3 Weeks of Jackson James!

2 weeks of Jackson James

Our sweet little man is already three weeks old and we are cruising into a new routine.  The days and weeks are starting to run together but overall we are adjusting really well and are beyond in love with these two tiny humans.  I am so in love with the photo above which was taken on Memorial Day 2017. We had a small celebration at our house to welcome our little man home. These are my people and they represent everything I love about our family and this beautiful life.  Don’t get me wrong…its bat shit crazy at times and chaotic beyond words. But DANG, there is so much JOY and LOVE in the air that we might drown from happiness.  Babies are the biggest blessing in the whole world.

2 weeks of Jackson James

Little Jackson is doing so GOOD. We just went in for his two week checkup and he has already exceeded his birth weight by a whole pound. He was born over Memorial Day weekend and only lost 1 oz. while we were in the hospital.  He dropped a little more weight in the week after his birth but my milk came in quickly and we rebounded.  We went back to the hospital for his 2nd PKU test and he passed his Bilirubin screening, code for jaundice check, with flying colors.  It was so crazy to be back at the hospital so quickly after giving birth to him. Major de-javu for both his birth and Reagan’s birth.  On a completely random note, we were actually in the exact same post-birth room for both children.  I have such special memories of the first few hours with both my children in that hospital room.

Nursing is going extremely well for us, which is a total shock after my experience with Reagan. We had a few minor road blocks with early breastfeeding pain and bleeding but overall Jackson has an awesome latch and we are crushing it.  He has a small tongue tie issue which will resolve itself over time according to our pediatrician. He is eating every 3 hours consistently now and slept like a rock the whole first week of his life.  We were only waking up once a night or so and getting so much sleep in those early days.  But we have settled into a normal routine and I am so thankful for the 3 hour chunks that we do get.  I am pumping all day long in addition to breastfeeding to build up my milk supply.  This is wonderful in that Jeffrey can feed the little man for one of the night feedings and I can do the second night feeding.  Reagan is an early riser so we are up between 6am and 7am every morning to kick off our day regardless.  No rest for the RAD!

2 weeks of Jackson James

We had my husband’s family in town and my parents who live here the weekend I gave birth and a few days prior.  It was so amazing and helpful to be surrounded by our loved ones during such a special time. They were all able to help watch Miss Reagan and give me a break the first few days home from the hospital. I was able to ease into having moments alone with both the kids. We started with an hour or so by myself, a few hours here and there, half the day, and then almost the whole day which was a godsend. The thought of having both the children by myself was so overwhelming at first.  I literally cried on more than one occasion at just the thought of it.  But once Jackson was here, I was able to ease into it and feel confident that it was completely doable. Now we are in such a strong routine that it feels like our life has always been on autopilot with our two little loves.

Reagan is such a little ham and is always on the go. She is literally non-stop!!! She keeps me on my toes for sure and keeping her entertained and active is my main goal.  Jackson is so easy at this point.  I don’t want to minimize the stress and exhaustion of the Newborn phase…its A LOT OF WORK. But its a different kind of work and I feel so blessed to have a healthy baby who likes to sleep and eat every 3-4 hours.  Some newborns want to eat every hour on the hour. YIKES! We went into setting up a routine with the intention of keeping Reagan’s life and schedule as seamless as possible.  This has really paid off in that she just loves the baby.  She wants to help and love on him constantly and enjoys being around him. She doesn’t act threatened or jealous and isn’t trying to compete for my attention yet. I’m sure we will hit a few speed bumps at some point, as is completely normal with children and siblings, but for now the adjustment is going great!

2 weeks of Jackson James

Reagan is doing an amazing job as a big sister.  I had zero expectations of what she would think of the baby and how she would act around him.  She totally understands that we have a baby in the house and is so helpful for a toddler who is only 15 months old. She is always very gentle, loves to bring him pacifiers when he fusses, learned how to push the button to turn on the MamaRoo, and is very concerned about where he is and if he is ok. She loves her “Ba-by” and recently started giving him the sweetest kisses on the head. I am beyond blown away at the sweetness and love she displays towards him. I am counting my blessings for sure at her new found ability to show love and affection. We are trying our hardest to teach her to say “I love you.”

2 weeks of Jackson James

2 weeks of Jackson James

2 weeks of Jackson James

Overall my recovery has been speedy and amazing. The human body just kicks into gear and boom we had baby.  Its already like I was never even pregnant minus a few hormone induced mommy meltdowns.  I started walking 3 days after giving birth and am already down about 18 of the 26 pounds I gained from this pregnancy.  I am hoping to have our schedule dialed in enough to fit in regular workouts once I get the all clear from my doctor. So excited to have some natural endorphins and not just pregnancy hormones flowing through my body again.

I haven’t really tried to establish a schedule at all and our days are very very simple.  I’m keeping the routine basic and we only work on checking off the absolute necessities with naps sprinkled in between. We have ventured out of the house a few times but mostly we are hunkering in and just establishing a routine and getting our home base set up.  I do make a solid effort to “get out of the house” WITH THE KIDS at least once a day, even if we just take a walk around the block.  I easily go stir crazy even after a day of not leaving the house.  Mentally and emotionally I know what it takes for me to stay balanced, and if I can keep that in check it makes managing the two munchkins so much easier. My hubby works from home which is wonderful because I have help when and if I need it. We have also had family in and out of town regularly since his birth which has helped ease the transition.  At the one month mark i’m really hoping to get into a steady routine that will keep all of us thriving and not just in pure survival mode.  But this is the newborn phase and we are all adjusting to our new life as a family of FOUR + 2 golden retrievers + 3 kitty babies.

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Welcome to the World, Jackson James Haguewood!!!

Its official, Baby Haguewood #2 has arrived and we are delighted to welcome a perfectly healthy little BOY into our growing family!!!

Welcome to the world Jackson James Haguewood!!!!

Jackson Birth post

Jackson James was born on May 26th at 7:21pm!!! He entered the world with a LOUD scream weighing in at 7lbs. 5oz. and is 20in. long.  Friday was his official due date, June 9th, and he is already two weeks old.  As with Reagan I delivered at exactly 38 weeks and i’ve taken some time to just soak up every second of cuddles and love from both my babies and my husband.  Sometimes blogging needs to take a backseat.  We are so grateful that he is here and we are slowly settling into a new routine and a new normal with our two wonderful children. We feel so fortunate to have one of each gender and are looking forward to learning who our new little man is.

Jackson Birth post

I had another incredibly easy and quick delivery and am so grateful for this perfect baby boy. He has simply worked his way into our hearts and having him as part of the family seems the most natural thing in the world.  He was always meant to be with us.  I wasn’t sure how the transition to two children would go, but everything has been completely seamless.  Reagan joined us at the hospital shortly after he arrived and was beyond delighted with her new baby brother.  We of course loved seeing her and missed her like crazy.

She, however, was more interested in the hospital room and playing with her Grandparents. I can’t wait till he is old enough to interact and play with her in return.  Seeing my two babies side-by-side is the most magical feeling in the world. I simply don’t know what I ever did to deserve this life and the love of this family…but I am eternally grateful.

Jackson Birth post

Jackson Birth post

Jackson Birth post

At two weeks old Mr. Jackson is the calmest and most content baby i’ve personally ever met.  We got off to a wonderful start with nursing and he barely lost any weight while we waited for my milk to come in.  These first two weeks have been drastically different from our early days with Reagan.  I remember feeling major mommy blues and nursing was a huge challenge with her.  Everything about this little dude is calm and easy.  He does have the occasional fussy moment but that usually means he is a little gassy and it quickly passes.  Our first night home with the little man was crazy easy.  He only woke once to nurse and slept in five hour chunks.  I was shocked and a little worried about how sleepy and content he was. We didn’t know if something was wrong.  Turns out he is just super chill and loves to sleep and eat.  He loves cuddles and being patted on the bottom to fall asleep.  He is quite the grunter and makes the funniest newborn sounds.  I am obsessed with his long fingers and toes and we are convinced he will be tall and lean like my husband’s grandfather!  Basically he is PERFECT and we are so in love with him.

Jackson Birth post

Jackson Birth post

I will share his birth story soon and am so excited to continue blogging about my journey through motherhood and the adjustment to two children.  It has definitely been different but our home is so full of joy and love.  Seeing the HAPPINESS in my husband’s eyes at finally having a son is an indescribable feeling.  We would have loved another little girl, but having a baby boy has filled a gap in our hearts that we didn’t know existed.  He is here now and our family feels whole.  Reagan is just enamored with her baby brother and runs around the house yelling “Ba-by.”  Every time she wakes up from a nap she is calling for the baby and wants to go check on him.  She is constantly peeking into his bassinet and smiling down on him. She lights up every time she sees him and claps her hands and giggles.  I have yet to witness a single moment where she isn’t smiling around him or excited to see him.  We weren’t sure if she would even notice him, being that she is only 15 months old, but she just LOVES him.  I wasn’t expecting that and every time they are together my heart just explodes with happiness.  I can tell they are going to be extremely close siblings.  She is always gentle around him, helps me hunt for his pacifiers, and if we bottle feed him pumped milk she loves to bring us the bottle and help feed him.  She loves her “ba-ba,” code for bottle, and helps him with his.  It is so cute!!!!


I always here stories from second time moms who say, “I didn’t know if there would be room in my heart for another child.” Or “I wasn’t sure I could love a second child the way I love my first.” I was absolutely positive that our baby would be loved beyond measure and there is no first child or second child, just children to be loved endlessly.  My heart expanded immediately when they first brought him to me and I know that love will continue to grow as we bring more children into the world.

He is so tiny and so sweet. I completely forgot how itty bitty newborns are. It was an amazing feeling to bring another sweet human into this world and my heart is so full of LOVE and GRATITUDE.  The journey is just beginning.  Raising babies into emotionally intelligent and resilient adults requires some serious Mommy kahunas.  I’ve always said that making and birthing babies is the easy part.  Molding these small humans and helping them to grow in love and strength is my true calling in motherhood, and that literally scares the crap out of me.  To do right by these beautiful little souls and be entrusted with their love is the greatest and most weighty journey I will ever undergo.  I pray for their health, wellbeing, and eternal happiness almost every second of every day.  My heart was simply made to love these children.

I will update shortly with more baby news, but my number one priority at the moment is simply getting to know our sweet baby Jackson and continuing to watch our Reagan Marie grow up!!! Thank you to everyone who has sent their love and well wishes. I promise I will get better at responding to phone calls and messages. Right now we are just loving being hunkered in as a family of four PLUS two golden retrievers and three kitty babies! We have one full house and it is just wonderful!

xo xo,

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Baby Haguewood #2 – 32 Weeks

32 weeks pregnant with number 2

How far along? 32 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +18lbs. I can’t seem to make the hump over this weight.  I know a healthy minimum is 25lbs.  We still have a few weeks to go. Most weight is typically gained in the last weeks of pregnancy when baby is bulking up. I shouldn’t be complaining about “not” gaining weight. 

Maternity clothes? YEP!  And choices are running low.  I am so thankful I won’t have to extend into a summer pregnancy, but I was looking forward to lots of maxi dresses and flowy baby bump pics.  I suppose that will translate into flowy postpartum maxi dresses instead.  Hoping and praying I can get my post-baby #2 body back quickly for summer bikinis.  The minimal weight gain helps I suppose. I should probably slow down on the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 

Stretch marks? No

Sleep: Lots and lots of pregnancy insomnia.  I’ve been trying to drink EXTRA water throughout the day and cut off water consumption after 8pm.  This has helped a bit with the nighttime bathroom trips significantly.  

Best moment this week: I am so proud of myself this week because it has been a tough week, but DAMN, I made it through and my family made it through.  I unexpectedly hurt my back and have been facing some anemic like pregnancy symptoms that have made moving around and feeling good/positive a major challenge. I’ve been in bed and struggling to get around.  

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Awwww I hurt my back and was semi-bedridden.  I have never had any kind of major injury, and i’m not saying thats what this was, but it was super scary.  I have given birth once before but I knew that pain was only temporary.  This was excruciating and beyond the feelings of having contractions.  Plus, I didn’t know how long the pain would last.  Back injuries can go on for weeks and months, and because i’m pregnant there is nothing they can provide for relief like muscle relaxers.  I was just curled up in a ball on the floor crying non-stop from the pain and anxiety.  My mom was so sweet and came and helped with Reagan while I was struggling.  I was able to go to the Chiropractor and got a few adjustments as well as a pregnancy massage to help the damaged muscle and ribs heal.  This made it worse for a few days but ultimately helped the healing process and by the end of the week I was feeling so much better.  I could finally sleep again, was taking multiple Epsom salt baths a day to relieve the pain, and used my favorite Stress Away essential oil to keep calm and breathe away the pain.  I also found the most amazing chronic pain meditation app that I would listen to to take my mind off the pain.  Its amazing how the mind can literally “think away” the physical sensations of pain.  I’ve been using this regularly at night to help get myself to sleep. Having experienced labor and contractions, I can easily say this was so much worse.  My heart goes out to anyone struggling with chronic pain issues.  

Miss Anything? Feeling normal. I’m definitely appreciating that while the final weeks of pregnancy are “uncomfortable,” they are nothing to the feelings of dealing with an injury or chronic pain.  So other than missing a margarita I am just thankful to be feeling better finally.  Its such a relief to know that I can actually ENJOY my final weeks of pregnancy instead of just waiting around to give birth in major pain.  

Movement: Baby #2 is moving sporadically. Baby is much more active in the evening and tends to be quiet and calm during the day. 

Food cravings: Not really.  Eating in general doesn’t sound appealing.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.  But I did have several puking episodes from the pain I was feeling in my back. 

Symptoms: All the pregnancy “feels” plus a few extras because of the back and rib pain.  But things are looking UP!!!!

Have you started to show yet: YEP

Gender prediction: BOY!!!

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: It was a rough week but I am happy to be feeling better!!!!

Looking forward to: Sunshine and warmer temps. I am so grateful to be feeling better and now I just want to soak up every second of the nice weather we are having.  Mommy needs a tan and the sunshine is lifting my mood so much.  I am getting so excited to meet the little gummy bear growing in my belly and Reagan is excited to be a BIG SISTER!!!!!

xoxo Friends,


week 32 with baby number 2


Baby Haguewood #2 – 31 Weeks

31 weeks baby #2

How far along? 31 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Still only+18lbs. I was at 21lbs. with Reagan at this point in my last pregnancy. 

Maternity clothes? YEP!

Stretch marks? Nothing yet.  Thank goodness and fingers crossed. 

Sleep: With the help of epsom salt baths and lots of lavender essential oil spray i’m hanging in there. 

Best moment this week: Daddy turned 30 this week.  We had so much celebrating him and everything he has accomplished in his 30 years on this Earth.  Also a bonus, we went on a walk as a family and I was able to chug along for a full 4 miles.  Totally crushed it.  Still working on finding a balance between resting enough and staying active but not overdoing it.  Tricky Tricky Tricky. 

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: We went out to dinner to celebrate my hubby and I SOOOOOO BADLY wanted a drink!!! Just to get out of the house, enjoy a nice meal, and relax was completely wonderful.  A nice glass of wine OR even better, a margarita would have been AMAZING. We still had so much fun and Reagan did great.  One of my best pieces of advice to new parents…take your kids everywhere.  Don’t be afraid if they misbehave.  Its good for them to learn that fits and tantrums don’t derail LIFE and we keep on trucking no matter what. 

Miss Anything? I miss having my body to myself.  But I LOVE the feeling of our sweet little gummy bear moving around in my tummy.  Those moments and the weeks are dwindling.  I need to just soak up every second of what it feels like to be growing a tiny human being.  

Movement: BIG rolls and BIG jabs.  Reagan moved a lot but this baby has super exaggerated movements that are huge.  Think Alien type movements were my tummy is distended in two different directions at the same time. Totally bizarre.  The hubby and I watch the baby move in bed at night and are blown away at how different this baby is compared to Miss Reagan. We are so excited to know what we are having.  Only a few more weeks.  

Food cravings: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Morning sickness has made another appearance.  Small meals and carbs with every meal make a huge difference.  

Symptoms: Feeling all the pregnancy FEELS! D-Day is coming. 

Have you started to show yet: I’m definitely either pregnant OR hiding a basketball under my shirt 24/7!

Gender prediction: BOY!!! But I really have no idea.  I was so positive during my first pregnancy, mothers intuition and all, that Reagan was a BOY too.  Definitely wrong.  So this time I truly have no idea. 

Labor Signs: Nada but lots of braxton hicks contractions and a few real ones mixed in there as well. All totally normal. My body is just practicing for the real thing, 🙂

Belly Button in or out? OUT

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody this week.  My emotions have been on a constant rollercoaster and I feel a bit unhinged.  Having a birthday to celebrate and family in town has definitely helped!!!!

Looking forward to: Easter weekend!!!! 

xoxo Friends,


31 weeks baby #2


Baby Haguewood #2 – 30 Weeks

30 week pregnancy chalkboard

How far along? 30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +18lbs. 

Maternity clothes? YEP! 

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. I definitely feel a little bigger for this pregnancy and have been slathering on the Mustela Cream still. I think I’m more concerned about getting stretch marks on my bust and tummy at this point.  

Sleep: I have officially accepted that sleep has changed and won’t go back to normal until the new baby is almost 10 months old.  I’m planning out all the movies and shows I will be watching on Netflix and considered getting a Kindle to read during those late night nursing sessions.  I’ve got a pile of parenting books that I am dying to get to. During the day Miss Reagan keeps me on my toes so casual readying is just out.  At night i’m so tanked that I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone read a book.  Night time sleep is restless, full of trips to the restroom, and i’m constantly switching from side to side.  Totally normal stuff and completely expected at this point in pregnancy. 

Best moment this week: We made it through another week and had a successful check-up at the OBGYN.  Everything is looking good and we are just cruising and counting down the days.

Have you told family and friends? Yep!

Worst moment this week: Hip pain, lower back pain, and round ligament pain.  Every time I move or shift from side-to-side in bed, I can hear my hips and pelvis cracking and popping.  This is the point in pregnancy where the body starts producing a specific hormone called Relaxin that softens all the ligaments in the pelvis to prepare for birth.  So much fun.  Its not too bad but does make me feel like i’m 90. Getting in and out of bed id difficult and i’m so grateful that Reagan is learning to walk as bending down to pick her up is getting painful.  

Miss Anything? Everything and nothing.  I’m trying to embrace all the pregnancy “feels” and just remember that this is part of the process of growing a little human.  I see how much Reagan has grown and developed and I almost start crying. Can I get an amen for pregnancy hormones.  Watching her grow from a little baby into a toddler is so magical. She is developing this goofy little personality and is slowly becoming her own person. Knowing I get to see that process in action again is so exciting and makes missing out on sleep and margaritas totally worth it. 

Movement: Baby Haguewood #2 is a little more mellow than Reagan was in the womb.  He/She has always had a lower and steady heart rate, usually in the low 140’s, and moves consistently but not radically.  Reagan always went crazy in my belly and loved moving at night when I was laying down. This baby still moves often but consistently throughout the day.  I did start doing kick counts daily to watch baby’s movement.  

Food cravings: Ice water throughout the day AND ice cream at night.  I’m trying to really pace myself on the ice cream consumption.  I get a terrible sweet tooth in the evening and look forward to eating a little ice cream every night.  Its a bad habit but seriously makes me HAPPY and makes these last few weeks bearable. I’m trying to cut myself some slack and just roll with things.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Occasional episodes of morning sickness and i’ve noticed when I get upset or feel overwhelmed I get extremely nauseous.  I’ve always had terrible anxiety and actually take medication for it, but this seems magnified in the final trimester of pregnancy. My doctor has me weaning down my meds in preparation for delivery which is slightly stressful.  I’m working on staying calm, practice relaxing breathing exercises, meditation, and warm epsom salt and lavender baths every night make a huge difference.  

Symptoms: All the feels.  

Have you started to show yet: Yep.  Luckily i’m all belly and all baby.  I have noticed some swelling in my legs and feet.  Sitting down and putting my feet up definitely helps.  Water retention has begun as well.  I’ve noticed the puffiness and night sweats that signal oh so lovely pregnancy related water retention.  

Gender prediction: BOY or GIRL!!!! I have no idea this time.  We did finalize our name picks and are so excited for either gender at this point.  

Labor Signs: Nada but lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions. 

Belly Button in or out? Out and tight. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY but definitely moments of emotional breakdowns and anxiety.  

Looking forward to: D-Day!!! I know I still have 10 weeks to go but i’m already ready to be done.  

xoxo Friends,


30 week pregnancy chalkboard


Month Three Newborn Favorites aka “Playtime Essentials”

Whoa Nelly…I can’t believe it has taken me so long to write this post, and yet here we are.  In writing this, Reagan is almost 4 months old and time is flying by. I’m absolutely astonished at what she is capable of doing and she is surprising us and making us smile more than ever.

Month Three was a huge turning point because Reagan finally seemed to be enjoying the world around her.  Suddenly she had found her voice and and those little arms and legs of hers were always active and pumping.  I finally felt like we were able to introduce more activities, and in particular some FUN toys that she was actually able to enjoy.  During play time she is ALWAYS happy and smiling and I can really see the wheels turning in her little brain as she tries to learn and figure out what things are and do.  SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

Our Month Three Favorites consist mostly of some fun toys and a few basics that we literally couldn’t live without.  Developmentally, we are all about the colors and tactile toys at the moment. I love putting different toys and objects in front of her to see how she responds.  My two favorites are the high contrast Art Cards and the cutest Alphabet Puzzle.  She will stare at the animal cards forever and we touch the letters and say them out loud. I know she can’t comprehend the meaning of the letters etc. but we are setting the stage for all the learning that is to come.  Plus she just loves it when we talk to her in general.

Month Three Newborn Favorites

Bumbo Floor Seat     Bumbo Play Tray     Gerber Cloth Diapers (used as burp rags)

Vulli Toy Blocks     Janod Alphabet Puzzle     Woombie Big Baby Swaddle

Mother’s Milk Tea     WeeGallery Art Cards

Bumbo Floor Seat - 3 Month FavoritesBumbo Seat for babyJumbo Play Tray

Bumbo Floor Seat and Bumbo Play Tray:   Reagan was extremely weary of this in the beginning.  She really didn’t like being in it at all and would start screaming as soon as we put her in it.  I decided to ease her into using it.  That seems to be her learning MO.  She takes awhile to warm up to things but once she is comfortable with something she is super happy and won’t stop smiling.  So really, I probably pulled the trigger a little early on the Bumbo Seat and she wasn’t quite ready for it at the three month stage, but now we use it daily and she loves it.  The Bumbo Tray is an awesome addition because I can put toys directly on it and front of her at her level.  She is able to play and practice fine motor skills like hand eye coordination.  This particular seat seems to bring with it some controversy regarding whether or not it is hard on baby’s hips.  I have received personal accounts of why some Moms don’t use this product and why some Moms absolutely love it.  I think it comes down to what you feel is best for your child and for us, we weighed the cons but still felt like the Bumbo was a good fit for Reagan. We are extremely happy with it.

cloth diapers burp rags

Gerber Cloth Diapers (also known as the World’s Best Burp Rag):   These are the best non-traditional burp rags.  The hubby thought I was crazy when I first brought these home and then around 2 weeks into having a newborn at home he realized how invaluable they really are.  SO MUCH BABY SPIT-UP AND PUKE!!! By themselves they really are not very cute.  So I decided to jazz mine up a bit with some fun gender neutral fabric to match our nursery. Tutorial coming soon.  These are littered all over our house and we could still use about a dozen more.  They are going to be my GO TO new baby gift and the best part of my day is when I pull 5 or 6 fresh ones out of the dryer.

Burp Cloths #3Burp Cloth ImageBurp Cloth Image

colorful toy blocks

Vulli Toy Blocks:   I got these for Reagan for Easter this year.  Read about it HERE. She was about 3 weeks old at the time but I knew we were going to love playing with them.  Well…she is finally enjoying them and they are the perfect soft small toy blocks to use with the Bumbo Play Tray above.  She can throw them without being destructive and the raised designs on each side are perfect for small hands and for developing her tactile senses.  These too are littered all around our home and are the perfect compliment to Sophie the Giraffe playtime.

alphabet letter toys

Janod Alphabet Puzzle:   This puzzle set just might be one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen. I am in LOVE with the bright colors and the natural safe wood.  The pieces are large enough that they cannot be swallowed and they are just the right size for little fingers and hands to grab onto.  We play a game where we sing the Alphabet all the way through R, and we say “R is for REAGAN,” and then keep going to the end. Next we give her each letter and say all the words we can think of that start with that particular letter. Its actually a lot harder to randomly think up words than you might think. And then we finish by signing the Alphabet song all the way through again.  She just loves our little game and is usually ready for a nap by the time we are finished. Bonus for Mommy.  Our latest addition is that we try and do Tummy Time as we play the whole game to continue building up core and neck strength.

alphabet letter toys

She is such a HAPPY little peanut!!! Those chubby cheeks give me all the heart eyes in the world!

woombie swaddle

Woombie Big Baby Swaddle:   The Hubby was not a fan of this contraption when we initially got it.  Now i’m convinced this might be the key to getting Reagan to sleep through the night. We started off by doing good old regular swaddles.  Which worked great for the first few months.  Now little Miss is getting so coordinated that she can wiggle free within a few minutes and her feet in particular are poking out the bottom of her swaddle.  She gets herself so wrapped up that we were worried she might suffocate herself. WTF!!!!! Not on this Mommy’s watch.  By zipping her up in the Woombie she can’t break free and wake herself up AND we don’t worry about her getting blankets wrapped around her little self. Huge sigh of relief as a parent.

nursing tea

Mother’s Milk Tea:   Ugh…the dreaded BreastMilk struggle continues friends.  About a month ago my milk supply suddenly dropped out of nowhere.  My pumping schedule was the same, my diet was still the same, and there was just no reason that I should suddenly stop making milk.  I decided to increase my pumping schedule and give this Mother’s Milk Tea a try.  I know a lot of Moms who swear by this stuff and so I have added it to my nightly routine in addition to pumping and drinking more water than humanly possible.

artcards for baby

WeeGallery Art Cards:   I bought these when Reagan was around two months old and we have been using them consistently for weeks now! It has been so much fun to see her progression of understanding and mental development take place before my eyes. We love the Garden collection because we have squirrels and birds right outside in our backyard.  And of course the Pet collection because of our the little zoo that we’ve got going on. I also got her the Woodland collection and the Jungle collection.

wee gallery art cardswee gallery art cardswee gallery art cards

Overall I would definitely say Month Three has been a complete success.  It can be emotionally hard at times to see your newborn become a full fledged “BABY” before your eyes, but seeing how happy and excited they are to learn and just be a part of your world totally makes up for the emotional mommy moments.

While I got a little behind in the blogging department, i’m ready to get caught up and so excited to be bringing some totally new stuff to the blog starting in August. Watch for some Reagan updates, cool new features, and an exciting announcement coming soon.

xoxo Friends,

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Month TWO Newborn Favorites…aka “we’re starting to get the hang of this”

So excited to be sharing some awesome products today that made month two with our baby girl a little sweeter and a WHOLE LOT easier. Here is my run down on our month 2 favorite newborn products and all the baby stuff that I sifted through to survive the first 8 weeks with our baby girl.

I don’t know what I’d do without all the awesome suggestions I’ve received from other mommas, and then of course there is just trial by fire and learning EVERYTHING as we go.  I tried to do as much prep as possible before little Miss Reagan arrived, but there truly is no substitute for being in the moment and figuring out what you need to raise your babies!

*NOTE – I did a TON of research when it came to finding the best-quality and cheapest prices on ALL of our baby gear. I HIGHLY recommend starting a Target Baby Registry! Everything that Target and Amazon have are and often both have the cheapest prices.  I compared them with Babies R’ Us,, Costco, and Walmart and was surprised/excited to learn that they really do have the best deals.

month 2 newborn favorite products

Infantino Car Seat Chimes: Pink Owl Chime    BlueBird and Elephant Chime    Yellow Giraffe Chime

Enfamil Gentlease Formula:   20oz. Reusable Tub     (4-pack)  20oz. Reusable Tub

Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash     Boppy Noggin Nest Pillow     WubbaNub Pacifier

AngelCare Bath Support     Dr. Brown’s Bottles

baby toys car seat chimes

Infantino Car Seat Chimes:    I LOVE these little buggers. I happened upon them randomly one day at Target and was immediately obsessed. The bright colors and sweet chimes are absolutely perfect for catching Miss Reagan’s attention. The hubby built me a little mini baby gym, tutorial coming soon, and we dangle them from it while she sits in her Boppy and plays for hours. She gets those little arms moving and loves to play and grab them. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you have probably seen the sweetest little video of her playing with them. As a bonus, I love that I can easily remove them from the gym and take them on the go whenever we need them. The little Pink Owl and the Green Elephant are Reagan’s favorites.

baby formula

Enfamil Gentlease Formula:   I’ve mentioned this baby formula a few times now! But seriously, this might have truly saved me from losing my mind the first 8 weeks of Reagan’s life. We really struggled with breastfeeding and were originally given Enfamil Newborn Formula by our pediatrician. Well a few weeks later she was struggling with tummy troubles and we decided to give Gentlease a try. BABY…FORMULA…MAGIC!!! Reagan immediately took to it and now it is a huge part of our daily feeding routine. Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I am still expressing and pumping breast milk and we mix it with a few ounces of this Enfamil Gentlease. The end result is one Milk Drunk Happy Baby and two completely relieved parents. She is still gassy on occasion but she no longer screams or cries from tummy pain. I am so happy that we found this. It has been an absolute godsend!

baby wash

Johnson’s Baby Wash: Baby wash seems like a pretty basic baby necessity, but I was shocked at how many different washes and shampoos are on the market today.  Its confusing as a parent to know what brands to trust and what brands are “over-the -top.” We were given Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash by the hospital and have really loved it.  We started using bath time as a precursor to bedtime in our daily routine, and needed a baby wash that was super gentle on Miss Reagan’s sensitive skin.  Most websites will also recommended that you don’t bathe your newborn daily, but with the blessing of our pediatrician we were given the go ahead as long as the wash was gentle enough. Johnson’s Baby Wash allows us to keep Reagan “nice and clean” and as a bonus she gets “nice and tired” from playing in the bath. Bring on bedtime, aka Mommy & Daddy relaxation time!!!!

infant head support

Boppy Nest Noggin’ Support Pillow: Awwww…the dreaded flat head syndrome. Strangely this issue caused me more “mommy stress” then anything else during month two. We were officially out of the early newborn days and were feeling more and more confident in everything we were doing as parents. Then little Miss Reagan started sleeping a little longer and that meant she was on her back for longer periods of time while swaddled and sleeping. I was so terrified that she would develop a flattened head that wouldn’t correct itself with tummy time etc.

Are there any other mommas out there who stressed and worried about completely ruining your child because you weren’t able to hold/carry/wear your baby 24/7???

I truly felt like I was “damaging” my child every single time I put her down for a nap or bedtime. Enter the Nest Noggin’ Pillow. This has been a lifesaver. We tried a few different strategies prior to purchasing the pillow which included: side sleeping, rotating her head from side to side, propping her up in the Boppy to sleep and countless other things. But ultimately we got the Noggin’ Pillow and now I simply don’t stress about her having a physical deformity or requiring a shaping helmet at any point in her infancy.  She has a beautiful, perfectly shaped, round little head. 🙂

giraffe pacifier

Wubba Nub Pacifier: Love Love Love the WubbaNub Pacifier. I had initially heard mixed reviews about it but ultimately we received it as a gift and have absolutely loved having it as our dedicated car seat pacifier. If you read my Month One Newborn Favorites post, then you know how much we LOVE the Avent Soothie Pacifiers and the WubbaNub comes with one attached to the sweetest little stuffy animal.  I use this paci for the car when Reagan is fussy. While driving or riding in the passenger seat it is almost impossible to reach back and hunt for a pacifier while still being a responsible driver.  The stuffed animal on this bad boy is fantastic because it is easy to find, grab, and shove back in quickly.  The end result is a smooth and quiet car ride for everyone. Parenting WIN!!!!!

infant bath support

AngelCare Bath Support: This is by far my FAVORITE item that I discovered during month two. We use the AngelCare Bath Support EVERY SINGLE DAY, and it has made bath time so enjoyable for all of us.  Reagan is so happy because just like the name implies she is fully supported and can be in the bath splashing and looking around at us instead of being awkwardly held.  Bathing an infant is tricky because they get so slippery in the water and you are left with only one free hand for washing.  I am so happy with the AngelCare because Reagan is propped up and can look around but remains safely secured in the anti-slip rubber base. The AngelCare comes in both Pink and Blue.

baby bottles

Dr. Brown’s Vented Bottles:  Everyone has their own preference on baby bottles, for us, these have made a huge difference in the feeding arena.  We originally tried breastfeeding as long as possible but to keep it short and sweet, it just wasn’t working for us.  We moved to exclusive pumping and bottle feeding and never looked back.  Reagan is a healthy, happy, and lovely little girl, and part of that is because we have been able to give her breast milk mixed with a little bit of formula via these amazing Dr. Brown Vented Bottles. We originally used a basic slow-flow nipple on the standard Medela bottles that came with my Medela Pump.  Reagan was having some major tummy troubles and so after a little research I learned about these vented bottles.  No air comes in contact with the milk and Reagan isn’t sucking down a bunch of air with her milk which would cause her to be fussy and spit up all the time.  Once we switched over to this type of bottle and got her on the Enfamil Gentlease Formula, feeding time was fantastic and enjoyable once again.

xo xo Friends,

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Welcome to the World, Reagan Marie Haguewood!!!

Reagan Marie

At 7:44am on Wednesday, March 2nd we officially welcomed a BEAUTIFUL and SWEET little girl named Reagan Marie Haguewood into this world.  We are so incredibly in love with this little angel and I cannot believe that I am a mommy to a wonderful little baby girl.  Every moment with her so far has been an adventure and a half… complete with little baby smiles, mommy blues, and hours of staring at her sweet little face in the wee hours of the morning.  Today is her official due date, March 13th 2016, but she decided she was ready to come early and is already 11 Days Old!!!!!! I can’t imagine a world without her in it.

Reagan Marie

I plan on doing a whole post about my Labor and Delivery but for now i’ll share that things went beautifully.  I feel so blessed to have had a completely uncomplicated labor and a very easy delivery.  I know there are many different experiences and choices when it comes to Labor and Delivery so I’m not going to get into the details too much because I don’t want to offend any other mommas out there.  Any way you choose to deliver your baby means you are a major rockstar in my book.  That “s**t” ain’t easy and I definitely wasn’t prepared for “real” labor contractions.  I have tremendous respect for every mother out there regardless of her delivery circumstances.

Reagan Marie

We’ve been soaking up every moment of our new life as a family of 3 + 2 golden retrievers + 3 kitty babies.  Mommy & Daddy have been working very hard to assure that everyone is getting the attention and love they need.  Our family is everything to me and I love the idea that we just grew by one sweet little girl.  So far the girly puppies are semi-interested and curious about Reagan.  Our oldest golden, Jovie, immediately fell in love with the little babe and is her protector.  Roxie, our youngest golden, was a bit more timid and felt quite a bit of anxiety about this small creature who was taking up all of mommy’s time.  I’m happy to say we’ve finally struck a good balance and everyone is settling into our new life with a newborn…and this includes Mommy and Daddy.

Reagan Marie

Adjusting to our new life has been HUGE!!! To say this is a life change is the biggest understatement in the world. Reagan was 2 weeks early, still considered full term, but early nonetheless.  I only had our hospital bags 80% packed which meant our exit from the house and car ride to the hospital was less than glamorous and calm.  Everything with her nursery and any necessary baby supplies were ready to go however. I am so happy that I was a bit OCD about completing the “Baby To Do List” prior to being 37 weeks pregnant.  We made it though and only had to spend one night in the hospital.  I was eager to go home and ready to begin our new life with Miss Reagan. The first couple of days as new parents were NUTS, but completely wonderful.  We were so fortunate to have had both our families involved and very supportive in those first couple of days.  I had no idea the trauma my body would go through and how exhausting it would be so it was nice to sleep and rest without having to worry about taking care of her.

 I quickly learned my first “Mommy Lesson” and had to let go of my fears about something happening to her while we slept.  I was WIDE awake for the first 72 hours with the occasional nap sprinkled in.  I was told by everyone that when she sleeps, I need to sleep, but as a new mom I COULDN’T sleep AND didn’t really want to sleep.  I wanted to sit and stare at her, love on her, and make sure she was still breathing every second.  All very normal.  But I finally realized that I can’t take care of her, me, or our family if i’m dead to the world with exhaustion.  We had a minor episode with her that night where she was spitting up blood from my breastmilk, again relatively normal and not harmful to her.  We were struggling a bit with her latch and things got quite raw and sore.  I was extremely worried and was ready to pack up and head to the ER at 3am.  I was sure my new 3-day old newborn was having internal bleeding.  SCARY!!!!! Turns out she is perfectly fine, nothing was hurting her, and she is now latching on great.  I would probably throw up too if I had ingested some blood.  But its funny how that was the night, when the SHIT HIT THE FAN so to say, that I finally crashed for 4 hours straight and had to trust and pray that she would be fine.  I’ve been sleeping hard and intense ever sense without worry or fretting.  THANK GOODNESS!!! I was getting really pooped.

The families left on Tuesday and we had our first official day and night ALONE with our new daughter.  Things have been so smooth and easy.  I feel a little jaded by the experience in that everything has been so perfect and wonderful with her. She is such a good baby and I’m already worried that our second won’t go so smoothly. But for now I am going to focus on her and getting this “motherhood” thing down.  Sleep deprivation is kicking my butt but i’m the luckiest mommy alive in that my husband works from home and is willing to help out.  I get an afternoon nap most days which makes the evenings tolerable.  We call the evenings “Mommy Witching Hour” in that my hormones hit the peek for the day and exhaustion sets in hard.  I get super super emotional and often will cry for no reason at all.  I know things will pass as we get set in a routine and my body finally relaxes from birthing a child.  I am constantly being reminded “to give myself plenty of GRACE in these early days.” I’ve never been a mom before and I have no idea what i’m doing.  But things are starting to click and Jeffrey and I are going off of instinct and what feels right.

Reagan Marie

This little angel is a TRUE gift from heaven and we could not be more in love with her.  That sweet little face and her adorable baby personality have my heart bursting at the seams with LOVE!!! I am already sad at how big she is getting and she is literally changing and growing before our eyes.  But it is so fun to see all the new little skills she is learning.  She can already turn her head, big shocker to me, and really loves tummy time and mornings with mom.  We sing and read to her and she loves listening to us.  Her eyes get so BIG like we are rocking her world or something. So FUN!!!!!! Every minute has been exhausting and wonderful just like everyone said it would be.  We are just so happy and so in love with our little Rae Rae. Reagan Marie

Time for another feeding, diaper change, and burp rotation!!!!! I’m loving being a mommy so much…my heart is full beyond measure.

xo xo,