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Soup Sunday – CrockPot Chicken Enchilada Soup

Hello Hello Friends, i’m back today with another “fab” recipe.  My first Soup Sunday was such a HIT with the hubby that I just knew I needed to dial up something awesome for week 2.  My sweet hubby so kindly pointed out that Week 1’s Loaded Potato Soup was seriously lacking in Protein.  I knew I needed to get my act together and wanted to try something with chicken.  I found multiple recipes that seemed so-so but finally ended up “making my own” recipe.  GASP, because I am so not a cook and totally do better when I have a detailed recipe to follow.  Luckily, my Chicken Enchilada Soup turned out soooooo yummy and is a bit like a “glorified” Taco Soup. HAHA.

If your interested in Week 1 – Loaded CrockPot Potato Soup

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 9.37.20 PM

So…here is my recipe for CrockPot Chicken Enchilada Soup!!!!

To download a PDF copy of the recipe click CrockPot Chicken Enchilada Soup!!!

CrockPot Chicken Enchilada #1 Soup

Start by gathering all your ingredients.  I had to de-thaw my chicken breasts and that took about 45 min. to an hour.  Also, per my husbands “more protein” request I used 6 chicken breasts instead of 2. Chop up the chicken,  dice your onion, and dice your green pepper.


Following the given measurements in the recipe above, dump all the ingredients into your CrockPot.  Stir to mix all the ingredients and spices.



Let this cook and simmer for 3-4 hours on LOW or 6 hours on HIGH!!!!


Sprinkle some pepperjack cheese and cilantro on top of the soup, re-cover and allow the cheese to melt!


I served my soup with some yummy Spanish rice and warmed soft tortillas!!!  Ladle into serving bowls, top with extra pepperjack cheese and cilantro, and finish with a dollop of sour cream if desired.




This recipe was a BIG hit in our family and I was so pleased with how it turned out.  I was surprised with how “spicy” the recipe is however!!!! My husband loved it!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment below and i’ll get back to you right away!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the recipe!!!!

xo xo,

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Summer Recap – Part 3 “The Bridal Shower”

 In July, my fellow Co-MOH’s (short for Co-Maids of Honor) and myself threw a beautiful Bridal Shower for my sister in law Jessie. The festivities lasted all weekend long and started with an amazing 4th of July Celebration, followed by a joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party, and we wrapped up the weekend with this fun and rustic Bridal Shower in honor of the Happy Couple.

To read about our 4th of July Celebration click HERE!

To read about the fantastic Bridal Party Olympics & Bachelorette Party click HERE!

And check out this adorable photo of the Happy Couple…they are just sooooo good together!!!


Burlap Banner Tutorial can be found HERE!

We decided to go with a Champagne Brunch theme for the Bridal Shower, with fun red and yellow accents and pops of sunflowers. No brunch would be complete without a fully loaded Mimosa Bar and a signature drink in honor of the bride-to-be, appropriately named “The Blushing Bride.” And you know I needed a fun chalkboard and big gold B A R letters to add a little flare.



photo 3-24

We started by stocking our Bar with classic Mimosa supplies; lots of yummy champagne and orange juice.  Then we threw in a few fun twists with different juices and fruit garnishes. Also for a non-alcoholic beverage option we stocked up on IZZE Drinks that matched our colors.





Our pretty table was accented with a simple lace tablecloth, a custom made yellow chevron and lace table runner, and matching yellow chevron paper straws. I will post a tutorial on how I made the pretty table runners shortly.  I tied red, yellow, and sparkly bows on all the champagne flutes to add a colorful and feminine feel to our Bridal Shower.


Next up we wanted a fully loaded Waffle Bar for our guests and we completed our table with a whole spread of yummy breakfast goodies!!! Waffles piled high and a yummy Mimosa in my hand…sign me up!!!!!

photo 2-24

The waffle irons were hot and we were popping out fluffy waffles left and right!




DIY Cupcake Tower Tutorial can be found HERE!


We had so much fun together and everything turned out even better than we could have imagined!


The Bride and Groom opened their gifts and we polished off some more champagne, ok lots of champagne, but we had so much FUN!!!!!!

The Beautiful Co-MOH’s!!!!


I love my beautiful Sister In Law!!!!




The whole weekend was an absolute blast.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated and helped us celebrate Jessie and Joshua!!!

Cheers to the Beautiful & Happy Couple!!!!


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DIY Cupcake Tower & Cake Stand

I was sooooo excited to work on this project and Jeffrey’s birthday gave me the perfect opportunity to give it a go!!! After shopping online at sites like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Amazon and seeing the ridiculously outrages price tags attached to these totally FAB cupcake towers, I knew 100% that I could make something equally awesome and for considerably cheaper. Cue the DIY designer in me and BAM we have a new tutorial, dollar store style. 🙂 Here is my version of a Glass Cupcake Tower!

DIY Cupcake Tower September 2014

Cupcake Tower #6

Versatile and super easy to make, I was SHOCKED at how quickly this project came together.  I will warn you in advance, this project required an incredibly steady hand and please make sure you have a clean & dry workspace to work in.


3 Glass Plates (varying sizes)

2 Glass Candlesticks

Epoxy Glue *I used the Gorilla Glue brand below and LOVED it

 Black Sharpie Marker

Sharp Scissors

photo 1-3

photo 2-3

photo 3-2


To get started I ran my glass plates and candlesticks through the dishwasher to get them all clean and sparkly!


I opted to keep my tower clear, but if your interested in painting or even spray painting your tower now would be the time to do it.  Allow the pieces plenty of time to dry so they can be easily handled when its time to construct the tower.


Next up I found the center of each glass plate and marked the bottom of the plate with a simple black dot using the sharpie.  This will help when gluing on the candlesticks.  I eyeballed mine, but i’m sure you could get super fancy and accurate if you really wanted when centering the candlesticks.


Mix together the Epoxy following the detailed instructions that should be included in the package.  You have to move fairly quickly once the Epoxy is mixed so it will help to have everything set up and ready to go before you start mixing.  Flip the glass plate back over so its right side up.  Apply a small amount of Epoxy glue to the base of the candlesticks and gently place it on the plate.  Apply pressure once you get it in the right spot and hold for a good minute or two.  I placed a heavy book on mine and let it sit for 10 minutes.

photo 1-4


Use the same steps as above on the middle tier and glue the other candlestick to the medium sized plate.

photo 2-4


Next, glue the two pieces together only this time add the smallest plate to the very top of the tower.  Again, apply plenty of pressure & weight to the top of the tower and leave it to set for a few hours.  The Epoxy will be dry after around 10 minutes, but to ensure that it will hold the full weight of the plates allow extra time for it to dry and set.

photo 3-3

Cupcake Tower #1

Cupcake Tower #4

If your interested in making a simple cake tower you can follow all the instructions above but you only need 1 glass plate and 1 sturdy candlestick to use as a base.

Cupcake Tower #2

I have already used both of these pieces multiple times and they are fantastic.  Hand wash with warm soapy water and gently towel dry when needed.  I store mine up high where the kitties can’t get to them.

Cupcake Tower #5

Cupcake Tower #3

Here is my Cupcake Tower in action at Jeffrey’s birthday Party!!!

photo 2

Feel free to email me or comment below if you have any questions regarding this project!

Enjoy FRIENDS!!!

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DIY SuperHero “Party Invitations”

This DIY SuperHero Tutorial is a quick and easy one!

Using WORD on my Mac I managed to piece together these awesome and totally adorable party invitations.  After a few weeks of searching, along with all the other party decorations, I was struggling to find cute and semi-adult party invitations for my hubby’s 27th SuperHero Birthday Party. I knew I wanted the party to have more of an adult feel then a little kids superhero party, and that meant incorporating more traditional superhero elements.  One of my hubby’s favorite characters is SuperMan! So in traditional SuperMan fashion, I used the Clark Kent angle of the Daily Planet NewsPaper as the theme for my party invitations.

photo 1-9

 I printed the invitation on a gray marble card stock, folded them to look like a newspaper, and finished with a simple string to mimic the look of a stack of newspapers!

Voila! Cute and non-cheesy SuperHero Party Invitations!

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Frosty Paws Homemade Puppy Treats

Happy Hump Day Friends!!!

The Haguewood Family has been busy soaking up the last few warm days of Summer and that includes all our furry children. I’m always a fan of summertime popsicles and recently found a great recipe for some yummy frozen treats for our canine friends!

Frosty Paws Homemade Puppy Treats

Frosty Paws Homemade Puppy Treats

photo 3

Dog Treat Pan

These were so much easier to make then I was anticipating and I busted out a couple dozen in no time!


32oz. Plain Greek Yogurt

2 TBS. Peanut Butter

2 TBS. Honey

1 Mashed Banana

photo 1

photo 2


Mix the 32oz. of plain greek yogurt, 2 TBS peanut butter, 2 TBS honey, and 1 mashed ripe banana in a mixing bowl until well mixed. I left a few chunks here and there!

photo 4

photo 1-1


Scoop mixture into the pan and even out on the top. Place on a flat shelf in the freezer. Leave to freeze for a few hours or until each treat will pop out of the pan easily.

photo 2-1

photo 3-1

I used a simple and easy mason jar that I had laying around and filled the mason jar with the treats for easy access.  Place the jar in an easily accessible spot of your freezer and your DONE!!! Easy Peezy!!!

photo 4-1

Someone knew what was happening in the freezer and stuck her nose in every time the door opened!

photo 5-1

These treats were a BIG HIT in our family and both the girly puppies absolutely loved them!! I will definitely be making these treats again and I can’t wait to find a good recipe that I can make in the oven. The doggie treat pan above is good in both the freezer and the oven!! Bring on the Puppy Treats!! As soon as I test out some new recipes I’ll be sure to post all the details!!!

photo 1-2

As always,

Thanks for reading FRIENDS!!!

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DIY SuperHero “Photo Booth Props”

Hey everyone, i’m back this week with my absolute favorite DIY SuperHero Tutorial!!! I’ve been saving it because I wanted to get all the details just perfect before I published the post.  Back in April, yikes i’m getting behind, I threw my sweetheart a SuperHero themed Birthday Party with all our friends and loved ones.  We had so much fun.  After weeks of hunting and major “sticker shock” I decided to make all the decorations and props for the party.  I literally went to every single “party store” in our area and struggled to find anything SuperHero related!!! I wanted the party to feel fun and have a definite theme, but I didn’t want it to be a little kids party!!! All the “classic” SuperHero icons were included along with bright pops of color and fun reusable decorations!!! I little Pinterest hunting was a failure so I knew the whole party was going to require some major creativity on my part!!!

To check out past Tutorials and all the details about the Party click below:

Full Birthday Party Recap & Photos – CLICK HERE

DIY SuperHero Birthday Bunting Banner – CLICK HERE

Birthday Banner #3

DIY SuperHero City Back Drop – CLICK HERE

photo 5-3

DIY Circle Garlands – CLICK HERE

This FUN Tutorial is for all the awesome Photo Booth Props I made.  Our family had an absolute blast playing around with these little guys and i’m so glad I took the plunge and made all of them! Not gonna lie, this project is really time consuming but I was so happy with how everything turned out. Definitely worth every minute!

I made the following Props:

Captain America Mask & Shield

Iron Man Mask & Arc Reactor 

Robin Mask & lOGO

WonderWoman Tiara & Logo

photo 1-7

 SuperMan Hair & Logo

Clark Kent Hair & Glasses

Hulk Mask

Batman Mask & Logo

photo 2-7

photo 5-1

DIY SuperHero Photo Booth Prop Tutorial & Guide

To make all the props I used the following supplies:

Colored Scrapbook Paper or Thick Construction Paper *I used a mixture of scraps that I had on hand and some pieces that I picked up at my local craft store


Pencil or Pen

Sharp Scissors

Craft Glue Tape

Bamboo Wood Skewers 

Hot Glue Gun

Photos of each SuperHero you want to make

STEP 1 – To get started I used basic white THCIK construction paper and hand drew an outline of each mask or logo I wanted to make.  I used the photo of each character as a general guide.  I cut out each outline shape to check the general size and make sure that the mask was proportionate to the average head size.  The first round I did of the masks were all way too big and looked super funky as a mask.  Lol. By scaling each mask I was able to verify that the end result would look fantastic.

photo 4-2

*Below are the White Templates I made for the Batman mask, Robin mask, and the IronMan mask. 

photo 2-9

photo 3-6

STEP 2 – The next step is to place the white template on the colored paper that will ultimately end up being the mask itself.  Trace the outline onto the colored paper and cut out the basic outline for each mask.

STEP 3 – If your chosen mask has multiple layers, aka different colors on the mask, draw and cut out the templates for each additional piece on the mask.  The IronMan mask I made is a good example of this.  Below you can see the Red base and outline and then all the different Yellow pieces that give the mask some real dimension.  Utilize your photo of your SuperHero and do the best job you can to create the look your after.

photo 3-9

STEP 4 – The final step is to assemble all your pieces and masks/logos!  I used basic craft tape to piece together my masks and props.  Next I used a hot glue gun to attach the craft stick to one side of the mask OR to the center of the logo/symbol for each SuperHero.  I wanted to make sure that the stick didn’t show too much in pictures and by having it to the side of the mask and below the logo I was able to avoid that.

photo 1-6

photo 1-13

photo 4

photo 4-6

photo 4-5

photo 4-1

photo 2-6

Other than taking several hours to make, this whole project was fairly simple.  Patience and a little creativity will go a long way!!! If you have any specific questions about the masks or one SuperHero in particular please feel free to comment below or message me!!!

Next up I made these really CUTE comic book callout props in addition to the SuperHero props!!

For this project I used the same materials as above.

DIY Comic Book Callout Photo Props Tutorial & Guide

Supplies needed include the following:

White Scrapbook or Construction Paper (the thicker the better)

Sharp Scissors

Black Sharpie Marker

Bamboo Wood Screwers 

Hot Glue Gun

photo 1-8

STEP 1 – Determine how many “callouts” you want to make.  I cut out a variety of different “comic book” shapes because I wanted several different sayings.  Also, I made a few black callouts and left a couple of black sharpie markers out so guests could write out their own FUN birthday wish to my sweet hubby.  My shapes included the simple oval, a fun starburst, and the different sized rectangles pictured below.

STEP 2 – Write out your message!!! I mimicked a comic book font that I found online and wrote out several “Happy Birthday” messages to my husband!!! I used a black sharpie to write out the message on the callout!

STEP 3 – Using the black sharpie, draw a thin even line on the outside of the callout to add a nice border.  This helps the callout POP and really makes it distinct in photos.

photo 2-8

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.38.25 PM

Thats all there is to this fun project!!! You could easily modify this project and adapt it to any character or party theme you want!!! Our family had so much fun playing with these props and we got some absolutely PRICELESS and MEMORABLE pictures.  The whole day was awesome and we will never forget it!

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DIY Circle Garlands

Hello ALL!!!!

I’m back with another SuperHero DIY Tutorial from the hubby’s Big Birthday Bash! Lots more fun details to come shortly!

This photo is a little on the dark side but I absolutely LOVE how all the bright and colorful garlands draped and swooped all over the SuperHero decorations.  These garlands are one of my ALL TIME favorite projects to make because they are super cheap and easy to make, take no time at all and are very versatile to coordinate with any event that you are throwing!



I’ve made these before for some holiday decorations and also for the big SuperBowl display we put together in February!

Fall Downstairs Mantel 1

SuperBowl #6

 DIY Circle Garland Tutorial & Guide

To make this fun CIRCLE GARLAND you will need the following supplies:

Colored Scrapbook Paper (or any thick constuction paper)   *I love to use actual scrapbook paper for my garlands because the finish on the paper holds up for multiple uses and there are endless color/texture options!

Circle Punch in chosen size *my personal favorite is The Paper Studio Craft Punch from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

circle punch


Pencil or Pen 

Sharp Scissors

Sewing Machine

Thread to match Scrapbook Paper or Construction Paper

photo 1-2

STEP 1 –  Start by laying out all your scrapbook or construction paper to determine what pattern you want to create with your garland.  I love the look of doing one color for the whole garland and then mixing different garlands to get the desired look.

STEP 2 – Next measure and mark your paper using your ruler.  My favorite circle punch size is 2″ so I marked 2.5″ strips on my paper.  This will allow for 1/4″ of  wiggle room on each side in case you mess up once or twice.

STEP 3 – Using a good pair of sharp scissors cut the strips.

STEP 4 – Using your circle punch slide the punch down the strip of paper punching out your circles as you move down the strip! Discard all the scrap paper.

photo 2-2

STEP 5 & 6 – Look at all your pretty circles!!! I will line up my circles and get them set up to start putting together the actual garland itself.

STEP 7 – Thread your sewing machine and get everything up and running.  Next, start feeding the circles through the sewing machine leaving a tiny gap between each circle. I’ve positioned the circles too close together and the garland didn’t lay quite right AND i’ve positioned the circles too far apart and the threads got tangled.  A small gap between each circle seems to work perfectly!

STEP 8 – BOOM!!! A beautiful, CHEAP and easy decorative garland.

STORAGE – To store the garlands I lay each circle on the previous folding the garland accordion style.  This prevents the circles and thread from getting tangled.  I made the mistake of shoving my first garland into a ziplock bag and FYI I still haven’t gotten the damn thing untangled.  Depending on the thickness of the circle stack I will use a paper clamp to keep everything together.

 I love these fun garlands! They are so easy to make and can be reused as many times as you like.  I’ve used several different types of paper including glitter paper and sheer paper and they all work great.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment below!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.38.25 PM

To check out past tutorials from Jeffrey’s Big SuperHero Birthday Party click on the following links…

DIY Happy Birthday Bunting Banner

Birthday Banner #3

DIY SuperHero City Photo Backdrop

photo 5-3

Thanks for Reading,

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DIY SuperHero “City Back Drop”

Hello ALL!!! So after about a thousand months i’m finally back with the final updates & tutorials for the BIG SuperHero Party I threw for my husbands 27th birthday.  Man did we have a good time.  It was silly craziness at its best and we wouldn’t want it any other way. My next couple of posts will be some followup tutorials on decorations I made for the BIG party.  I’ve been promising them for awhile now, and VOILA, they are finally here. You can read all about my hubby’s very grown up and slightly ridiculous BUT totally awesome SuperHero Birthday Party by clicking HERE!

Check out this Tutorial for his “DIY Happy Birthday Bunting Banner” by clicking HERE!

Birthday Banner #3

Next up on the tutorial checklist is the awesome City Back Drop I made to use as a cool accent & photo booth backdrop  for pictures!!! It is really very simply and took about an hour all together to bust out. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at OR post questions below and i’ll get back to you right away!!!

P.S. Don’t mind the super awesome SuperMan Figurine next to my backdrop. I borrowed him from my husbands “work materials” to use for the party.

photo 2-11

So here we go with the SuperHero City Photo Booth Back Drop DIY Tutorial and How To Guide.

Unfortunatley this was one of the very first projects I started working on while planning the party, so I didn’t think to take any good photos as I was making the City Back Drop. Luckily, it is beyond easy to make and only takes a few items that are really inexpensive!

To make this fun City Photo Booth Back Drop you will need the following supplies:

1 Large Roll of Black  Butcher Paper

2 Rolls of Yellow Duct Tape

Masking Tape

Sharp Scissors

photo 5-3

I decided to use long “strips” of the butcher paper to make my “city.” I wanted the strips to resemble tall buildings to mimic the look of a typical city skyline view, but something you might see in a comic book. I had a tri-fold that I attached the black strips to with masking tape pieces.  My tri-fold in made of stained wood so I wanted to be cautious when putting sticky tape on the wood finish. Didn’t want to ruin any furniture.

Once the Long strips were all cut, I chose a shape to use for the “building” roof and cut a similar shape on the black butcher paper.  I used some simple square rooftops, a rounded rooftop, and a few with angular rooftops to look more modern and represent a “true” modern city skyline.

The next step was to cut lots and I mean LOTS of yellow duct tape strips to use as “windows” on each building.  I didn’t plan anything out…I just winged it and starting cutting and cutting and then cutting some more.  I let each building speak for itself and randomly spaced the “windows” all over the place.

I used both rolls of duct tape to make my buildings and had some butcher paper left over once the project was complete.  The “buildings” rolled up nicely into tubes and thats how they stayed until a few days before the party.

The best part is that this project was so SUPER CHEAP that I didn’t feel guilty throwing it ALL in the garbage once the party was over!! No hard feelings here and usually i’m a hoarder of anything that can be salvaged and saved. I think this project was such an awesome accent to his party and definitely helped to set the “tone” for a REAL SuperHero party.

If you have any questions about how to make this please feel free to email me or comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Again, sorry I didn’t take any pictures as I was making the project.  All other tutorials will include picture tutorials and descriptions from here on out!!!!

Again, thanks for READING!!!!

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Superbowl Extravaganza Party Planning

Seahawks Loud

I can barely contain my excitement at the moment as we are only a few days away from Superbowl 48!!! OOHHH MYYY GOOOODDDD our team is amazing and we are so excited to finally see them succeed and make it to the Big Game.  I would like to include the fact that we were die hard Seahawks FANS even when the team sucked and they were the laughing stock of the NFL.  True fans gotta stick it out and BOOM we made it to the Superbowl. Beast Mode!

The past week my brain has been wrapped around party planning and getting everything organized for our Sweet Ass Superbowl Extravaganza!!! To say i’m excited is the understatement of the century…


Superbowl Food

I’ve also been busy getting the house ready for our KickAss Extravaganza!!! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas and decorations!


Superbowl Inspiration 2014

All Image Sources can be found HERE!

I was really pleased with how my rocking Seahawks decorations turned out. I decided to keep it contained to our downstairs media area so we can enjoy it fully during the game. Upstairs we will be rocking the Chili Bar and the “adult beverages!!!”

Superbowl 2014 #7

Suberbowl 2014 #1

Superbowl 2014 #2

Superbowl 2014 #3

Superbowl 2014 #4

We are definitely counting down the days until the Big Game!!!!

Superbowl 2014 #5


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Christmas Prep is in Full Swing

This Santa’s Elf has been soooo busy the last few weeks.  Between Christmas cards and prepping for the holiday season, i’m afraid blogging has been on the bottom of my list.  But i’m excited to announce that I am all finished!!!! Woo Hoo!!! I always over do it around Christmas time and think that I can complete my “To Do List” with time to spare…NOT!!! The last few weeks i’ve been running around like a nutcracker, only slightly more nutty, doing shopping and all things Christmasy!!! My sweet hubby was out of town and I was left to man the Haguewood Zoo.  Including a communial visit to the vet with a $600 bill at the end. Gulp…I love my animals, I love my animals, I love my animals!!!!

Communial Vet Visit 2013

The good news is that I had some quality alone time with my Christmas Cards and was able to make them extra special & christmasy this year!!! I love my christmas cards and it was a pain in the ass SO MUCH FUN to hand address every…single…one…of them.  It really was a blast although next year I need to choose a less elaborate design!!! My little fingers were numb and cramping so bad.  I’m a firm believer that Christmas CHEER is contagious and if I brought even one smile to someone’s face then my work is done!!!!

christmas cards 2013

christmas cards #2 2013

Even Santa and Mrs. Claus will get a card this year!!! Did you know North Pole City is a REAL PLACE in Alaska!!! My christmas loving  heart just flipped in my chest when I saw that.  Can’t wait for little kiddos to write letters to Santa.  If you have kids they will actually write you back and everything!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

Well our christmas lists are finalized, Santa shopping is done, and gifts are wrapped safely under our tree! We opted for a “small” christmas this year and chose to donate money to a local animal shelter instead!!!! I saved little kitty babies and my heart is happy!!! Its so important to remember the Reason for the Season!!!!

christmas gifts 2013

I believe I have watched every single Christmas movie I own for the hundredth time and Christmas Vacation is permanently stuck at the top of my Instant Netflix account…strangely, I’m totally ok with that.

I whipped up a batch of yummy yummy Christmas Sugar Cookies last night and got to work frosting them today!!!! I always love the idea of making cookies, but there is something about sitting there frosting all of them that makes me want to pull my hair out!!!! I was going to go for homemade this year, but saw a gigantic bag of Krusteaz cookie mix at Costco and it was in my cart before I knew what happened.  I’m not a huge fan of all the preservatives/fillers etc. that are in this mix, but my exhaustion level was winning more then my holiday spirit last night!!!


I love decorating cookies but get so bored after doing say 3 of them!!!! I decided to go with little festive trees because it was an easy 1-2-3 (bake, frost, sprinkle) method that kept my lovely locks intact this year.  Last year I made little ones that said HO HO HO and they were decorated like candy canes.  My hair took a beating last year for sure!!!

cookies 2

cookies 3

cookies #4

cookies 5

cookies 6

cookies 6

cookies 7

My husband likes to tease, with love, me that I can only cook/bake something if I have a recipe to follow.  And 90% of the time he is CORRECT!!! But I invented my own little frosting recipe and it turned out AWESOME!!! I love cream cheese frosting that is whipped but needed it to be a little lighter for the cookies.  Here is my slam dunk recipe for Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting!!!! Yum…as I eat  my 10th sugar cookie.  Just Kidding…but maybe not!

Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

The Haguewood Family Christmas countdown is officially on!!!!

Haguewood Family Christmas 2013

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Happy First Day of Fall!!!!

Well…it has finally arrived! My favorite season is here and the holidays are soon to follow.  Our house will be fully decked out from now until January 1st!!! Muahahahaha!!!! My husband is so patient and puts up with so much!!!


We’ve been busy working and prepping the house for the winter months.  I have finally gotten around to putting up some Fall decorations…woohoo!!!! I’m going to pretend like I haven’t been planning my decor for the past 2 months. Here’s a peek at some of my Fall furnishings.

Fall Downstairs Mantel 1

Fall Downstairs Mantel 2

Fall Downstairs Mantel 3

Fall Upstairs Mantel 1

Burlap Banner DIY Tutorial can he found HERE!!!

Fall Upstairs Mantel 2

The holidays are getting more and more exciting! Every year my decorations get a little better and much more fun. It is so awesome being married and having a home to share with my husband.  Our marriage also gets better with each passing year…no shame here…we are a continually work in progress!!! Every day is worth it by the way!!!

Our Seattle Seahawks have been killing it with 3 wins so far…WOOHOO!!! I decided to deck out my marriage chalkboard with a fun little festive garland! And I wanted a fun board to record the Seahawks progress on…Boom Baby!!!

Seahawks Football Chalkboard 2 Seahawks Football Chalkboard

Seahawks Record #1

Fall is beyond wonderful!!! I am so looking forward to more football, crock pot dishes, and Hocus Pocus marathons!!!!

That time of year is coming...

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and FYI tomorrow is my Friday…time to celebrate!!!!!!!

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“Big and Lil” Chalkboard Style & ETSY Shop Opening


Hello to my Chalkboard Restyling mini-tutorial!!! My big chalkboard was getting a little dingy and I decided that it was time for a little refinishing!!! I also decided that it was time to expand my little chalkboard collection with a mini-me chalkboard for our downstairs mantel. Love it for the holiday season which is on its way…

To check out a full DIY Tutorial on Making a Chalkboard click HERE

Chalkboard Restyling 1

I made my mini-chalkboard using the same steps as my big chalkboard.  Check out the tutorial above for a detailed guide. Here is a quick breeze over of in pictures!!!

Chalkboard Restyling 2 Chalkboard Restyling 3

After several designs and washing my board the finish gets grimy and a white film will always be on the board no matter how many times I wash and wipe it clean.  To refinish my large chalkboard I used blue painters tape and made a clean edge on the inside of the chalkboard.

Chalkboard Restyling 4 Chalkboard Restyling 5

Once taped and ready to go I put a thin layer of fresh chalkboard paint on the board. I find that letting the board dry over night is best.  And I put a fresh coat of paint on after every 8 to 10 designs.

Chalkboard Restyling 6

BOOM a brand new restyled chalkboard and a mini-me chalkboard!!

Chalkboard Restyling 7

So we have been super busy working and getting ready for Fall Excitement!!! We have some fun weddings coming up and of course FOOTBALL SEASON is almost here. We literally have a few days left until Game One Kick Off!!!!

GO SEAHAWKS & Russel Wilson is the Bomb…Just Saying!!!

I’m putting the final touches on my Etsy shop, LovetheSparkle, which should be opening soon. All of my chalkboard designs will be available for purchase via a digital download.  I’m hoping you all love them as much as I do.  Let me know what you think. I would love some feedback.  I’ll let you know when we officially open for business, haha!!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day and is having a fantastic WEEK!!!!

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DIY Bow T-Strap Sandals & How To Guide

DIY Bow Sandals

It has been a rainy summer day in our neck of the woods.  I decided I needed a project to keep me occupied while indoors.  Yesterday we were busy prepping the house for company and today I needed a break from everything.  I recently was cleaning out a closet and found a cute pair of T-Strap Sandals I never wear and decided they were in need of an updated look.  I’ve been searching high and low for a cute pair of “bow sandals” and for the life of me can’t find any.  I elected to make a pair myself, only with a FUN twist.  My bow can be removed and interchanged to match any outfit.  I love pink bows…but pink isn’t always appropriate. HAHA. Who am I kidding…PINK is always appropriate.

Voila…Pink Bow T-Strap Sandals!!!!

DIY Bow Sandals Image

SUPPLIES:  1 Pair of T-Strap Sandals, Fabric, Metal Snaps, Thin Beading Wire, Glue Gun, and Scissors

Bow Sandals - Supplies

STEP 1 – Begin by cutting out your three pieces of fabric.  Two pieces that are 7″ by 4″ cut into a rectangle, and one piece that is 2″ by 10″ cut into a long strip.  Pictured below. I honestly just winged it and cut out my pieces.

Bow Sandals #2

STEP 2 – Taking one of your rectangle pieces, fold it into thirds and place a thin line of glue along the inner edge.

Bow Sandals #3

STEP 3 – Fold over the remaining third and press firmly along the glue line.

Bow Sandals #4

STEP 4 -Taking the fabric tube you have now made, fold inward the two remaining raw edges and secure with glue in the center. Press firmly to set the glue.

Bow Sandals #5

STEP 5 – Place a single dot of glue in the center of the small rectangle and pinch to create the “Bow” shape.  Using thin beading wire, secure the bow by wrapping the wire around the center of the bow.

Bow Sandals #6

STEP 6 – Next, create a third long tube using the thin strip of fabric and some glue.

Bow Sandals #7

STEP 7 – Take your thin long tube and fold it in half.  Cut the tube into two pieces, one for each bow.

Bow Sandals #8

STEP 8 – Take your bow and one of the thin strips and place a dot of glue on the back of the bow.  Wrap the thin tube around the center of the bow and secure with another dot of glue.

Bow Sandals #9

Bow Sandals #10

The Finished Bows!!!!!

Bow Sandals #11

Once your bows are complete you need to attach them to the sandal.  I wanted mine to be interchangeable so I used metal snaps .  Here are a few of the bows I made…

Bow Sandals #12

STEP 9 – Attach one end of the metal snap to the bow using a dot of glue.  Press the snap to the bow and hold for a minute between your fingers to make sure it stays securely to the bow.  Attach the other end of the snap to your sandal, again using a dot of glue and holding securely.  When making the bows interchangeable make sure you use the correct end of the snap for the other bows.  I saved my other ends in case I purchase more sandals at some point.

Bow Sandals #13

Bow Sandals #14

And your DONE! All you do is snap in the bows you want to wear and your good to go!

Bow Sandals #15

Bow Sandals #16

Here are a few photos of my finished DIY Bow T-Strap Sandals…its so fun how the look changes so much simply by changing the bows! So cute….

Bow Sandals #17
Bright Pink Bows
White Bows
White Bows
Bow Sandals #18
Pale Pink Bows

I was so pleased and completely excited with how good these turned out.  There are so many possibilities and I can’t wait to make more.  I already have some fun 4th of July ones in the works.  Also the best part about this project was that it added up to around $3 for supplies.  I used old pieces of fabric I had laying around my craft room and purchased the other items at our local Hobby Lobby. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me or comment below.  Also subscribe to my blog for email updates and more fun projects in the future!!!!


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve

Whoop Whoop, tomorrow is St. Patty’s Day and I am ready for all the fun Irish shenanigans. Actually, we probably won’t be getting into too many shenanigans but it’s still going to be really fun. I can’t wait for babies because holidays become more wonderful and totally hectic!. What a fun combination and I can’t wait for our Haguewood Zoo to be complete!!! I absolutely love the “eves” of holidays and sometimes the buildup to the holiday is the BEST part.  Tomorrow I still need to get my normal weekend chores out of the way, but sprinkled in we will be enjoying green pancakes a few fun projects and then Monday night we will be having a traditional Irish dinner with my family! Heck Yes! Family + Free Food = HAPPINESS!!!! Here are a few of the fun ideas I have planned for tomorrow’s festiveness!!!! Sorry about the lateness, again I am tardy, but life has been flying by and my days feel longer than normal but I feel like I have less time. Yikes, that makes no sense but is a small snapshot of my brain these days. Anyways…here is my festive collage of St. Patrick’s Day Ideas and Inspiration!!!!

St. Patrick's Day Inspiration 2013

All Image Sources can be found HERE!

I’ve also completed a fun and super CUTE St. Patrick’s Day Apron to wear while baking tomorrow! Again, I had so much fun doing this project and I can’t believe how easy it was.  I’ve always looked at clothing and sewing projects and immediately ran in the other direction. Then I started working as a Bridal Consultant and now have a first hand look at one of the most complicated and emotional projects in clothing apparel…THE WEDDING GOWN! If I can do that…I can do anything. And I have an amazing mentor!!!! I’ll be sure to post pictures when I do my St. Patty’s Day Post!!!

Have a great night and don’t get into too many shenanigans my friends!

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Post-Valentine’s Day DIY Projects

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone…I am still in the festive spirit and “Love is Always in the Air!!” Life has been fairly hectic this last week as our house flooded, but luckily the damage wasn’t too bad and we are able to get by with some cleanup and a call to the insurance company. The universe does throw random curve balls at us every once and awhile. A funny true test of a marriage is when something “crazy” happens. Its silly  how with some of the simplest things we can fight and fight, but whenever something major happens, we completely come together and work together as a team 100% of the time. Our marriage has never seemed stronger OR happier despite the fact that our house is torn up, it really is about the relationship and not the material things in life.

I made this festive Valentine’s Day Burlap Banner for the biggest Romantic Holiday ever!!! Wait…that might have to be our anniversary but for now it will do. I apologize for just now getting around to posting the DIY Tutorial on how to make it. I was actually going for a Pink Ombre effect with the letters, which as you can see, didn’t really turn out. But i’m still really pleased with it!!!!!

Valentine's Day Burlap Banner

STEP #1 – I actually used some burlap that I had laying around for this project, but you can buy it at any craft store or fabric store. I used a piece of stiff cardstock for the banner pattern. You will also need some scrap paper, a sharpie, paint (regular acrylic paint works just fine), scissors, and a needle and thread. Cut the cardstock into the shape of the banner you want. I opted for this cute little design but you can go for whatever banner shape floats your boat. I just free handed the shape but you can find printable patterns all over the internet. 🙂

Valentine's Burlap Banner #1

STEP #2 – Using a sharpie, outline the bunting shape onto the burlap. The burlap will move and is always changing shape because of the fabric weave. No two pieces will be 100% identical. I already had my “Love is Sweet” phrase planned out so I knew how many pieces to cut.

Valentine's Burlap Banner #2

STEP #3 – Cut out your bunting shapes! I will sometimes pull the side threads out to make the shape more symetrical. The edges are the hardest part because the burlap piece isn’t cut exactly on the grain. You can see all the wispy pieces poking out in the photo below.

Valentine's Burlap Banner #3

STEP #4 – Next, I ironed my burlap pieces so they would lay nice and flat. Make sure to use a low heat because the burlap will burn easily. When you iron it, the burlap will change color slightly, this is completely normal.

Valentine's Burlap Banner #4

STEP #5 – Draw your letters on the scratch paper and place the burlap piece over the lettering. This will act as a stencil for the burlap piece. I usually start by painting the edges on, basically an outline. I usually like to do my lettering by hand but you can also print them out ahead of time.

Valentine's Burlap Banner #5

STEP #6 – Next, paint the full letter. I usually do two coats of paint to fill in all the spaces the first coat might have missed. Remember to keep the scratch paper under the burlap because some paint will seep through until it dries.

Valentine's Burlap Banner #6

STEP #7 – Once all the letters have dried I used a needle and thread to hang my banner.

Valentine's Day Burlap Banner #7

AND VOILA!!!! Instant, cute, and cheap Valentine’s Day Decor!!! I also painted some old frames that I had laying around! They were originally PINK…sooooo cute!!! I had to make a grownup decision and conclude that pink wasn’t going to work in my office. So I opted for White to match my Chalkboard. I used the same painting techniques that I did for the chalkboard, tutorial and painting can be found here.

Painted Frames

DIY Painted Frames

March is right around the corner and I am getting excited for all things Irish!!!! I’m also looking forward to putting my house back together and to keep my strong workouts going. I was so good last week despite the craziness and stress! The next step for me is to work on my diet a bit. Small adjustments can make the biggest difference.  The Downton Abbey season finale was this week so i’m going to start my withdrawls. I just might have to get the Season ONE, TWO,and THREE DVDs.  Just when we thought we were moving into Spring, we got snowed on again! I am looking forward to some nice weather here soon and I can’t wait to get out into the garden.

Enjoy the Weekend,