Our Springtime Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photos feel like a lifetime ago.  Way back when we were a family of three, we had a few maternity photos snapped around 36 weeks.  Its so crazy for me to imagine our little guy all snug and tucked away in my belly.  We also had no idea that we would soon have a perfect little boy to complete our family.  Theres nothing like having a big belly and some gorgeous maternity photos to capture the moment in time.

We had photos taken for our first pregnancy with Reagan in January of 2016 at a local park by our home.  I immediately fell in love with them and will treasure them always.  To check out “Our Wintery Maternity Photoshoot” click HERE.

I was so excited to snap a Spring version for my second pregnancy. We chose the same local park and the exact same location.  I love the contrast between the Winter landscape from our first shoot and the beautiful Spring look from the second.  It seemed special and sentimental to be pregnant again and have the photos taken in the same location.  We walked the same path and literally stood in front of the same bushes, trees, and park bench for both shoots.

I am so in love with this little family of ours and even more in love with my sweet Jackson James boy who was still all cozy in my huge belly.

Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017

_MG_5280Maternity Photos 2017


Maternity Photos 2017


Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017



Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017

The blooming lilac trees were the perfect backdrop and our amazing photographer Jenn, from Jenn Elliott Photography, completely captured the vintage and natural look I was going for.  I have never been a fan of super staged pictures and love that our shoots are always natural and easy.  We literally just walk around laughing and goofing off together while she snaps away.  This is what we would be doing anyway so it seems fitting to be comfortable and relaxed.

I recycled the Rachel Pally maxi dress I wore to Reagan’s first birthday party and did my own hair and makeup.  I also love that I don’t look like a whale in most of the photos. At 36 weeks pregnant I was super worried that I would balloon out.  We did photos at 31 weeks for our first pregnancy and there is a noticeable difference in my belly size.  Reagan’s outfit is from, details below, and is currently on SALE!!! WooHoo.

Lilac Flutter Top // White Stretch Jeggings  // Suede Bow Moccs // amazon

Again, being pregnant feels like a lifetime ago.  Life with our sweet Jackson James is awesome, stressful, and so very beautiful.  Some days it feels like there isn’t enough love to go around and then something shifts and everything falls into place. We are beginning to sleep a little more, fall into a solid routine, and are remembering to cherish the small crazy moments. Everyone is getting there love quota each day, including Mommy and Daddy, and general happiness seems inevitable.

I’m excited to share Jackson’s newborn photos and birth story next!!!!!

xo xo,

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Baby Haguewood #2 – 36 Weeks

36 weeks with baby #2

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +23lbs. 

Maternity clothes? YEP! 

Stretch marks? Nothing.  I’m on track with the weight and my belly is about the same size as my first pregnancy. I feel like i’m carrying the same as well. 

Sleep: Some good nights and some bad nights.  I’ve graduated to multiple pillows positioned in a very specific way and then I just flip from side to side with bathroom trips in between.  We also have the AC cranked because i’ve been hot as heck lately at night.  

Best moment this week: With hitting week 36 we are now in the final stretch and are visiting the doctor weekly.  We learned we are still 2cm dilated and are making progress. Slowly inching closer and our doctor seems confident that it could be SOON!

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: I realized that I might still go full term and that means 4 MORE WEEKS of pregnancy. 

Miss Anything? Still EVERYTHING!!! I’m so looking forward to my first post-baby cocktail just in time for Summer!!! YAY!!!

Movement: Strange movements and baby is most active when i’m laying down. But Hubby made a good point, this could be because I pay attention more when i’m laying down.  Most days we are so busy chasing Miss Reagan around that I don’t even notice fetal movement until she is in bed. 

Food cravings: No

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not real. Still no appetite but the baby and I are both gaining weight so we are good. I’m almost at the 25lb. weight gain minimum.  I gained 26lbs. with Reagan.  

Symptoms: Rib pain, back pain, a little acid reflux, and an electrical sensation in my pelvis that is the baby hitting nerves as he or she drops. This sensation is usually followed by a Braxton Hicks contraction, which I have multiple times daily, and sometimes a brief real contraction that feels like someone stabbed me in the pelvis with a knife.  I remember when I was in labor with Reagan I was TOTALLY SHOCKED at how painful “real” contractions can be.  I thought I could handle it but boy was I wrong.  The nurse just held my hand and nodded her head saying, “Yep, there is a reason they call it L-A-B-O-R.” I do wonder how men would react to such pain.  I’m just curious.  

Have you started to show yet: YES

Gender prediction: BOY!!!

Labor Signs: I thought my water broke the other day. NOPE. TMI, but yea, it wasn’t water. Enough said. PS this is totally real, unglamorous, motherhood at its finest.  Everyone is so busy “glorifying” motherhood in all its perfection on Instagram and Facebook.  BULLSHIT! TOTAL BULLSHIT.  Real motherhood/pregnancy is peeing yourself and thinking your water broke, being so tired that you don’t shave your legs, and maybe not wearing a bra for like, IDK, a week maybe.  Also true, sometimes I let Reagan cry in her crib because I just can’t handle it and am busy crying myself in my big girl bed.  TRUE LIFE. Being a mom is really hard some days, not all days, but some days.  And I am so thankful that I don’t feel ashamed at crying or asking for help when I get strung out. 

Belly Button in or out? OUT

Wedding rings on or off? On but only sometimes.  I’ve always been in the habit of only wearing my wedding ring when we go out in public. And we aren’t doing a whole lot of anything these days so its mostly off.  My hands are slightly swollen but not too bad. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m feeling all the emotions there are to feel. Mostly nervous/anxious about delivering and what it will be like to have a toddler and a newborn in the house at the same time. I have no expectations about what life will be like with two kids and am trying my darnedest to stay grounded and calm.  I’m assuming that “strung out” feeling with be multiplied by 10, but don’t want the fear of that to overshadow the joy and love we will experience in the first few days and weeks of being newborn parents again. 

Looking forward to: NEXT WEEK, week 37!!! Baby will be considered full term at that point which means we have the go ahead to deliver whenever baby should decide to come! YAY!!!

xoxo Friends,


36 weeks with baby #2


Baby Haguewood – 36 Weeks

Baby Haguewood - 36 Weeks

How far along?  36 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +26lbs. Staying steady at this weight for now. 

Maternity clothes? YES, even these are really not fitting that well anymore! 

Stretch marks? Nope. No stretch marks to report at this time. My tummy is holding on for dear life. 

Sleep: This is pretty much non-existent. I’ve decided to embrace the struggle and say its practice for when the baby arrives.  It truly is a good thing in a way because my body is already acclimated to NO SLEEP and there will be less of a shock to my system for hourly feedings.  

Best moment this week: We finally hit the 4 week countdown! 

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Nothing bad. Everything is good. 

Miss Anything? Sleeping and eating without feeling like a whale. I’m starting to get tired of being preggers. I also want my figure and non-chubby pregnant face back…like NOW!!! Can’t wait to start working out again.  

Movement: Big rolls and waves of movement.  At our weekly checkup the baby was moving so much and the sweet doctor was talking to the baby.  He/She kept kicking the doctor during the exam.  It was cute and almost made me cry. 

Food cravings: Cherry Garcia Ice Cream and Strawberry Popsicles…not contributing positively to the face weight gain. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada

Symptoms: Everything…I feel like crying and need to get over myself. I’m growing a human and its hard. But what I am creating is so much bigger than me or the pain and constant uncomfortableness. 

Have you started to show yet: YEP

Gender prediction: Still thinking boy but I can’t wait to deliver so we finally know what our little Gummy Bear is.  Also I can’t stop drooling over all the adorable Easter baby clothes and am so excited for Baby’s First Official Holiday.  Of course if baby comes by the due date then we would be celebrating our Irish roots and celebrating St. Patricks Day!

Labor Signs: Nothing but Braxton Hicks Contractions and lots of pressure!!! My body is definitely getting ready to have a little baby. So excited!!!!

Belly Button in or out? OUT

Wedding rings on or off? On, but my poor little feet are swollen. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY! 

Looking forward to: Meeting out little one. The bags are packed, our birth plan is written, and the nursery is ready to go. 

xoxo Friends,