ONE Month of Jackson James

Our little dude Jackson is officially one-month-old. Summer has arrived and we are just so dang busy with our sweet children.  Reagan is officially on a toddler tear of wanting to do a new activity every five minutes and Jackson wants to eat ALL THE TIME!!! But you know what they say, “Hands FULL, Hearts FULL,” and we definitely have our hands full.

I am so excited to do monthly pics of our little man. Watching him grow, change, and capturing each little smile and baby roll is just AMAZING!!!! It was a lot of work to capture 12 months worth of photos of Miss Reagan, but now I look back on all the tiny changes and am simply blown away by how much she has grown. I’m so thankful I took the time to do them.  Again, time is passing much too quickly and I want to enjoy these little moments and capture who our little dude is in this moment!!!

one month old newborn

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK UP & GROWTH: The little dude went in for his one month check-up and we were just blown away at the weight this man is putting on. He came into this world starving and literally hasn’t stopped eating since.  He is almost a whole pound and a half bigger then Miss Reagan Marie was at this age. He currently weighs 9lbs. 6oz. and is 21in. long.  Our pediatrician was very pleased with his progress.  Its been so nice to feel comfortable breastfeeding this time around and to not stress over being able to produce enough milk for him. We nurse when we want to, I’m pumping 3-4 times a day, and then we supplement with formula if we need to.  With Reagan I was so worried and freaked out about being able to breastfeed.  I never could tell if I was making enough milk and then there was the PAIN. Breastfeeding Reagan hurt like a “B.” Social media and “the PERFECT Mommas” out there put so much pressure on new moms to breastfeed exclusively.  I stressed and stressed over doing the best thing for her at the time.  Now, I just let it go and do what is best for me and  the little man on whatever particular day we are trying to get through. He is gaining plenty of weight and we are both HAPPY!

EYE COLOR, HAIR LOSS, & GOOFY FACES:  I see so much of Reagan in him and yet they are both so different.  Sometimes he’ll make a face or turn his head a certain way and I swear I’m looking at my baby Reagan.  His sweet face and soft eyes just melt my heart.  He definitely has Reagan’s nose but the face shape and eyes are a little different.  Reagan is very round, like her Mommy, and our little dude is long and lean with an angular face like his Daddy. I have big round eyes and when he is nice and awake, doing tummy time, or playing he’ll open his eyes nice and big as well.  They are so bright and beautiful and I can just see him working on things and trying to make out different dark or light shapes.  I absolutely ADORE his awake face and can see so much life in his bright eyes. They are super dark blue and haven’t really changed much since birth.  We are so excited to see if they stay blue like his sister, or go hazel or green like his parents.

He came into this world with the softest dark newborn hair that had a slight auburn tint.  I remember sitting in the hospital stroking his tiny head and just loving the soft feel of his hair. When i’m flipping through his newborn photos, which can be seen HERE, I can see so much RED in his hair.  Right around three weeks he started losing all his newborn hair.  Reagan came out of the womb bald and stayed that way until almost her first birthday. I had no idea what to expect and after doing a little Mommy research, aka, I googled newborn hair loss, I learned this is completely normal.  As you can see in his monthly photos, he looks like a typical bald newborn baby. But he has kept all his hair in the back.  So weird.  I think he may have a mild case of cradle cap which is also extremely common in newborn babies.  I first noticed the faintest dryness on his scalp and that was coupled with the hair loss.  Hair will always grow back so I’m not super worried.  We’ll check in with our Pediatrician at his two month appointment and until then I’m not going to stress about it. He is still the cutest and sweetest little dude I’ve ever seen. Such a handsome boy.

He has a very expressive face and the sweetest eyes. He purses his lips, opens his eyes big and wide, and extends his neck out. It is by far my favorite expression of his so far and we are calling it his signature pose. He has given me a few small smiles and my all time favorite, sleepy newborn dream giggles.  Reagan used to do it as well and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

one month old newborn

SLEEP: On night one Jeffrey and I were sitting in the hospital counting our blessings on the birth of our new baby boy, but secretly we were thinking WE TOTALLY SCORED. Jackson was sleeping in five hour stretches consistently and we simply couldn’t believe it. We couldn’t get over how awesome and chill he was. The first three days of his life we slept so good and I almost felt fully rested and recharged after giving birth.  Well, reality hit us both pretty quickly and he soon settled into a steady 3-4 hour pattern of eating and sleeping.  He was still an extremely content, peaceful, and easy baby but was definitely waking up on a normal schedule now. Other then a handful of days, mostly triggered by us breaking his routine, he has stuck to the same nighttime feeding and sleeping schedule.

We learned our lesson with Reagan and only swaddle him up tight when its bedtime.  He gets a bath, fresh jammies and a hat, and a fresh swaddle blanket every evening right after we put Reagan down at 7pm.  He eats, sometimes we nurse and sometimes he gets a bottle, and then after some burping and LOTS of rocking he’ll settle into his big sleep stretch for the night. With Reagan we were waking up almost every 2 to 3 hours and would switch the night shift feedings. Jeffrey would stay up late and do a late shift and then I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning and do the remaining nighttime feedings.  He goes down around 8pm and will pretty consistently sleep until 1:30am or 2am.  If we are off schedule then he’ll wake up around midnight. He has a rough patch every morning from 4am to 5am and is usually working on gas.  He is still asleep but is so noisy and loud grunting and farting every few minutes.  Such a little BOY!!!! It always wakes me up and then after 5am he is all good again and will stay asleep until 7am.  Jeffrey does the 1am to 2am night feeding and I am up at 4am everyday listening to him work on his gassy tummy or rocking him, burping him, or trying my darnedest to help him get comfortable and back to sleep. Sometimes I try and go back to sleep or I just stay awake and PUMP. Always always pumping.  It never ends.

We are still working on a daytime napping routine and haven’t found our grove yet.  I keep trying to remind myself that he is still brand new and I need to lower my expectations on getting him to nap consistently.  I do feel confident that we are slowly falling into a routine and I know we will get there eventually. I literally winged it with Reagan and she is an absolute PRO at sleeping through the night and going down for naps. She never makes a fuss and she is almost always on cue for when naptime or bedtime rolls around. We used the “cry it out” method, after a few months with Reagan and she started sleeping and napping pretty quickly. We found that keeping them on a consistent schedule, helping them learn to self soothe, and keeping their little bellies full are the keys to getting them to sleep and nap.

one month old newborn

SCHEDULE:  I don’t really have a set schedule at the moment. I really wanted to give myself some leeway in the early days and working on staying focused on being happy, loving the babies, and sleeping as much as possible.  I also LOVE having a clean house and cleaning is a major stress reducer for me, so I’m making this a priority as well.  Other then that, we are shooting for a few daily activities for Reagan, lots of tummy time for Jackson, maybe a walk for mommy and the dogs #byebyebabyweight, and naps sprinkled in. This is the base schedule that we fell into for month one. We have lots of Summer activities coming up so I know this schedule won’t last for long. But for now, this is what we are rocking.

4:00AM to 6:00AM – Wake up with Jackson. His morning is really unpredictable and he will wake up anytime during this window. Reagan is still sleeping at this point and my main goal is to get the little dude nice and content before she wakes up and starts going a million miles an hour.  I feed the baby, change his diaper, we cuddle, and then I pump to get my supply up.  This has really paid off big time and my supply is picking up. As long as I can get this first morning pump out of the way then I don’t feel quite so stressed in the morning.

7:30AM – Reagan wakes up. I get Jackson settled in the bassinet or a boppy on the floor and then go get little Miss out of her crib in the spare bedroom.  Eventually we will have the kids bunk together, but for now we added a second crib in another bedroom for her to sleep and nap in.  This allows us to feed the little dude at night without waking each other up.  Jackson still sleeps next to our bed in the bassinet and I’m hoping to get him transitioned into his crib soon.

8:00AM to 9:30AM – Coffee, breakfast, and morning playtime for Reagan.  Reagan eats breakfast while I make coffee in the morning. Jackson is such a little cat napper and is still really sleepy all the time. I’m taking full advantage and letting him sleep whenever he wants.  Month two we are really going to try and get him napping on a regular schedule. Reagan loves eggs and goofs off in her high chair while I sip my coffee.  The weather outside has been beautiful but I am struggling with getting outside with both kids. We are slowly finding our grounding and venturing outside.  We got a double stroller which is AMAZING! Now I can walk with both the babies. Its been in the high 80’s to 90’s where we live so wearing Jackson in my wrap hasn’t been an option. Jeffrey will sometimes walk with us in the evening after Crossfit. I can push Jackson in the stroller and he wears Reagan in a hiking backpack. He says its like working out with a 20lb. weight vest so it totally counts as extra cardio. We only do evening walks sometimes because bedtime and dinner get pushed back and we ALL need to be hitting the hay early these days.

10:00AM – Reagan goes down for her first nap of the day.  Jackson is either awake, eating, or sleeping! Sometimes I can sneak in a  quick workout or a shower during this time. Sometimes I just sit in peace and quiet and mentally get my bearings. I love to use this time to make another coffee, work on a blog post, checkout social media, and basically just pretend like I’m not bound by two tiny humans.

11:30AM – Reagan will usually sleep for an hour to an hour and a half. When she wakes up, if I haven’t showered already, we’ll take a quick shower and read books and play some more. Finding activities to keep her busy these days is getting tricky. Normally we would go outside and play and just goof off but having a newborn is a complete game changer. We are slowly baby proofing and toddler proofing our backyard and I am getting more and more comfortable taking Jackson outside. I worry about the heat, about Reagan falling or eating something in the backyard, does she have sunscreen on, Jackson is crying in the background because he is hungry, and now my boobs are leaking because he is crying. So…we just give up on going outside altogether and shoot for having some cheddar bunnies and feeding the baby.  Then we sit on the floor in the living room and sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” for the 826th time until its time to eat lunch.

12:30AM to 1:00PM – LUNCH!!! YAY!!! We are officially halfway through the day and its almost nap time again.  I’ve been up since 4am and if only one of the kids are crying at this point…then its a good day!!! Reagan gets corralled into her high chair and Jackson does tummy time on a blanket in the kitchen while a figure out something for lunch.  These days I’m just eating whatever I can get my hands on and that is usually whatever Reagan is eating.  We make it work. If I stock the fridge with only healthy fresh foods then we both end up eating healthy. She is also getting more teeth so our options are slowly expanding. Jackson is just along for the ride.

2:00PM to 2:30PM – Reagan goes down for her second nap of the day and Jackson and I take a nap as well. He loves to sleep on my chest and this is one of my absolute favorite parts of the day.  I love snuggling with this tiny newborn baby and if I didn’t have a toddler running around he might be glued to my chest all day long!!!! I already miss his tiny newborn little self and feeling him close and snuggly reminds me that he is still my sweet baby boy.  I know soon enough he’ll be running around and maybe even out pacing Reagan. I’m literally clinging to every moment I can get with him. I want him to feel important and loved just like Miss Reagan.

4:30PM – Reagan wakes up from her nap and that means Jackson and I must get up too. We play a little more and then start prepping dinner while Daddy is at CrossFit. I’ve been trying to keep Jackson awake from this point until his bedtime to ensure he is nice and tired.  Sometimes he takes a mini nap but mostly we practice tummy time, look at black and white art cards, and track objects while Reagan runs around yelling at the top of her lungs.

5:30PM – Daddy is HOME!!! Yay. This means I finally have backup and someone to wrangle Reagan or feed Jackson. Sometimes we go on a long family walk and then come home and have dinner. Jeffrey and I are usually running on fumes by this point and Jackson is getting hungry. Reagan is usually throwing food on the floor yelling “DDDOOOGGG” at the top of her lungs.  She thinks its just hilarious that the dogs come running as soon as she is in her highchair with food on her plate.  Quite the coincidence.

7:00PM – Bathtime for both the kids. Jeffrey gives Reagan a bath and then I give one to Jackson.  He hated bathtime at first but now he loves it.  He is always kicking and moving his little arms.  His eyes are nice and big taking in all the sensations and stimulation.  We alternate with just water baths and washing baths were we use the basic Johnson’s baby wash from the hospital.  His skin is so delicate that we don’t need to wash him every night.  We want to establish a routine and get him used to the idea that bathtime is always followed by bedtime. We read books and get fresh jammies. Reagan goes down and then we feed Jackson and swaddle him up tight. He fights going to sleep almost every night but eventually falls conks out.

12:30AM – 2:00AM – Every night is a little different and we are still working on getting him on a consistent night schedule.  He usually wakes up betweens 1AM and 2AM but will occasional wake early around midnight. Jeffrey wakes up for this first night feeding.  He usually takes about 5oz. to 6oz. of either pumped milk or formula, gets burped by Daddy followed by a fresh diaper. Then we re-swaddle the little dude and he will fall back asleep within 15 minutes or so. He’ll sometimes fight going back to sleep but after a few toots he is out again.

That takes us full circle back to the 4am mark were he is either awake and ready to start his day or we eat again and then go back to sleep for a little longer.  Tough for me to say which I prefer. I love when he goes back to sleep until 7am or so, the extra sleep is glorious. But I love the feeling of being up with him when the rest of the house is so peaceful and quiet. We cuddle, watch the news, and sip coffee. I really feel like I get a head start on my days when we are up early, but then I pay for it in the afternoons when exhaustion hits hard.

one month old newborn

FEEDINGS: This kid LOVE to eat. He is literally eating all the time as evident by his weight gain.  I feel like I’m barely making enough milk for him.  We have no issues supplementing with formula if I can’t keep up with him. I started doing whats called “power pumping” once a day.  After he is nice and full I pump for as long as I can until milk stops flowing.  Then I rest for 10 minutes, pump for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, and then pump again for 10 minutes.  After about 3 days of doing this routine once a day my supply picked up by about 10 ounces.  I highly recommend it along with drinking about a gallon of water each day. He is still out eating my production but at least we are giving it everything we’ve got. In the early newborn days we were exclusively breastfeeding, love that yummy golden colostrum, and then once my milk came in I started pumping to get ahead of my supply.  He quickly became ravenous and now we are just rolling with whatever works. I struggled making enough milk with Reagan as well and quickly gave up on breastfeeding and pumping altogether.  My supply is steady enough to really get him some good breastmilk and then we bottle feed him formula the rest of the time.

MILESTONES, PERSONALITY, & SIBLING LOVE: He has a very calm demeanor like his Daddy. His favorite activity is sleeping on Mommy’s chest, he loves to eat, and when he isn’t swaddled he loves to nap with his arms up by his head.  He is also a big fan of falling asleep during tummy time, hates the boppy so far, loves to look from side to side and is always sneezing.  Dang pollen in the air. We are still learning who he is and what his little personality will be.  He was calm and steady in the womb, wasn’t a big kicker, and always had a low heartbeat. He has been that way since he was born as well. He loves to just hang out with us and hates being left alone in a room.  He is happiest while being held and immedieyly stops crying once he is picked up. He just wants to be a part of the family and loves to be included in whatever we are doing.

We’ve had lots of outdoor time, walks, and he does pretty good in the carseat. He doesn’t seem to know Reagan yet but eventually I’m sure she will be crazy entertainment for him. He loves his paci and will fall asleep almost immediately once swaddled. He is a loud sleeper always cooing, grunting, farting, and doing his newborn giggles.  I’m such a light sleeper that I hear everything. It really is time to transition him to his crib.

I’m loving my Letter Board from Amazon and am so excited to use it for all his monthly photos and updates.  I also love that I can use it in our house for holidays and events etc.  I wanted to do something different for him and all the Pinterest ideas seemed overdone these days.  I can’t wait to make a big photo book with his and Reagan’s monthly pics.  It will be so cute.

Happy ONE MONTH little dude!! You are our precious baby boy and we love you so very very much!

xo xo,

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Read about Reagan’s first month and to see her monthly photos click here… “One Month of Reagan Marie.”

one month old babies


Our Springtime Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photos feel like a lifetime ago.  Way back when we were a family of three, we had a few maternity photos snapped around 36 weeks.  Its so crazy for me to imagine our little guy all snug and tucked away in my belly.  We also had no idea that we would soon have a perfect little boy to complete our family.  Theres nothing like having a big belly and some gorgeous maternity photos to capture the moment in time.

We had photos taken for our first pregnancy with Reagan in January of 2016 at a local park by our home.  I immediately fell in love with them and will treasure them always.  To check out “Our Wintery Maternity Photoshoot” click HERE.

I was so excited to snap a Spring version for my second pregnancy. We chose the same local park and the exact same location.  I love the contrast between the Winter landscape from our first shoot and the beautiful Spring look from the second.  It seemed special and sentimental to be pregnant again and have the photos taken in the same location.  We walked the same path and literally stood in front of the same bushes, trees, and park bench for both shoots.

I am so in love with this little family of ours and even more in love with my sweet Jackson James boy who was still all cozy in my huge belly.

Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017

_MG_5280Maternity Photos 2017


Maternity Photos 2017


Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017



Maternity Photos 2017

Maternity Photos 2017

The blooming lilac trees were the perfect backdrop and our amazing photographer Jenn, from Jenn Elliott Photography, completely captured the vintage and natural look I was going for.  I have never been a fan of super staged pictures and love that our shoots are always natural and easy.  We literally just walk around laughing and goofing off together while she snaps away.  This is what we would be doing anyway so it seems fitting to be comfortable and relaxed.

I recycled the Rachel Pally maxi dress I wore to Reagan’s first birthday party and did my own hair and makeup.  I also love that I don’t look like a whale in most of the photos. At 36 weeks pregnant I was super worried that I would balloon out.  We did photos at 31 weeks for our first pregnancy and there is a noticeable difference in my belly size.  Reagan’s outfit is from, details below, and is currently on SALE!!! WooHoo.

Lilac Flutter Top // White Stretch Jeggings  // Suede Bow Moccs // amazon

Again, being pregnant feels like a lifetime ago.  Life with our sweet Jackson James is awesome, stressful, and so very beautiful.  Some days it feels like there isn’t enough love to go around and then something shifts and everything falls into place. We are beginning to sleep a little more, fall into a solid routine, and are remembering to cherish the small crazy moments. Everyone is getting there love quota each day, including Mommy and Daddy, and general happiness seems inevitable.

I’m excited to share Jackson’s newborn photos and birth story next!!!!!

xo xo,

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3 Weeks of Jackson James!

2 weeks of Jackson James

Our sweet little man is already three weeks old and we are cruising into a new routine.  The days and weeks are starting to run together but overall we are adjusting really well and are beyond in love with these two tiny humans.  I am so in love with the photo above which was taken on Memorial Day 2017. We had a small celebration at our house to welcome our little man home. These are my people and they represent everything I love about our family and this beautiful life.  Don’t get me wrong…its bat shit crazy at times and chaotic beyond words. But DANG, there is so much JOY and LOVE in the air that we might drown from happiness.  Babies are the biggest blessing in the whole world.

2 weeks of Jackson James

Little Jackson is doing so GOOD. We just went in for his two week checkup and he has already exceeded his birth weight by a whole pound. He was born over Memorial Day weekend and only lost 1 oz. while we were in the hospital.  He dropped a little more weight in the week after his birth but my milk came in quickly and we rebounded.  We went back to the hospital for his 2nd PKU test and he passed his Bilirubin screening, code for jaundice check, with flying colors.  It was so crazy to be back at the hospital so quickly after giving birth to him. Major de-javu for both his birth and Reagan’s birth.  On a completely random note, we were actually in the exact same post-birth room for both children.  I have such special memories of the first few hours with both my children in that hospital room.

Nursing is going extremely well for us, which is a total shock after my experience with Reagan. We had a few minor road blocks with early breastfeeding pain and bleeding but overall Jackson has an awesome latch and we are crushing it.  He has a small tongue tie issue which will resolve itself over time according to our pediatrician. He is eating every 3 hours consistently now and slept like a rock the whole first week of his life.  We were only waking up once a night or so and getting so much sleep in those early days.  But we have settled into a normal routine and I am so thankful for the 3 hour chunks that we do get.  I am pumping all day long in addition to breastfeeding to build up my milk supply.  This is wonderful in that Jeffrey can feed the little man for one of the night feedings and I can do the second night feeding.  Reagan is an early riser so we are up between 6am and 7am every morning to kick off our day regardless.  No rest for the RAD!

2 weeks of Jackson James

We had my husband’s family in town and my parents who live here the weekend I gave birth and a few days prior.  It was so amazing and helpful to be surrounded by our loved ones during such a special time. They were all able to help watch Miss Reagan and give me a break the first few days home from the hospital. I was able to ease into having moments alone with both the kids. We started with an hour or so by myself, a few hours here and there, half the day, and then almost the whole day which was a godsend. The thought of having both the children by myself was so overwhelming at first.  I literally cried on more than one occasion at just the thought of it.  But once Jackson was here, I was able to ease into it and feel confident that it was completely doable. Now we are in such a strong routine that it feels like our life has always been on autopilot with our two little loves.

Reagan is such a little ham and is always on the go. She is literally non-stop!!! She keeps me on my toes for sure and keeping her entertained and active is my main goal.  Jackson is so easy at this point.  I don’t want to minimize the stress and exhaustion of the Newborn phase…its A LOT OF WORK. But its a different kind of work and I feel so blessed to have a healthy baby who likes to sleep and eat every 3-4 hours.  Some newborns want to eat every hour on the hour. YIKES! We went into setting up a routine with the intention of keeping Reagan’s life and schedule as seamless as possible.  This has really paid off in that she just loves the baby.  She wants to help and love on him constantly and enjoys being around him. She doesn’t act threatened or jealous and isn’t trying to compete for my attention yet. I’m sure we will hit a few speed bumps at some point, as is completely normal with children and siblings, but for now the adjustment is going great!

2 weeks of Jackson James

Reagan is doing an amazing job as a big sister.  I had zero expectations of what she would think of the baby and how she would act around him.  She totally understands that we have a baby in the house and is so helpful for a toddler who is only 15 months old. She is always very gentle, loves to bring him pacifiers when he fusses, learned how to push the button to turn on the MamaRoo, and is very concerned about where he is and if he is ok. She loves her “Ba-by” and recently started giving him the sweetest kisses on the head. I am beyond blown away at the sweetness and love she displays towards him. I am counting my blessings for sure at her new found ability to show love and affection. We are trying our hardest to teach her to say “I love you.”

2 weeks of Jackson James

2 weeks of Jackson James

2 weeks of Jackson James

Overall my recovery has been speedy and amazing. The human body just kicks into gear and boom we had baby.  Its already like I was never even pregnant minus a few hormone induced mommy meltdowns.  I started walking 3 days after giving birth and am already down about 18 of the 26 pounds I gained from this pregnancy.  I am hoping to have our schedule dialed in enough to fit in regular workouts once I get the all clear from my doctor. So excited to have some natural endorphins and not just pregnancy hormones flowing through my body again.

I haven’t really tried to establish a schedule at all and our days are very very simple.  I’m keeping the routine basic and we only work on checking off the absolute necessities with naps sprinkled in between. We have ventured out of the house a few times but mostly we are hunkering in and just establishing a routine and getting our home base set up.  I do make a solid effort to “get out of the house” WITH THE KIDS at least once a day, even if we just take a walk around the block.  I easily go stir crazy even after a day of not leaving the house.  Mentally and emotionally I know what it takes for me to stay balanced, and if I can keep that in check it makes managing the two munchkins so much easier. My hubby works from home which is wonderful because I have help when and if I need it. We have also had family in and out of town regularly since his birth which has helped ease the transition.  At the one month mark i’m really hoping to get into a steady routine that will keep all of us thriving and not just in pure survival mode.  But this is the newborn phase and we are all adjusting to our new life as a family of FOUR + 2 golden retrievers + 3 kitty babies.

xo xo,



Baby Haguewood #2 – 35 Weeks

week 35 baby number two

How far along? 35 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +21lbs. I’m really hitting the weight milestones now.  The baby is busy growing about a half pound per week and so am I.  I think i’m going to be right on track compared to were I was last time. 

Maternity clothes? YEP! 

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. Still keeping my fingers crossed.  My belly is getting pretty darn tight.  

Sleep: I feel like i’ve already covered all the sleep difficulties in previous posts.  I’m simply accepting that NO SLEEP will be the new norm for the next several months.  I do feel like my body is slowly acclimating to constantly being in a sleep deprived state.  Its amazing what the body is capable of doing on very little zzzzzz’s. 

Best moment this week: It has been an interesting week for sure.  I went in for my checkup and learned that I am 2cm dilated and about 50% effaced.  Getting closer.  The doctor said it could literally be any day now OR I could still possibly go full term. Although this is unlikely because I didn’t go full term with my first. It definitely got the anxiety flowing and i’ve been sitting around ready to give birth at any moment.  I don’t recommend this.  It is highly unlikely that i’ll deliver before 37 weeks and completely normal for women to walk around dilated up to 4cm for weeks before they go into active labor. 

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: We had a mini scare with Miss Reagan.  For the first time she had a bad fever and we couldn’t get it to break.  She is such a healthy little girl and normally has so much energy.  We found that she was tired, sluggish, unfocused, and simply not being her normal little Reagan self.  It is so sad to see your baby not feeling well.  She has had mini episodes of not feeling well but nothing like this before.  After 3 days of high fevers and her little lips, hands, and feet occasionally turning blue we decided to take her to urgent care.  Her oxygen levels were completely normal and her vitals looked good.  She still had a high fever but we got lots of good tips from the doctor.  Being a parent is scary and I am always questioning if I am doing the right thing.  We had to go with our gut and ended up feeling so much better about the decision to take her.  Knowing she is ok, has a completely normal fever range for young infants, and that the “blue” issue ended up being nothing was such a relief.  

Miss Anything? ALL OF IT!!! So ready to have this little peach!

Movement: Baby has been moving the same for awhile now.  I’m still feeling a foot tucked under my right rib cage and can occasionally see the foot pop out.  No distinct foot imprint like in the movies, but definitely a bulge.  

Food cravings: Almost NO appetite whatsoever.  This is normal in the 3rd trimester and can even be coupled with a reduction or plateau in weight gain. I’m trying to remain hydrated.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Occasional nausea and dizziness.  I have almost no desire to eat and the thought of food makes me feel sick most days. 

Symptoms: EVERYTHING!!!! 

Have you started to show yet: Mama is busy baby bumping for sure!

Gender prediction: BOY!!! But I have completely fallen in love with the name we chose for a little girl, so secretly I would love another little girl!!!! But we would love a little boy too!!!

Labor Signs: Just normal Braxton Hicks contractions and lots of pressure/tightening of my abdomen!!!!

Belly Button in or out? OUT

Wedding rings on or off? On but I am noticing some swelling in my feet and hands.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Oh man, MOODY, HAPPY, CONFUSED, ANXIOUS!!! Feeling all the “feels” there are to feel.  

Looking forward to: BEING DONE!!!! And having a sweet little peach of a baby in my arms. I’m excited to give breastfeeding another try.  Reagan didn’t take to breastfeeding, and lets be honest, either did I.  But i’m feeling much more confident and dedicated to sticking it out and not defaulting to my pump. I’m also so looking forward to seeing how Miss Reagan does with being around the new baby. She LOVES being around other children and her new nickname is the “social butterfly.”  Whenever we go out in public she is the bell of the ball and people seem incredibly drawn to her energy.  

xoxo Friends,


week 35 baby number two


Baby Haguewood #2 – 34 Weeks

34 weeks pregnant

How far along? 34 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +20lbs. Making progress.  

Maternity clothes? YEP! Lots of regular clothes, sweatshirts, and some maternity bottoms mixed in.  Other than a few more pairs of my all-time favorite maternity leggings and these amazing Pure Body Maternity Tees from the Gap, I didn’t really invest anything as far as a maternity wardrobe.  Once again, most of my pregnancy was during the colder months so I didn’t have to worry about Summer maternity attire.  I personally love a low-rise maternity pant over a full panel maternity pant.  My belly gets so itchy and I hate having a thick band wrapped around my midsection.  

Stretch marks? No

Sleep: Up most nights with pregnancy insomnia.  Lots of naps during the day while Reagan is still napping twice a day.  

Best moment this week: I had a few days this week were my production was through the roof.  Most days I feel like a mom zombie because I barely sleep at night. But not this week.  I still slept like crap but nesting was kicking in big time and I was able to check quite a few items off my to do list.  It feels so good to be getting closer to the end, and there is definitely something to be said for the piece of mind that “being prepared” brings.  I know if I were to go into labor at this time, while not ideal, at least we would be ready to go and could make the best of it.  Keep cooking in there little baby.

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Rib pain has started this week.  The baby is sitting up high in my rib cage and likes to kick the right side of my ribs.  Ouch!  

Miss Anything? All the normal stuff at this point.  Mostly I’m just ready to not be pregnant anymore.  Its such a weird paradox.  When I wasn’t pregnant, all I wanted was to be pregnant AGAIN.  Now, i’m so ready to be DONE!!!!!!!! And I sort of don’t want to ever be pregnant again.  We’ll see what happens and what the future brings. 

Movement: Lots of kicks and rolls.  Lots of Braxton hicks contractions and intense tightening. 

Food cravings: Pecans and Craisins.  Ice water and plain seltzer water.  I think the sparkling water makes my tummy feel better.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Everything.  My stomach is about the size of a golf ball these days and I tend to just graze on everything.  The though of eating a full meal makes me nauseous.   

Symptoms: Just normal 3rd trimester stuff.  Whacky sleeping, hip pain, light nausea, back and rib pain, some headaches, low energy, and difficulty breathing.  All of which go away right after the baby is born.  Hubby says I sound like Darth Vader on a regular basis.  

Have you started to show yet: Oh yes.  People stop me in the grocery store all the time.  The frequent comment I seem to get over and over again, “Is Reagan going to have a little brother or little sister?” Then I have to explain that we are not finding out the gender, which surprises EVERYONE!!!! 

Gender prediction: BOY!!! People say I look like i’m carrying a boy. I feel like I look exactly the same as my last pregnancy.  

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton hicks contractions, tightening, and a few bursts of pain that feel like contractions.  They are so random and short though, definitely not real labor yet. But things are moving in the right direction. 

Belly Button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? On but only when I go out in public.  My hands and fingers are starting to feel slightly swollen.  I didn’t get any swelling until around 37 weeks with my last pregnancy.  

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mixture of both.  

Looking forward to: Hitting the 37 week mark.  This is considered “term” for pregnancy which means that if the baby comes then we don’t have to spend any time in the NICU and baby will be fully developed.  Slightly smaller but still a healthy and functioning baby.  I will be ready to go anytime after 37 weeks.  

xoxo Friends,


34 weeks pregnant


Baby Haguewood #2 – 33 Weeks

33 weeks pregnant baby #2

How far along? 33 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +19lbs. FINALLY broke the 18lbs. mark.  Keep growing little baby!!!

Maternity clothes? YEP! But clearly i’m still trying to squeeze into my regular shirts, evidence above in pic. My lovely Lulu Lemon tank will be nice and stretched out. But it is so soft and comfortable I want to live and sleep in it. 

Stretch marks? No. Checking obsessively daily!!!! 

Sleep: Sleep is totally whacked out.  Officially beyond uncomfortable. Hubby finally remarked on how much I get up and toss and turn. Apparently i’m interrupting his beauty rest. HAHA. 

Best moment this week: Had a few hours to myself, toddler free, and got my hair done. BYE BYE scary roots.  Only downside is that sitting in a chair for that long is really uncomfortable.  I had to get up and walk around multiple times during my appointment to release the pressure on my back.  I felt so silly in the salon just cruising around.

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Nothing tragic, just the normal pregnancy routine.  Feeling extra emotional this week though.  Also had a minor freak out at whats left on my to do list for baby.  So not like me to be on the ball with this stuff. But I just don’t have the motivation or energy to do anything. 

Miss Anything? Sleep, not having to pee every five minutes AND it would be nice if I stopped having mini leaky pee sessions every time I sneeze or cough.  The JOYS of pregnancy and growing a human :). 

Movement: Movement has been all over the place.  Its crazy how much anxiety this causes me.  The baby either moves all the time or not at all which totally freaks me out. 

Food cravings: Chicken salad, Mexican food, and ice water!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Occasional waves of nausea but its not triggered by anything in particular. 

Symptoms: Normal stuff. 

Have you started to show yet: YEP

Gender prediction: BOY!!!

Labor Signs: No but I have lots of braxton hicks when i’m moving around and the occasional legit contraction if I don’t drink enough water!

Belly Button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? On but slightly swollen. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mix of both. Extremely emotional these days and ready to be done. 

Looking forward to: Continuing to check items off my to do list. 

xoxo Friends,


33 weeks pregnant baby #2


Baby Haguewood #2 – 32 Weeks

32 weeks pregnant with number 2

How far along? 32 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +18lbs. I can’t seem to make the hump over this weight.  I know a healthy minimum is 25lbs.  We still have a few weeks to go. Most weight is typically gained in the last weeks of pregnancy when baby is bulking up. I shouldn’t be complaining about “not” gaining weight. 

Maternity clothes? YEP!  And choices are running low.  I am so thankful I won’t have to extend into a summer pregnancy, but I was looking forward to lots of maxi dresses and flowy baby bump pics.  I suppose that will translate into flowy postpartum maxi dresses instead.  Hoping and praying I can get my post-baby #2 body back quickly for summer bikinis.  The minimal weight gain helps I suppose. I should probably slow down on the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 

Stretch marks? No

Sleep: Lots and lots of pregnancy insomnia.  I’ve been trying to drink EXTRA water throughout the day and cut off water consumption after 8pm.  This has helped a bit with the nighttime bathroom trips significantly.  

Best moment this week: I am so proud of myself this week because it has been a tough week, but DAMN, I made it through and my family made it through.  I unexpectedly hurt my back and have been facing some anemic like pregnancy symptoms that have made moving around and feeling good/positive a major challenge. I’ve been in bed and struggling to get around.  

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Awwww I hurt my back and was semi-bedridden.  I have never had any kind of major injury, and i’m not saying thats what this was, but it was super scary.  I have given birth once before but I knew that pain was only temporary.  This was excruciating and beyond the feelings of having contractions.  Plus, I didn’t know how long the pain would last.  Back injuries can go on for weeks and months, and because i’m pregnant there is nothing they can provide for relief like muscle relaxers.  I was just curled up in a ball on the floor crying non-stop from the pain and anxiety.  My mom was so sweet and came and helped with Reagan while I was struggling.  I was able to go to the Chiropractor and got a few adjustments as well as a pregnancy massage to help the damaged muscle and ribs heal.  This made it worse for a few days but ultimately helped the healing process and by the end of the week I was feeling so much better.  I could finally sleep again, was taking multiple Epsom salt baths a day to relieve the pain, and used my favorite Stress Away essential oil to keep calm and breathe away the pain.  I also found the most amazing chronic pain meditation app that I would listen to to take my mind off the pain.  Its amazing how the mind can literally “think away” the physical sensations of pain.  I’ve been using this regularly at night to help get myself to sleep. Having experienced labor and contractions, I can easily say this was so much worse.  My heart goes out to anyone struggling with chronic pain issues.  

Miss Anything? Feeling normal. I’m definitely appreciating that while the final weeks of pregnancy are “uncomfortable,” they are nothing to the feelings of dealing with an injury or chronic pain.  So other than missing a margarita I am just thankful to be feeling better finally.  Its such a relief to know that I can actually ENJOY my final weeks of pregnancy instead of just waiting around to give birth in major pain.  

Movement: Baby #2 is moving sporadically. Baby is much more active in the evening and tends to be quiet and calm during the day. 

Food cravings: Not really.  Eating in general doesn’t sound appealing.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.  But I did have several puking episodes from the pain I was feeling in my back. 

Symptoms: All the pregnancy “feels” plus a few extras because of the back and rib pain.  But things are looking UP!!!!

Have you started to show yet: YEP

Gender prediction: BOY!!!

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: It was a rough week but I am happy to be feeling better!!!!

Looking forward to: Sunshine and warmer temps. I am so grateful to be feeling better and now I just want to soak up every second of the nice weather we are having.  Mommy needs a tan and the sunshine is lifting my mood so much.  I am getting so excited to meet the little gummy bear growing in my belly and Reagan is excited to be a BIG SISTER!!!!!

xoxo Friends,


week 32 with baby number 2


Baby Haguewood #2 – 30 Weeks

30 week pregnancy chalkboard

How far along? 30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +18lbs. 

Maternity clothes? YEP! 

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. I definitely feel a little bigger for this pregnancy and have been slathering on the Mustela Cream still. I think I’m more concerned about getting stretch marks on my bust and tummy at this point.  

Sleep: I have officially accepted that sleep has changed and won’t go back to normal until the new baby is almost 10 months old.  I’m planning out all the movies and shows I will be watching on Netflix and considered getting a Kindle to read during those late night nursing sessions.  I’ve got a pile of parenting books that I am dying to get to. During the day Miss Reagan keeps me on my toes so casual readying is just out.  At night i’m so tanked that I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone read a book.  Night time sleep is restless, full of trips to the restroom, and i’m constantly switching from side to side.  Totally normal stuff and completely expected at this point in pregnancy. 

Best moment this week: We made it through another week and had a successful check-up at the OBGYN.  Everything is looking good and we are just cruising and counting down the days.

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Hip pain, lower back pain, and round ligament pain.  Every time I move or shift from side-to-side in bed, I can hear my hips and pelvis cracking and popping.  This is the point in pregnancy where the body starts producing a specific hormone called Relaxin that softens all the ligaments in the pelvis to prepare for birth.  So much fun.  Its not too bad but does make me feel like i’m 90. Getting in and out of bed id difficult and i’m so grateful that Reagan is learning to walk as bending down to pick her up is getting painful.  

Miss Anything? Everything and nothing.  I’m trying to embrace all the pregnancy “feels” and just remember that this is part of the process of growing a little human.  I see how much Reagan has grown and developed and I almost start crying. Can I get an amen for pregnancy hormones.  Watching her grow from a little baby into a toddler is so magical. She is developing this goofy little personality and is slowly becoming her own person. Knowing I get to see that process in action again is so exciting and makes missing out on sleep and margaritas totally worth it. 

Movement: Baby Haguewood #2 is a little more mellow than Reagan was in the womb.  He/She has always had a lower and steady heart rate, usually in the low 140’s, and moves consistently but not radically.  Reagan always went crazy in my belly and loved moving at night when I was laying down. This baby still moves often but consistently throughout the day.  I did start doing kick counts daily to watch baby’s movement.  

Food cravings: Ice water throughout the day AND ice cream at night.  I’m trying to really pace myself on the ice cream consumption.  I get a terrible sweet tooth in the evening and look forward to eating a little ice cream every night.  Its a bad habit but seriously makes me HAPPY and makes these last few weeks bearable. I’m trying to cut myself some slack and just roll with things.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Occasional episodes of morning sickness and i’ve noticed when I get upset or feel overwhelmed I get extremely nauseous.  I’ve always had terrible anxiety and actually take medication for it, but this seems magnified in the final trimester of pregnancy. My doctor has me weaning down my meds in preparation for delivery which is slightly stressful.  I’m working on staying calm, practice relaxing breathing exercises, meditation, and warm epsom salt and lavender baths every night make a huge difference.  

Symptoms: All the feels.  

Have you started to show yet: Yep.  Luckily i’m all belly and all baby.  I have noticed some swelling in my legs and feet.  Sitting down and putting my feet up definitely helps.  Water retention has begun as well.  I’ve noticed the puffiness and night sweats that signal oh so lovely pregnancy related water retention.  

Gender prediction: BOY or GIRL!!!! I have no idea this time.  We did finalize our name picks and are so excited for either gender at this point.  

Labor Signs: Nada but lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions. 

Belly Button in or out? Out and tight. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY but definitely moments of emotional breakdowns and anxiety.  

Looking forward to: D-Day!!! I know I still have 10 weeks to go but i’m already ready to be done.  

xoxo Friends,


30 week pregnancy chalkboard


Baby Haguewood #2 – 29 Weeks

week 29 pregnancy chalkboard

How far along? 29 WEEKS!!!! 

Total weight gain/loss: +18lbs. Averaging about a pound per week and hopefully it stays that way.  I’ve been walking when I can to stay active and keep the baby weight off.  I’ve hit that point in my pregnancy where i’m uncomfortable all the time and its just an uphill climb from here.  Sticking it out, remembering why i’m hurting, and how much I love the sweet little baby already keeps my mind in check.  In the end, its all worth it.  Funny how you forget the challenges the third trimester brings. I suppose thats a good thing! 

Maternity clothes? YEP! Just ordered some more of my favorite maternity leggings and a capri version to get me through the warmer summer months that are coming.  The two pairs I have are starting to get worn out and has them on sale for 40% off.  YES PLEASE.  Even if your not pregnant, these are the best leggings I have ever worn! I’m super pumped to try the capri version.  

Gap Pure Body Low-Rise Leggings


Gap Pure Body Low-Rise Capri Leggings


Stretch marks? Nope! I’ve upped my moisturizing game.  Slathering on the Mustela Cream and a basic CocoaButter Lotion every chance I get. 

Sleep: We are surviving.  Sleep doesn’t exists anymore.  But that will be the norm once Baby arrives anyway. I am able to lay down and nap or at least put my feet up to prevent swelling when Reagan goes down.  Other than that, we are in survival mode.  I’m honestly trying to have a better mindset and attitude about it then that.  Its all mental at this point and each day that i’m uncomfortable means baby is getting one more day of putting weight on and growth and development in my belly.  That in itself is worth every second of being uncomfortable.  ***Wondering how many effin’ times i’ve typed the word “uncomfortable” in this post.  This must be the essence of pregnancy at this point in the third trimester. 

Best moment this week: I finished up my first deep cleaning project successfully and was able to get five Instant Pot Chicken Enchilada freezer meals put away for when the baby arrives. To read the post and get the recipe click HERE! I wasn’t sure I would actually accomplish my goal of doing these tasks, but i’m glad I toughed it out.  It felt so good to cross this off my master “Baby To Do List.”

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: SWELLING!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!! I don’t remember having this much swelling at this point in my last pregnancy, but everything I read says it is completely normal.  I have no history of toxemia or preeclampsia and they check me every time I go to the doctor.  SO…i’m assuming its just normal swelling and pregnancy symptoms at this point.  I’m trying to stay off my feet as much as possible and will continue to keep an eye on it. 

Miss Anything? Not today. I’m simply trying to live in the moment and enjoy the belly I have.  I really do love seeing my pregnant belly in the mirror and i’m trying to soak up the feelings and kicks of baby moving around. 

Movement: Baby is active in there for sure. I started doing the kick counts this week just to make sure that everything is consistent and strong. 

Food cravings: Pink Lady apples and ice water!!! I’m thirsty all the time and can’t get enough! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Feeling GREAT!!!!

Symptoms: STILL feeling all the feels. 

Have you started to show yet: Yep, feeling BIG for sure. And puffy! 🙁

Gender prediction: I’m officially switching to team BOY!!! 

Labor Signs: Nada

Belly Button in or out? Out. Reagan thinks its very amusing to push my belly button and say “Ba Ba.” So cute watching her little brain try and process why Mommy is looking funny these days. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but super emotional these days. Random outbursts and uncontrollable crying are slowly sneaking their way into my life.  I know its hormone related and usually occurs around the same time of day. 5pm is the witching hour and I can mentally prepare and work to calm myself and keep stress triggers at a minimum.  A HOT epsom salt and lavender bath usually does the trick. 

Looking forward to: Being 30 weeks and hitting single digits in terms of weeks to go.  

xoxo Friends,


week 29 pregnancy chalkboard


Baby Haguewood #2 – 28 Weeks

week 28 chalkboard

How far along? 28 weeks with Baby Haguewood #2

Total weight gain/loss: +17lbs.

Maternity clothes? YEP!  My all time favorite leggings, good for maternity and non-maternity, are these PureBody Low Rise Leggings from theGap. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! I was able to wear them throughout my last pregnancy and also in the hospital and weeks after my delivery because they are so comfy and stretchy. The low rise is nice because it still hugs my bump but doesn’t fall down.  They are always on sale for 30% or 40% OFF which is the best. 

Stretch marks? Nada. 

Sleep: Not toO shabby this week. I wake up to use the restroom and to stretch out my calves quite a bit. I have had terrible charlie horses and leg cramps with both pregnancies. I always know that if I try and stretch out my legs while laying down that one of my calves will seize up.  My only option in to hop out of bed to release it. Sometimes its so bad and won’t relax that I climb into a hot bath in the middle of the night to relax the muscle.  It always scares the crap out of my husband but is sometimes the only thing to ease the tension. I’ve tried extra water, bananas, extra vitamins, and using a foam roller on my calves prior to bedtime with no luck.  As soon as I have the baby though they immediately stop, or at least they did with Reagan. 

Best moment this week: Daddy felt the baby kick for the first time.  Its sooooo hard to time the baby kicks and movement. It almost never occurs whene we are both sitting down at the same time with his hands on my belly waiting for a little kick. But baby went for a little jog this week in my belly and we saw some major belly rolls as well as felt multiple kicks.

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Two words…Glucose Test! IT SUCKS!!!!!! I used to think it wasn’t that bad. But it is. 

Miss Anything? This week i’ve really missed having mental clarity.  Pregnancy brain has officially kicked in and i’m a forgetful mess. I have trouble recalling information and if I don’t write it down or put it in my phone then its gone forever.  I never believed in “pregnancy brain,” but its a real thing.  Now that i’ve hit this point in my pregnancy I remember having the same feelings during my last pregnancy. 

Movement: Felt lots this week and Daddy felt some too!!!!!! Once the baby starts moving the reality of a tiny human swimming around in my tummy hits me and is just so exciting. 

Food cravings: AVOCADOS!!! I’ve been eating them almost everyday. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Feeling GREAT although I did have my first episode of heartburn after eating chicken enchiladas one night. Thank goodness Tums aren’t off limits during pregnancy or I would be screwed. 

Symptoms: Still feeling all the feels there are to feel. Pregnancy is “oh so glorious!!!!”

Have you started to show yet: Totally!

Gender prediction: GIRL!!!

Labor Signs: Nada

Belly Button in or out? OUT

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY but tired. 

Looking forward to: Doing some serious nesting.  We finally got Baby H #2 a crib, I have big plans to DEEP clean the house, and i’m planning on doing lots of meal prepping for when the baby arrives. I did several freezer meals during my last pregnancy and it saved us during the first few months of having a newborn.  I know things will only be amplified this time around as we will also have a toddler. Life and reality are about to smack us in the face friends but we seriously couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!

xoxo Friends,


week 28 chalkboard

Reagan Marie – 12 Months   //   Baby Haguewood #2 – 28 Weeks


Baby Haguewood Number TWO

So now that i’ve officially made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the start of the busy season at work, and Miss Reagan’s first birthday I feel like I can finally wrap my head around the fact that WE ARE PREGNANT AGAIN!!!!

Surprise.  Haha. If you know us at all or follow me on Instagram, then you already know that we are expecting our second child. We officially found out somewhat unexpectedly on September 30th of 2016. We weren’t trying to get pregnant but we weren’t preventing pregnancy either.  We had always planned on having our babies close together but definitely not this close.  All is well and we couldn’t be more excited or thrilled about our second little gummy bear cooking in my belly.

Baby Haguewood #2’s story so far has been very low-key and uneventful.  I was feeling extremely tired and fatigued.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I might be pregnant, but at the same time Reagan was going through a small sleep regression and I had just transitioned to going back to work.  Life was busy and our hearts were FULL.  I went in for a hair appointment and remember feeling so sick and nauseous.  After my appointment I decided to swing by the grocery store for a few things while I was baby free. A very rare occasion.  I just so happened to find myself in the feminine aisle and there they were, starring me in the face. Pregnancy tests everywhere.  I grabbed a couple just for the peace of mind I knew it would give me.  I knew I would be so early in the pregnancy that I might not even get an accurate result, but I was nervous about it and just wanted to know.

I waited until the next morning to take the test.  In fact I was so anxious about the result that I woke up at 3:30am and sneaked downstairs to take the test.  Blurry eyed and foggy, I took the test totally expecting a big fat negative result.  But…there it was. In the darkness of the early morning hours I was starring at a POSITIVE pregnancy test.  Here I was, 6 months postpartum from my first pregnancy, and we were pregnant AGAIN!!!! I was SO shocked and SO excited.

I really hadn’t been expecting a positive result. Secretly I was hoping to get a negative and that meant I could go back to bed with my mind cleared of the anxiety. NOPE! Now I was wide awake and immediately started flipping through Pinterest boards to figure out how to tell Jeffrey.  I took a quick video of the tests to document the moment I found out in the early hours of the morning.  I couldn’t believe it. I made a cute card for Jeffrey and left it on his desk to find that morning.  Reagan woke up around 5:30am and Jeffrey was ready to head downstairs to his office by 6am.  We were casually waiting down there just hanging out.  When he asked why I was awake, I simply said “I just couldn’t sleep and Reagan was awake already so I got up.”

It took him a few minutes to find the card and then another full minute to digest what it was actually saying.  I was just standing in the doorway giggling and jumping up and down with Reagan in my arms. His response, “Wait, you’re pregnant???” YEP, we are pregnant again.  Baby Haguewood #2 here we come!!!!

pregnancy test for baby number two

After lots of hugs and excitement we started to settle into the fact that we were going to be bringing another little human into this world.  We quickly figured out my due date June 9, 2017 and calculated that I was around 3-4 weeks pregnant.  That day I called our OBGYN and made our first appointment for 8 weeks to confirm the pregnancy.


I was in full Halloween prep mode and keeping our little peanut a secret wasn’t difficult.  We did tell our families and decided to wait until after Christmas to tell the world.  I decided that I wanted to do chalkboards again to announce the pregnancy and had every intention of doing weekly boards to document the pregnancy.  Nope. No such luck.  We made it through Halloween, Reagan’s first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. We celebrated my 29th Birthday on New Years Eve and then I was in First Birthday Party planning mode. Weekly boards never happened, but we did manage to take these cute announcement photos the week of Christmas.  The photo quality turned out really poorly but at least we have the photos to document the moment.  I was around 16 weeks and already showing pretty heavily. Baby #2 definitely pops much quicker then #1.

pregnancy announcment

pregnancy announcment

16 weeks pregnant

***16 Weeks Pregnant***

Reagan started crawling right after Thanksgiving so suddenly life was much more active. It was so fun though planning Christmas and having her crawling through piles of wrapping paper.  Holidays with babies are so much more FUN!!! I had every intention of starting my chalkboards at 20 weeks which fell shortly after the new year. Perfect right? Nope. Still no chalkboards.

Reagan popped out her first tooth on New Years Day and we were immediately thrust into life with a teething infant. Nights and her moods were super up and down. Still no chalkboards.  We went in for our 20 week ultrasound and got to see our beautiful little baby kicking and wiggling around.  The second photo is of both Reagan’s 20 week sonogram (TOP) and this baby (BOTTOM) side by side. I can’t get over how much their facial shapes are similar from the side profile.  Reagan turned out pretty cute so I have high hopes again.  IMG_8728


26 weeks pregnant

***26 Weeks Pregnant***

We made it through the awesomeness that was Reagan’s First Birthday Party at the beginning of the month, and that brings us to date and the start of the third trimester.  Things are calming down and I feel like I can really do my chalkboards now. So I am fully committed to doing chalkboards for the final trimester. I already have week 27, my current week, done and ready to post! I am starting to work through a mental checklist of what we need to do before baby arrives and put together a list of what we need to get.  Not much this time around as we have pretty much everything including gender neutral baby clothes in case we have a sweet little man.

We are just so excited about Little Baby Haguewood #2 and I can’t wait to start nesting and prepping for our perfect little second baby.  Stay tuned for lots more blog content and consistent posts.  It is really important to me to give this baby the same attention as I did with Reagan.  Already trying to balance being a parent to TWO sweet babies. HAHA.

Thanks for reading Friends,

xo xo

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