ONE Month of Jackson James

Our little dude Jackson is officially one-month-old. Summer has arrived and we are just so dang busy with our sweet children.  Reagan is officially on a toddler tear of wanting to do a new activity every five minutes and Jackson wants to eat ALL THE TIME!!! But you know what they say, “Hands FULL, Hearts FULL,” and we definitely have our hands full.

I am so excited to do monthly pics of our little man. Watching him grow, change, and capturing each little smile and baby roll is just AMAZING!!!! It was a lot of work to capture 12 months worth of photos of Miss Reagan, but now I look back on all the tiny changes and am simply blown away by how much she has grown. I’m so thankful I took the time to do them.  Again, time is passing much too quickly and I want to enjoy these little moments and capture who our little dude is in this moment!!!

one month old newborn

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK UP & GROWTH: The little dude went in for his one month check-up and we were just blown away at the weight this man is putting on. He came into this world starving and literally hasn’t stopped eating since.  He is almost a whole pound and a half bigger then Miss Reagan Marie was at this age. He currently weighs 9lbs. 6oz. and is 21in. long.  Our pediatrician was very pleased with his progress.  Its been so nice to feel comfortable breastfeeding this time around and to not stress over being able to produce enough milk for him. We nurse when we want to, I’m pumping 3-4 times a day, and then we supplement with formula if we need to.  With Reagan I was so worried and freaked out about being able to breastfeed.  I never could tell if I was making enough milk and then there was the PAIN. Breastfeeding Reagan hurt like a “B.” Social media and “the PERFECT Mommas” out there put so much pressure on new moms to breastfeed exclusively.  I stressed and stressed over doing the best thing for her at the time.  Now, I just let it go and do what is best for me and  the little man on whatever particular day we are trying to get through. He is gaining plenty of weight and we are both HAPPY!

EYE COLOR, HAIR LOSS, & GOOFY FACES:  I see so much of Reagan in him and yet they are both so different.  Sometimes he’ll make a face or turn his head a certain way and I swear I’m looking at my baby Reagan.  His sweet face and soft eyes just melt my heart.  He definitely has Reagan’s nose but the face shape and eyes are a little different.  Reagan is very round, like her Mommy, and our little dude is long and lean with an angular face like his Daddy. I have big round eyes and when he is nice and awake, doing tummy time, or playing he’ll open his eyes nice and big as well.  They are so bright and beautiful and I can just see him working on things and trying to make out different dark or light shapes.  I absolutely ADORE his awake face and can see so much life in his bright eyes. They are super dark blue and haven’t really changed much since birth.  We are so excited to see if they stay blue like his sister, or go hazel or green like his parents.

He came into this world with the softest dark newborn hair that had a slight auburn tint.  I remember sitting in the hospital stroking his tiny head and just loving the soft feel of his hair. When i’m flipping through his newborn photos, which can be seen HERE, I can see so much RED in his hair.  Right around three weeks he started losing all his newborn hair.  Reagan came out of the womb bald and stayed that way until almost her first birthday. I had no idea what to expect and after doing a little Mommy research, aka, I googled newborn hair loss, I learned this is completely normal.  As you can see in his monthly photos, he looks like a typical bald newborn baby. But he has kept all his hair in the back.  So weird.  I think he may have a mild case of cradle cap which is also extremely common in newborn babies.  I first noticed the faintest dryness on his scalp and that was coupled with the hair loss.  Hair will always grow back so I’m not super worried.  We’ll check in with our Pediatrician at his two month appointment and until then I’m not going to stress about it. He is still the cutest and sweetest little dude I’ve ever seen. Such a handsome boy.

He has a very expressive face and the sweetest eyes. He purses his lips, opens his eyes big and wide, and extends his neck out. It is by far my favorite expression of his so far and we are calling it his signature pose. He has given me a few small smiles and my all time favorite, sleepy newborn dream giggles.  Reagan used to do it as well and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

one month old newborn

SLEEP: On night one Jeffrey and I were sitting in the hospital counting our blessings on the birth of our new baby boy, but secretly we were thinking WE TOTALLY SCORED. Jackson was sleeping in five hour stretches consistently and we simply couldn’t believe it. We couldn’t get over how awesome and chill he was. The first three days of his life we slept so good and I almost felt fully rested and recharged after giving birth.  Well, reality hit us both pretty quickly and he soon settled into a steady 3-4 hour pattern of eating and sleeping.  He was still an extremely content, peaceful, and easy baby but was definitely waking up on a normal schedule now. Other then a handful of days, mostly triggered by us breaking his routine, he has stuck to the same nighttime feeding and sleeping schedule.

We learned our lesson with Reagan and only swaddle him up tight when its bedtime.  He gets a bath, fresh jammies and a hat, and a fresh swaddle blanket every evening right after we put Reagan down at 7pm.  He eats, sometimes we nurse and sometimes he gets a bottle, and then after some burping and LOTS of rocking he’ll settle into his big sleep stretch for the night. With Reagan we were waking up almost every 2 to 3 hours and would switch the night shift feedings. Jeffrey would stay up late and do a late shift and then I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning and do the remaining nighttime feedings.  He goes down around 8pm and will pretty consistently sleep until 1:30am or 2am.  If we are off schedule then he’ll wake up around midnight. He has a rough patch every morning from 4am to 5am and is usually working on gas.  He is still asleep but is so noisy and loud grunting and farting every few minutes.  Such a little BOY!!!! It always wakes me up and then after 5am he is all good again and will stay asleep until 7am.  Jeffrey does the 1am to 2am night feeding and I am up at 4am everyday listening to him work on his gassy tummy or rocking him, burping him, or trying my darnedest to help him get comfortable and back to sleep. Sometimes I try and go back to sleep or I just stay awake and PUMP. Always always pumping.  It never ends.

We are still working on a daytime napping routine and haven’t found our grove yet.  I keep trying to remind myself that he is still brand new and I need to lower my expectations on getting him to nap consistently.  I do feel confident that we are slowly falling into a routine and I know we will get there eventually. I literally winged it with Reagan and she is an absolute PRO at sleeping through the night and going down for naps. She never makes a fuss and she is almost always on cue for when naptime or bedtime rolls around. We used the “cry it out” method, after a few months with Reagan and she started sleeping and napping pretty quickly. We found that keeping them on a consistent schedule, helping them learn to self soothe, and keeping their little bellies full are the keys to getting them to sleep and nap.

one month old newborn

SCHEDULE:  I don’t really have a set schedule at the moment. I really wanted to give myself some leeway in the early days and working on staying focused on being happy, loving the babies, and sleeping as much as possible.  I also LOVE having a clean house and cleaning is a major stress reducer for me, so I’m making this a priority as well.  Other then that, we are shooting for a few daily activities for Reagan, lots of tummy time for Jackson, maybe a walk for mommy and the dogs #byebyebabyweight, and naps sprinkled in. This is the base schedule that we fell into for month one. We have lots of Summer activities coming up so I know this schedule won’t last for long. But for now, this is what we are rocking.

4:00AM to 6:00AM – Wake up with Jackson. His morning is really unpredictable and he will wake up anytime during this window. Reagan is still sleeping at this point and my main goal is to get the little dude nice and content before she wakes up and starts going a million miles an hour.  I feed the baby, change his diaper, we cuddle, and then I pump to get my supply up.  This has really paid off big time and my supply is picking up. As long as I can get this first morning pump out of the way then I don’t feel quite so stressed in the morning.

7:30AM – Reagan wakes up. I get Jackson settled in the bassinet or a boppy on the floor and then go get little Miss out of her crib in the spare bedroom.  Eventually we will have the kids bunk together, but for now we added a second crib in another bedroom for her to sleep and nap in.  This allows us to feed the little dude at night without waking each other up.  Jackson still sleeps next to our bed in the bassinet and I’m hoping to get him transitioned into his crib soon.

8:00AM to 9:30AM – Coffee, breakfast, and morning playtime for Reagan.  Reagan eats breakfast while I make coffee in the morning. Jackson is such a little cat napper and is still really sleepy all the time. I’m taking full advantage and letting him sleep whenever he wants.  Month two we are really going to try and get him napping on a regular schedule. Reagan loves eggs and goofs off in her high chair while I sip my coffee.  The weather outside has been beautiful but I am struggling with getting outside with both kids. We are slowly finding our grounding and venturing outside.  We got a double stroller which is AMAZING! Now I can walk with both the babies. Its been in the high 80’s to 90’s where we live so wearing Jackson in my wrap hasn’t been an option. Jeffrey will sometimes walk with us in the evening after Crossfit. I can push Jackson in the stroller and he wears Reagan in a hiking backpack. He says its like working out with a 20lb. weight vest so it totally counts as extra cardio. We only do evening walks sometimes because bedtime and dinner get pushed back and we ALL need to be hitting the hay early these days.

10:00AM – Reagan goes down for her first nap of the day.  Jackson is either awake, eating, or sleeping! Sometimes I can sneak in a  quick workout or a shower during this time. Sometimes I just sit in peace and quiet and mentally get my bearings. I love to use this time to make another coffee, work on a blog post, checkout social media, and basically just pretend like I’m not bound by two tiny humans.

11:30AM – Reagan will usually sleep for an hour to an hour and a half. When she wakes up, if I haven’t showered already, we’ll take a quick shower and read books and play some more. Finding activities to keep her busy these days is getting tricky. Normally we would go outside and play and just goof off but having a newborn is a complete game changer. We are slowly baby proofing and toddler proofing our backyard and I am getting more and more comfortable taking Jackson outside. I worry about the heat, about Reagan falling or eating something in the backyard, does she have sunscreen on, Jackson is crying in the background because he is hungry, and now my boobs are leaking because he is crying. So…we just give up on going outside altogether and shoot for having some cheddar bunnies and feeding the baby.  Then we sit on the floor in the living room and sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” for the 826th time until its time to eat lunch.

12:30AM to 1:00PM – LUNCH!!! YAY!!! We are officially halfway through the day and its almost nap time again.  I’ve been up since 4am and if only one of the kids are crying at this point…then its a good day!!! Reagan gets corralled into her high chair and Jackson does tummy time on a blanket in the kitchen while a figure out something for lunch.  These days I’m just eating whatever I can get my hands on and that is usually whatever Reagan is eating.  We make it work. If I stock the fridge with only healthy fresh foods then we both end up eating healthy. She is also getting more teeth so our options are slowly expanding. Jackson is just along for the ride.

2:00PM to 2:30PM – Reagan goes down for her second nap of the day and Jackson and I take a nap as well. He loves to sleep on my chest and this is one of my absolute favorite parts of the day.  I love snuggling with this tiny newborn baby and if I didn’t have a toddler running around he might be glued to my chest all day long!!!! I already miss his tiny newborn little self and feeling him close and snuggly reminds me that he is still my sweet baby boy.  I know soon enough he’ll be running around and maybe even out pacing Reagan. I’m literally clinging to every moment I can get with him. I want him to feel important and loved just like Miss Reagan.

4:30PM – Reagan wakes up from her nap and that means Jackson and I must get up too. We play a little more and then start prepping dinner while Daddy is at CrossFit. I’ve been trying to keep Jackson awake from this point until his bedtime to ensure he is nice and tired.  Sometimes he takes a mini nap but mostly we practice tummy time, look at black and white art cards, and track objects while Reagan runs around yelling at the top of her lungs.

5:30PM – Daddy is HOME!!! Yay. This means I finally have backup and someone to wrangle Reagan or feed Jackson. Sometimes we go on a long family walk and then come home and have dinner. Jeffrey and I are usually running on fumes by this point and Jackson is getting hungry. Reagan is usually throwing food on the floor yelling “DDDOOOGGG” at the top of her lungs.  She thinks its just hilarious that the dogs come running as soon as she is in her highchair with food on her plate.  Quite the coincidence.

7:00PM – Bathtime for both the kids. Jeffrey gives Reagan a bath and then I give one to Jackson.  He hated bathtime at first but now he loves it.  He is always kicking and moving his little arms.  His eyes are nice and big taking in all the sensations and stimulation.  We alternate with just water baths and washing baths were we use the basic Johnson’s baby wash from the hospital.  His skin is so delicate that we don’t need to wash him every night.  We want to establish a routine and get him used to the idea that bathtime is always followed by bedtime. We read books and get fresh jammies. Reagan goes down and then we feed Jackson and swaddle him up tight. He fights going to sleep almost every night but eventually falls conks out.

12:30AM – 2:00AM – Every night is a little different and we are still working on getting him on a consistent night schedule.  He usually wakes up betweens 1AM and 2AM but will occasional wake early around midnight. Jeffrey wakes up for this first night feeding.  He usually takes about 5oz. to 6oz. of either pumped milk or formula, gets burped by Daddy followed by a fresh diaper. Then we re-swaddle the little dude and he will fall back asleep within 15 minutes or so. He’ll sometimes fight going back to sleep but after a few toots he is out again.

That takes us full circle back to the 4am mark were he is either awake and ready to start his day or we eat again and then go back to sleep for a little longer.  Tough for me to say which I prefer. I love when he goes back to sleep until 7am or so, the extra sleep is glorious. But I love the feeling of being up with him when the rest of the house is so peaceful and quiet. We cuddle, watch the news, and sip coffee. I really feel like I get a head start on my days when we are up early, but then I pay for it in the afternoons when exhaustion hits hard.

one month old newborn

FEEDINGS: This kid LOVE to eat. He is literally eating all the time as evident by his weight gain.  I feel like I’m barely making enough milk for him.  We have no issues supplementing with formula if I can’t keep up with him. I started doing whats called “power pumping” once a day.  After he is nice and full I pump for as long as I can until milk stops flowing.  Then I rest for 10 minutes, pump for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, and then pump again for 10 minutes.  After about 3 days of doing this routine once a day my supply picked up by about 10 ounces.  I highly recommend it along with drinking about a gallon of water each day. He is still out eating my production but at least we are giving it everything we’ve got. In the early newborn days we were exclusively breastfeeding, love that yummy golden colostrum, and then once my milk came in I started pumping to get ahead of my supply.  He quickly became ravenous and now we are just rolling with whatever works. I struggled making enough milk with Reagan as well and quickly gave up on breastfeeding and pumping altogether.  My supply is steady enough to really get him some good breastmilk and then we bottle feed him formula the rest of the time.

MILESTONES, PERSONALITY, & SIBLING LOVE: He has a very calm demeanor like his Daddy. His favorite activity is sleeping on Mommy’s chest, he loves to eat, and when he isn’t swaddled he loves to nap with his arms up by his head.  He is also a big fan of falling asleep during tummy time, hates the boppy so far, loves to look from side to side and is always sneezing.  Dang pollen in the air. We are still learning who he is and what his little personality will be.  He was calm and steady in the womb, wasn’t a big kicker, and always had a low heartbeat. He has been that way since he was born as well. He loves to just hang out with us and hates being left alone in a room.  He is happiest while being held and immedieyly stops crying once he is picked up. He just wants to be a part of the family and loves to be included in whatever we are doing.

We’ve had lots of outdoor time, walks, and he does pretty good in the carseat. He doesn’t seem to know Reagan yet but eventually I’m sure she will be crazy entertainment for him. He loves his paci and will fall asleep almost immediately once swaddled. He is a loud sleeper always cooing, grunting, farting, and doing his newborn giggles.  I’m such a light sleeper that I hear everything. It really is time to transition him to his crib.

I’m loving my Letter Board from Amazon and am so excited to use it for all his monthly photos and updates.  I also love that I can use it in our house for holidays and events etc.  I wanted to do something different for him and all the Pinterest ideas seemed overdone these days.  I can’t wait to make a big photo book with his and Reagan’s monthly pics.  It will be so cute.

Happy ONE MONTH little dude!! You are our precious baby boy and we love you so very very much!

xo xo,

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Read about Reagan’s first month and to see her monthly photos click here… “One Month of Reagan Marie.”

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Reagan’s ONE Year Photos

Time is continuing to fly by friends.  I am almost 34 weeks pregnant with Baby Haguewood #2 and we are officially in the home stretch.  I am so behind on my chalkboards, as usual, and am just going at my own pace doing my best to cross things off the list when it comes to baby prep.

I am so excited to share a few photos we had done for Reagan’s one year (even though it is almost two months later). We had such a blast at her party and I’ve dreamed of having annual photos of my babies and of course family photos.  We found the sweetest family photographer and I was simply blown away at what she captured.  Reagan has such a goofy personality and loves to smile around us, but damn, we can never get her to smile around anyone else.  I knew it was going to be a challenge but the whole setup was so seamless and easy.  I have a whole other post planned on the little cake smash session we did and some helpful tips and tricks for mommies out there.  I learned a lot in the process of planning her first birthday and the cake smash, and will definitely share all the details as well as what worked and didn’t work for us.

Enjoy these sweet pics of our baby girl.  This time is so precious and I will be over here crying, pregnancy hormones, trying my best to soak up all the itty bitty cuteness before she suddenly becomes a teenager.

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

I completely fell in love with the wood backdrop and semi rustic look.  We are fairly casual people and Miss Reagan is pretty laid back about life.  We don’t get crazy dressed up and are sorta homebodies at heart.  I wanted her pics to truly reflect where we are at in life and who she is slowly becoming personality wise.  She is goofy, curious, has one hell of a mean mug, and is learning to walk at the moment.  Her wobbly little self and chubby arms and legs give me all the “happy feels” in the world. When she smiles she lights up the whole damn room.

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

She has the biggest and brightest eyes i’ve ever seen and I love how the black and white pics captured them.  She has a “sweet smile” and a “goofy all TEETH” smile (pictured above). This might be one of our favs because its kinda her signature move at the moment.  She still only has the 4 teeth and loves to show them off.

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

Tiny baby toes, chubby baby legs in leggings, and her favorite white teddy bear make for some timeless and perfect photos.  We used Jenn Elliott Photography  and could have not been happier.  She is simply amazing and we totally hit it off.  She makes any awkward moments easy and the transition with a fussy babe super easy.  She is a mommy to 5 and totally gets it!!!!!

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

Reagan's One Year Photos

Heart Garland (made by me using this heart punch, craft paper, and a sewing machine)   //    Ivory Outfit, Crown, & Leggings   // Photos by Jenn Elliott Photography 

 We did her one year pics first followed by her cake smash.  I’ll post those soon. As always, thank you so much for reading friends!!!!!

xo xo,

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Five Months of Reagan Marie

Oh sweet little Baby Girl, you are growing up so fast and my heart can’t handle it.  It seems like overnight you went from a newborn to a little baby who can sit up by herself and is eating solids. Month five of your life has been full of transition for us as a family with huge leaps and bounds forward.

Mommy and Daddy left you for the first time for a wedding in Salt Lake City, a major milestone for sure, and you did so good during your first long weekend with Grandma. We missed you more than we ever thought possible and you looked so tiny and itty bitty when we came home to your smiling face. I hugged you solid for about ten minutes and didn’t want you to go to bed so we could stay up and play. Mommy and Daddy missed you so much.

We also went on our first vacation as a family of three, plus 2 dogs, as we visited Grandma and Grandpa on the west side for our annual lake vacation. Little miss is already a pro at living the lake life and makes “doing nothing” look easy.  We were so proud of her. Being out of her normal routine and constantly on the go is difficult for anyone, adults included, and she handled it like a champ.

God, she’s CUTE!!!!

She is such a little doll, and we just love to love her!

monthly baby photos

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP AND GROWTH: No five month check-up for Reagan this month, but she will be going in next month for her six month checkup and shots.  Time is just flying by.  I swear she has gained a couple of pounds and just feels bigger and more grown up with each passing day. That little tummy of hers is getting rounder by the second and not to mention those little chubby cheeks.  Girls got thigh rolls for days and I LOVE IT!!! Embrace it little one. Its the only time in your life its social acceptable to rock thigh rolls. #awesome

EYE COLOR, HAIR, AND BABY GIBBERISH: We seriously laugh all day long at the sounds and snorts this little peanut makes.  We even convinced ourselves at one point that she was ACTUALLY saying “I love you.” Most likely not even close but the verdict is still out. 🙂  Her baby blues are still in fact BLUE, and i’m not sure her hair will ever come in.  My stash of baby headbands continues to grow by the day and I can’t wait to actually brush or put a legit bow in her hair someday.  The time will come and then i’ll probably miss her tiny bald head.

monthly baby photos

SLEEP: Due to all our recent activities Reagan’s sleep schedule has been way off lately. We are trying our best to keep her on schedule with naps and bedtime but vacation always throws everything off.  She gave up sleeping on her tummy during nap time and sorta just stopped napping all together.  Mommy and Daddy had to get creative and come up with some new routine for nap time.  We opted to use her spaceship, our 4moms Mamaroo rocker, for nap time again and magically she started sleeping for 2 to 3 hours again.  She takes a short morning nap, a long mid-morning nap, and a long afternoon nap and is one happy little baby again.  Every once in awhile she goes through a growth spurt and will just sleep all the time OR she won’t sleep at all.  Each day is a new adventure with her.

Her bedtime routine is still the same and she is a pretty good night sleeper.  She still takes one night bottle and usually sleeps the rest of the night without waking up or fussing. We are slowly trying to wean her off the swaddle and have been unsuccessful so far.  She still really needs that wrapped up sensation and feeling of security.  We will get there eventually.  We did up her bedtime bottle to a full 8oz. and she sleeps much better.  I know 6 months is really the turning point for babies sleeping through the night and not requiring a nighttime bottle so… fingers crossed and maybe we will get there next month.

monthly baby photos

FEEDINGS: Starting solids has been an adventure and a half.  Unknown to me, a freakin hazmat suit is almost required when learning to feed your baby.  I have never seen so much food go EVERYWHERE, except in my baby’s mouth, in my life.  But at the same time it is beyond adorable and seeing her little face light up as we try new foods is just AWESOME! I always thought I would be sad watching her grow up and secretly, maybe not so secretly, want her to stay tiny and little forever.  But, watching her experience the world around her and seeing the connections being made in her little developing brain is the BEST THING EVER.

We started her on a little organic oatmeal cereal once a day.  She wasn’t sure what to think about it at first but after awhile she really enjoyed it.  We opted to go with oatmeal rather than rice cereal and she took to it almost immediately.  The first couple of weeks of solids were just getting her used to eating off a spoon and learning to swallow something other than milk.  We did mix in some formula instead of water to ease the transition.  After a couple of weeks of eating cereal we slowly started introducing some fruits and veggies mixed in with her cereal and then also by themselves.

I researched and read some reviews on different brands and we ended up going with Gerber Organic Oatmeal Cereal and Plum Formula.  For fruits and veggies we ended up going with Beech-Nut Organic Baby Food in stage 1. Basically one day, I went to Target, thats were we buy most of our baby stuff, and spent about an hour in the baby aisle comparing the ingredients listed on all the different brands.  This was the only brand that I found that used whole foods, not just partially broken down purees, as its base ingredient and then no added preservatives, sugar, or water.  We started with cereal, then did sweet potatoes, apples, pears, green beans (which she hated at first but now loves) and mangos.  The sweet potatoes and mangos were her favorite but now she really eats anything we put in front of her.  We eventually added more veggies.

We up’d her feedings to twice a day and do oatmeal + fruit in the morning and oatmeal + veggies in the evening.  Sometimes we mix them in with her oatmeal and sometimes she takes both separately. I truly had every intention of researching the best feeding practices and how to introduce solids.  Oh, and I was going to be that awesome mom who made her own baby food…HA HA HA . Yea right, who has time for that crap. Life got too busy and one day it just felt right, so we jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back.  We let her take the lead on what tasted good and she set the pace on when she ate solids and how much she took.  Her sleep habits DID NOT change with introducing solids but she did go longer between feedings during the day.  I totally winged starting solids and made a conscience choice not to worry, or but any energy into worrying, about food allergies.  We just watched her closely and let her set the pace on solids and she is doing GREAT!!!

Feeding her is so much FUN and sooooooo messy.  But its a whole new way of interacting with her and teaching her about the different foods she is eating.  We go over the names of each food and what colors they are and how they are grown.  So fun!

monthly baby photos

SCHEDULE: Our day to day playbook is slowly becoming more productive. Baby girl is becoming more self-sufficient and independent which means Mommy has a little more time to get things done around the house.  Dishes, laundry, and endless vacuuming are all calling my name.  Right now our day-to-day routine looks like this…

7am – Wake Up and snuggle in bed with Mommy.  Daddy usually wakes up around 6:30am and after getting ready will bring Reagan to me in bed.  She takes her first bottle of the day in bed with me and then we read and play or snuggle with the puppies.

8am – Tummy time in front of the mirror in our bedroom while Mommy makes the bed and cleans up the bedroom.  We are working on getting her to crawl eventually and we practice standing.  Then we head downstairs for coffee and breakfast.  We play with the puppies in the living room or head outside to watch them run around the backyard.

10am – Mommy starts some chores and gets ready to go to Pure Barre.  Reagan usually takes her 2nd bottle of the day and then goes down for nap number one.  We have been using her spaceship for nap time and after she finishes bottle #2 she goes down awake for her nap.  She usually falls asleep within 20min. or so and will nap for about 1 to 2 hours.

11:30am – Mommy heads to Pure Barre and Reagan hangs with Daddy for some father-daughter bonding time.  After class I run some errands or just enjoy some peace and quiet and then head home to finish wrapping up our day.  While i’m gone Reagan will sometimes take another bottle.

2pm – Mommy is home.  I shower and eat some lunch. Reagan will usually take her first round of solids while i’m eating lunch.  We talk about her day so far and play peek-a-boo.

3pm – We try and get out of the house for a walk or some fresh air every afternoon.  We walk around the neighborhood or play fetch with the puppies in the backyard. Baby girl is sitting up like a champ these days so i’ll put a blanket down on the grass for her to sit on and she loves to watch the dogs run around and chase the ball.

4:30pm – Nap time again and another bottle. I start prepping for dinner and Reagan chills in her walker or plays on the floor in the kitchen with her toys. If Reagan gets fussy around this time sometimes I put her down for another mini nap or we do more solids.  She usually takes oatmeal and fruit in the am and oatmeal and veggies in the evening.

7pm – Daddy gets home from Crossfit and does bath time, reads her a book, and then she has her last bottle of the day. We try our best to keep her awake to finish the whole bottle but she often falls asleep about half way through.  We kiss her goodnight and then put her to bed swaddled with one or both arms out.

MILESTONES & PLAY: Month Five has been huge when it comes to baby milestones. Reagan can officially sit up by herself with the occasional tumble backwards, which is of course followed by lots of tears.  She is reaching and grabbing for anything that is front of her and absolutely EVERYTHING is going in her mouth these days. She went swimming for the first time at the lake and did so GOOD. We weren’t sure what to expect but she didn’t fuss once.  She of course wore a lifejacket and seemed to enjoy floating and kicking her little legs. She officially started solids and is almost sleeping though the night.  She is very attentive to everything we are doing and will just watch us and smile endlessly. She loves to babble and coo back to us and will have full blown baby conversations with herself.  She also loves her puppies and will imitate us petting them.  She gets so excited whenever they come into the room and she waves and pumps her little arms to show us she is excited.  The dogs tolerate her at this point and are somewhat interested in her.  They love to lay next to her and sleep on the sheepskin rug at the base of her crib.

Reagan loves to play and wants whatever we have.  She loves her stuffed animals, colorful blocks, and anything that makes noise.  We dance and sing to her and she is just so happy.  We are even that goofy family who has dance parties in our kitchen with our baby and dogs.  She loves it though and it so good for her to see us having fun and playing with each other and the dogs.  She officially gets bored of certain toys and so we are always on the move from room to room and introducing new toys to keep her occupied.  She hates being alone and will scream every time one of us leaves the room.  With her sitting up we can put her on the floor and get things done while still talking and interacting with her.  She is almost rolling over from back to tummy and watching her kick her little legs and sway back and forth is one of the highlights of my day.

monthly baby photos

Summer is almost over and we are so excited for Reagan’s first Fall and all the awesome activities we will get to do as a family!

Happy Five Months baby girl we LOVE you to the moon and back!!!!

xo xo,

Mommy & Daddy

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Four Months of Reagan Marie

WHOAAAAA…guess who has officially graduated from the “newborn” phase into the “infant” stage?!?!? Sweet Reagan Marie is four months old and I can’t believe how “cool” and “happy” this little girl is.  I’ve always loved kids and while I was never a baby/infant person, I could still appreciate the extreme cuteness of a newborn baby or smiley infant! Well Miss Reagan takes it to a whole new level and my heart is just so full of gratitude that her spirit is so joyful!!!

I have never seen a more happy or smiley baby in my life and I could cry happy tears thinking about how she is all ours!!! I just love her so much and love that her little soul is elated like 95% of the day. HAHA! The rest of the day, hold on to your ears friends, because this little angel can scream! The girl definitely has a sassy side to her as well. Pretty sure my mind just flashed forward 16 years to Jeffrey and I sitting on the edge of our seats, holding on for dear life…*with or without a bottle of wine in our hands. I think we’ll take it one day at a time for now. 🙂

Here we are, well into our fourth month of being parents, and I think I can finally say that things have gotten easier. Life feels normal (and wonderful) again, we have established routines that make everyone happy & things are good. Its just crazy to think about how challenging, both physically and mentally, those first few months were. And yet when I think back, I can’t even really remember the pain and struggles of the early days. I just remember that it was HARD as hell but we made it through as a family.

Here are Little Reagan’s Month 4 Photos and Updates…

monthly baby photos

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP AND GROWTH: Miss Reagan went in for her 4 month wellness checkup at the beginning of July.  She is doing sooooo GOOD! All the nurses and doctors just love her little smile and she is always so vocal when we go in for a visit.  It cracks me up how she is always smiling and giggling at strangers and basically anyone who smiles in her general direction.  She babbles, blows bubbles (more like spit & drool), and loves being the center of attention. She continues to remain a petite little thing weighing in at 13lbs. and generally stays in the 25th percentile for weight.  She is in the 50th percentile for height at 24″ and the 50th percentile for head circumferance at 40cm.

monthly baby photos

EYE COLOR, HAIR, AND ONE TUMMY TIME FANATIC:  Her eyes are continuing to remain a beautiful blue color with the lightest hint of gray mixed in.  I’m still waiting for them to change at some point but the older she gets the more I think they might stay blue.  Her hair doesn’t seem to want to grow at all, but it has become a shade darker over the past month. When we are outside the true strawberry blonde color really comes out.  I always expected her to be a strong red head like me but her hair is much darker then mine.

Reagan’s BIG DEVELOPMENT this month is her new love for tummy time.  She has always tolerated tummy time but is much happier when being held or cuddled.  Then one day I walked into this…

“Oh Hey Mom, look I can prop myself up…and guess what, I like tummy time now.” 

tummy time baby

SLEEP: The magic formula for a good nights sleep continues to remain elusive.  We have tried so many different things from extending her bedtime, more milk before bed, and every “effin” sound/music machine on the baby market.  ITS JUST A “NO GO” FRIENDS!!! Right now, she goes through phases of sleeping well and being up most of the night.  Some nights I get up once or twice and other nights its 6+ waking episodes.  Even though I have heard that you sleep less as a parent as your children get older.  Something about high school, boys (gulp), and actually letting your children grow up and all that nonsense. I’m resolved to just let it be what it is, and I know when we are in our 40’s we might actually sleep through the night again. That being said, if anyone has any tips or tricks on getting a new baby to sleep though the night I would love some suggestions. BUT…if one more person tells me to just be patient I might straight up smack you across the face…consider that a fair warning.

monthly baby photos

FEEDINGS: Can I just take a minute to gush over my chubby baby.  There is seriously nothing better (or cuter) than a happy FAT baby.  This girl LOVES to eat and I love to feed her.  I am getting so excited and antsy to begin feeding her solids.  Another BIG development for Month 4 is that I officially kicked my pump to the curb. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!! I’m so much happier now and Reagan is doing fantastic on formula.  Once I had officially committed to exclusively formula feeding I really dug into researching the best options and brands.  I felt a little twinge of mommy guilt at not being a “breastfeeding” mommy and wanted to make sure that she was getting the BEST as a result of my choice to quit pumping.  I’m going to include the NEW formula breakdown in my Month 4 Favorites coming soon but for now HERE is a link to the brand we are using now.

SCHEDULE: Month 4 was a little bit of a “shake up” schedule wise for us.  July has been an insanely BUSY month and any consistency we had went out the door rather quickly.  We had weddings almost every weekend and Baby Girl was up way past her bedtime most nights.  We spent the weekdays trying to recover and regain some semblance of our regular schedule, only to reach Friday and gear up to start all over again. She loved it and has been sleeping well most nights from sheer exhaustion.  She no longer likes to nap on her tummy and I am desperately doing everything I can to get her to stay asleep for longer than 5 minutes during the day.  The weather has been crazy hot lately so we’ve been holding off on walks and staying put in the air conditioning trying not to go stir crazy.  Summertime is just so wonderful though and I hate to waste it.  Reagan is still a bit too young for sunscreen according to our Pediatrician, something about the chemicals etc., and I don’t want to have to drape her in blankets all the time because of the heat.  I’m already so excited for next summer when she will be walking and playing all day long in the sunshine.

Reagan 4 Month Photos #5

MILESTONES & PLAY: Milestones are AWESOME!!! As soon as I think we might never get to a certain phase, then BOOM, we wake up the next day and suddenly little miss is giggling, holding her own bottle, or rolling from tummy to back.

She has learned to lock her chubby little legs and loves standing up while we hold her.  I would not be shocked if she started walking before she crawled.  Like I said earlier, she is a tummy time fanatic now! She loves propping herself up and looking around everywhere.  She is smiling, laughing (baby giggles are the sweetest), and has officially learned to YELL. Not sure that is a positive one but it is beyond funny.  She likes to explore all the possible pitches and Jeffrey and I cannot stop laughing when she is screaming her little head off. She is sitting up like a champ in her bumbo, rolling from front to back, and loves grabbing her toes to pull to her mouth. One of the cutest baby milestones for sure.

Playtime with Reagan is my absolute favorite part of our day together (except maybe bedtime for obvious reasons) and baby girl sure does love to play.  She is completely smitten by the golden girls, Jovie and Roxie, and watches their every move with curiosity and joy.  She busts out the biggest smiles for them and loves to talk (or scream/yell) at them.  She has started putting everything in her mouth, including their puppy ears, and loves to pet and cuddle with them.

monthly baby photos

Happy 4 Months Reagan Marie!!!

You are a true gift to this world and I pray that you never stop smiling!!!

xo xo,

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Three Months of Reagan Marie

Oh my goodness, this beautiful baby girl is already three months old. She is just so much FUN!!! The past three months of Reagan Marie have been an amazing adventure. I know things will only get better, and at times a bit more challenging as she continues to grow into her own little person.

On a recent walk with a fellow mommy friend, we were chatting about how being a mom is the best/worst thing ever!!! Thinking back to life “pre-Reagan” makes me feel almost guilty at how selfish I was. My time and love expenditure were extremely conditional and to a certain extent that was totally ok.  NOW, my whole world is our little family and I love being a mommy. There has been a huge learning curve when it comes to selflessness and basically I wasn’t ready to be a mommy until the day I became one.  Once that sweet little girl was born, my world and priorities shifted in a way that I can’t describe.  It can’t be explained, only experienced. Although i’m sure there are several mommas out there who can accurately capture the essence of motherhood through words.  I will leave mine as a “feeling” that exists between me and Miss Reagan and any other future babies we have!!!!

On that note…look at how BIG and stinking ADORABLE this little lady is!!! Here is Miss Reagan Marie at three months old!

P.S. LOVE her in green!!! Lime Green is my favorite color so this momma is in heaven!!!!!!

three months of Reagan Marie

PEDIATRICIAN CHECK-UP AND GROWTH: We are all set to go to the pediatrician for her four month appointment and shots in a few weeks, so we will have lots of updates and new stats for her four month post.  For now, I simply can’t believe how long she is getting.  I picked her up the other day and couldn’t believe how long and big she felt in my arms. I’m so excited to get some official updates and see where she is falling percentile wise.  It really doesn’t matter because she will be who/what she is, but its still fun to see the progress she is making as the months pass. Her chubby cheeks and that round little belly get me everytime.

EYE COLOR, HAIR, AND BABY GIGGLES: Miss Reagan is developing into such a beautiful little girl and my favorite feature are her eyes! They are so big and bright.  She can look at you and you just know she is soaking up every bit of light and happiness around you.  She has the sweetest smile but she is really going to be one of those individuals who “smiles” through her eyes.  So beautiful and so lovely!!!!

She has strawberry blonde hair just like me and round cheeks that go on for days! She has my exact nose, face shape, fair skin, and little mouth too!!! Cracks me up.  She is such a darling little baby! I am so excited to watch her grow up and evolve into a sweet little girl and then a young adult. GULP!!!!

Her eyes are still a dark gray/blue color but I swear I saw a tint of green in them the other day.  This would make her daddy so happy because he often wonders what traits of “his” she received. It just might be the green eyes baby!!!  Everyone says she is a mini-me or little “Michelle clone.”  She does look a lot like me and its so fun!!!  Here is a photo of me as a baby at 3 months next to Reagan at 3 months…think she is my baby or what?!?!?!?

three months of Reagan Marie

three months of Reagan Marie

SLEEP: Schedule wise, we’ve got a good thing going right now… “knock on wood.” Its funny though, by even making that statement I feel a bit guilty because I know there are quite a few mommas who are seriously struggling to get their babies to be on a schedule or sleep in general. I feel ya sisters!!! And trust me, Reagan doesn’t real sleep that well.  We are cruising right now because she has been relatively consistent over the past month and that in itself is the “good thing we’ve got going on.”  I can count on when she is going to wake up and how long she is going to sleep.  This has allowed me to keep myself on more of a schedule and has positively impacted my life and attitude!

We actually tried to tweak her schedule a bit to see if she would sleep longer through the night and it backfired in a BIG way. We didn’t sleep for about four days and finally pulled the plug on our new plan. The next night, she slept like a champ back in her old routine and we pretended the last four nights hadn’t happened. Lesson learned Miss Reagan, lesson learned. Consistency is key.

She is becoming a fantastic napper during the day.  We tried a new strategy and let her sleep on her tummy, 100% supervised by one of us at all times, during nap time ONLY! It has been the biggest transformation ever.  We originally listened to all the advice out there and only put her on her back to sleep. I still agree with this and we do “back to sleep” for night time sleeping when we aren’t able to be in the room with her.  But when we put her on her tummy she will nap for 2-3 hours in a row and not make a peep. This has been so nice because it allows us to get our normal work stuff done throughout the day and I can count on those hours of free time during the week.

*Please NOTE – I am not a medical professional and don’t encourage or endorse you putting your baby on their tummy to sleep. Please check with you child’s pediatrician or health care provider and make the best decision for you and your family.  This strategy is something that has worked for us and we feel comfortable because we know our baby is being watched 100% of the time. 

SCHEDULE: Baby Girl is rocking the schedule and consistency like I mentioned above. So fun to really be getting into our rhythm and this includes me finally not feeling so “out-of-sorts” by having a baby.

In the beginning, I felt like my life was no longer mine and would go through periods of not recognizing my day-to-day life at all. I’m finally feeling confident and embracing the freedom that comes with having a little one at home.  Pre-Reagan, my life was very structured and I lived off of my to-do-list and consistent routine.  Once Reagan was born, our life was total chaos and everything was unpredictable, as is typical with a newborn in the house.  I no longer got up and went to work and my time was filled with sleepless nights, a crying baby, and way too many dirty diapers. WTF!!! I feel as though I have finally rounded the corner and truly embraced being “The Mommy.” I still LOVE my neat and organized to-do-list, I try and get out of the house to workout or walk once a day, and am really stepping up the “blogging” game in anticipation of some fun new goals. I still have my schedule and structured routine, its just filled with different things now. And honestly, these things make me a much happier and joyous person AND I get to be home with my baby girl!

three months of Reagan Marie

FEEDINGS: Reagan is a fantastic eater.  We are still doing our normal feeding routine that we established in Month 1 and Month 2. Feel free to read about our challenges and victories and learn from our mistakes. Nowadays, baby girl just eats and eats.  She is taking more milk in a sitting and I upgraded our 4oz. Dr. Brown’s Vented Bottles for the 8oz. bottles. Its been so nice having extra bottles and bottle parts in the house.  Reagan takes 4oz.-6oz. at 8am, 10:30am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5:30pm so we still get good use out of the smaller 4oz. bottles. Then she takes 6oz.-8oz. during night feedings at 7:30pm, 12:3oam, and 4:30am so we LOVE having the larger 8oz.bottles for those times.

MILESTONES & PLAY: Baby Girl is crushing it when it comes to playtime, activity, and milestones!!! We received a milestone reminder card from the state this past week and it was so fun to go through and CHECK OFF all the milestones she has already hit at a mere 3 months old.  She is ahead of the curve and rocking most of the 6 month old activities! Go Baby Go!!!!

Reagan is a mover and a shaker.  She is always wiggling and kicking those chubby baby legs and her arms are always pumping.  She is becoming a pro at holding her head up and she can sit up but only with our assistance.  We can do normal things around the house and she will just sit on our laps and hang out with us.  If we try and hold her facing us she tends to get fussy because she loves to face out to the world.  She is extremely curious about everything around her and is really beginning to take in her surroundings.

She loves to talk to us and will mimic our sounds and movements as best she can.  She coos and recently discovered her tongue. Everything is going to her mouth these days and I think she might be cutting teeth early because she is such a drooly little mess most of the time.  She is getting good at grasping objects and is always reaching out for whatever we place in front of her.  They immediately go to her mouth but its fun to see her working out problems and movements in her little baby brain.

She really is as “tart” as a LIME sometimes though!!!! She can be full of the sweetest smilies imaginable and then when that little scowl comes out I can’t help but laugh because she is just so darn cute!!!!

three months of Reagan Marie

Every single day with her is becoming better and better!!!! When I look into her eyes I can tell that she is truly looking back at me and she knows that i’m her Momma. She just lights up and that BIG smile of hers makes my heart skip a beat.

Cheers to three months with our beautiful Reagan Marie!!!!

xo xo Friends,

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