will love it whether they are a Boy or a Girl!!!!

Labor Signs: Had some mild contractions that scared the shit outta me! Full on “i’m going into labor” thoughts and panic officially set in.  Might have been braxton hicks contractions but maybe not. Not sure at this point.  I only know they stopped and Baby and I had a serious talk about how He or She needs to keep cooking for 8 more weeks!

Belly Button in or out? Out and Stretched!!! Strangest thing about pregnancy ever…watching my body change and morph into something I don’t really recognize.  But I do love my little pregnancy belly.  Everyone keeps telling me how small I am and no one can believe i’m 8 months pregnant!

Wedding rings on or off? On. Hoping the swelling stays away. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!

Looking forward to: Setting up the nursery and continuing to cross items off my “Baby To-Do-List.”

xoxo Friends,