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“Our Little Bunny is ONE” – Reagan’s First Birthday Party

Last weekend I threw little miss an awesome First Birthday Party.  We had so much FUN and the biggest thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday afternoon to hop on over and celebrate our sweetest little bunny, Reagan Marie.  It was just so much fun.  Normally planning everything is what really gets my creative juices flowing, but the actual day and seeing Reagan so happy made my heart sing.

After Christmas I started searching and searching for cute party themes. I didn’t want anything corny like pink sparkles, and ultimately thats just not Reagan.  She has such an independent and unique goofy personality that I just knew a cookie cutter first birthday wasn’t going to work for us.  Besides, there is no way in hell that I could go for pre-made party decorations. I love a good DIY project and throwing parties and decorating spaces is totally my jam.

Given that her birthday is in March, I knew we had to do something indoors.  We still have like 2 feet of snow around our neck of the woods. Which is so funny, because when I gave birth to her last year it totally felt like Spring with sunshine and green grass.  Such a difference this year. I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on her party and knew I needed to get creative. I found the bunny theme on Pinterest and voila, party perfection!

I gutted out my office/craft room and couldn’t believe the treasures and endless supply of stuff I had snuck away over the past few years.  I raided all my Easter decorations and went to work putting together a party.  I knew the garden/bunny theme would be great for her and I can leave up most of the decor for Easter next month.

Most of the tangible decorations I pulled out of my Easter decor and then I made a ton of stuff using random craft supplies that I found.  I snuck in a HUGE goodwill run full of random crap as well which felt really good.  I’ll try to provide links to things that I did purchase, links to old products if they are still available or something similar, and links to DIY tutorials that I used or made up.  Most of the ideas can be found on Pinterest and I’ll provide the links to the cake stuff I used to build her birthday cake.

I know throwing your child a BIG first birthday is totally cliche these days, BUT it is so much FUN!  I totally get why parents do it.  As a guest, i’m sure its a little boring but we so appreciate everyone who supported us and helped us celebrate our baby girl. We literally couldn’t love her more than we do and i’m sure that was more than evident at her party!!!!

I completely fell in love with the vibrant greens, pinks, and purples, the bright sunlight coming in through the windows and of course all the bunny and garden vintage looking decor! So much fun and so perfect!

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party


1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

Green Moss Table Runner // White Cake Stand // Jade Cake Stand // Tin Tiered Tray // Gold Polka Dot Paper Plates // Gold Silverware // “Reagan is One” Custom Cake Topper

I opted to go for a light lunch, tons of fresh fruit and veggies, and a dessert bar displaying all her cakes and treats.  The dessert table was so pretty and I was ECSTATIC with how the cakes turned out. It was just a really simple layout on this Green Moss Table Runner and a long end table we already owned. I made her a mini 6″ basic vanilla cake for photos and her little cake smash.  But I ordered a cake from our FAVORITE dessert place.  They did our wedding cake, my bridal shower cake, and multiple other events and birthdays.  It was my favorite white cream cheese cake with rum raspberry filling!!!! SOOOOO GOOD! I also made THESE “bunny tail” sugar cookie truffles, THESE “lettuce” oreo truffles, THESE “carrot” strawberries, and pudding cups with crushed oreo and a carrot strawberry on top!

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

I moved our dining table to the side of the room and used our mirror as a backdrop with some hanging garlands that I made out of old scrap paper. Most of the table decor was a bunch of random mishmash from our house including some old glass vases, mason jars for flowers, craft crates, faux boxwood green balls, and ceramic bunnies from my Easter collection.

Lunch was chicken salad on croissants made to look like carrots with bits of parsley coming out the end, a gluten free and paleo option on beds of lettuce, the yummiest cheese ball recipe HERE, cheddar bunnies, a full garden of fresh veggies, and strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry patches. It was pretty easy other than lots and lots of washing, chopping, and assembling everything right before people showed up. But it seriously turned out way prettier than I had pictured in my head.

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

Beverages were strawberry lemonade, fresh cucumber water, and fresh lemon water.  I was going to do champagne but decided not to at the last minute.  My sister and I are both pregnant and we had lots of people who don’t drink at all.  Not to mention lots and lots of little ones and it didn’t seem right to have alcohol for some reason. Totally not like me one bit…must be the pregnancy hormones.

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

Bar Cart // Beverage Dispenser // Glass Pitchers

I made the cutest favor bags for our guests and then completely forgot to hand them out to people.  Totally my fault for putting them on the bottom of the bar cart.  Out of sight and out of the way.  I found the cutest vintage bunny graphics on The Graphic and printed them out on basic paper bags with the added wording, “Thank You for Hopping By.” I added a doily, some pink satin ribbon, a white bunny tail, and filled them with THIS recipe for “Bunny Bait” that I found on Pinterest. They were just adorable and the treat inside is so addicting!

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

Baby Girls Mint Flutter Dress // Blush Lace-Up Sandals // White Maxi Dress

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

Baby Girls Mint Flutter Dress  //  Blush Lace-up Flats  // Bunny Ears Homemade *Tutorial coming soon

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

Baby Girls Mint Flutter Dress // White Maxi Dress

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

1st Birthday Setup - Bunny Garden Party

Baby Girls Mint Flutter Dress

The whole party was just spectacular.  We watched a bunch of little ones play together, ate lunch, sang “Happy Birthday,” and watched Reagan go to town on a piece of cake.  The guys played pool in the basement and watched the NFL combine on tv.  It was so low-key and so perfect.  I intentionally went into the whole day with zero expectations on how the decor, food, people, or Reagan’s behavior would turn out. AND…everything turned out so perfect and couldn’t have been more awesome.  These kids parties can get out of control pretty quickly and become all about the parents and the production.  While I might have gone a little overboard on the decor, I never lost sight of the true purpose of the day…celebrating our sweet Reagan Marie.  She is such a little miracle.  It was a fantastic day and again thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate!!!!!

xo xo,

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Happy July First

Happy July 1st to you ALL and Happy Friday Friends!!

I am so exited to be kicking off the long weekend with everything fun & festive for the Fourth of July. I love a good LONG weekend! Holidays that spill over onto a Monday mean a little extra sleep (maybe), a little extra help from the hubs, and lots of FUN and SUNSHINE celebrating the Red, White, and Blue. We are headed to the lake for the Fourth this year and are so excited to celebrate Miss Reagan’s first Fourth of July! We’ve got some amazing food, activities, and festive outfits planned, and just can’t wait to wrap up the week and get started on the FUN stuff.

I’ve finally rounded up my meal plan for the Fourth and this is what we are thinking. Every year we kick off our Fourth with these festive Red, White, & Blue Waffles for breakfast.  We’ve got lunch covered with my husbands delicious BBQ Pulled Beef Sandwiches and I am excited to try a NEW recipe for Lentil Salad with Cumin Lime Dressing. I actually really enjoy cooking as long as I have a decent recipe to follow and Reagan is preoccupied for a bit! Dinner is going to be classic BBQ Chicken (a staple/can’t MESS it up), but I was seriously drawn to this recipe for BBQ Chicken Bacon Pineapple Kabobs. They look AH-MAZING!!! It wouldn’t be the Fourth without Corn on the Cob and of course our 4th of July tradition…a Gourmet S’Mores Bar complete with all the candy classics. I just might end up looking pregnant again but will have had one HELL of GOOD TIME!

s'mores bar   s'mores bar

Slate Chalkboard HERE & HERE   //   4th of July Trays (similar HERE)

We’ve got our food covered, all our festive outfits are planned (read about them HERE), and we are taking the whole weekend off to Play and Celebrate as a family.  Our baby girl is turning 4 months old TOMORROW!!!! Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? Watch for her four month pictures + updates coming next week…so excited to share all the details.  Some of our good friends are getting married on Sunday so we will be living it up and flying solo without Reagan. A little sad, a little excited, and a little confused by all the mommy emotions i’m feeling about leaving her.  Totally NORMAL stuff! And then of course Monday is one of the BEST DAYS OF THE WHOLE YEAR!!!! I think its safe to say this weekend is going to ROCK!!! 

Tonight, we’ve got friends coming over for pizza and to play Cards Against Humanity. I’ve never played before. We might be the last people on the planet to finally jump on that bandwagon, but am so EXCITED because I hear it is beyond hilarious and ridiculous! I bought the game the other day and thanks to Amazon Prime it arrived yesterday just in time for a whole mess of 4th of July shenanigans.

cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity   //   First Expansion Pack

And on that note…i’m OUT! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend Friends and Happy Fourth of July to you all! Play SAFE this weekend!!!!!

xo xo,

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My “Mint & Gold” Themed Baby Shower

Can I just take a second and start this post with the worlds BIGGEST THANK YOU to my beautiful and wonderful Mommy aka the “Grandma-To-Be.”  She absolutely went above and beyond and made my Baby Shower so perfect, relaxing, and beautiful.  I wasn’t expecting anything nearly so grand, but she completely rocked Pinterest projects like a pro and made the whole experience only that much better. She is just amazing and I am so grateful for everything she did to celebrate our little gummy bear.

The whole party was so much FUN and I loved seeing all my family together! Because we are not finding out the gender of our little gummy bear my mom went with the colors of our Nursery for the theme.  I’ve been obsessed with the soft mints and gold, anything cream or white, and little giraffe prints / and stuffed animals.  Everything was gorgeous! We hung out, got spoiled beyond belief by our family and friends, and had an awesome lunch! It really was perfect!

baby shower January 2016

baby shower January 2016

baby shower January 2016

Sweater – Banana Republic a few years ago (similar HERE)

baby shower January 2016

baby shower January 2016

Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans

Baby H and I got some of the best baby gifts! I’ve never felt so appreciative and thankful in my life.  Some of the goodies include this adorable Moses Basket with a rocking stand, Sophie the Giraffe & Kiki the Elephant baby teethers, the best ever Tula Baby Carrier, a Munchkin Wipe Warmer with mist, and countless other goodies!

baby shower haul

sophie the giraffe baby shower

baby shower haul

We got some of the sweetest and fluffiest cuddly stuffed animals and my sweet mommy included “a Book for Baby” request in the invitation.  So instead of bringing a card for the baby we stocked Baby’s Library and got some of the BEST books.  Most I can remember from my childhood and I absolutely can’t wait to start reading to our little gummy bear.  Both Jeffrey and I’s parents read to us every night as children and we can’t wait to share the same tradition with our babies in the future!!! I was absolutely blown away at how many FUN and AMAZING books we got!!!!

baby books

 Overall it was the Best time!! I went home that night and completely crashed from all the excitement and festivities celebrating our sweet Little Baby H! I can’t wait to start setting up all our Nursery goodies.  I’m starting to feel a little frazzled realizing how much we have to do before the baby comes.  My goal is go get everything ready at least a few weeks prior to my due date just in case baby makes an early appearance.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to attend my baby shower.  Being surrounded by so many loved ones was amazing and we so appreciate the amazing outpouring of love and generosity for our sweet little babe.  We are so grateful to each and everyone of you!!!!

Time to get ready for our Little Gummy Bear!!!!

xoxo friends,


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Our SuperBowl XLIX Party

Well…the SuperBowl was definitely a BIG disappointment for our Seattle Seahawks. But, a true fan is always a fan even when their team loses.  It simply comes with the territory and nature of competitive sports. We had high hopes for a 2nd SuperBowl win, but it just wasn’t in the cards for our 12’s!

Our original plan was to watch the game and enjoy some game day food with our girly puppies.  Things changed rather quickly and we enjoyed the game with a house full of FAMILY! It was awesome.  We have never done much “entertaining” at our house so it was wonderful to have everyone around for the FESTIVITIES!!!

I decorated our basement and turned it into a “HAWKS NEST” of sorts.  Festive decorations always help to set the mood and we wanted to send good energy to our Hawks on game day.  I decorated our mantel last year, but this year we went all out with balloons, streamers, and football pom poms in addition to last years decorations! I’ve got quite the collection going on.



I took last years mantel decor and gave it a little update.  To check out last years mantel and how I made the “GO SEAHAWKS” letters click HERE!  My Circle Garland Tutorial can be found HERE. This year I added the festive tassel garland and football yardage banner! They turned out so good and I can reuse all the pieces again next year!


We wrapped up our “Hawks Nest” decor with a cute football field snack table! Add some yummy lime chips, homemade guacomole, veggies and one of my FESTIVE chalkboards and we were ready to start some pre-game party action.


I was sooooooo pleased with how my Seahawks Chalkboard turned out. I have made it available in my Etsy Shop, LoveTheSparkle, if you are interested in downloading it.  I also have some other Football Inspired prints available to help carry you through the off-season.  

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.12.23 PM

We continued our SuperBowl Shenanigans upstairs with LOTS & LOTS of appetizers, drinks, and my spicy homemade Chili! To download the recipe click SuperBowl 2015 Game Day Recipes and ENJOY!!!!

Crock Pot Chili




I finally had an opportunity to put my Pretty Bar Cart to good use.  This sweet thing was a birthday gift from my mom and I have been absolutely dying to do some entertaining so I can show it off.  I brought back the football mason jar from last year and enjoyed “several” tasty rum & cokes during the game.  It was the SuperBowl after all.  I also put out some champagne glasses for celebratory purposes…but we didn’t win.  We totally broke out the champagne anyway…



I had every intention of posting this several days ago, prior to our Big SuperBowl celebration. Here are some Seahawks Favorites that will knock your socks off at your SuperBowl 49 next game day party…

Seahawks Favorites - 2015

We had such a wonderful time celebrating with both sets of parents and finally enjoying a “day off” together.  They very rarely come around these days so it was so wonderful to see my sweet hubby and rock some Seahawks gear at the same time.  The off-season will “feel” long, but football will be back before we know it.  I’m already anticipating Draft Day 2015 and hoping Marshawn Lynch accepts the new 4-year contract we offered him.  Sigh…


CHEERS to a very happy and loving February Friends!!! And hopefully it will either snow some more OR spring will pop up early…i’m so over this dark, cold, and brown winter!!!

Hope everyone is ready for “HEART” shaped everything!

xo xo Friends, 


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Happy New Year…Cheers to 2015

Happy New Year

I’m so happy and excited that 2015 has finally arrived.  I’m ready for a brand new year full of exciting possibilities.  I hope everyone had a fantastic start to the new year and a fun and “SAFE” New Years Eve!!! We had a fun night out with friends and a fantastic meal.  We celebrated the New Year and my Birthday on the dance floor and kissed at midnight!!! It was epic!!! I seem to love my husband more and more as each day passes.

I did manage to squeeze in a quick baking session and busted out some fantastic and adorable Pink Champagne Cupcakes to ring in the New Year!


My sweet mom got me this fantastic gold bar cart for my birthday.  I had a blast decorating it for our New Years Celebrations and am looking forward to all the fun holidays to come!!!


I know i’m a little late getting a start on 2015 but I had some work done on my computer.  I’m so happy to say that my lifeline is finally back in my possession and i’m one HAPPY GIRL.  I felt completely restless without my computer and I couldn’t believe how useless I felt.  I really need to work on being “less attached” to my electronic devices!!! Moving on…

I’ve officially decided that this is the year of “NO RESOLUTIONS” for me.   Instead, i’m simply going to work on changing my “mood” in this crazy and wonderful life…

New 2015 Life Motto…



And this is exactly where i’m at as I made the transition from 26 to 27 years old.  It seems a small shift from one day to the next, and yet I do feel slightly older and my perspective has shifted along with the new year!!!

I’ve been taking it one step at a time around the house cleaning, organizing, and chucking things as much as possible. I did manage to tear down all our Christmas goodies on New Years Day.  I am always so sad to pack them away until next year, but the house always feels clean and huge once they are all down.

Thats all i’ve got for now but I do have BIG plans for the next few months and hopefully some exciting news coming soon.

Cheers to 2015 and focusing on my own “SHIT” and discovering success in the new year!!!

Cheers friends,


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Summer Recap – Part 3 “The Bridal Shower”

 In July, my fellow Co-MOH’s (short for Co-Maids of Honor) and myself threw a beautiful Bridal Shower for my sister in law Jessie. The festivities lasted all weekend long and started with an amazing 4th of July Celebration, followed by a joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party, and we wrapped up the weekend with this fun and rustic Bridal Shower in honor of the Happy Couple.

To read about our 4th of July Celebration click HERE!

To read about the fantastic Bridal Party Olympics & Bachelorette Party click HERE!

And check out this adorable photo of the Happy Couple…they are just sooooo good together!!!


Burlap Banner Tutorial can be found HERE!

We decided to go with a Champagne Brunch theme for the Bridal Shower, with fun red and yellow accents and pops of sunflowers. No brunch would be complete without a fully loaded Mimosa Bar and a signature drink in honor of the bride-to-be, appropriately named “The Blushing Bride.” And you know I needed a fun chalkboard and big gold B A R letters to add a little flare.



photo 3-24

We started by stocking our Bar with classic Mimosa supplies; lots of yummy champagne and orange juice.  Then we threw in a few fun twists with different juices and fruit garnishes. Also for a non-alcoholic beverage option we stocked up on IZZE Drinks that matched our colors.





Our pretty table was accented with a simple lace tablecloth, a custom made yellow chevron and lace table runner, and matching yellow chevron paper straws. I will post a tutorial on how I made the pretty table runners shortly.  I tied red, yellow, and sparkly bows on all the champagne flutes to add a colorful and feminine feel to our Bridal Shower.


Next up we wanted a fully loaded Waffle Bar for our guests and we completed our table with a whole spread of yummy breakfast goodies!!! Waffles piled high and a yummy Mimosa in my hand…sign me up!!!!!

photo 2-24

The waffle irons were hot and we were popping out fluffy waffles left and right!




DIY Cupcake Tower Tutorial can be found HERE!


We had so much fun together and everything turned out even better than we could have imagined!


The Bride and Groom opened their gifts and we polished off some more champagne, ok lots of champagne, but we had so much FUN!!!!!!

The Beautiful Co-MOH’s!!!!


I love my beautiful Sister In Law!!!!




The whole weekend was an absolute blast.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated and helped us celebrate Jessie and Joshua!!!

Cheers to the Beautiful & Happy Couple!!!!


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DIY Cupcake Tower & Cake Stand

I was sooooo excited to work on this project and Jeffrey’s birthday gave me the perfect opportunity to give it a go!!! After shopping online at sites like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Amazon and seeing the ridiculously outrages price tags attached to these totally FAB cupcake towers, I knew 100% that I could make something equally awesome and for considerably cheaper. Cue the DIY designer in me and BAM we have a new tutorial, dollar store style. 🙂 Here is my version of a Glass Cupcake Tower!

DIY Cupcake Tower September 2014

Cupcake Tower #6

Versatile and super easy to make, I was SHOCKED at how quickly this project came together.  I will warn you in advance, this project required an incredibly steady hand and please make sure you have a clean & dry workspace to work in.


3 Glass Plates (varying sizes)

2 Glass Candlesticks

Epoxy Glue *I used the Gorilla Glue brand below and LOVED it

 Black Sharpie Marker

Sharp Scissors

photo 1-3

photo 2-3

photo 3-2


To get started I ran my glass plates and candlesticks through the dishwasher to get them all clean and sparkly!


I opted to keep my tower clear, but if your interested in painting or even spray painting your tower now would be the time to do it.  Allow the pieces plenty of time to dry so they can be easily handled when its time to construct the tower.


Next up I found the center of each glass plate and marked the bottom of the plate with a simple black dot using the sharpie.  This will help when gluing on the candlesticks.  I eyeballed mine, but i’m sure you could get super fancy and accurate if you really wanted when centering the candlesticks.


Mix together the Epoxy following the detailed instructions that should be included in the package.  You have to move fairly quickly once the Epoxy is mixed so it will help to have everything set up and ready to go before you start mixing.  Flip the glass plate back over so its right side up.  Apply a small amount of Epoxy glue to the base of the candlesticks and gently place it on the plate.  Apply pressure once you get it in the right spot and hold for a good minute or two.  I placed a heavy book on mine and let it sit for 10 minutes.

photo 1-4


Use the same steps as above on the middle tier and glue the other candlestick to the medium sized plate.

photo 2-4


Next, glue the two pieces together only this time add the smallest plate to the very top of the tower.  Again, apply plenty of pressure & weight to the top of the tower and leave it to set for a few hours.  The Epoxy will be dry after around 10 minutes, but to ensure that it will hold the full weight of the plates allow extra time for it to dry and set.

photo 3-3

Cupcake Tower #1

Cupcake Tower #4

If your interested in making a simple cake tower you can follow all the instructions above but you only need 1 glass plate and 1 sturdy candlestick to use as a base.

Cupcake Tower #2

I have already used both of these pieces multiple times and they are fantastic.  Hand wash with warm soapy water and gently towel dry when needed.  I store mine up high where the kitties can’t get to them.

Cupcake Tower #5

Cupcake Tower #3

Here is my Cupcake Tower in action at Jeffrey’s birthday Party!!!

photo 2

Feel free to email me or comment below if you have any questions regarding this project!

Enjoy FRIENDS!!!

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DIY SuperHero “Party Invitations”

This DIY SuperHero Tutorial is a quick and easy one!

Using WORD on my Mac I managed to piece together these awesome and totally adorable party invitations.  After a few weeks of searching, along with all the other party decorations, I was struggling to find cute and semi-adult party invitations for my hubby’s 27th SuperHero Birthday Party. I knew I wanted the party to have more of an adult feel then a little kids superhero party, and that meant incorporating more traditional superhero elements.  One of my hubby’s favorite characters is SuperMan! So in traditional SuperMan fashion, I used the Clark Kent angle of the Daily Planet NewsPaper as the theme for my party invitations.

photo 1-9

 I printed the invitation on a gray marble card stock, folded them to look like a newspaper, and finished with a simple string to mimic the look of a stack of newspapers!

Voila! Cute and non-cheesy SuperHero Party Invitations!

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DIY SuperHero “Photo Booth Props”

Hey everyone, i’m back this week with my absolute favorite DIY SuperHero Tutorial!!! I’ve been saving it because I wanted to get all the details just perfect before I published the post.  Back in April, yikes i’m getting behind, I threw my sweetheart a SuperHero themed Birthday Party with all our friends and loved ones.  We had so much fun.  After weeks of hunting and major “sticker shock” I decided to make all the decorations and props for the party.  I literally went to every single “party store” in our area and struggled to find anything SuperHero related!!! I wanted the party to feel fun and have a definite theme, but I didn’t want it to be a little kids party!!! All the “classic” SuperHero icons were included along with bright pops of color and fun reusable decorations!!! I little Pinterest hunting was a failure so I knew the whole party was going to require some major creativity on my part!!!

To check out past Tutorials and all the details about the Party click below:

Full Birthday Party Recap & Photos – CLICK HERE

DIY SuperHero Birthday Bunting Banner – CLICK HERE

Birthday Banner #3

DIY SuperHero City Back Drop – CLICK HERE

photo 5-3

DIY Circle Garlands – CLICK HERE

This FUN Tutorial is for all the awesome Photo Booth Props I made.  Our family had an absolute blast playing around with these little guys and i’m so glad I took the plunge and made all of them! Not gonna lie, this project is really time consuming but I was so happy with how everything turned out. Definitely worth every minute!

I made the following Props:

Captain America Mask & Shield

Iron Man Mask & Arc Reactor 

Robin Mask & lOGO

WonderWoman Tiara & Logo

photo 1-7

 SuperMan Hair & Logo

Clark Kent Hair & Glasses

Hulk Mask

Batman Mask & Logo

photo 2-7

photo 5-1

DIY SuperHero Photo Booth Prop Tutorial & Guide

To make all the props I used the following supplies:

Colored Scrapbook Paper or Thick Construction Paper *I used a mixture of scraps that I had on hand and some pieces that I picked up at my local craft store


Pencil or Pen

Sharp Scissors

Craft Glue Tape

Bamboo Wood Skewers 

Hot Glue Gun

Photos of each SuperHero you want to make

STEP 1 – To get started I used basic white THCIK construction paper and hand drew an outline of each mask or logo I wanted to make.  I used the photo of each character as a general guide.  I cut out each outline shape to check the general size and make sure that the mask was proportionate to the average head size.  The first round I did of the masks were all way too big and looked super funky as a mask.  Lol. By scaling each mask I was able to verify that the end result would look fantastic.

photo 4-2

*Below are the White Templates I made for the Batman mask, Robin mask, and the IronMan mask. 

photo 2-9

photo 3-6

STEP 2 – The next step is to place the white template on the colored paper that will ultimately end up being the mask itself.  Trace the outline onto the colored paper and cut out the basic outline for each mask.

STEP 3 – If your chosen mask has multiple layers, aka different colors on the mask, draw and cut out the templates for each additional piece on the mask.  The IronMan mask I made is a good example of this.  Below you can see the Red base and outline and then all the different Yellow pieces that give the mask some real dimension.  Utilize your photo of your SuperHero and do the best job you can to create the look your after.

photo 3-9

STEP 4 – The final step is to assemble all your pieces and masks/logos!  I used basic craft tape to piece together my masks and props.  Next I used a hot glue gun to attach the craft stick to one side of the mask OR to the center of the logo/symbol for each SuperHero.  I wanted to make sure that the stick didn’t show too much in pictures and by having it to the side of the mask and below the logo I was able to avoid that.

photo 1-6

photo 1-13

photo 4

photo 4-6

photo 4-5

photo 4-1

photo 2-6

Other than taking several hours to make, this whole project was fairly simple.  Patience and a little creativity will go a long way!!! If you have any specific questions about the masks or one SuperHero in particular please feel free to comment below or message me!!!

Next up I made these really CUTE comic book callout props in addition to the SuperHero props!!

For this project I used the same materials as above.

DIY Comic Book Callout Photo Props Tutorial & Guide

Supplies needed include the following:

White Scrapbook or Construction Paper (the thicker the better)

Sharp Scissors

Black Sharpie Marker

Bamboo Wood Screwers 

Hot Glue Gun

photo 1-8

STEP 1 – Determine how many “callouts” you want to make.  I cut out a variety of different “comic book” shapes because I wanted several different sayings.  Also, I made a few black callouts and left a couple of black sharpie markers out so guests could write out their own FUN birthday wish to my sweet hubby.  My shapes included the simple oval, a fun starburst, and the different sized rectangles pictured below.

STEP 2 – Write out your message!!! I mimicked a comic book font that I found online and wrote out several “Happy Birthday” messages to my husband!!! I used a black sharpie to write out the message on the callout!

STEP 3 – Using the black sharpie, draw a thin even line on the outside of the callout to add a nice border.  This helps the callout POP and really makes it distinct in photos.

photo 2-8

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.38.25 PM

Thats all there is to this fun project!!! You could easily modify this project and adapt it to any character or party theme you want!!! Our family had so much fun playing with these props and we got some absolutely PRICELESS and MEMORABLE pictures.  The whole day was awesome and we will never forget it!

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DIY Circle Garlands

Hello ALL!!!!

I’m back with another SuperHero DIY Tutorial from the hubby’s Big Birthday Bash! Lots more fun details to come shortly!

This photo is a little on the dark side but I absolutely LOVE how all the bright and colorful garlands draped and swooped all over the SuperHero decorations.  These garlands are one of my ALL TIME favorite projects to make because they are super cheap and easy to make, take no time at all and are very versatile to coordinate with any event that you are throwing!



I’ve made these before for some holiday decorations and also for the big SuperBowl display we put together in February!

Fall Downstairs Mantel 1

SuperBowl #6

 DIY Circle Garland Tutorial & Guide

To make this fun CIRCLE GARLAND you will need the following supplies:

Colored Scrapbook Paper (or any thick constuction paper)   *I love to use actual scrapbook paper for my garlands because the finish on the paper holds up for multiple uses and there are endless color/texture options!

Circle Punch in chosen size *my personal favorite is The Paper Studio Craft Punch from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

circle punch


Pencil or Pen 

Sharp Scissors

Sewing Machine

Thread to match Scrapbook Paper or Construction Paper

photo 1-2

STEP 1 –  Start by laying out all your scrapbook or construction paper to determine what pattern you want to create with your garland.  I love the look of doing one color for the whole garland and then mixing different garlands to get the desired look.

STEP 2 – Next measure and mark your paper using your ruler.  My favorite circle punch size is 2″ so I marked 2.5″ strips on my paper.  This will allow for 1/4″ of  wiggle room on each side in case you mess up once or twice.

STEP 3 – Using a good pair of sharp scissors cut the strips.

STEP 4 – Using your circle punch slide the punch down the strip of paper punching out your circles as you move down the strip! Discard all the scrap paper.

photo 2-2

STEP 5 & 6 – Look at all your pretty circles!!! I will line up my circles and get them set up to start putting together the actual garland itself.

STEP 7 – Thread your sewing machine and get everything up and running.  Next, start feeding the circles through the sewing machine leaving a tiny gap between each circle. I’ve positioned the circles too close together and the garland didn’t lay quite right AND i’ve positioned the circles too far apart and the threads got tangled.  A small gap between each circle seems to work perfectly!

STEP 8 – BOOM!!! A beautiful, CHEAP and easy decorative garland.

STORAGE – To store the garlands I lay each circle on the previous folding the garland accordion style.  This prevents the circles and thread from getting tangled.  I made the mistake of shoving my first garland into a ziplock bag and FYI I still haven’t gotten the damn thing untangled.  Depending on the thickness of the circle stack I will use a paper clamp to keep everything together.

 I love these fun garlands! They are so easy to make and can be reused as many times as you like.  I’ve used several different types of paper including glitter paper and sheer paper and they all work great.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment below!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.38.25 PM

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photo 5-3

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DIY SuperHero “Happy Birthday Bunting Banner”

Hey everyone, so I wanted to put together a post with all the details on how I made the SuperHero decorations from Jeffrey’s Party!!! Looking back on my previous post I was reminded of how much FUN we had!!! To read all about our SuperHero party you can Click HERE or scroll down to the previous post.


I had an absolute blast making all the decorations myself! I was all over Pinterest looking for ideas but really had trouble finding pre-made decorations.  I went shopping at our local party supply stores and couldn’t find anything that was affordable.  I’m all about being on a budget when it comes to crafts and party supplies.  It all adds up so fast.

First off I made this amazing Bunting Birthday Banner with fun Comic Book lettering that says “Happy Birthday!!”

Birthday Banner #3

To make this fun Birthday Banner you will need the following supplies:

5 sheets of Red Craft or Scrapbooking Paper

1 sheet of Yellow Craft or Scrapbooking Paper

3 sheets of Blue Craft or Scrapbooking Paper

Sharp Scissors

Decorative Edge Scissors (I used a simple scallop edge)

Craft Tape


Ribbon, Wire, or Twine (to hang your banner)

Hot Glue Gun

Birthday Banner #1

To get started I measured and cut out all my Red triangles.  I measured out the size I wanted and made a basic template out of thick paper to trace.  It is so much easier than measuring out each triangle.  Set aside all the triangles for now.

Next, I sketched out the lettering I wanted on the Blue paper and cut out all my “Happy Birthday” letters.  Using the double sided craft tape I glued the letters to the red triangles.

Finally I cut 1/2 inch wide strips of Yellow paper and used my decorative scissors on one side to get the fun scalloped edge.  Flip the Red triangle over and glue the Yellow strips to the edge of the triangle to finish.

The last step is to attach your triangles to a piece of wire, twine, or ribbon etc.  I used 1 long piece of Gold sparkly ribbon.  Using a Hot Glue Gun I attached my ribbon along the edge of the triangle where the RED and YELLOW meet.

Birthday Banner #4

Birthday Banner #5

The whole project went really quickly and ended up being way CUTER and way CHEAPER than purchasing one from the party supply store or on Etsy!!! Plus you can use any color or font type you want. The only items I purchased were the sheets of paper and I got them 50% OFF at Hobby Lobby.  They ended up being like 20 cents a piece.  I love a good Hobby Lobby deal!!!!

Birthday Banner #2

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.38.25 PM

Lots more decorations to come!!!

Stay Tuned Friends 🙂