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Reagan’s ONE Year Photos

Time is continuing to fly by friends.  I am almost 34 weeks pregnant with Baby Haguewood #2 and we are officially in the home stretch.  I am so behind on my chalkboards, as usual, and am just going at my own pace doing my best to cross things off the list when it comes to baby prep.

I am so excited to share a few photos we had done for Reagan’s one year (even though it is almost two months later). We had such a blast at her party and I’ve dreamed of having annual photos of my babies and of course family photos.  We found the sweetest family photographer and I was simply blown away at what she captured.  Reagan has such a goofy personality and loves to smile around us, but damn, we can never get her to smile around anyone else.  I knew it was going to be a challenge but the whole setup was so seamless and easy.  I have a whole other post planned on the little cake smash session we did and some helpful tips and tricks for mommies out there.  I learned a lot in the process of planning her first birthday and the cake smash, and will definitely share all the details as well as what worked and didn’t work for us.

Enjoy these sweet pics of our baby girl.  This time is so precious and I will be over here crying, pregnancy hormones, trying my best to soak up all the itty bitty cuteness before she suddenly becomes a teenager.

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

I completely fell in love with the wood backdrop and semi rustic look.  We are fairly casual people and Miss Reagan is pretty laid back about life.  We don’t get crazy dressed up and are sorta homebodies at heart.  I wanted her pics to truly reflect where we are at in life and who she is slowly becoming personality wise.  She is goofy, curious, has one hell of a mean mug, and is learning to walk at the moment.  Her wobbly little self and chubby arms and legs give me all the “happy feels” in the world. When she smiles she lights up the whole damn room.

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

She has the biggest and brightest eyes i’ve ever seen and I love how the black and white pics captured them.  She has a “sweet smile” and a “goofy all TEETH” smile (pictured above). This might be one of our favs because its kinda her signature move at the moment.  She still only has the 4 teeth and loves to show them off.

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

Tiny baby toes, chubby baby legs in leggings, and her favorite white teddy bear make for some timeless and perfect photos.  We used Jenn Elliott Photography  and could have not been happier.  She is simply amazing and we totally hit it off.  She makes any awkward moments easy and the transition with a fussy babe super easy.  She is a mommy to 5 and totally gets it!!!!!

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

Heart Garland (made by me using this heart punch, craft paper, and a sewing machine)   //    Ivory Outfit, Crown, & Leggings   // Photos by Jenn Elliott Photography 

 We did her one year pics first followed by her cake smash.  I’ll post those soon. As always, thank you so much for reading friends!!!!!

xo xo,

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Happy First Birthday Reagan Marie!!!!!

It doesn’t seem possible, but our beautiful baby girl turned ONE last week.  We officially have a one year old.  I can hardly remember what life was like before she was here with us, entertaining us on a daily basis.  She has grown from the littlest 6lb. newborn into a full fledged baby girl complete with chubby baby arms, wrist cankles, and michelin man baby legs.  If I could bottle up the chubby baby cuteness I totally would.

Reagan Marie

Version 2

She is such a sassy little goofball and loves to giggle and laugh all day long.  She is such a presence and people seem drawn to her even walking through the grocery store. It cracks me up when she gives her silly toothy grin to random strangers at the grocery store, but it makes my heart happy that she is such a joyful little soul.

Reagan bday photos

Reagan bday photos

Reagan bday photos

Reagan bday photos

Reagan bday photos

On March 2nd we celebrated her first birthday and I kicked off the day by running to the store at the ass crack of dawn to buy her some birthday donuts.  I was going to make her funfetti waffles but ultimately my 7 month pregnant belly wasn’t down for early morning baking and I opted to hit the grocery store instead.  I think she was digging the choice and we sugared her up before the day had even started.  I cranked the tunes and decked out in her new strawberry jammies, we fed her her first ever maple bar donut, a personal favorite of mine and I think now hers as well.

“What the heck is that thing?”

baby birthday donuts

“Seriously, what trickery is this? I’m never allowed to have sweets.”

baby birthday donuts

“Well, it is my birthday, i’m game to give it a go.”

baby birthday donuts

“Hey guys, this is really good!!!!!”

baby birthday donuts

Silence and heavy breathing as she demolishes an entire freakin’ donut before my eyes.

Version 2

“Mom, this is the BEST birthday ever.”

baby birthday donuts

The entire production had me bursting at the seams. Our day together was really low-key and pretty normal.  We played extra hard, took lots of photos, I told her a million times how much I love her and that this is the special day of her birth.  The night before we told her her birth story and reminisced about the crazy night I went into labor.  I really thought I would be super emotional and have a mommy meltdown, but I held it together and just enjoyed every moment of her day.

My mom flew in from Chile that afternoon and she got lots of Grandma love, followed by the arrival of my husband’s parents and even more grandparent love!!!! It was awesome.  We went out to dinner and she enjoyed some salty french fries followed by an early bedtime because Mom had lots of party prep to do still.

I don’t think I left the kitchen the next two days prepping all the food and treats for her party, but it was totally worth it!!! She is such a special and unique little personality and she deserves all the love and birthday goodness in the whole wide world!!!

Reagan Marie, we love you more than there are words to describe or feelings to feel.  Bringing you into this world has been the biggest joy and blessing of our lives and you make every single day so special with your light spirit and happy energy.  We are so incredibly grateful that God blessed us to be your parents and although life is full of ups and downs, we pray that you never lose your happiness.  Hold onto who you are in this world and never compromise your true nature.  I simply can not wait to see the beautiful life you will live. And, if your FIRST YEAR was any indication, life with you will always be an incredible journey.  Thank You for making us parents!!!! Happy Birthday our little darling, we love you so very much!!!!

xo xo, Mommy & Daddy!!!!

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Eleven Months of Reagan Marie

Holy Cow, how in the heck is Miss Reagan Marie 11 months old???

The big ol’ FIRST BIRTHDAY is creeping up on us.  I am so flipping excited for her.  I know parents always talk about how they don’t want their children to grow up and how they should stay little forever…BLAH BLAH.  But, what a cool gig to grow up in this world and I am simply so excited for her to experience everything this life has to offer. She is getting so BIG and so smart.  I love seeing her little brain work out new things and she is getting so vocal and active.

11 months reagan

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP & GROWTH: Reagan is officially 11 months old and will go in for her check-up later this month for her 12 month shots. What a milestone.  I am guessing she is almost 25lbs. now and is the sweetest chubbiest little baby.  She has thigh rolls and chubby baby wrists for days.  She is such a healthy little girl, Thank Goodness.  We’ve actually been taking her out more because we want her to get exposed to all the germs that exist in this world.  Since we don’t do daycare, she really isn’t around other children much and therefore never gets sick.  She is growing every day and seems to change before my eyes. I can’t wait until her check-up to find out where she sits percentile wise.  I know its not super important, but people always comment on what a big, fat, healthy baby she is and I want to be able to say back, “Damn Straight, 90th percentile bitches.” Classy, I know.

11 months reagan

 EYE COLOR, HAIR COLOR, & DIMPLES FOR DAYS: Baby girl is FINALLY getting some hair.  WooHoo! I love long hair and have extensions that I adore!!!! I can’t wait to do cute toddler top knots and braids! Right now, we’ve got a little more then peach fuzz going on, but enough that I can play with it when we snuggle together.  I love stroking her sweet little head and just loving her up.  I know the baby stage will be gone before I know it and I am just soaking up every second of her being tiny and sweet still.  She is a strawberry blonde little gummy bear and I am just obsessed.  I am a natural red head and was carrot orange as a baby.  She is definitely more blonde and we’ll see how it changes as she gets older.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she will keep a reddish tint and might go darker like her daddy.  I don’t see any super red “ginger” jokes in her future but we’ll see.

11 months reagan

SLEEP: Baby girl sleeps like a champ and is totally set in her routine.  I don’t even need to set an alarm for myself anymore because she is up and ready to go by 7am everyday.  I usually hear her at 7am, almost down to the minute, every morning.  I leave her in her crib until 7:30am while I wake up and wrap my head around starting the day.  She plays and talks to herself in her crib.  I love watching her wiggle around and jabber away through the baby monitor.  It really is the best way to start your day.  Her happiness and excited energy are contagious and I can’t help but SMILE every morning when I go in and see her.  She is usually standing up in her crib and gets the biggest smile on her face. Then she lets out a big scream with happy excitement at seeing me.  To be loved and wanted that much by a child is a wonderful feeling. We do a quick diaper change followed by fresh jammies because she often pees through her jam jams from sleeping so hard. Then we head downstairs to start our day.

Reagan is a good napper but the times often fluctuate.  She always takes an early morning nap around 9am and will sleep for 45min to an hour.  Her afternoon naps are all over the place but somewhere from 12pm to 3pm she’ll go down for a 2 hour nap consistently.  When she goes down is totally up in the air and changes daily.  We’ve tried getting her on a schedule but she just isn’t interested.  She sleeps on her tummy with butt up in the air and it is the cutest thing ever.  I’ve tried dozen of times to sneak in there and snap photos but she always seems to wake up. I know i’ll get it one of these days.

11 months reagan

FEEDINGS: Miss Reagan is fully transitioned to table food and pretty much eats whatever we are eating.  And BABY GIRL can eat!!!! She is not shy when it comes to food and literally gobbles down anything we give her.  So far she isn’t picky about anything and loves playing with her food.  At this stage, we are just rolling with it, but eventually we’ll start enforcing that “food is for eating, not playing.”  She loves to throw her sippy cup and knock food on the floor for the dogs. At first it was a big deal and I absolutely hated cleaning up the floor a thousand times a day.  We also don’t feed our dogs people food and were concerned about their health.  But they are fine, Reagan does her thing, and its not worth the battle to observe every single piece of flying food that hits the floor and try and clean it up before the dogs get to it.  Now, they do it for me and I don’t stress about it.  We have remained firm on her feeding the dogs from her high chair though.  They totally take advantage and she doesn’t understand that they can’t eat her food.  She thinks its so fun to hold out her hand full of food, and they come running and give her lots of licks and kisses.  My husband calls her a little drug lord and that she has a Reagan food cartel going on.  Even the cats are getting in on the action and it can get out of hand pretty quickly.  She is slowing beginning to understand the concept of NO and will shake her head “no” at us, but then she does it anyway and doesn’t understand whats really being communicated. Or does she??? I need to start reading up on basic early childhood positive discipline and am fully open to any advice or book recommendations from other parents.  Its a tough GIG and knowing whats normal or expected behavior is totally out of my comfort zone.  I know my child fully and her behavior patterns, but educating and curbing unwanted behavior is new territory for me.

She still takes 3 bottles a day, before naps and bedtime, and we do a mixture of 4oz. Plum Organics Formula and 4oz. organic whole milk.  She is doing great on the transition and will be ready to wean off of formula all together by her first birthday.  I stopped nursing and pumping after a few months so she has had a cows milk based formula for awhile now.  I didn’t want to shock her system so we slowly introduced whole milk in 1 oz. increments and will continue to do so until she is fully off of formula.  I am so EXCITED to not have to mix bottles on a regular basis anymore!

11 months reagan

SCHEDULE: I feel like i’ve already covered a lot of her schedule but here is our basic breakdown…

7am – Wake up and play in crib until Mommy gets her ass out of bed!

7:30am – Head downstairs for cheerios and coffee.  She doesn’t eat a ton right in the morning and this is more for me to get my act together and make some coffee.  Sometimes she will eat half a banana at the same time.

8am – We PLAY!!!! I sip coffee and watch my favorite Fox News channel show and she crawls around on top of me. We read books and play with colored blocks and just ease into our morning.

9am – Down for nap #1. Mom cleans up the cheerio mess and picks up toys.  I am generally feeling awake by this time and get out my to do list to start tackling my day.  I plan everything out, maybe do a load of laundry, make the bed, and scrub my face and teeth.

10am to 10:30am – Reagan wakes up and we kick off the active part of our day.  We run errands, do grocery shopping if needed, go to my favorite Pure Barre Mommy & Me class on Wednesdays, and Thursdays we do story time at the library.

12pm to 3pm – Depending on our schedule and how long we are out of the house will dictate when Reagan goes down for her second nap.  We just roll with it and I put her down as soon as we get home.

3pm to 5pm – Wakey Wakey little peanut.  She always sleeps hard, and I mean hard, for her second nap.  She wakes up disoriented and cranky most days.  She sometimes is shaky and hates being around people at this time.  After 3omin. or so she is back to her normal happy little self and we play, read, and practice walking.  Sometimes we’ll take the puppies for an afternoon walk with daddy.

6:30pm – Dinner time for Reagan.  She loves eating and will sit and eat her food with us as a family. She tends to get extremely goofy as she gets tired and has normal toddler behavior.  Things get goofy and more wild and thats are cue for bed time.  We alternate who does dishes vs bath time.  She plays in the bath and gets those last bits of energy out.  We put her down immediately after and she is out by 7:30pm every night.  Very rarely she’ll fuss for a few minutes in the middle of the night.  We let her self soothe and she goes back to sleep almost right away.

11 months reagan

MILESTONES & PLAY: Playtime and her new active lifestyle really have me going on all cylinders.  When she isn’t sleeping, she is going 100% full force all the time. She is sooooooo BUSY crawling all over the place, is always up and down on furniture, has learned how to dance, and rolls around everywhere giggling constantly and kicking her chubby feet. It is so much FUN, but so much WORK!!! We have been doing Montessori type activities and she loves it.  We do colors and play with wooden blocks, she does letters and we practice making sounds and words.  She is extremely drawn to small objects or the smallest details on something, so we practice touching and finding them.  She loves reading books and can turn the pages on board books.  So I read, she turns the pages, and we touch all the small details on the pages and learn what they are. She sets the pace and when we’re done, we’re done!

As far as milestones go, she has officially mastered crawling, pulling herself up, can walk with assistance although we are working on keeping her heels down, she can clap her little hands and is imitating our sounds and movements.  She had her first dance session and crushed it to “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees. I actually got the whole thing on video and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was FANTASTIC.  We do table food, sleep through the night, are down to 3 bottles a day, and she is pretty good at independent play.

ONE is right around the corner baby girl and we are so proud of your little self!!!!!!

xo xo,

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Nine and Ten Months of Reagan Marie

Wow, time is continuing to simply fly by.  I can’t believe we are already cruising into the new year and I’m totally NOT READY for 2017 and all the adventure that the universe has in store for us.  Reagan officially turned 10 months old on January 2nd and is the cutest little chunk on this side of the Cascades.  In November she turned 9 months old and we filled the month with lots of fun, food, family, and a very THANKFUL Mommy! We celebrated Reagan’s first Thanksgiving with a small get-together at our house. Amidst all the confusion and chaos we managed to squeeze in a few family walks, lots of snuggles from grandparents, and I got to dress Reagan up in her first holiday outfit.

December was very jolly and brought with it all the traditional hustle and bustle of the holidays.  I literally can’t remember most of the month due to shopping, wrapping, and baking with the exception of Reagan’s first Christmas Eve and morning.  Those images and feelings will forever be imprinted in my brain and heart. Holidays with kids are infinitely more exciting.  It was fun and festive and now Mommy has about 5lbs. to lose in the new year. We are so grateful for this little family of ours and are just so excited for everything the universe has in store for us as we welcome 2017.

Here is our sweet little sugar plum at 9 and 10 months old…


PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP & GROWTH: Reagan is officially 10 months old and will go in for her check-up later this month. We have the dreaded shots which are never fun.  She is so smart and I think she is going to understand that we are poking her and making her hurt. This breaks my heart but its good for her to get vaccinated. Just our opinion as parents, to each their own when making decisions for their children. She feels so heavy when I pick her up. I know we are quickly getting to at least 20lbs. or more.  She is such a little thing in terms of height and she has these teeny tiny little baby feet which I just love.

EYE COLOR, HAIR COLOR, & ONE CHUNKY BABY: Her hair is slowly filling in and is getting darker as the weeks go by. Her eyes remain blue and she has the most enviable eye lashes of all time.  Whenever we go anywhere, people will comment on her lashes and how beautiful her eyes are. Its so sweet. But is usually followed up with how adorably fat and chunky she is. Still a compliment in my book. A fat, smiley, happy baby is just about the best thing in the entire world.


SLEEP: 9 Months was an absolutely glorious turning point for sleep!!!!! First off Reagan sleeps through the night. Like 12-13 hours of sleep EVERY… SINGLE… NIGHT!!! This of course means Mommy and Daddy are sleeping through the night as well.  It is such a miracle to feel rested and relaxed again.  In addition to a restful nights sleep, Daddy has figured out the perfect napping system.  Miss Reagan now takes 3 naps a day, one of which is 3-4 hours midday. WOW WOW WOW!!!!  She has been consistently taking a 45 minute morning nap, a 3-4 hour midday nap, and a 30 minute evening nap on top of sleeping 12-13 hours every night.  Its like my life and schedule opened up and I forgot what it felt like to be an actual human!!! Suddenly I have time to do the things I enjoy again.  My husband is an absolute lifesaver and I am so grateful for him and this amazing sleeping schedule.

We got a little off track around the holidays but are slowly getting back into our old routine.  We had a few awesome 4am and 5am wakeup calls around Christmas and she has been demanding a bottle at 5am everyday.  But then she goes right back to sleep and won’t wake up until 7:30am or 8am.  Any progress we make, and that involves a little more sleeping and a lot more consistency, is a major WIN in my book.

FEEDINGS: We have had a major transition in the eating department and are almost completely OFF baby food. No more trips to Target to stock up on jars and punches of baby food for this mama! WOOHOO!!! A few months back we started transitioning to more solids foods like puffs and soft bananas. Now, even though she has zero teeth, she is eating like a champ.  We watch her very careful and cut everything up really small.  Now the trickiest part is providing her a completely balanced diet filled with all the nutritional requirements.  Why can’t we all just eat cheerios with our fingers too?  We are slowly introducing new foods and are keeping an eye out for any allergic reactions, but in reality we are totally winging it and just giving her anything that makes sense at the time.

For breakfast we started with basic baby oatmeal and introduced some soft fruits and apple sauce etc.  Now we do eggs, oatmeal, cut-up fruit like strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, yogurt, small pieces of toast, apple sauce, or anything else that sounds good to me at the time.  We’ve stayed away from citrus fruits, peanut butter, and honey and won’t give those a try until after she turns a year old.

For lunch we started with infant rice crackers (also good for teething, just watch out for them shoving the whole damn thing in their mouth), cottage cheese, soft fruits like the pre-made fruit cups that are basically just sugar but help them get used to different textures etc.  Now we do small pieces of cheese, cut-up soft veggies like green beans or corn, mac n’cheese, tater tots, and bananas.

For dinner we originally kept it easy like infant oatmeal, bits of pasta and veggies. Lately we’ve been trying to incorporate more protein like small bits of chicken or fish. She did try steak which made me super nervous, because it is hard to chew when you have no freakin’ teeth, but she did GREAT!!!! She loved prime rib and mashed potatoes over Christmas and is obsessed with bread and cheese like her mama. She even enjoyed her first ever french fry over Christmas and then again on New Years Eve. And we rounded out the year with my 29th birthday on New Years Eve were she enjoyed her first ever piece of birthday cake!!! She was definitely a fan.


SCHEDULE: Our schedule over the holidays has really gotten off track. But we have high hopes for the new year!!! Enough said…

MILESTONES & PLAY: We have really plateaued in terms of milestones but are on the verge of several big breakthroughs.  Reagan has been wanting to crawl and walk for months now. Over Thanksgiving she tried and tried but would always end up flat on her belly. She kicks her little legs and wants to move so badly, but no such luck. Then a few weeks into December on a random Sunday morning she just started crawling across the living room floor. I was literally shell shocked and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  She acted like it was no big deal and the belly dance she had been doing for months was in fact the same as the crawling she was now doing.

We officially took the “safety” plunge with her new mobile activity.  Baby gates, locks, and electrical outlet covers have been ordered and installed.  I am still amazed at how much crap we have that she finds to get into.  She especially loves the dogs water bowl, any loose cords, the outlets (which are now covered), our household plants and the entertainment center.  And yet she has no interest in the stairs, the bar cart which is still fully loaded with xmas crap and wine bottles, or the fire places.  I know these things are coming and my new rule is “eyes on the baby 24/7.” If she isn’t in her high chair or playpen, I literally have to watch her like a hawk otherwise she is gone around a corner or has found something to get into.  Its a learning process for both of us and each day we fix something that isn’t safe that she has found.

We have slowly been transitioning to more active playtime where we practice walking, crawling, and climbing on things. She can sit, stand, and is almost able to clap her chubby little hands.  She says “Mamamamamama” and “Dadadadadadada” and the occasional “Babababababababa.” You know, the important stuff.  She is learning that if she cries we come running, and then she busts up laughing and giggling.  We are really going to have to start upping our parenting game.  She loves the puppies and will roll around on the floor with them for hours. So cute. We give them extra kisses and love every night and thank them for being so awesome and patient with the baby.

She thinks we are her own personal jungle gym and loves to crawl all over us. Its just part of the parenting gig I suppose.


I can’t believe you are already so close to turning ONE baby girl! We love you endlessly!

P.S. This means I am officially caught up with “Reagan” posts. Hell to the YEA!!!!

xo xo,

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Seven & Eight Months of Reagan Marie

I decided to group these two months into one blog post because not only did they just fly by, but they felt somewhat the same in terms of development and growth. Months 7 and 8 were full of fall festivities, Reagan’s first NFL football season, and our first  ever Halloween as a family.  So many firsts and highlights wrapped up into one season.  I officially maxed out my phone photo storage and am already anticipating Christmas and the holiday season. I’m going to have to brainstorm a new baby photo storage game plan.

Reagan 7 months


PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP & GROWTH: Miss Reagan Marie won’t go into the pediatrician until her 9 month check-up and shots, but i’ll be sure to update as soon as that happens.  She is such a healthy little baby and I say a prayer of thankfulness EVERY SINGLE DAY for that.  She has outgrown most of her 6 month baby clothes and I have been on the lookout for “fall and winter” baby clothes.  We suddenly hit this point and I realized I didn’t have any warm clothes for her to wear. WHOOPS and PARENTING FAIL on my part. I can always count on for a good selection and a 60% OFF sale.  Reagan has been growing and growing and keeps getting chunkier and chunkier.  I was super sad to pack away most of her tiny baby clothes, but its kinda fun to look at the larger selection of baby clothes in bigger sizes.  Newborn to 6 months is mostly colored onesies and we are so ready for skinny jeans and dresses! She did rock some super cute Halloween outfits and of course our first Family Halloween Costume was epic.  I will forever remember it.

Reagan 7 months

baby photos

EYE COLOR, HAIR COLOR, & THE BIGGEST BABY SMILES:  Nothing has really changed in this department. Eyes are still blue, hair is still sparse, and the thigh rolls are still rolling! When she stops growing I feel like I can breathe for a second and just take in all the cuteness.  It doesn’t last long though and we are quickly onto the next big milestone etc. She has been all smiles lately and is seriously one of the happiest babies I have ever seen.

SLEEP: Aww the sleeping situation.  This is ever changing and never consistent.  We seem to have hit the dreaded 8 month sleep regression and Reagan is waking up several times a night.  We have been mixing it up and trying a few different sleep techniques and strategies. We eventually just gave up and decided to ride the wave with patience and love.  She wakes up a few times a night but will go back to sleep with a pacifier and a hug.  Its really not too bad at all and we are counting our blessings on what a good baby she is.

Reagan 7 months

baby photos

FEEDINGS: Reagan has been such a big girl and eating in her high chair for a few months now.  She takes mostly formula but we do solids 3 times a day still. So far she likes pretty much everything we give her.  We do mostly Oatmeal and Plum Food Pouches.  She doesn’t have any teeth yet, so i’m waiting to start giving her real food until I feel she is ready. She has become a pro at throwing things from her high chair, including food and her bottle.  She is a quick little lightening bug and will put her hands in whatever we are serving her, loves to bang her hands on the tray with Daddy, and isn’t quite sure what to think of the sippy cup we keeping giving her. Mostly she plays with it and chews on the rubber nipple. With patience, I know we will get there.  She is very independent and doesn’t like to do things until she is ready.  We have already experienced the “stink eye” several times.

SCHEDULE: With me deciding to head back to work, we worked to really simplify our schedules and it has been working for us.  Jeffrey takes Reagan on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  And i’ve got her during the week while he is busy working from home.  Jeffrey and Reagan have their own special “Daddy Daycare” schedule that usually involves lots of playing, reading, CrossFit box visits, walking the dogs, and doing projects around the house.  He keeps her nice and busy and she is always ready to take a long afternoon nap by the time noon rolls around. Our days together are a little more low key.  We ease into the day with a bottle, a little news and some election coverage, do a few projects around the house, eat some food, maybe run to Target or the grocery store, work on our Halloween costumes, and then make some dinner and relax while we wait for Daddy to get home from CrossFit.

Reagan 7 months

baby photos

MILESTONES & PLAY: I have really enjoyed this phase of having a baby. Suddenly Reagan is her own little person and she is growing into her personality and mannerisms.  She loves to play and be goofy like all little babies, but she is especially talkative and sweet around us. We just love her to pieces.

She isn’t sure what to think about strangers and has the sweetest little habit of sticking her lower lip out when she isn’t sure about someone.  She is extremely comfortable around us and women in general. Anytime there is a man around that she doesn’t know, or even DOES know, that little lip comes out. She doesn’t cry, she just looks for Mommy or Daddy and won’t relax until the culprit is gone. I think its safe to say her “stranger danger” meter is definitely working.  I don’t want her to be afraid of people, but its definitely a good thing to embrace your child’s sense of caution. I want her to be able to trust her instincts, and if something or someone isn’t quite jiving, I want her to know its ok to let us know that she is uncomfortable.  We will always do our best to protect her and I know overtime she will learn who she can be around and who is a stranger.

She loves to sit and has officially started to roll around on the floor. No crawling yet but she did finally master the art of rolling on both sides.  She will roll across an entire room and literally disappear before our eyes.  She smacks her hands when she is happy and has learned how to scream. She loves to experiment with her voice and is always making all kinds of funny sounds. She puts everything in her mouth and has learned how to scoot backwards.  We joke that she can’t crawl because she is “high-centered.” That little belly of hers is always getting in the way.  She will stand on her own if she has something to hang onto and will take the occasional baby step if we are propping her up under her armpits.  She loves to be independent and wants whatever we have.  She loves it when we sing to her, the ABC’s are her favorite. No matter how fussy she is, a couple of corases will calm her instantly and put a BIG smile on that little face.  She hates to be left alone anywhere but is perfectly content playing by herself in a room where she can see us.

She loves going “out and about” with us and is a very good traveling baby. She is never fussy in public, thank goodness. We love the grocery store and Target.  We walk through the aisles and I tell her what everything is and what ingredients you use in certain dishes etc. We do colors and touch different objects. It is so fun. She does get pretty excited sometimes and will let out the biggest happy scream. Its embarrassing, funny, and adorable all at the same time. We take the puppies to the park and touch leaves and pumpkins.  She loves animals and is always excited when another dog walks by.  We swing at the park and meet other little kids and babies. This is such a fun age because she is actually interested in the world around her and wants to interact with everything,

Reagan 7 months

baby photos

We went to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard for family pictures and dressed up as lions and lion tamers for Halloween. She loved greeting the trick or treaters but got really scared by a few of the costumes.  We watched football games with Daddy and helped Mommy make a “practice” turkey for Thanksgiving. Overall, we had a wonderful Fall and are ready to kick-off the Holidays with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bring on all things festive!!!!!!michelle signature

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Six Months of Reagan Marie

How is our baby girl 6 months old??? Our Little Baby Haguewood isn’t quite so little anymore. On September 2nd we celebrated Miss Reagan Marie’s half birthday.  Now, anyone who follows my blog knows i’ll snag any opportunity to celebrate pretty much anything.  Half-birthdays have never been something on my list.  But when you’re 6 months old, it seems like way too BIG a milestone not to celebrate.  So we gave it a run and celebrated Reagan’s first and only half-birthday.

Pink dress, pink crown, and some chubby baby legs and cheeks for the WIN!!! I did get some cupcakes which was fun and beyond entertaining. We of course didn’t let her have any of them, but seeing the look on her face was priceless. She is such a happy and smiley little girl.  That little face of hers is always lit up and she is delighted by pretty much everything around her.

half-birthday baby pics   half-birthday baby pics

 half-birthday baby pics   half-birthday baby pics

half-birthday baby pics      half-birthday baby pics

I recently had a fellow mom ask me WHY I spend the time writing these baby updates and taking so many pictures of my baby.  She wanted to know if I was trying to impress other moms and be a “pinterst queen or something?” Her words not mine.

The answer is NO! I love our sweet baby girl more than anything and one of my favorite things is being able to watch her grow and change before my eyes.  Other moms out there can attest to the reality of “mom brain.” In other words a sleep deprived, emotionally exhausted, taped out, physically drained MOM ZOMBIE who is just making it through to the next nap time so she can have twenty minutes to collect herself and maybe get her shit together long enough to make it through the rest of the day.  DAMN.

Each day passes by so quickly and yet feels like an eternity as you go through the motions day-in and day-out.  If I can take an hour to capture our beautiful child and write down some thoughts about her development and what the days are like with her, then I will always have these memories to look back on.  She will only have one childhood and everyday I wake up with the best intentions of living in the present and soaking up every second of her life.  The reality is a little closer to “mom zombie” mode and I love being able to pull out my phone and read past posts about where she was a few months ago and remind myself how far we have BOTH come.  In the difficult moments, being able to see the growth and progress we are making along with the happiness in her eyes is the biggest blessing and joy of my life so far. This blog has always been and will always be for me and my family first.  If other moms happen to find some humor and validation in my experiences, then I simply believe i’ve used my journey as a mother to help someone else find balance.

And with that here are some 6 month baby updates…

monthly baby photos

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP AND GROWTH: Miss Reagan went in for her 6 month check-up and shots and is doing sooooooooo GOOD!!!! She weighed in at almost 17lbs. and 26.5″ long.  She is looking chunkier and chunkier by the day but is also getting longer which blows my mind. She did really well with her shots this time and only screamed for a few seconds until they were done and I could pick her up.  She is really starting to “know” her parents and is officially a clinger.  I’m secretly totally ok with this.  Having my baby want me and no one else is such an arrow to the heart.  I love that she is beginning to LOVE us and is slowly beginning to express that love in her own way.  Going from endless caregiver “aka MOMMY” to some form of reciprocated love is the best feeling in the world! Plus, I love it when she wraps those chubby baby arms and legs around me to be held.

EYE COLOR, HAIR, AND ROUND BABY CHEEKS: We are still pretty sparse in the hair department but it is slowly filling in.  I keep reminding myself to just love that tiny bald baby head for as long as I can. I know she will be a little girl sooner rather than later and I will have the extra chore of doing “hair” every morning.  I kinda LOVE that her little round face and bald baby head make her look like the picture perfect Gerber baby. Pretty cute!!!!!! Her baby blues are still BLUE!!! I have heard so many tales of them changing and staying the same at this stage in the game. Not sure what direction we are going to end up going.  But right now they are still the same dark blue gray color.  I swear I saw a tint of green in them the other day which would make her Daddy SOOOOOO HAPPY.  His eyes are green and he would love to have something to connect them appearance wise. She looks so much like me that we often joke about her being some form of an immaculate conception or something. Totally a JOKE, not trying to offend anyone out there.  I see so much of her Daddy in her but everyone else says she got ALL of my genes. HAHA.

monthly baby photos

SLEEP: Six months seems to be somewhat of a sweet spot for us.  Reagan is actually sleeping through the night…”ish.” She still has her moments and each night is a little different. She is by no means sleeping 12-13 hours straight, but we have officially quit night feedings, THANK GOD!!! Most nights she needs a quick cuddle and a pacifier and then is back to dream land.  If she is really awake or just fussy then we will give her a bottle to help her go back to sleep.  I have never been more rested and am finally feeling like a “normal” human again. We did go on vacation at the beginning of the month and that threw her sleep schedule OFF quite a bit. As soon as we settled into a new routine she was totally good.

monthly baby photos

FEEDINGS: I love feeding baby Reagan and she loves to eat.  Starting baby food and introducing solids has been a total game changer.  At six months we officially introduced a high chair and she has been doing pretty darn good so far.  She doesn’t really fuss when we put her in it, which is fantastic. I set a time limit on how long we actually sit down to eat. And if she doesn’t want to cooperate and eat, then we move onto the next thing.  I don’t want her to learn that we can sit here all day just playing with our food and eating as we get hungry etc.  We don’t let her put her fingers in her mouth while we are feeding her because she just pulls all the food out and smears it everywhere.  She also tries to grab the spoon and play with that as well.

We usually do 2-3 solids a day. Our pediatrician recommended that formula remain her main source of nutrition and then we can supplement with baby food if she is still hungry.  So we always start with a full bottle and then do solids until she is done and most likely throwing the spoon in our face. Its actually kinda cute. She takes a bottle every few hours still and then we do solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get her used to being on our eating schedule.  Having a high chair in the kitchen is absolutely wonderful for cooking and doing chores. We are so blessed to have received our high chair as a gift from my parents and we absolutely LOVE IT.  We went with the Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair. At first my husband wasn’t a fan because it is pretty big and heavy. I on the other hand love that I can put Reagan in it and then wheel her around the kitchen and dining room with me. It has a locking mechanism on the base which prevents the chair from moving.  It has a pneumatic lift that goes up and down, but I found that it really doesn’t work that well and we never use it anyway.  The height is exactly where we want it to be and we just leave it alone.  It is a little spendy but I love the functionality and durability.  It will be our high chair through all our babies for sure.


SCHEDULE: I have to begin by saying I have almost officially given up on creating any form of baby schedule.  Reagan does her thing and we have an incredibly basic and easy schedule that we follow through the day.

At six months I made the courageous decision to go back to work.  Me heading back to work was the original plan all along throughout my pregnancy and then once our little gummy bear actually arrived, life changed and it wasn’t quite in the cards anymore for our family or schedule.  Well an opportunity came along for me and I snatched it up. I know there are so many opinions about Mom’s working OR not working and i’m not here to judge or critique anyone else’s life.

I was fortunate enough to be home with Reagan for the first 6 months of her life and it was fantastic.  Once I did make the decision to g back to work, life changed for me in the best possible way.  I know everyone finds value and joy in different things, and for me, I truly did love being home with Reagan.  But I felt FLAT. I felt bored. I felt like my days were filled with all the joys that a beautiful little child brings but there was no other purpose to my existence other than raising our daughter. For ME, I believe God gave me more talents and potential than just doing that alone.  Don’t get me wrong, Reagan and our family will ALWAYS be my first job, true purpose in life, and what I value more than anything else. But I am multifaceted and can definitely juggle more than just being a mom. I am that person who functions best when my schedule is full and I can have a defined schedule with purpose in every facet of my life. I love it. I also love my job and find so much purpose and value in what I do.  I bring massive joy and balance to women as they navigate an incredibly emotional and tricky job in planning their weddings. Again, I love it.  I also love coming home from work to Reagan’s smiling face and treasure every moment I have with her so much more.  I no longer feel like a mom zombie, most days at least, and am fulfilling my potential in every area of my life again.

Its tough to admit, but our purpose as parents is to raise and love our children to the best of our abilities and then launch them into the world.  My job is to give her all the knowledge and lessons i’ve learned, let her stumble and fall down multiple times, and then let her go live her own life and explore all the possibilities this world has to offer.  If I hold onto her forever and am selfish by not letting her go, she won’t learn what she needs to know to survive and live this life to the fullest.  At some point she will grow up, she will go to school, she will meet someone who makes her heart skip a beat, and she might even move away.  Insert SAD crying face here. I want to hold onto all the joys and passion that have made me who I am up to this point so I can continue to go on once she does launch her cute little self into the world.  Its tough to think about because she is so little, but she isn’t going to be little forever.

So….due to the BIG change we’ve had to simplify pretty much everything.  Jeff and I broke out our calendars and moved everything around to accommodate each others work schedules.  My mom is so great and is also willing to take Miss Reagan quite often if needed. Simplify, simplify, simplify!

MILESTONES & PLAY: Oh boy is 6 months a major turning point for milestones.  At the beginning of six months Miss Reagan was still a little wobbly in the sitting department.  She could sorta hold herself up and would often tumble backwards or forwards after a few seconds.  By the end of six months, little Miss had sitting up down like a champ.  Seeing the strength in her core change over such a small period of time reminded me how quickly she is growing and developing.  And suddenly the girl can just prop herself up with tummy time or hold the sitting position and hangout with Mommy. Game Changer friends!!! Being able to sit her down and put some toys in front of her is AMAZING!!! She loves just looking around and hanging out with me in the kitchen while I cook or clean.  She has a whole new perspective on the world around her and it is so much fun!

We also got her a bouncer that hangs from the door frame and she loves to sit in it and push off with her chubby baby legs. She also spins and will sit there and just babble and coo at us.  Bouncing is quickly becoming one of her favorite activities.  Self entertainment is the best.  She has fully mastered tummy time and wants to crawl and move desperately. No such luck yet though.  She has learned to scoot and inch her way backwards from the tummy time position though.  It is really funny to watch and we always joke that she is “stuck in reverse.”

Toys are still the best entertainment and she has mastered the pincer grasp and throwing things.  Awesome. She loves waving her arms back and forth and will bang her toys around for hours out of sheer joy and excitement. She is obsessed with crinkle books and loves to practice turning the pages.  Mostly she just shoves them in her mouth or as stated above, bangs them around everywhere.  We propped her up one day on her feet just to see what she would do. And there was zero hesitation, the girl just grabbed on and was standing on her own out of nowhere.  She is pretty unsteady on her feet and can’t quite figure out how to put her heels on the ground but we are getting there. Everyone says she is going to walk before she actually crawls, or we might just skip crawling all together. Who knows. But everyday with her is so much fun and endlessly entertaining.

monthly baby photos

These posts continue to get later and later. But, what the the heck. I’m still doing them and I suppose thats what really matters.

We love you Reagan Marie.  Thank You for being our sweet baby girl.

xo xo,

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Five Months of Reagan Marie

Oh sweet little Baby Girl, you are growing up so fast and my heart can’t handle it.  It seems like overnight you went from a newborn to a little baby who can sit up by herself and is eating solids. Month five of your life has been full of transition for us as a family with huge leaps and bounds forward.

Mommy and Daddy left you for the first time for a wedding in Salt Lake City, a major milestone for sure, and you did so good during your first long weekend with Grandma. We missed you more than we ever thought possible and you looked so tiny and itty bitty when we came home to your smiling face. I hugged you solid for about ten minutes and didn’t want you to go to bed so we could stay up and play. Mommy and Daddy missed you so much.

We also went on our first vacation as a family of three, plus 2 dogs, as we visited Grandma and Grandpa on the west side for our annual lake vacation. Little miss is already a pro at living the lake life and makes “doing nothing” look easy.  We were so proud of her. Being out of her normal routine and constantly on the go is difficult for anyone, adults included, and she handled it like a champ.

God, she’s CUTE!!!!

She is such a little doll, and we just love to love her!

monthly baby photos

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP AND GROWTH: No five month check-up for Reagan this month, but she will be going in next month for her six month checkup and shots.  Time is just flying by.  I swear she has gained a couple of pounds and just feels bigger and more grown up with each passing day. That little tummy of hers is getting rounder by the second and not to mention those little chubby cheeks.  Girls got thigh rolls for days and I LOVE IT!!! Embrace it little one. Its the only time in your life its social acceptable to rock thigh rolls. #awesome

EYE COLOR, HAIR, AND BABY GIBBERISH: We seriously laugh all day long at the sounds and snorts this little peanut makes.  We even convinced ourselves at one point that she was ACTUALLY saying “I love you.” Most likely not even close but the verdict is still out. 🙂  Her baby blues are still in fact BLUE, and i’m not sure her hair will ever come in.  My stash of baby headbands continues to grow by the day and I can’t wait to actually brush or put a legit bow in her hair someday.  The time will come and then i’ll probably miss her tiny bald head.

monthly baby photos

SLEEP: Due to all our recent activities Reagan’s sleep schedule has been way off lately. We are trying our best to keep her on schedule with naps and bedtime but vacation always throws everything off.  She gave up sleeping on her tummy during nap time and sorta just stopped napping all together.  Mommy and Daddy had to get creative and come up with some new routine for nap time.  We opted to use her spaceship, our 4moms Mamaroo rocker, for nap time again and magically she started sleeping for 2 to 3 hours again.  She takes a short morning nap, a long mid-morning nap, and a long afternoon nap and is one happy little baby again.  Every once in awhile she goes through a growth spurt and will just sleep all the time OR she won’t sleep at all.  Each day is a new adventure with her.

Her bedtime routine is still the same and she is a pretty good night sleeper.  She still takes one night bottle and usually sleeps the rest of the night without waking up or fussing. We are slowly trying to wean her off the swaddle and have been unsuccessful so far.  She still really needs that wrapped up sensation and feeling of security.  We will get there eventually.  We did up her bedtime bottle to a full 8oz. and she sleeps much better.  I know 6 months is really the turning point for babies sleeping through the night and not requiring a nighttime bottle so… fingers crossed and maybe we will get there next month.

monthly baby photos

FEEDINGS: Starting solids has been an adventure and a half.  Unknown to me, a freakin hazmat suit is almost required when learning to feed your baby.  I have never seen so much food go EVERYWHERE, except in my baby’s mouth, in my life.  But at the same time it is beyond adorable and seeing her little face light up as we try new foods is just AWESOME! I always thought I would be sad watching her grow up and secretly, maybe not so secretly, want her to stay tiny and little forever.  But, watching her experience the world around her and seeing the connections being made in her little developing brain is the BEST THING EVER.

We started her on a little organic oatmeal cereal once a day.  She wasn’t sure what to think about it at first but after awhile she really enjoyed it.  We opted to go with oatmeal rather than rice cereal and she took to it almost immediately.  The first couple of weeks of solids were just getting her used to eating off a spoon and learning to swallow something other than milk.  We did mix in some formula instead of water to ease the transition.  After a couple of weeks of eating cereal we slowly started introducing some fruits and veggies mixed in with her cereal and then also by themselves.

I researched and read some reviews on different brands and we ended up going with Gerber Organic Oatmeal Cereal and Plum Formula.  For fruits and veggies we ended up going with Beech-Nut Organic Baby Food in stage 1. Basically one day, I went to Target, thats were we buy most of our baby stuff, and spent about an hour in the baby aisle comparing the ingredients listed on all the different brands.  This was the only brand that I found that used whole foods, not just partially broken down purees, as its base ingredient and then no added preservatives, sugar, or water.  We started with cereal, then did sweet potatoes, apples, pears, green beans (which she hated at first but now loves) and mangos.  The sweet potatoes and mangos were her favorite but now she really eats anything we put in front of her.  We eventually added more veggies.

We up’d her feedings to twice a day and do oatmeal + fruit in the morning and oatmeal + veggies in the evening.  Sometimes we mix them in with her oatmeal and sometimes she takes both separately. I truly had every intention of researching the best feeding practices and how to introduce solids.  Oh, and I was going to be that awesome mom who made her own baby food…HA HA HA . Yea right, who has time for that crap. Life got too busy and one day it just felt right, so we jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back.  We let her take the lead on what tasted good and she set the pace on when she ate solids and how much she took.  Her sleep habits DID NOT change with introducing solids but she did go longer between feedings during the day.  I totally winged starting solids and made a conscience choice not to worry, or but any energy into worrying, about food allergies.  We just watched her closely and let her set the pace on solids and she is doing GREAT!!!

Feeding her is so much FUN and sooooooo messy.  But its a whole new way of interacting with her and teaching her about the different foods she is eating.  We go over the names of each food and what colors they are and how they are grown.  So fun!

monthly baby photos

SCHEDULE: Our day to day playbook is slowly becoming more productive. Baby girl is becoming more self-sufficient and independent which means Mommy has a little more time to get things done around the house.  Dishes, laundry, and endless vacuuming are all calling my name.  Right now our day-to-day routine looks like this…

7am – Wake Up and snuggle in bed with Mommy.  Daddy usually wakes up around 6:30am and after getting ready will bring Reagan to me in bed.  She takes her first bottle of the day in bed with me and then we read and play or snuggle with the puppies.

8am – Tummy time in front of the mirror in our bedroom while Mommy makes the bed and cleans up the bedroom.  We are working on getting her to crawl eventually and we practice standing.  Then we head downstairs for coffee and breakfast.  We play with the puppies in the living room or head outside to watch them run around the backyard.

10am – Mommy starts some chores and gets ready to go to Pure Barre.  Reagan usually takes her 2nd bottle of the day and then goes down for nap number one.  We have been using her spaceship for nap time and after she finishes bottle #2 she goes down awake for her nap.  She usually falls asleep within 20min. or so and will nap for about 1 to 2 hours.

11:30am – Mommy heads to Pure Barre and Reagan hangs with Daddy for some father-daughter bonding time.  After class I run some errands or just enjoy some peace and quiet and then head home to finish wrapping up our day.  While i’m gone Reagan will sometimes take another bottle.

2pm – Mommy is home.  I shower and eat some lunch. Reagan will usually take her first round of solids while i’m eating lunch.  We talk about her day so far and play peek-a-boo.

3pm – We try and get out of the house for a walk or some fresh air every afternoon.  We walk around the neighborhood or play fetch with the puppies in the backyard. Baby girl is sitting up like a champ these days so i’ll put a blanket down on the grass for her to sit on and she loves to watch the dogs run around and chase the ball.

4:30pm – Nap time again and another bottle. I start prepping for dinner and Reagan chills in her walker or plays on the floor in the kitchen with her toys. If Reagan gets fussy around this time sometimes I put her down for another mini nap or we do more solids.  She usually takes oatmeal and fruit in the am and oatmeal and veggies in the evening.

7pm – Daddy gets home from Crossfit and does bath time, reads her a book, and then she has her last bottle of the day. We try our best to keep her awake to finish the whole bottle but she often falls asleep about half way through.  We kiss her goodnight and then put her to bed swaddled with one or both arms out.

MILESTONES & PLAY: Month Five has been huge when it comes to baby milestones. Reagan can officially sit up by herself with the occasional tumble backwards, which is of course followed by lots of tears.  She is reaching and grabbing for anything that is front of her and absolutely EVERYTHING is going in her mouth these days. She went swimming for the first time at the lake and did so GOOD. We weren’t sure what to expect but she didn’t fuss once.  She of course wore a lifejacket and seemed to enjoy floating and kicking her little legs. She officially started solids and is almost sleeping though the night.  She is very attentive to everything we are doing and will just watch us and smile endlessly. She loves to babble and coo back to us and will have full blown baby conversations with herself.  She also loves her puppies and will imitate us petting them.  She gets so excited whenever they come into the room and she waves and pumps her little arms to show us she is excited.  The dogs tolerate her at this point and are somewhat interested in her.  They love to lay next to her and sleep on the sheepskin rug at the base of her crib.

Reagan loves to play and wants whatever we have.  She loves her stuffed animals, colorful blocks, and anything that makes noise.  We dance and sing to her and she is just so happy.  We are even that goofy family who has dance parties in our kitchen with our baby and dogs.  She loves it though and it so good for her to see us having fun and playing with each other and the dogs.  She officially gets bored of certain toys and so we are always on the move from room to room and introducing new toys to keep her occupied.  She hates being alone and will scream every time one of us leaves the room.  With her sitting up we can put her on the floor and get things done while still talking and interacting with her.  She is almost rolling over from back to tummy and watching her kick her little legs and sway back and forth is one of the highlights of my day.

monthly baby photos

Summer is almost over and we are so excited for Reagan’s first Fall and all the awesome activities we will get to do as a family!

Happy Five Months baby girl we LOVE you to the moon and back!!!!

xo xo,

Mommy & Daddy

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End of Summer Baby Sales

As I headed downtown this morning for a work meeting, I was quickly reminded that today is the first day of school for lots of “littles” all around our area.  Labor Day is on the horizon and that usually signals the END OF SUMMER and the beginning of all things Fall.  Cooler weather, falling leaves, and early September days are all calling my name.  The changing of the seasons is extra special this year because it is the beginning of “a bunch of FIRSTS” for Little Reagan Marie.  First time doing Fall activities, first football season, first Halloween, First Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas is right around the corner.

Labor Day sales are everywhere right now including a bunch of Summer goodies for next year.  I rounded up some of my absolute favorites that I can’t wait to see Reagan sporting next Summer. And as a bonus everything is clearance pricing right now + an additional 40% OFF all clearance items.  This really is the only way to shop for your “littles.” They outgrow things so fast that it is impossible to justify spending $40 on a freaking baby outfit…but thats just my opinion.  And if you buy the right sizes you can see your sweet baby in the same cute outfits again next year!!!

summer favorites 2016

Embroidered Chambray Romper     Teal Palm Dress + Cardigan Set     Pink Sailor Bow Headband     Chambray Tank Romper     White Fiesta Dress + Cardigan     Polka Dot Chambray Top     Polka Dot Chambray Bow Headband     Ruffle Tank Onesie with Floral Bottoms

baby shoes

Carters Mary Jane Flats

I have always aimed to purchase any BIG baby items on super sale and Labor Day is no exception when it comes to great deals. Here are some of the other items that are on my radar for fantastic deals and steals when it comes to baby items!

PLAYPEN – We have been wanting a Playpen for awhile now but Miss Reagan was just not quite big enough. Now we are a few short weeks away from her sitting up on her own and I am so excited to have a place that can be all hers. After lots of research we decided to go with the 4moms Breeze Play Yard for convenience, storage, and longterm durability over multiple babies! It is on SUPERSALE right now and I could not be more excited!

HIGH CHAIR – We intentionally held off on purchasing some of the BIG baby items that we knew we wouldn’t need right away when I was pregnant. Well, the last 6 months have absolutely flown by and I can’t believe that it is time for Miss Reagan to be in a High Chair. I fell in love with the Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair and am so excited to snag it for a good deal. I love that it has interchangeable seats so we only have to purchase one high chair but can change the color if we have a little boy in the future. We have been using our Bumbo Chair with the Play Tray as a temporary place to feed Miss Reagan, but her chubby little baby legs are beginning to not fit in the seat openings. HAHAHAHAH. So…I am taking this as a sign that it might be time for her to get an upgrade.

BABY GATES – Miss Reagan is still months away from walking but she is getting big enough to be in a walker & jumper. And that little walker of hers will mysteriously make it across the length of our kitchen when i’m not paying attention. So we decided that its time for a baby gate! We have a set of steep stairs right off of our kitchen and I don’t want to risk a tumble. Labor Day seems like a good time to get this item on sale as well. We decided to go with the Summer Infant Multi-Use Baby Gate and can’t wait for it to get here.

Labor Day is going to be extremely low key. We finally had our fence rebuilt after the crazy windstorm blew it apart last November. We’ve been hard at work staining every little nook and cranny whenever we get some free time together. So far it is coming together nicely and the color really pops against our yard!!! So happy to finally have some stain on it and we will most likely wrap up that project over the long weekend. September 2nd is Reagan’s Half Birthday and she will be 6months old. Holy Crap! Where did the time go?  Its been so fun watching her grow up and I am so looking forward to her walking and getting dressed up for Halloween.

Bye Bye Summer. Hello FALL!!!!!!!

xo xo Friends,

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Four Months of Reagan Marie

WHOAAAAA…guess who has officially graduated from the “newborn” phase into the “infant” stage?!?!? Sweet Reagan Marie is four months old and I can’t believe how “cool” and “happy” this little girl is.  I’ve always loved kids and while I was never a baby/infant person, I could still appreciate the extreme cuteness of a newborn baby or smiley infant! Well Miss Reagan takes it to a whole new level and my heart is just so full of gratitude that her spirit is so joyful!!!

I have never seen a more happy or smiley baby in my life and I could cry happy tears thinking about how she is all ours!!! I just love her so much and love that her little soul is elated like 95% of the day. HAHA! The rest of the day, hold on to your ears friends, because this little angel can scream! The girl definitely has a sassy side to her as well. Pretty sure my mind just flashed forward 16 years to Jeffrey and I sitting on the edge of our seats, holding on for dear life…*with or without a bottle of wine in our hands. I think we’ll take it one day at a time for now. 🙂

Here we are, well into our fourth month of being parents, and I think I can finally say that things have gotten easier. Life feels normal (and wonderful) again, we have established routines that make everyone happy & things are good. Its just crazy to think about how challenging, both physically and mentally, those first few months were. And yet when I think back, I can’t even really remember the pain and struggles of the early days. I just remember that it was HARD as hell but we made it through as a family.

Here are Little Reagan’s Month 4 Photos and Updates…

monthly baby photos

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP AND GROWTH: Miss Reagan went in for her 4 month wellness checkup at the beginning of July.  She is doing sooooo GOOD! All the nurses and doctors just love her little smile and she is always so vocal when we go in for a visit.  It cracks me up how she is always smiling and giggling at strangers and basically anyone who smiles in her general direction.  She babbles, blows bubbles (more like spit & drool), and loves being the center of attention. She continues to remain a petite little thing weighing in at 13lbs. and generally stays in the 25th percentile for weight.  She is in the 50th percentile for height at 24″ and the 50th percentile for head circumferance at 40cm.

monthly baby photos

EYE COLOR, HAIR, AND ONE TUMMY TIME FANATIC:  Her eyes are continuing to remain a beautiful blue color with the lightest hint of gray mixed in.  I’m still waiting for them to change at some point but the older she gets the more I think they might stay blue.  Her hair doesn’t seem to want to grow at all, but it has become a shade darker over the past month. When we are outside the true strawberry blonde color really comes out.  I always expected her to be a strong red head like me but her hair is much darker then mine.

Reagan’s BIG DEVELOPMENT this month is her new love for tummy time.  She has always tolerated tummy time but is much happier when being held or cuddled.  Then one day I walked into this…

“Oh Hey Mom, look I can prop myself up…and guess what, I like tummy time now.” 

tummy time baby

SLEEP: The magic formula for a good nights sleep continues to remain elusive.  We have tried so many different things from extending her bedtime, more milk before bed, and every “effin” sound/music machine on the baby market.  ITS JUST A “NO GO” FRIENDS!!! Right now, she goes through phases of sleeping well and being up most of the night.  Some nights I get up once or twice and other nights its 6+ waking episodes.  Even though I have heard that you sleep less as a parent as your children get older.  Something about high school, boys (gulp), and actually letting your children grow up and all that nonsense. I’m resolved to just let it be what it is, and I know when we are in our 40’s we might actually sleep through the night again. That being said, if anyone has any tips or tricks on getting a new baby to sleep though the night I would love some suggestions. BUT…if one more person tells me to just be patient I might straight up smack you across the face…consider that a fair warning.

monthly baby photos

FEEDINGS: Can I just take a minute to gush over my chubby baby.  There is seriously nothing better (or cuter) than a happy FAT baby.  This girl LOVES to eat and I love to feed her.  I am getting so excited and antsy to begin feeding her solids.  Another BIG development for Month 4 is that I officially kicked my pump to the curb. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!! I’m so much happier now and Reagan is doing fantastic on formula.  Once I had officially committed to exclusively formula feeding I really dug into researching the best options and brands.  I felt a little twinge of mommy guilt at not being a “breastfeeding” mommy and wanted to make sure that she was getting the BEST as a result of my choice to quit pumping.  I’m going to include the NEW formula breakdown in my Month 4 Favorites coming soon but for now HERE is a link to the brand we are using now.

SCHEDULE: Month 4 was a little bit of a “shake up” schedule wise for us.  July has been an insanely BUSY month and any consistency we had went out the door rather quickly.  We had weddings almost every weekend and Baby Girl was up way past her bedtime most nights.  We spent the weekdays trying to recover and regain some semblance of our regular schedule, only to reach Friday and gear up to start all over again. She loved it and has been sleeping well most nights from sheer exhaustion.  She no longer likes to nap on her tummy and I am desperately doing everything I can to get her to stay asleep for longer than 5 minutes during the day.  The weather has been crazy hot lately so we’ve been holding off on walks and staying put in the air conditioning trying not to go stir crazy.  Summertime is just so wonderful though and I hate to waste it.  Reagan is still a bit too young for sunscreen according to our Pediatrician, something about the chemicals etc., and I don’t want to have to drape her in blankets all the time because of the heat.  I’m already so excited for next summer when she will be walking and playing all day long in the sunshine.

Reagan 4 Month Photos #5

MILESTONES & PLAY: Milestones are AWESOME!!! As soon as I think we might never get to a certain phase, then BOOM, we wake up the next day and suddenly little miss is giggling, holding her own bottle, or rolling from tummy to back.

She has learned to lock her chubby little legs and loves standing up while we hold her.  I would not be shocked if she started walking before she crawled.  Like I said earlier, she is a tummy time fanatic now! She loves propping herself up and looking around everywhere.  She is smiling, laughing (baby giggles are the sweetest), and has officially learned to YELL. Not sure that is a positive one but it is beyond funny.  She likes to explore all the possible pitches and Jeffrey and I cannot stop laughing when she is screaming her little head off. She is sitting up like a champ in her bumbo, rolling from front to back, and loves grabbing her toes to pull to her mouth. One of the cutest baby milestones for sure.

Playtime with Reagan is my absolute favorite part of our day together (except maybe bedtime for obvious reasons) and baby girl sure does love to play.  She is completely smitten by the golden girls, Jovie and Roxie, and watches their every move with curiosity and joy.  She busts out the biggest smiles for them and loves to talk (or scream/yell) at them.  She has started putting everything in her mouth, including their puppy ears, and loves to pet and cuddle with them.

monthly baby photos

Happy 4 Months Reagan Marie!!!

You are a true gift to this world and I pray that you never stop smiling!!!

xo xo,

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Month Three Newborn Favorites aka “Playtime Essentials”

Whoa Nelly…I can’t believe it has taken me so long to write this post, and yet here we are.  In writing this, Reagan is almost 4 months old and time is flying by. I’m absolutely astonished at what she is capable of doing and she is surprising us and making us smile more than ever.

Month Three was a huge turning point because Reagan finally seemed to be enjoying the world around her.  Suddenly she had found her voice and and those little arms and legs of hers were always active and pumping.  I finally felt like we were able to introduce more activities, and in particular some FUN toys that she was actually able to enjoy.  During play time she is ALWAYS happy and smiling and I can really see the wheels turning in her little brain as she tries to learn and figure out what things are and do.  SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

Our Month Three Favorites consist mostly of some fun toys and a few basics that we literally couldn’t live without.  Developmentally, we are all about the colors and tactile toys at the moment. I love putting different toys and objects in front of her to see how she responds.  My two favorites are the high contrast Art Cards and the cutest Alphabet Puzzle.  She will stare at the animal cards forever and we touch the letters and say them out loud. I know she can’t comprehend the meaning of the letters etc. but we are setting the stage for all the learning that is to come.  Plus she just loves it when we talk to her in general.

Month Three Newborn Favorites

Bumbo Floor Seat     Bumbo Play Tray     Gerber Cloth Diapers (used as burp rags)

Vulli Toy Blocks     Janod Alphabet Puzzle     Woombie Big Baby Swaddle

Mother’s Milk Tea     WeeGallery Art Cards

Bumbo Floor Seat - 3 Month FavoritesBumbo Seat for babyJumbo Play Tray

Bumbo Floor Seat and Bumbo Play Tray:   Reagan was extremely weary of this in the beginning.  She really didn’t like being in it at all and would start screaming as soon as we put her in it.  I decided to ease her into using it.  That seems to be her learning MO.  She takes awhile to warm up to things but once she is comfortable with something she is super happy and won’t stop smiling.  So really, I probably pulled the trigger a little early on the Bumbo Seat and she wasn’t quite ready for it at the three month stage, but now we use it daily and she loves it.  The Bumbo Tray is an awesome addition because I can put toys directly on it and front of her at her level.  She is able to play and practice fine motor skills like hand eye coordination.  This particular seat seems to bring with it some controversy regarding whether or not it is hard on baby’s hips.  I have received personal accounts of why some Moms don’t use this product and why some Moms absolutely love it.  I think it comes down to what you feel is best for your child and for us, we weighed the cons but still felt like the Bumbo was a good fit for Reagan. We are extremely happy with it.

cloth diapers burp rags

Gerber Cloth Diapers (also known as the World’s Best Burp Rag):   These are the best non-traditional burp rags.  The hubby thought I was crazy when I first brought these home and then around 2 weeks into having a newborn at home he realized how invaluable they really are.  SO MUCH BABY SPIT-UP AND PUKE!!! By themselves they really are not very cute.  So I decided to jazz mine up a bit with some fun gender neutral fabric to match our nursery. Tutorial coming soon.  These are littered all over our house and we could still use about a dozen more.  They are going to be my GO TO new baby gift and the best part of my day is when I pull 5 or 6 fresh ones out of the dryer.

Burp Cloths #3Burp Cloth ImageBurp Cloth Image

colorful toy blocks

Vulli Toy Blocks:   I got these for Reagan for Easter this year.  Read about it HERE. She was about 3 weeks old at the time but I knew we were going to love playing with them.  Well…she is finally enjoying them and they are the perfect soft small toy blocks to use with the Bumbo Play Tray above.  She can throw them without being destructive and the raised designs on each side are perfect for small hands and for developing her tactile senses.  These too are littered all around our home and are the perfect compliment to Sophie the Giraffe playtime.

alphabet letter toys

Janod Alphabet Puzzle:   This puzzle set just might be one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen. I am in LOVE with the bright colors and the natural safe wood.  The pieces are large enough that they cannot be swallowed and they are just the right size for little fingers and hands to grab onto.  We play a game where we sing the Alphabet all the way through R, and we say “R is for REAGAN,” and then keep going to the end. Next we give her each letter and say all the words we can think of that start with that particular letter. Its actually a lot harder to randomly think up words than you might think. And then we finish by signing the Alphabet song all the way through again.  She just loves our little game and is usually ready for a nap by the time we are finished. Bonus for Mommy.  Our latest addition is that we try and do Tummy Time as we play the whole game to continue building up core and neck strength.

alphabet letter toys

She is such a HAPPY little peanut!!! Those chubby cheeks give me all the heart eyes in the world!

woombie swaddle

Woombie Big Baby Swaddle:   The Hubby was not a fan of this contraption when we initially got it.  Now i’m convinced this might be the key to getting Reagan to sleep through the night. We started off by doing good old regular swaddles.  Which worked great for the first few months.  Now little Miss is getting so coordinated that she can wiggle free within a few minutes and her feet in particular are poking out the bottom of her swaddle.  She gets herself so wrapped up that we were worried she might suffocate herself. WTF!!!!! Not on this Mommy’s watch.  By zipping her up in the Woombie she can’t break free and wake herself up AND we don’t worry about her getting blankets wrapped around her little self. Huge sigh of relief as a parent.

nursing tea

Mother’s Milk Tea:   Ugh…the dreaded BreastMilk struggle continues friends.  About a month ago my milk supply suddenly dropped out of nowhere.  My pumping schedule was the same, my diet was still the same, and there was just no reason that I should suddenly stop making milk.  I decided to increase my pumping schedule and give this Mother’s Milk Tea a try.  I know a lot of Moms who swear by this stuff and so I have added it to my nightly routine in addition to pumping and drinking more water than humanly possible.

artcards for baby

WeeGallery Art Cards:   I bought these when Reagan was around two months old and we have been using them consistently for weeks now! It has been so much fun to see her progression of understanding and mental development take place before my eyes. We love the Garden collection because we have squirrels and birds right outside in our backyard.  And of course the Pet collection because of our the little zoo that we’ve got going on. I also got her the Woodland collection and the Jungle collection.

wee gallery art cardswee gallery art cardswee gallery art cards

Overall I would definitely say Month Three has been a complete success.  It can be emotionally hard at times to see your newborn become a full fledged “BABY” before your eyes, but seeing how happy and excited they are to learn and just be a part of your world totally makes up for the emotional mommy moments.

While I got a little behind in the blogging department, i’m ready to get caught up and so excited to be bringing some totally new stuff to the blog starting in August. Watch for some Reagan updates, cool new features, and an exciting announcement coming soon.

xoxo Friends,

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Three Months of Reagan Marie

Oh my goodness, this beautiful baby girl is already three months old. She is just so much FUN!!! The past three months of Reagan Marie have been an amazing adventure. I know things will only get better, and at times a bit more challenging as she continues to grow into her own little person.

On a recent walk with a fellow mommy friend, we were chatting about how being a mom is the best/worst thing ever!!! Thinking back to life “pre-Reagan” makes me feel almost guilty at how selfish I was. My time and love expenditure were extremely conditional and to a certain extent that was totally ok.  NOW, my whole world is our little family and I love being a mommy. There has been a huge learning curve when it comes to selflessness and basically I wasn’t ready to be a mommy until the day I became one.  Once that sweet little girl was born, my world and priorities shifted in a way that I can’t describe.  It can’t be explained, only experienced. Although i’m sure there are several mommas out there who can accurately capture the essence of motherhood through words.  I will leave mine as a “feeling” that exists between me and Miss Reagan and any other future babies we have!!!!

On that note…look at how BIG and stinking ADORABLE this little lady is!!! Here is Miss Reagan Marie at three months old!

P.S. LOVE her in green!!! Lime Green is my favorite color so this momma is in heaven!!!!!!

three months of Reagan Marie

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP AND GROWTH: We are all set to go to the pediatrician for her four month appointment and shots in a few weeks, so we will have lots of updates and new stats for her four month post.  For now, I simply can’t believe how long she is getting.  I picked her up the other day and couldn’t believe how long and big she felt in my arms. I’m so excited to get some official updates and see where she is falling percentile wise.  It really doesn’t matter because she will be who/what she is, but its still fun to see the progress she is making as the months pass. Her chubby cheeks and that round little belly get me everytime.

EYE COLOR, HAIR, AND BABY GIGGLES: Miss Reagan is developing into such a beautiful little girl and my favorite feature are her eyes! They are so big and bright.  She can look at you and you just know she is soaking up every bit of light and happiness around you.  She has the sweetest smile but she is really going to be one of those individuals who “smiles” through her eyes.  So beautiful and so lovely!!!!

She has strawberry blonde hair just like me and round cheeks that go on for days! She has my exact nose, face shape, fair skin, and little mouth too!!! Cracks me up.  She is such a darling little baby! I am so excited to watch her grow up and evolve into a sweet little girl and then a young adult. GULP!!!!

Her eyes are still a dark gray/blue color but I swear I saw a tint of green in them the other day.  This would make her daddy so happy because he often wonders what traits of “his” she received. It just might be the green eyes baby!!!  Everyone says she is a mini-me or little “Michelle clone.”  She does look a lot like me and its so fun!!!  Here is a photo of me as a baby at 3 months next to Reagan at 3 months…think she is my baby or what?!?!?!?

three months of Reagan Marie

three months of Reagan Marie

SLEEP: Schedule wise, we’ve got a good thing going right now… “knock on wood.” Its funny though, by even making that statement I feel a bit guilty because I know there are quite a few mommas who are seriously struggling to get their babies to be on a schedule or sleep in general. I feel ya sisters!!! And trust me, Reagan doesn’t real sleep that well.  We are cruising right now because she has been relatively consistent over the past month and that in itself is the “good thing we’ve got going on.”  I can count on when she is going to wake up and how long she is going to sleep.  This has allowed me to keep myself on more of a schedule and has positively impacted my life and attitude!

We actually tried to tweak her schedule a bit to see if she would sleep longer through the night and it backfired in a BIG way. We didn’t sleep for about four days and finally pulled the plug on our new plan. The next night, she slept like a champ back in her old routine and we pretended the last four nights hadn’t happened. Lesson learned Miss Reagan, lesson learned. Consistency is key.

She is becoming a fantastic napper during the day.  We tried a new strategy and let her sleep on her tummy, 100% supervised by one of us at all times, during nap time ONLY! It has been the biggest transformation ever.  We originally listened to all the advice out there and only put her on her back to sleep. I still agree with this and we do “back to sleep” for night time sleeping when we aren’t able to be in the room with her.  But when we put her on her tummy she will nap for 2-3 hours in a row and not make a peep. This has been so nice because it allows us to get our normal work stuff done throughout the day and I can count on those hours of free time during the week.

*Please NOTE – I am not a medical professional and don’t encourage or endorse you putting your baby on their tummy to sleep. Please check with you child’s pediatrician or health care provider and make the best decision for you and your family.  This strategy is something that has worked for us and we feel comfortable because we know our baby is being watched 100% of the time. 

SCHEDULE: Baby Girl is rocking the schedule and consistency like I mentioned above. So fun to really be getting into our rhythm and this includes me finally not feeling so “out-of-sorts” by having a baby.

In the beginning, I felt like my life was no longer mine and would go through periods of not recognizing my day-to-day life at all. I’m finally feeling confident and embracing the freedom that comes with having a little one at home.  Pre-Reagan, my life was very structured and I lived off of my to-do-list and consistent routine.  Once Reagan was born, our life was total chaos and everything was unpredictable, as is typical with a newborn in the house.  I no longer got up and went to work and my time was filled with sleepless nights, a crying baby, and way too many dirty diapers. WTF!!! I feel as though I have finally rounded the corner and truly embraced being “The Mommy.” I still LOVE my neat and organized to-do-list, I try and get out of the house to workout or walk once a day, and am really stepping up the “blogging” game in anticipation of some fun new goals. I still have my schedule and structured routine, its just filled with different things now. And honestly, these things make me a much happier and joyous person AND I get to be home with my baby girl!

three months of Reagan Marie

FEEDINGS: Reagan is a fantastic eater.  We are still doing our normal feeding routine that we established in Month 1 and Month 2. Feel free to read about our challenges and victories and learn from our mistakes. Nowadays, baby girl just eats and eats.  She is taking more milk in a sitting and I upgraded our 4oz. Dr. Brown’s Vented Bottles for the 8oz. bottles. Its been so nice having extra bottles and bottle parts in the house.  Reagan takes 4oz.-6oz. at 8am, 10:30am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5:30pm so we still get good use out of the smaller 4oz. bottles. Then she takes 6oz.-8oz. during night feedings at 7:30pm, 12:3oam, and 4:30am so we LOVE having the larger 8oz.bottles for those times.

MILESTONES & PLAY: Baby Girl is crushing it when it comes to playtime, activity, and milestones!!! We received a milestone reminder card from the state this past week and it was so fun to go through and CHECK OFF all the milestones she has already hit at a mere 3 months old.  She is ahead of the curve and rocking most of the 6 month old activities! Go Baby Go!!!!

Reagan is a mover and a shaker.  She is always wiggling and kicking those chubby baby legs and her arms are always pumping.  She is becoming a pro at holding her head up and she can sit up but only with our assistance.  We can do normal things around the house and she will just sit on our laps and hang out with us.  If we try and hold her facing us she tends to get fussy because she loves to face out to the world.  She is extremely curious about everything around her and is really beginning to take in her surroundings.

She loves to talk to us and will mimic our sounds and movements as best she can.  She coos and recently discovered her tongue. Everything is going to her mouth these days and I think she might be cutting teeth early because she is such a drooly little mess most of the time.  She is getting good at grasping objects and is always reaching out for whatever we place in front of her.  They immediately go to her mouth but its fun to see her working out problems and movements in her little baby brain.

She really is as “tart” as a LIME sometimes though!!!! She can be full of the sweetest smilies imaginable and then when that little scowl comes out I can’t help but laugh because she is just so darn cute!!!!

three months of Reagan Marie

Every single day with her is becoming better and better!!!! When I look into her eyes I can tell that she is truly looking back at me and she knows that i’m her Momma. She just lights up and that BIG smile of hers makes my heart skip a beat.

Cheers to three months with our beautiful Reagan Marie!!!!

xo xo Friends,

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Month TWO Newborn Favorites…aka “we’re starting to get the hang of this”

So excited to be sharing some awesome products today that made month two with our baby girl a little sweeter and a WHOLE LOT easier. Here is my run down on our month 2 favorite newborn products and all the baby stuff that I sifted through to survive the first 8 weeks with our baby girl.

I don’t know what I’d do without all the awesome suggestions I’ve received from other mommas, and then of course there is just trial by fire and learning EVERYTHING as we go.  I tried to do as much prep as possible before little Miss Reagan arrived, but there truly is no substitute for being in the moment and figuring out what you need to raise your babies!

*NOTE – I did a TON of research when it came to finding the best-quality and cheapest prices on ALL of our baby gear. I HIGHLY recommend starting a Target Baby Registry! Everything that Target and Amazon have are and often both have the cheapest prices.  I compared them with Babies R’ Us,, Costco, and Walmart and was surprised/excited to learn that they really do have the best deals.

month 2 newborn favorite products

Infantino Car Seat Chimes: Pink Owl Chime    BlueBird and Elephant Chime    Yellow Giraffe Chime

Enfamil Gentlease Formula:   20oz. Reusable Tub     (4-pack)  20oz. Reusable Tub

Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash     Boppy Noggin Nest Pillow     WubbaNub Pacifier

AngelCare Bath Support     Dr. Brown’s Bottles

baby toys car seat chimes

Infantino Car Seat Chimes:    I LOVE these little buggers. I happened upon them randomly one day at Target and was immediately obsessed. The bright colors and sweet chimes are absolutely perfect for catching Miss Reagan’s attention. The hubby built me a little mini baby gym, tutorial coming soon, and we dangle them from it while she sits in her Boppy and plays for hours. She gets those little arms moving and loves to play and grab them. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you have probably seen the sweetest little video of her playing with them. As a bonus, I love that I can easily remove them from the gym and take them on the go whenever we need them. The little Pink Owl and the Green Elephant are Reagan’s favorites.

baby formula

Enfamil Gentlease Formula:   I’ve mentioned this baby formula a few times now! But seriously, this might have truly saved me from losing my mind the first 8 weeks of Reagan’s life. We really struggled with breastfeeding and were originally given Enfamil Newborn Formula by our pediatrician. Well a few weeks later she was struggling with tummy troubles and we decided to give Gentlease a try. BABY…FORMULA…MAGIC!!! Reagan immediately took to it and now it is a huge part of our daily feeding routine. Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I am still expressing and pumping breast milk and we mix it with a few ounces of this Enfamil Gentlease. The end result is one Milk Drunk Happy Baby and two completely relieved parents. She is still gassy on occasion but she no longer screams or cries from tummy pain. I am so happy that we found this. It has been an absolute godsend!

baby wash

Johnson’s Baby Wash: Baby wash seems like a pretty basic baby necessity, but I was shocked at how many different washes and shampoos are on the market today.  Its confusing as a parent to know what brands to trust and what brands are “over-the -top.” We were given Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash by the hospital and have really loved it.  We started using bath time as a precursor to bedtime in our daily routine, and needed a baby wash that was super gentle on Miss Reagan’s sensitive skin.  Most websites will also recommended that you don’t bathe your newborn daily, but with the blessing of our pediatrician we were given the go ahead as long as the wash was gentle enough. Johnson’s Baby Wash allows us to keep Reagan “nice and clean” and as a bonus she gets “nice and tired” from playing in the bath. Bring on bedtime, aka Mommy & Daddy relaxation time!!!!

infant head support

Boppy Nest Noggin’ Support Pillow: Awwww…the dreaded flat head syndrome. Strangely this issue caused me more “mommy stress” then anything else during month two. We were officially out of the early newborn days and were feeling more and more confident in everything we were doing as parents. Then little Miss Reagan started sleeping a little longer and that meant she was on her back for longer periods of time while swaddled and sleeping. I was so terrified that she would develop a flattened head that wouldn’t correct itself with tummy time etc.

Are there any other mommas out there who stressed and worried about completely ruining your child because you weren’t able to hold/carry/wear your baby 24/7???

I truly felt like I was “damaging” my child every single time I put her down for a nap or bedtime. Enter the Nest Noggin’ Pillow. This has been a lifesaver. We tried a few different strategies prior to purchasing the pillow which included: side sleeping, rotating her head from side to side, propping her up in the Boppy to sleep and countless other things. But ultimately we got the Noggin’ Pillow and now I simply don’t stress about her having a physical deformity or requiring a shaping helmet at any point in her infancy.  She has a beautiful, perfectly shaped, round little head. 🙂

giraffe pacifier

Wubba Nub Pacifier: Love Love Love the WubbaNub Pacifier. I had initially heard mixed reviews about it but ultimately we received it as a gift and have absolutely loved having it as our dedicated car seat pacifier. If you read my Month One Newborn Favorites post, then you know how much we LOVE the Avent Soothie Pacifiers and the WubbaNub comes with one attached to the sweetest little stuffy animal.  I use this paci for the car when Reagan is fussy. While driving or riding in the passenger seat it is almost impossible to reach back and hunt for a pacifier while still being a responsible driver.  The stuffed animal on this bad boy is fantastic because it is easy to find, grab, and shove back in quickly.  The end result is a smooth and quiet car ride for everyone. Parenting WIN!!!!!

infant bath support

AngelCare Bath Support: This is by far my FAVORITE item that I discovered during month two. We use the AngelCare Bath Support EVERY SINGLE DAY, and it has made bath time so enjoyable for all of us.  Reagan is so happy because just like the name implies she is fully supported and can be in the bath splashing and looking around at us instead of being awkwardly held.  Bathing an infant is tricky because they get so slippery in the water and you are left with only one free hand for washing.  I am so happy with the AngelCare because Reagan is propped up and can look around but remains safely secured in the anti-slip rubber base. The AngelCare comes in both Pink and Blue.

baby bottles

Dr. Brown’s Vented Bottles:  Everyone has their own preference on baby bottles, for us, these have made a huge difference in the feeding arena.  We originally tried breastfeeding as long as possible but to keep it short and sweet, it just wasn’t working for us.  We moved to exclusive pumping and bottle feeding and never looked back.  Reagan is a healthy, happy, and lovely little girl, and part of that is because we have been able to give her breast milk mixed with a little bit of formula via these amazing Dr. Brown Vented Bottles. We originally used a basic slow-flow nipple on the standard Medela bottles that came with my Medela Pump.  Reagan was having some major tummy troubles and so after a little research I learned about these vented bottles.  No air comes in contact with the milk and Reagan isn’t sucking down a bunch of air with her milk which would cause her to be fussy and spit up all the time.  Once we switched over to this type of bottle and got her on the Enfamil Gentlease Formula, feeding time was fantastic and enjoyable once again.

xo xo Friends,

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Baby Haguewood – 37 Weeks

Baby Haguewood - 37 Weeks

How far along?  37 Weeks 6 Days!! I’m officially caught up friends!!!!

Total weight gain/loss: +26lbs. Still staying steady at this weight but the baby is definitely getting bigger in there. 

Maternity clothes? YES.  Mostly any loose fitting yoga pants/leggings and tops these days.  I’m officially done working until the little babe arrives so i’m sorta in comfy clothes permanently nowadays. 

The BEST EVER Rosie Pope Maternity Leggings!!!!!

Rosie Pope Maternity Leggings

Stretch marks? Nope. 

Sleep: Sleeping a little better now.  I take lots of naps so i’m able to get the sleep I need even if its not at night. 

Best moment this week: My belly is getting really big.  I try and rub my belly every night and give the baby some extra love.  I know once the little one arrives I will love him/her endlessly but right now its kinda FUN to just love them all tiny and still growing in my belly.  These are the moments i’m trying to soak up because I know the baby will be here before I know it and I will miss being pregnant and having my big round belly. 

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Had a few random pregnancy related complications pop up out of nowhere and I’m feeling a little stressed and isolated to my bed.  I need to relax and stay resting in order to get better but all I want to do is move around and keep checking things off my to do list. 

Miss Anything? I could really go for an icy margarita this week.  There has been lots of tears and uncomfortableness/pain this week and I would give anything to relax and feel normal for five minutes.  I’ll take some salty chips and salsa while we’re at it with my marg. 

Movement: Baby is still moving all the time but is definitely getting a wee bit cramped.  

Food cravings: Nothing specific, just feeling hungry ALL THE TIME. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. 

Symptoms: Same old, Same old. 

Have you started to show yet: Yes, but people seem shocked when I tell them we are about two weeks away from d-day.  They can’t believe how small and good I look. I on the other hand feel like a WHALE, a waddling whale at that. I walked around the Target the other day and thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion and being winded.  Apparently this is the only form of exercise i’m capable of these days.  The hubby and I did do some deep cleaning for a few hours on Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised that I felt energized and strong through the whole thing. 

Gender prediction: Only 2 more weeks and we’ll finally know what Little Baby Haguewood will be.  So Excited!!!

Labor Signs: Nada

Belly Button in or out? OUT

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Feeling pretty darn moody this week but happy to be almost done!!!!!

Looking forward to: Week 38 and my parents coming home from Chile.  We were super nervous that they might miss the birth but baby is pretty content in my belly and there is no risk of he/she coming early. We have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday to see if we are making any positive progress towards Labor and Delivery. 

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