Easter Mini Style

Happy Easter Week friends!

We are bursting at the seams this week with pre-Easter activities and lots of Birthday celebrations.  My hubby is turning 30 and then we are kicking off our Easter weekend festivities! We have some festive breakfasts planned, Easter inspired toddler activities,  and of course Reagan needs to practice her Easter egg hunting.  The weather has been beautiful (and WARM). I feel like I need to whisper that because it legitimately SNOWED yesterday, and then today ended up being sunny and almost 60 degrees.  I’m terrified of jinxing this weekend and the bucket loads of gorgeous weather we want for our Easter festivities.

In the spirit of the Easter holiday I rounded up some beyond adorable Easter Sunday outfits for baby girl. I can’t wait for Miss Reagan to rock her Easter outfit.  Everything about these sweet styles are fresh for Spring and rosy pink for Easter.

Easter styles for baby

Gray Knit Bunny Hat   //   Hop Sweater   //   Chambray Bloomers   //  Pink Cardigan   //   Chambray Polka Dot Flutter Dress   //  Floral Print Dress   //   Sugar Plum Felt Flower Headband   //   Ballet Pink Felt Flower Headband   //   Pale Pink Flutter Top   //   White Denim Jeans   //   Silver Bunny Flats

The Easter Bunny has a little more shopping to do and some strategic egg stuffing needs to take place.  I refuse to buy a bunch of Easter candy because my pregnant ass would end up eating all of it.  So I need to come up with a few backup plans and get creative so we can have endless egg hunting fun this weekend.

For those of you who emailed me, Reagan’s First Birthday Dress is from and is actually 40% OFF this week, just in time for Easter.  I intentionally bought her a bigger size because I really wanted her to be able to wear it this Spring.  I’m still daydreaming occasionally about what a special and fun little party we had. To read all the details, click HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.07.18 AM

And for those that were wondering the knit bunny hat Miss Reagan was wearing in my Easter Basket Goodies Post was a newborn gift from a friend last year.  BUT, I did find a few similar styles HERE & HERE & HERE!

I hope everyone has an awesome week leading up to Easter! We are off to get our celebration on with endless birthday festivities!

And a very Happy Birthday to my sweet and 30 year-old hubby!!!!!! Reagan and I are two lucky ladies to have you in our lives.

xo xo Friends,

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Easter Basket Goodies

Holy cow its April! We’ve been so looking forward to Easter this year!!! Easter 2016 was Reagan’s first big holiday and my first chance to play the Easter Bunny.  Obviously it goes without saying, she had no freakin’ clue what was going on.  She was around 3 weeks old.  BUT this year is soooooo different and she is starting to get the hang of this holiday thing!!! She is on the verge of walking and that means we can officially have an egg hunt and i’m not sure my heart will handle the cuteness.

The days are long with a toddler, but they are going so quickly at the same time because i’m pregnant.  Baby prepping, spring cleaning, work, and trying to remain active have me fully extended. But i’m oh so happy!!! I wanted to get a head start on Reagan and Baby H’s Easter baskets and thought I would share our findings.  Finding relatively inexpensive, small, age appropriate gifts is tough and i’m not one to buy a bunch of crap!!! If we purchase something, WE USE IT!!!! And I want to get my money’s worth from that purchase. AKA, something Reagan needs and will use.

We have always gone easy on the toys and i’m not going to fill her basket with sweets.  She is a huge fan of her stuffed animals or  “Lovies,” and we seem to go through pacifiers like its going out of style.  I’m obsessed with this limited edition WubbaNub Cow pacifier.  A reusable pair of bunny ears is always a festive addition and will get used over the years. We love to read to Reagan and are always looking to build up her library.  Children’s books are the absolute best and I LOVE anything with a holiday theme.  Its fun to mix up and exchange books from her library based on the season or holiday.

Easter Basket Goodies

FOR BABY:     Jellycat Bashful Bunny Ring   //   WubbaNub Pacifier

FOR TODDLER:     Jellycat Bashful Bunny   //   Gold Bunny Ears   //   HoneySticks Beeswax Crayons

BOOKS:     The Golden Egg Book   //   Bunny Roo I Love You   //   The Country Bunny and the Gold Shoes   //   The Secret Garden

I am so excited for some new books and probably most looking forward to getting those crayons into Miss Reagan’s hands.  I did a ton of research on safe crayons for a one year old.  She is busy sticking everything in her mouth still and the HoneySticks are completely natural and the size is supposed to be great for new little artists. Pinterest says you can tape a piece of paper to the highchair and let them color away. We are going to give it a try and if it doesn’t go well, we’ll just wait another month or so and try again.

Last year I got her Easter Basket from World Market and I was so excited to learn that it is back again this year.  This means that Baby H #2 will get the same basket and they can match for future years. Little details like that are super important to me and I actually go out of my way to think of them.  The basket is the Mint Wire Farmhouse Basket and is also available in white and rustic metal. The mint was just calling to me last year and is the perfect Springy color.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.55.45 PM

Also totally random, but how CUTE are these Carrot Utensils for a toddler. These might have to make there way into our baskets this year as well. Reagan is absolutely fascinated by silverware and loves to practice using our forks to pick things up. Good practice for her hand eye coordination.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.18.21 PM

Happy April Friends! I hope this gives you a few ideas or inspiration for your little bunnies and their Easter baskets.

xo xo


Also one little throwback from Easter last year. Our little bunny has grown up so much!!!!

Easter 2016 #13



Happy Easter 2016


Well its back to our normal routine after celebrating the Easter holiday this past weekend! I want to say that our weekend was calm and relaxing but Little Miss Reagan had us on our toes the whole time.  She decided she wanted to be awake and fussy most of Saturday night, so Jeffrey and I took shifts staying up with her and soothing her as much as possible.  She really just loves to be held and loved on more than anything.  She will fall asleep in our arms and be the most content baby ever, but the second you put her down she is wide awake and looking at you with her BIG bright eyes!

Needless to say, we both woke up exhausted and tanked on Easter morning.  We decided to just roll with it.  I had big plans to make us an awesome and yummy breakfast complete with bunny shaped pancakes and Easter Baskets, but NOPE, baby girl had other plans in mind. We still managed to enjoy the morning and cuddled our sweet baby girl.  We left for a family dinner that afternoon and finally got to show off our beautiful baby girl to some extended family. So fun and of course everyone loved little miss. Reagan and I had matching outfits and she was so sweet decked out in white lace and pink looking incredibly girly. Just like her Momma.

Our very first “Holiday” Family Photo (Reagan was grunting the whole time. We couldn’t stop cracking up.)
Easter 2016 #12

Easter 2016 #10

Easter 2016 #11

I was a little late putting up our Easter decorations this year. I’ve kinda had my hands full with a newborn baby and everything. But I managed to pull out the boxes during an extra long nap time. I normally go gang busters on the decorations but this year I decided to keep it clean and simply.  Less to take down later. 🙂

Easter 2016 #8

Easter 2016 #7

Carrot Garland from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. Similar HERE. “Happy Easter” Banner from Target. Similar HERE.

I did a whole post on Little Miss Reagan’s First Easter Basket and all the goodies I found to fill it in my previous post. For links to items and to read the post click HERE.  I was so happy with how it turned out and i’m already excited for next year when she will semi-understand what is going on and want to play with all her goodies. The Easter Bunny even left her a sweet little note and she had a special card from Mommy and Daddy.  Easter 2016 #2

Easter 2016 #1

Easter 2016 #4

Easter 2016 #6

I found the basket at World Market and loved how versatile and cheap it was. I looked at all the cute customized baskets from Pottery Barn but really loved how simply and cute this basket was.  Plus I can use it for other things during the rest of the year.

Mint Wire Easter Basket from World Market

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.40.05 AM

I was so THRILLED that we had a sweet baby girl because now we can dress her up all cute and adorable!!!! All the sweet Easter clothes out there were so hard to narrow down. I finally decided on the cutest dress from Target that I was completely in love with. Easter Dress can be found HERE.  I can’t tell you how hard it was to find cute dresses that come in Newborn sizes. Little Miss is a petite thing and I have a feeling she will be rocking the newborn size for awhile still.

happy easter 2016

Overall we had an amazing Easter and I will forever treasure this first BIG holiday with our precious Reagan Marie.  I even managed to squeeze in some time for a little photoshoot with the little miss. The photos turned out beyond anything I could have ever imagined and I love that we captured this special time in her life.  I find myself pulling them out and looking at them in the wee hours of the morning during 2am feedings. I know i’m biased but she is just SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

Easter 2016 #25

Easter 2016 #26

Easter 2016 #24

Easter 2016 #28

Easter 2016 #23

Easter 2016 #19

Easter 2016 #13

happy easter 2016

Happy April 1st everyone!

The weather is absolutely stunning and we are headed out to get some much needed fresh air and vitamin D!!!

xo xo Friends,


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Happy Easter Eve & Baby’s First Easter Basket

I am so excited for Reagan’s very first EASTER!!! I love playing the Easter Bunny and am so excited for all the fun adventures we will have watching our little one grow up and learn.  I am absolutely obsessed with holidays and any excuse to be Fun & Festive.  I can’t wait to experience what the holidays feel like with babies and small children. Reagan arrived on March 2nd so her first holiday was St. Patrick’s Day, Blog Post can be found HERE, but Easter will be her first official BIG holiday celebrated with Family!!!  I am just so excited. I’m also trying to remind myself that she is still a newborn and won’t know what the heck is going on at all.  I need to keep my expectations in check but my holiday loving heart gets so excited!!!! Happy Easter Eve friends!

Easter Basket Goodies 2016

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit   The Velveteen Rabbit   JellyCat Duckling   Golden Easter Eggs

Pink Easter Pajamas     Blue Easter Pajamas     Infant Bunny Slippers     Bunny Ring Rattle

I started hunting for the perfect Easter basket fillers right after Valentine’s Day.  We didn’t know what Little Baby Haguewood was going to be so I was shooting for items that were #1 – Useful, #2 Gender Neutral, and #3 as CUTE as possible.  All the adorable bunny stuff out there had me swooning and it was so hard to not go gangbusters buying everything for her. I had to remind myself that she is only going to be a newborn for a little bit here and unless we have another baby girl around Easter we probably won’t get much use out of any special clothes.  I really wanted to get her some toys that I know we will use in the future, so I went for these Vulli So Pure Toy Blocks from the makers of Sophie the Giraffe. Reagan is already mesmerized by Sophie and loves to stare at her and hold her. Thanks Grandma Julie!!! I’m excited for her to get a little older so we can start learning and playing games with her.

vulli toy blocks

I also got her several fun Easter Books, some NEW colorful easter eggs which are currently filled with candy for ME, the pink bunny pajamas pictured above, and the Bunny Rattle from Bunnies by the Bay, a company i’m absolutely obsessed with.  Everything they have is just so darn cute!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 6.29.54 PM

We are looking forward to starting some new holiday traditions with our sweet little girl, one of which is celebrating the “Eves” of just about every holiday out there.  There is something incredibly magical about holidays and I remember eagerly awaiting the arrival of the morning as a young child and being so giddy the night before .  The anticipation of a holiday is half the FUN!!! I found the cutest series of books that celebrate the “eves” of all the holidays.  I can’t wait to read them to Miss Reagan and continue adding to our growing library.  After her bath tonight we are going to sit down as a family and read The Night Before Easter together!!! I am just so excited for our first BIG HOLIDAY together as a family of 3!!!

The Night before Easter

Happy Easter Eve Friends

xo xo,


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It’s all about the Jovie dog…

On Tuesday, November 11th we celebrated our sweet dog Jovie’s 5th Birthday!!!!

She is such a darling and we have so much love for this little baby.  My hubby received Jovie as a birthday gift 5 years ago and she has been his loving companion ever sense.  These two are simply inseparable.  Every time the hubby has to go on a business trip, Jovie patiently waits for him to come home. She was one of the CUTEST golden puppies I have ever seen.





When Jeffrey and I got married in 2011, I had the honor of becoming this little girls “mommy” and she is just as precious now as she was then. We all look like babies in this picture.


She loves going to Grandma and Grandpa’s lake house and jumping off the dock more than anything else. She truly is a water dog and her “Happy Place” is wherever she can swim and swim and swim.


She puts up with so many of my holiday shenanigans including yearly Halloween costumes, bunny ears for Easter, and Christmas scarves for the holidays.

80’s RockStar Jovie – 2010



SuperGirl Jovie – 2013

halloween 16


The 3 Little Pigs – 2014


Santa’s Little Helper – 2012


Santa’s Reindeer – 2013

xmas 12

Matching Christmas Scarves – 2013


Cheering on our Seahawks – 2014

SuperBowl #9

Celebrating “AMERICA” for the 4th – 2014


Easter Bunny Jovie – 2013

Jovie Bunny

This angel has celebrated so many milestones with our family and now we are excited to celebrate HER!!!

In the Spring we found out Jovie had a malignant tumor in her leg.  We were simply devastated.  We knew we weren’t ready to say goodbye to our baby and it wasn’t quite her time yet.  So… after 2 surgeries, several weeks in a full leg cast, and 100lb. mommy carrying 65lb. Jovie up and down the stairs multiple times a day, we FINALLY received the all clear and a clean bill of health!!! Our baby was back and her inner LIGHT was shinning brighter than ever!!!! We added a third Cancer Survivor to our family and CELEBRATED!!!!

photo 3-2

photo 5-2

photo 2-3

photo 1-3

Jovie, you are a beautiful soul and we love and admire you so much!!!

We are beyond thankful for every memory where you were by our side and are JOYFUL for the many years we now get to spend with you.  Thank you for being YOU and the best Jovie-Dog we have!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Love Mommy and Daddy!!!!!

And YES, I do LOVE my animals enough to write a whole freakin’ blog post just about them!!!!

Kiss your babies tonight and love on them!!!!

xo xo friends,

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Happy Easter & Happy April

Happy Easter & Happy April 1st!!! No jokes for me today haha. I hope everyone had an amazing and wonderful holiday!!! Ours was so much fun!!! We spent the morning doing some housework, me indoors with some cleaning and the hubby outdoors doing some yard work!!! We spent a hilariously good time, quality time with our animals by dressing them up for Easter. Then we went up to my parents house for Easter dinner with the family! It was so great to see everyone. I’m currently kicking myself because I didn’t take any pics 🙁

Anyways…Happy Easter…one day late.

Happy Easter

I do however have some FUN recipes that I worked up for this festive holiday!!! The first involves my favorite Easter treat…PEEPS! If you follow me on instagram (@michellehaguewood) you will have seen my LOVE and OBSESSION with Peeps around Easter time.  So here we go…

Rainbow Peep Rice Krispy Treats

STEP 1 – Gather your Ingredients

Rice Krispy Treats Ingredients

Peeps #3

Peeps #4

Peeps #5

Peeps #6

STEP 2 – Begin making your rice krispy treats!

Rice Krispy Treats Instructions

Peeps #1 21-05-28

peeps 5

peeps 6

Peeps 7

Peeps 8

I melted some extra marshmallows with butter and used the sticky mixture as a “glue” to keep my peeps on!

peeps 9

And then you end up with these yummy little treats!!!! So colorful and perfect for Easter!

Peeps 3

Next up I worked on some yummy cookies! These are M&M Sugar Cookies basically!

M&M Easter Cookies #1

Easter Cookies - Ingredients

Easter Cookies - Instructions

Overall it was a very good Easter filled with lots of love and happiness! Here are a few photo stragglers from our festive holiday…

Jovie Bunny

Easter Baskets

Easter Decor #!

Easter Decor #2

Easter Decor #3

And, YES, those are shot glasses holding up my “P’s.” I had to get creative folks!

Easter Decor #4

Again, wishing you all a Happy Easter and a very Happy April!!! I can’t wait for more sunshine…

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Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Spring has officially sprung and it has brought with it some seriously crazy weather!!!! One minute its snowing, the next its sunny and warm, and then its pouring down rain. Hour by hour the weather is keeping me on my toes. Here is a quick peek at my backyard where one minute it was snowing and ten minutes later the sun was shining. HAHA. Thats the way of it…I LOVE SPRINGTIME!!!!

Crazy Weather Backyard

I’ve been busy however keeping my sights set on the next big holiday. EASTER!!!! Some spring cleaning and decorating will be keeping me busy this weekend. Here is a look at some fun and festive Easter Ideas I can’t wait to celebrate with this year!!!

Easter Ideas and Inspiration 2013

And…even though Jeffrey and I don’t have kids yet I have decided that we still need Easter Baskets…only grownup versions!! Heck Yes!!! I am truly a kid at heart. Easter was always a fun holiday in my house as a kid, and I can’t wait to celebrate with our little ones in the future! One huge draw to Easter for me is all the fun “girly” colors!!! I am truly a girly girly and I love decorating my house with all the fun and festive pastel tones! Whoop Whoop!!!! I couldn’t resist making a fun Easter Favorites Collage with all my personal favorites when it comes to easter candy and treats!!! Easter Favorites

Personalized Easter Baskets     Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs     Colorful Easter Egg Lights

Floral Easter Garland     PINK Bunny Peeps     PAAS Easter Egg Coloring Kit

1. Personalized Easter Baskets

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I seriously can’t wait to have little ones and fill their baskets with a bunch of fun goodies! I found these super cute personalized baskets and immediately fell in LOVE with them! So Cute…even for adults! They have a bunch of different colors including green and lavender if you don’t want the traditional pink & blue. Love the big size too so there is lots of room to stuff them full of goodies!

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

These need NO explanation or justification as to why they are completely WONDERFUL and I LOVE THEM!!!!

3. Colorful Easter Egg Lights

I have a huge obsession with colored lights and garland!!! If I could maturely get away with changing them and doing something different every single day of the year I just might do it. I found these cute little colorful egg lights at Target a few years back, luckily they are still selling them online, and hadn’t even taken them out of the box yet. It was definitely time. They are now hanging in my office and are super cute! Perfect for just a little extra color on a dreary Spring day.

4. Floral Easter Garland

Again…my obsession with garland! So cute!!! I love the bright colors and the fact that this one has Easter eggs in it is only a BONUS! Way to rock it Pier 1!!!!!

5. PINK Peep Bunnies

Again…no explanation necessary. I am normal not a marshmallow kinda girl but these are PINK for goodness sake! Its truly funny how these actually are much better than traditional and boring marshmallows! I might have to stock up for summer too cuz I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest where you use Peep marshmallows for smores during a campout! This is totally happening. Talk about fun and festive!!!

6. PAAS Egg Coloring Kit

These are a major throw back to my childhood! I swear they haven’t changed the box design in 20 years! Way to go Paas. I love these things and every time I see them at the market I am immediately taken back to my childhood and surrounding the dinner table and dying eggs. One of my all time favorite Easter activities!!! I can literally remember almost every year of dying eggs with my parents as a child. So much FUN!!!!!

I had to share a photo of my newest addiction…colorful paper straws!!! I don’t know why this simple little item makes me so happy but  I love reaching for a fun and festive colorful straw with my morning coffee!!!! I opted for some gorgeous pastel colors for Easter.

Colored Straws

Welcome Spring - Chalkboard