End of Summer Baby Sales

As I headed downtown this morning for a work meeting, I was quickly reminded that today is the first day of school for lots of “littles” all around our area.  Labor Day is on the horizon and that usually signals the END OF SUMMER and the beginning of all things Fall.  Cooler weather, falling leaves, and early September days are all calling my name.  The changing of the seasons is extra special this year because it is the beginning of “a bunch of FIRSTS” for Little Reagan Marie.  First time doing Fall activities, first football season, first Halloween, First Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas is right around the corner.

Labor Day sales are everywhere right now including a bunch of Summer goodies for next year.  I rounded up some of my absolute favorites that I can’t wait to see Reagan sporting next Summer. And as a bonus everything is clearance pricing right now + an additional 40% OFF all clearance items.  This really is the only way to shop for your “littles.” They outgrow things so fast that it is impossible to justify spending $40 on a freaking baby outfit…but thats just my opinion.  And if you buy the right sizes you can see your sweet baby in the same cute outfits again next year!!!

summer favorites 2016

Embroidered Chambray Romper     Teal Palm Dress + Cardigan Set     Pink Sailor Bow Headband     Chambray Tank Romper     White Fiesta Dress + Cardigan     Polka Dot Chambray Top     Polka Dot Chambray Bow Headband     Ruffle Tank Onesie with Floral Bottoms

baby shoes

Carters Mary Jane Flats

I have always aimed to purchase any BIG baby items on super sale and Labor Day is no exception when it comes to great deals. Here are some of the other items that are on my radar for fantastic deals and steals when it comes to baby items!

PLAYPEN – We have been wanting a Playpen for awhile now but Miss Reagan was just not quite big enough. Now we are a few short weeks away from her sitting up on her own and I am so excited to have a place that can be all hers. After lots of research we decided to go with the 4moms Breeze Play Yard for convenience, storage, and longterm durability over multiple babies! It is on SUPERSALE right now and I could not be more excited!

HIGH CHAIR – We intentionally held off on purchasing some of the BIG baby items that we knew we wouldn’t need right away when I was pregnant. Well, the last 6 months have absolutely flown by and I can’t believe that it is time for Miss Reagan to be in a High Chair. I fell in love with the Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair and am so excited to snag it for a good deal. I love that it has interchangeable seats so we only have to purchase one high chair but can change the color if we have a little boy in the future. We have been using our Bumbo Chair with the Play Tray as a temporary place to feed Miss Reagan, but her chubby little baby legs are beginning to not fit in the seat openings. HAHAHAHAH. So…I am taking this as a sign that it might be time for her to get an upgrade.

BABY GATES – Miss Reagan is still months away from walking but she is getting big enough to be in a walker & jumper. And that little walker of hers will mysteriously make it across the length of our kitchen when i’m not paying attention. So we decided that its time for a baby gate! We have a set of steep stairs right off of our kitchen and I don’t want to risk a tumble. Labor Day seems like a good time to get this item on sale as well. We decided to go with the Summer Infant Multi-Use Baby Gate and can’t wait for it to get here.

Labor Day is going to be extremely low key. We finally had our fence rebuilt after the crazy windstorm blew it apart last November. We’ve been hard at work staining every little nook and cranny whenever we get some free time together. So far it is coming together nicely and the color really pops against our yard!!! So happy to finally have some stain on it and we will most likely wrap up that project over the long weekend. September 2nd is Reagan’s Half Birthday and she will be 6months old. Holy Crap! Where did the time go?  Its been so fun watching her grow up and I am so looking forward to her walking and getting dressed up for Halloween.

Bye Bye Summer. Hello FALL!!!!!!!

xo xo Friends,

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Happy July First

Happy July 1st to you ALL and Happy Friday Friends!!

I am so exited to be kicking off the long weekend with everything fun & festive for the Fourth of July. I love a good LONG weekend! Holidays that spill over onto a Monday mean a little extra sleep (maybe), a little extra help from the hubs, and lots of FUN and SUNSHINE celebrating the Red, White, and Blue. We are headed to the lake for the Fourth this year and are so excited to celebrate Miss Reagan’s first Fourth of July! We’ve got some amazing food, activities, and festive outfits planned, and just can’t wait to wrap up the week and get started on the FUN stuff.

I’ve finally rounded up my meal plan for the Fourth and this is what we are thinking. Every year we kick off our Fourth with these festive Red, White, & Blue Waffles for breakfast.  We’ve got lunch covered with my husbands delicious BBQ Pulled Beef Sandwiches and I am excited to try a NEW recipe for Lentil Salad with Cumin Lime Dressing. I actually really enjoy cooking as long as I have a decent recipe to follow and Reagan is preoccupied for a bit! Dinner is going to be classic BBQ Chicken (a staple/can’t MESS it up), but I was seriously drawn to this recipe for BBQ Chicken Bacon Pineapple Kabobs. They look AH-MAZING!!! It wouldn’t be the Fourth without Corn on the Cob and of course our 4th of July tradition…a Gourmet S’Mores Bar complete with all the candy classics. I just might end up looking pregnant again but will have had one HELL of GOOD TIME!

s'mores bar   s'mores bar

Slate Chalkboard HERE & HERE   //   4th of July Trays (similar HERE)

We’ve got our food covered, all our festive outfits are planned (read about them HERE), and we are taking the whole weekend off to Play and Celebrate as a family.  Our baby girl is turning 4 months old TOMORROW!!!! Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? Watch for her four month pictures + updates coming next week…so excited to share all the details.  Some of our good friends are getting married on Sunday so we will be living it up and flying solo without Reagan. A little sad, a little excited, and a little confused by all the mommy emotions i’m feeling about leaving her.  Totally NORMAL stuff! And then of course Monday is one of the BEST DAYS OF THE WHOLE YEAR!!!! I think its safe to say this weekend is going to ROCK!!! 

Tonight, we’ve got friends coming over for pizza and to play Cards Against Humanity. I’ve never played before. We might be the last people on the planet to finally jump on that bandwagon, but am so EXCITED because I hear it is beyond hilarious and ridiculous! I bought the game the other day and thanks to Amazon Prime it arrived yesterday just in time for a whole mess of 4th of July shenanigans.

cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity   //   First Expansion Pack

And on that note…i’m OUT! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend Friends and Happy Fourth of July to you all! Play SAFE this weekend!!!!!

xo xo,

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Mama + Mini // 4th of July Style

With only one week to go until one of our FAVORITE HOLIDAYS, I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite Mama + Mini Styles for the 4th of July!!! Have I mentioned lately that having a Little Girl is the best and most festive thing EVER!!! And I LOVE it beyond belief!!!

4th of July Mini Style

Tank + Baby Bloomers   //   Gold Leaf Headband   //   Chambray Polka Dot Dress   //   Gold Glitter Jelly Sandals   //   Red White & Cute Shirt with Jean Shorts  //   Chuck Taylor All Stars for Mama   //   Chuck Taylor All Stars for Baby

I simply can’t wait to see Miss Reagan in her stylish & festive outfit for the fourth!!!!

Gold Leaf Headband

Red White & Cute Outfit

Gold Jelly SandalsGold Jelly Sandals

 It is no surprise that I am a lover of Holidays and anything festive.  When I think back to the Fourth last year, I was newly pregnant and in the beginning stages of good ol’ morning sickness…how FUN right??? I was a pouty party because I couldn’t drink, but was still head over heels happy because we were PREGNANT!!! We found out we were expecting over the holiday weekend last year and it was just so much fun.  The Fourth of July is one our favorite holidays and it is very serindipidous that we found out about our sweet baby while celebrating the Red, White, & Blue.

Gold Laurel

Mama + Mini

Mama Chuck Taylor All StarsChuck Taylor All Stars Mini

Gold Laurel

Here is our very first photo as a family of three + 2 golden retrievers. Baby Reagan was still a tiny tadpole swimming in my belly, but we gave her a little flag nonetheless!!!!

Patriotic Family July 2015

Bikini Top (last year – similar HERE)

***Mourning my pre-baby body and abs a bit after seeing this photo. Mama needs to continue working her hinny off!

I’m just so excited to see what kind of festive shenanigans we can get into this year.  Miss Reagan is going to be representing the Red, White, & Blue and we will be taking her to the lake for the very first time. I am just so excited.  I know she is still too young to understand what is going on but its so fun to see her little eyes light up when she sees and experiences new things for the first time. SPARKLERS & S’MORES anyone?!?!?!

Hope everyone has an amazing week and it’s definitely time to do some festive 4th of July party planning!

xo xo Friends,

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Summer Nights

Ahh Summer nights have finally arrived and we are LOVING IT around here!!!

The days are bright and sunny, the evenings are so warm and enjoyable, and we’ve been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and walking Miss Reagan and the girl puppies as much as possible.  I wear Reagan in my Tula Baby Carrier and we have a solid route that we explore. Its about four to five miles total. The exercise is fantastic for my postpartum mommy body, but we both get pretty warm while hiking along. I might be the worlds laziest momma, but she loves it when we let her hang out and cool down in ONLY her diaper after our nightly walks.  I’ve never seen a baby so happy to chill in her diaper and a bow.

 Reagan usually goes to bed around 7:30pm but sometimes we’ll keep her up past her bedtime and simply hang out as a family of three.  OR Mommy and Daddy can relax and enjoy the peace and calm together rocking the night away on our porch swing. I recently added some festive bistro lights to our front porch and I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out.  There is nothing better than sipping on a margarita and rocking the night away next to my hubby. We are definitely loving summer nights in the Haguewood household!

mommy and baby

Summer Nights - June 2016 #2

baby faces x4

porch margarita

porch margarita #2

Recycled Glass Tumblers – Gift (similar HERE)

There is an unwritten rule that its ok to stay up late past our bedtimes when margaritas and porch swinging are involved! So…on that note, to the swing we GO! Cheers to Summer nights friends!

xo xo,

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Mama + Mini // Summer Swim Styles Flamingo Favorites

summer baby swim style

Hallelujah Friends, Summer has finally arrived!

I AM SO EXCITED for the weather to get HOT and then we are headed to the lake with our sweet baby girl. Our current weather status however, is less than appealing. Windy, stormy, and a bit rainy around here today. Not fun but a good excuse to stay indoors and get some work done!

Can I just take a second and gush over some of these cute and tiny baby swimsuits??? My heart is bursting in anticipation of seeing Miss Reagan in some of these adorable little suits.  Clearly, i’m loving everything “FLAMINGO” related right now! There is just something so bright and summery about bright Poppy and Flamingo colors! Plus, chunky baby legs and a tiny flamingo swimsuit seem like a rockin’ combination in my book. Check out my Summer Swim Styles below, complete with all of my Flamingo Favorites!!!!

summer baby swim style flamingo favorites

JCrew Bikini Top     H&M Scallop Bikini Bottoms     OH JOY! Flamingo Stuffy     SunnyLife Extra Large Flamingo Float     SunnyLife Baby Flamingo Float     Flamingo Halter Baby Swimsuit     Flamingo Ruffle One-Shoulder Swimsuit     Polka Dot Flamingo Swimsuit     Bandeau Bow Swimsuit     Flora & the Flamingo Book

Not quite sure if i’m ready for “bikini season” as i’m still working to get some of the baby weight off. But in the spirit of summertime and cutting myself a little slack, I will be rocking a bikini this summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Growing a tiny human was hard work, and I am so proud of myself and my body. I’ve been eyeing this adorable striped JCrew bikini top, perfect for the nursing/pumping mommy and these girly H&M scalloped bikini bottoms! Love the color combination together and how dainty they look.

bikini top       bikini bottoms


Mama + Mini

 I know for this summer at least, Miss Reagan will still be a little on the small side to play with a gigantic Pink Flamingo! Next year though, oh its on! I can’t wait to capture some photos of us sporting our matching Mama & Baby Pink Flamingo Floats from the SunnyLife! We are big time lake people and I can’t wait to get Miss Reagan out in the water for some summer fun! This year, we’ll stick to the Flamingo Stuffy Friend and some shade!!!!

giant pink flamingo floatbaby flamingo float

Gold Laurel

Our Summer plans are somewhat minimal at this point but we do have a few things on the agenda that we won’t be missing.

#1 – We have several weddings to attend including one that means a mini-getaway for Mommy and Daddy. Gulp. It will be my first time away from the baby and i’m half-excited and half-terrified to leave her. The thought of sleeping through the night fully for two days makes me SOOOOOO happy, but she is also my little girl and I will miss the heck out of her! She will be in good hands though!

#2 – We are celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary. Say What?!?!?! I’m not sure where the past five years have gone but i’m pretty darn excited to celebrate my love and best friend! Not sure what we are doing yet, probably chilling at home changing dirty diapers, but who knows what might go down!

#3 – We are spending a week at the lake relaxing while hopefully getting nice and tan!!

#4 – We will be celebrating AMERICA and all things patriotic over the 4th of July in true Haguewood fashion…like always!!!! The Fourth is always one of the biggest holidays on our calendar and we can’t wait for Miss Reagan to partake in all the FUN!

#5 – We will be keeping the patriotic train rolling as we celebrate the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics! GO TEAM USA!!!! WE LOVE WATCHING the Olympics and are ridiculously proud of our country and all that she stands for! What could be more patriotic than the olympics?!?! Can’t wait to hear Bob Costas voice and the good old Olympic anthem on the tv this summer!!

baby swimsuit

Happy Sweet Summertime Friends!!!

xo xo,

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Memorial Day 2016…Summer Starts HERE!!!

WooHoo…Memorial Day is officially in the books and that means Summer has “unofficially” started! We enjoyed a completely relaxed and uneventful weekend at home complete with a mini family photo session, puppy walks, and a movie marathon on Saturday night. Ultimately, the extra time as a family was glorious.

Reagan is becoming much more engaging and really loves it when we talk and interact with her. So FUN!!! We are ready for all things Summer around here and simply can’t wait to take her to the lake for the first time.  I’m super stoked for all the adorable baby swimsuits out there. Baby Girl’s closet is already stocked and my heart just can’t handle it.

With all the FUN that a long holiday weekend brings, its easy to forget the meaning of the day.  Its amazing to me that the simple act of bringing a child into this world has forever changed my perspective and the extreme amount of gratitude I have for those who have served and are currently serving. My heart is so grateful for the sacrifices made to ensure that our freedom will go on for generations to come. And that next generation includes my daughter. My heart wants so badly for her to grow up in a peaceful world and we all owe the biggest THANK YOU to those you have made the greatest sacrifice in the pursuit of that goal.

“I thank God for my life, and for the stars and stripes. May freedom forever fly. Let it ring.
Salute the ones who died, The ones that give their lives so we don’t have to sacrifice all the things we love.”
– Zac Brown Band

memorial day baby

memorial day baby

memorial day baby

memorial day baby

Headband (made by me – tutorial coming soon)   Free to be Cute Onesie

***Double Duty on the onesie as the 4th of July is right around the corner! Score 2 points for Mommy!!!***

memorial day 2016

memorial day 2016

memorial day 2016

memorial day 2016

memorial day 2016

memorial day 2016

memorial day 2016

memorial day 2016

memorial day

memorial day 2016

Dream Flag Sweatshirt  (Similar Here)

I hope everyone enjoyed an awesome and safe holiday weekend. And as a bonus for the short week, tomorrow is already Friday. Woo Hoo. It is supposed to be in the 90’s this weekend in our neck of the woods. Let the countdown to Summer begin…

xo xo Friends,


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Summer Recap – Part 1 “Our 4th of July”

Well Summer is wrapping up and Fall is right around the corner, as in next week!!! My Halloween loving heart is singing and i’ve got Halloween costumes and Football on the brain.  BUT we’ve got a few nice days left of Sweet Summertime and that means a few quick Summer Recaps.  Our Summer was so jammed packed with activities and festivities that I wasn’t able to blog normally throughout the months.  I decided to condense our Summer Fun into 3 recaps starting with our 4th of July!!!

We are big time American Lovin’ Patriots in this house and that means the 4th of July isn’t just our Nations Birthday, but it is THE BEST HOLIDAY of the summer!!!! America, the lake, s’mores, fireworks; whats not to love?!?!?! We typically spend our 4th at either my parents lake house or my husbands family lake house!  This year was EXTRA special in that we threw my sister-in-law, Jessie, her Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower at the lake house with all her friends and family.  We had a good time to say the least, such a fun weekend!!! 🙂 More details to come on those festivities in the next recap.

My day started with a festive and fun 4th of July Chalkboard!!!! No holiday would be complete in my book without one of these beauties!!!



Next up we enjoyed the beautiful weather and took advantage by hanging out together and showing our festive side by dressing up, the puppies included. Cue the absolutely adorable Red, White, and Blue swimsuits!!!


The boys cracked us up with their matching RED board shorts, completely accidentally by the way. 🙂


The girly goldens weren’t having it however, they hated the fun 4th of July headbands we put on them! They seriously need an attitude adjustment when it comes to Americas Birthday!!!! 🙂



We enjoyed the 2nd Annual Haguewood Water Sports Day with a little tubing and fun water activities! Here is my hubby reliving his glory days as a Pro-Tuber…he likes to go fast and can do so many jumps and fun tricks.  Look at how cute he is…I just love him so much 🙂




Next up we have the girls.  We are significantly less coordinated when it comes to tubing, but we had a good time!





Every year all the folks vacationing around the lake will do a festive 4th of July boat parade!!! Totally festive and right up my alley.  The boys were feeling very patriotic and represented our boat well.



We spent the rest of the day eating lots of yummy and tasty oysters, a 4th of July tradition in our family,  and taking cute and goofy photos.








As the sun went down around the lake we watched the gorgeous sunset, cooked up some absolutely FAB s’mores in my S’mores Bar, and enjoyed the endless hours of fireworks going off around us.  Such a gorgeous and beautiful day.

photo 1-24

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

A very very VERY late Happy 4th of July from the Haguewood Family!


To read about our 4th of July from the Summer of 2013, click HERE!!!!

CHEERS to all the fun and festive memories that were made during the Summer of 2014. I’m already looking forward to next summer!!! A few more recaps to come and then we can dive into ALL things FALL!! Whoop Whoop!

Cheers Friends,

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September means Football Season Ya’ll

September 2014

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to welcome September!!! September really is the unofficial start of Fall and as much as I want to dive right in, we aren’t quite there just yet.  I still have a few items to cross off my  Summer bucket list.

September 2014 - poem

September means so many wonderful things to me…beautiful weather, yummy carmel & apple EVERYTHING, and of course some FOOTBALL!!! My football loving heart has been on pins and needles the last few days waiting for the 2014 Season Kickoff Game – Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers. Arghhhhhhh I literally cannot wait!!! My hubby and I have been in full football prep mode including putting up some seasonal football decor, a tasty gameday menu, and some cozy new Seahawks blankets to ring in September and the Big Game! Soooooooooooo excited!

Seahawks Blankets

In honor of September I enjoyed my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks the other day.  The epitome of everything FALL in one amazing and delicious beverage!  Fall and Christmas are really the only times I hit up Starbucks due to the hefty $$$ I dish out and the calorie count. Yikes!!! But every sip is totally worth it!!!

Pumpkin Spice Latte 2014

On the docket this Fall i’ve got some yummy new soup recipes that i’m excited to try out and a few fun projects to knock out as the weather gets chilly.  Watch for some fun and festive chalkboard prints that I will be posting shortly. This weekend is supposed to be the last gorgeous and HOT weekend of the summer so i’m excited to wrap up a few summer items and maybe polish off whats left of my summer tan. So CHEERS to a big WIN tomorrow night against the Packers and all the wonders that Fall will bring this September!

Lots of Love & Blessings,

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Summer Lovin’ (plus a few UPDATES)


August 2014

I thought it might be nice to take a little break from my SuperHero tutorials and do a post all about Sweet Summer Time!!! I’m definitely a girl who loves all 4 seasons but Summer will WIN each and every time in my book.  This girl loves sunshine and happiness and SUMMER is undeniably FULL of both!!!

Hello Summer Time 2014

So i’ve been so busy enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Summer that i’ve been neglecting my “summer” post.  HaHa, oh well. The summer months are simply glorious and are usually over way too quickly.

We’ve been busy working during the week and living life to the fullest on our days off.  We had a fun mini vacation, enjoyed an awesome and totally crazy 4th of July, and a pretty bridal shower and bachelorette bash for my sister-in-law. Here are a few other Fun Summer updates:

#1 – Wedding Season has officially arrived!!!

Its wedding season

 PS…one of my favorite movies of all time…”Wedding Crashers.”

Wedding Season is in full swing and i’ve been a busy little bee busting out beautiful chalkboards for some clients & getting all my Brides ready for their big day!! I absolutely love this time of year because not only do I get to see all my gorgeous brides, who I haven’t seen in months, but all the work and energy that goes into creating a wedding comes to fruition!!!

Love seeing all my stunning brides in their beautiful wedding gowns!!!!

Knowing that I had a small part in making their big day beautiful and perfect is the best feeling in the whole world!!

This year is extra special because i’ve added a new element to my title as “Bridal Consultant” and that is “Wedding Chalkboard Artist.” I’m doing 2 beautiful weddings this year and am supplying custom chalkboard art for the ceremonies and receptions!!! Can’t give away any other details other than they are going to be gorgeous!!!

#2 – CrossFit Initiation

CrossFit 2014

In other fun news, i’ve finally jumped on the CrossFit bandwagon and joined a CrossFit gym! I’m actually sitting here writing this post watching the 2014 ReeBok CrossFit games in the background.  Hello crazy strong uber-intense workout people! Man, this stuff is fun though.  I’ve never worked out so hard , felt so ridiculously uncomfortable, or so insecure/anxious in my entire life. And I keep going back!!!! I always joke with my hubby that he doesn’t “sell” CrossFit well in that he is always hurt or sore and completely tanked ALL the time.  But now i’m addicted  and understand the draw and desire to become better. CrossFit goes beyond “looking good” or simply improving your athleticism…this is about real world strength and taking your mental and physical body to a whole new level.  Holy Shit, i’ve drunk the CrossFit kool aid.

#3 – Summer Lovin’ Favorites

Here are some of my current favorites that I’ve been enjoying this summer!

Summer Favorites 2014

#1 – Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil in “Honey Kissed”  & Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil in “Honey Gold”     #2 – EOS Shave Cream     #3 – Songza App     #4 – Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm in “Petal Glow”     #5 – Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray     #6 – Lemon Mint Leaf Mason Jar Candle

 All these products have been super awesome finds this summer.  My special favorites include the EOS Shave Lotion,  Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, and Neutrogena Lip Balm.  Love Love Love them all!!!!

Vanilla Bliss

I can’t rave about the EOS Shave Cream enough!! My current favorite is the Vanilla Bliss!  If you haven’t heard about the EOS Lip Balm yet, PLEASE STOP whatever you are currently doing, go immediately to your local Walgreens, Target, Walmart etc. and grab a dozen (or possibly 2 dozen) of these PHENOMENAL lip balms.  These little round balls of wonderful have officially changed my life. My fav is “Sweet Mint.”


DISCLAIMER: You might become addicted to ALL of the EOS products! 

I recently came across the EOS Shave Cream and immediately snatched it up.  This stuff is beyond amazing! I used regular body wash and was constantly cutting myself etc. Now, my skin is continuously moisturized, shaving is a breeze, and the smell is amazing!!!!

Honey Bronze

I’m super porceiln white during the winter months and during the Summer I usually get a mild tan. This year I tried the Shimmering Dry Oil from the Body and immediately fell in love with it.  I’ve gone back and forth trying different sunless tanners and I really enjoy this one because its not really a “self tanner” at all.  Its more of a sparkly oil that you can apply, it only lasts the one application, it doesn’t have any “orange” tint to it, and it doesn’t smell funky at all.  I read several reviews about the product before officially committing and i’m so glad that I took the plunge.  I wasn’t sure about the two color options they have so I bought them both.  My go-to-fav is the “Honey Gold.” It is perfect for everyday use and great to add a small amount of color for work or shopping! The “Honey Kissed” is quite a bit darker and would be perfect for a date night or special event.  I recently wore it to a Bridal Shower and was so happy with the color it gave me. I love how it doesn’t streak, isn’t too oily, and isn’t too glittery!!! The smell is fantastic and really isn’t strong at all.  Both products are overall amazing and add the perfect amount of SPARKLE to any look.

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.24.41 PM

 Back in June I was on the hunt for a moisturizing SPF chapstick to use during Hoopfest weekend.  I came across the Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm and was very impressed! They are mostly a chapstick with a little bit of light color added.  I have never been the lipstick type and always struggle with dry lips.  This is the perfect combo of moisturizer and a little bit of color for special occasions, with a bonus of SPF for added sun protection!!! I use my EOS lip balm multiple times per day and will throw this on top if we are headed out on a date or if I have an important client/ appointment to attend to! My favorite color is the “Petal Glow.” I love this product and will definitely be purchasing it again!

#4 – Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Haguewood!!!

On July 30, 2011 I married my Best Friend and Soul Mate!!! I can’t believe how quickly we shot through the years…but I am beyond grateful for every Year, every Day, and every Moment we’ve shared. The wedding was gorgeous but the marriage is EPIC!!!! I’m so beyond happy and beyond in love with my husband! The life and family we are building together is simply BEAUTIFUL and better than anything I could’ve ever imagined!!!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

#5 – We said GoodBye to my beautiful Grandmother, Helen Theresa Allen!!!

Grandma Helen

On August 4, 2014 we said goodbye & God Bless to my kind and wonderful Grandmother.  She was a stunning example of what a strong and loving woman could accomplish throughout a lifetime.  Wife to her husband and love of 62 years, mother to 7 beautiful children, and grandmother and great-grandmother to many, she will be forever LOVED and forever missed as well as cherished in all our hearts!!! The Catholic funeral mass was gorgeous and very lovely! We honored her with a full police funeral escort and sang a jig in honor of her memory as we lowered her casket. Beautiful pink lilies and carnations adorned her grave and we will forever remember the beauty and heart that she carried with her.


I will always remember your petite frame and endless capacity for love.  You are a beautiful example of strength and willpower as well as compassion and LOVE! Thank you for raising the most wonderful woman I know, my mother Nancy, and I hope and pray that someday I will be half the woman and mother that you have been in your lifetime.  You are a shining example of everything I strive to be in my life, All Woman, All Strength, and All Love!!! Thank you for your endless inspiration and faith in me as an individual! I will forever Love you!!!

I hope you are enjoying every beautiful moment of this gorgeous Summer!!!

Thank You for Reading,

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I’m Back!!!!

I’m Back Ya’ll 🙂

I feel like i’m constantly cycling through phases where I’m up for blogging, and then sometimes… not so much. It’s all good…i’m learning to ROLL with life these days!

We’ve had a whirlwind few months here in the Haguewood Household with some big family changes and major updates to fill you in on.  Lots of good changes and a few that have really tested our bond and strength as a family.  But, there is always a silver lining, and thankfully we’ve made it over the hump and we are back on track.

photo 1-5

These two gorgeous ladies have really kept us on our toes lately.

Our 4 1/2 year old Golden, Jovie – on the left in this photo, recently had surgery to have a tumor removed from her elbow. We actually discovered the tumor when my hubby’s parents were in town for his SuperHero birthday party.  We quickly hit up the vet and received a diagnosis of an aggressive type of cancer called histiocytic sarcoma. We scheduled surgery for the next day and had that BAD boy removed from our precious baby.  Lots of antibiotics, 2 surgeries, and 8 weeks in a full leg cast later…we have our Jovie dog back and in much better spirits! It has been an emotional time for us as a family, and it really tested our resilience and ability to push through the fear of losing one of our babies.

photo 1-3

She is still the happiest and brightest little dog in the world!!! Love her so much!!!

photo 2-3

She was all kinds of “stylish” with a new bandage each week.

And of course she had her little sister, Roxie, by her side week in and week out. Pretty sure Jov was getting all kinds of irritated with Roxie, but in the end she helped bring some element of “normalcy” back to our lives. Plus they are just soooo adorable hanging out together. I can’t get over how much they look alike in this photo!

photo 5-2

photo 3-2

photo 5-6

In other exciting news, my beautiful sister in law Jessie is getting married in August. We are so pumped for another Haguewood Wedding.  Planning and Maid of Honor duties have kept me busy busy busy over the last 6 weeks.  We hosted a big Bachelorette Bash & Bridal Shower for the lovely Bride to Be over the 4th of July weekend which was simply EPIC! All the details coming soon for sure…

For now, i’m just glad to be back!! I’ve really missed blogging but wasn’t feeling motivated one bit! My Etsy Shop is also is desperate need of some attention, so please watch for some new prints coming soon!! I promise to be more diligent when it comes to blogging etc. and i’ve got some fun stuff planned for DIY tutorials.  I also need to play catch up on some past projects and post the tutorials.  I’ve got everything laid out and ready to go, I just need to sit down and bust them out.

In the meantime I’m heading back to work which is fantastic, and my sweet hubby is continuing to build up our business.  Lots of exciting things ahead for the summer and of course I already have a football countdown going on my phone, whoop whoop. “GO HAWKS”

The girly dogs need to have a couple of rest days after our big fourth of july bash and I could use a few myself.  Time to clean my house and catch up on some laundry!!! Our 3-year wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of the month and i’m really excited. Lots of things coming up. Time to put my big girl panties on and LIVE THIS LIFE to the fullest!

Big Girl Panties

Thanks for reading!!!



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Lovin’ Summer Nights

Sweaters, Sparklers, and Summer Nights!!!

Life is good in the summer time! We, meaning the hubby and I, are currently loving the ease and calm pace of life that summertime brings.  Nights by the firepit and cool days hitting the lake for a good time. Life is pretty good during the summer months.

Hello Sweet Summertime

We have been busy working our little tails off…so when the evening haze creeps up on us we are more then happy to relax and slow down a bit.  Our little family spends every night together playing outdoors, watching movies, and having dinner & margaritas by the fire in our backyard.  I love that the sun stays up late with us and is up bright and early every morning.

Summer Nights #1 Summer Nights #2

We’ve been busy crossing off our Summer Bucket List!!! Only a few more items to go…i’m really looking forward to going on a summer picnic with my sweet hubby!!!!

Summer Bucket List

Summer Nights #3 Summer Nights #4 Summer Nights #5

We hold on to these nights as long as we can before the Autumn & Winter weather sneaks up on us.

Summer Nights #7

I’m officially back on the workout train and have been feeling better and better as each day passes.  I’ve been indulging in way to many s’mores, margaritas, and wine the past week.  But HEY it was our anniversary week and I had lots of reasons to celebrate!!!

The blog got a bit of a facelift today!!!! What do you think? I thought it was time for a new look.  Absolutely lovin’ the rock chalk background. Can you tell that i’m a wee bit obsessed at the moment.

I’ve also had FALL on my brain like its nobody’s business.  I can’t wait to decorate my house and get my football ON!!! We are major football freaks in this house and are waiting for the pre-season games to kick off.

I have an absolute LOVE AFFAIR with Fall.  I mean I really really really LOVE FALL!!!! I love the smell of Autumn days, pumpkins, apple cider, and Halloween festive fun! Fall also kicks off the Holiday Season in my book and thats mean Halloween Costumes, Turkey Day, followed by Christmas cheer and New Years Resolutions.

I can’t wait and have basically been counting down the days until it is socially acceptable to put up Autumn decorations.  My pinterest pages have been blowing up. Boom!!!! I’m thinking September… which means the final days of Summer are counting down.  We will hopefully get a few more days at the lake and of course we will continue enjoying our Summer nights!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

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Lake Vacation Recap & Photos – Part 2

Well the vacation fun just keeps coming. The 4th was definitely a highlight of our trip and was beyond AMAZING!!!!! To check out a recap of our 4th of July Festive Fun click HERE.

We rounded out our vacation with an awesome last day of FUN. The Haguewood Family definitely goes Big or we go Home! haha Introducing the 1st annual Haguewood Water Sports Day, chalk full of crazy and good family fun!!!


Summer 2013 #17

This chica learned how to Wakeboard for the first time!!! Boom Baby! I may be a delicate flower, but i’ve got some sporty edge to me yet!!!! Thanks to my fantastic teacher, Miss Jessie, I got up on my third try.  I couldn’t believe it!!! The first 2 attempts were EPIC face plants.  I didn’t realize the pull that the rope would have initially…but eventually I got the hang of it and popped up quickly. I was very shaky and planted on my behind shortly after.  All I remember is Jessie yelling “straighten your leg…” followed by another epic crash into the water and massive water up my nose.

Summer 2013 #18




Summer 2013 #19
“Hey Hey” look at me being all COOL in the water acting like I know whats going on…NOT!!! Lesson learned…



These two were pooped and watched from the sidelines!!!!

Summer 2013 #12 Summer 2013 #13

Such prissy little princess girl dogs! We do LUUUUVVVVV our animals!!!


#92 #94

Next up on the agenda was a task for the BOYS!!! We recruited them to fix the floating raft right off of the shore line.

Summer 2013 #25 Summer 2013 #24

The girls enjoyed some relaxing down time while the men were busy at work.

Summer 2013 #26
Please excuse the NO MAKEUP look…i’m technically on vacation so makeup is definitely NOT mandatory!!!!!

Once the raft was fully operational we swam over and gave it a try. Everything was working fine so we all decided to take some family pics on the raft.




Summer 2013 #32 Summer 2013 #33


Next up we thought we could go for a little diving and biggest splash contest!!!

Jim and Jovie won!!!!


Harley needed some extra photos taken to make up for lost time!!!

#104 Summer 2013 #31 Summer 2013 #40

After a quick swim with our dogs we went on a romantic little cruz around the lake on the jet ski.  So much fun and THANK YOU to my husband for not throwing me off from spinning and going too fast.  We had a nice little moment in the middle of the lake when we stopped and saw two bald eagles fly overhead. SO COOL!!! Lovin’ the lake life in a major way!!!!

Summer 2013 #28

We comcluded the 1st annual Haguewood Water Sports Day with a group tube ride.  It was so much fun and because of the extra weight we were able to get whipped around a lot.  It was an absolute blast and by the end of the ride we were all pooped and out of breath from laughing and screaming so loud. Summer 2013 #37 Summer 2013 #38 Summer 2013 #36 Summer 2013 #39 Summer 2013 #41

Jeffrey’s Grandparents came over for dinner to enjoy our last night!! We were all a little sad that our vacation was coming to an end.

Summer 2013 #42

Summer 2013 #43

Summer 2013 #44 Summer 2013 #45

We had such a blast on vacation and enjoyed every moment of our down time together as a family.

We loaded up the SUV, doggies and kitties included,  and got to work driving home the next morning.  It was a long trek home and  we were finally able to check out our new floors!!! It was so exciting to come home and made the “stress” of unpacking and getting settled in totally worth it!!! Here are some pics of the new floors!!!!

New Floors #1

New Floors #2

New Floors #3

By itself it is difficult to notice a difference, but the floor is so much brighter and totally gorgeous!!! Here is a “before” and “after” of the hardwood.  So much fun.  There is always something good that can come out of a negative situation, you just have to look a little harder past all the sadness and frustration.

Floor Comparison

Life has been slowly falling back into place over the past couple weeks.  My hubby and I have both been insanely busy at work and the summer is flying by as usual.  Fall will be here before we know it and then soon it will be Halloween and Christmas!!!! We have been enjoying some weekends at my parents lake cabin and getting our house all cleaned up. I love our nights by the fire and staying up late on summer nights!!! It has been a blast and now our anniversary is right around the corner!!!

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Fourth of July Festiveness

Happy 4th of July 2013 from the Haguewood Family!!!!

Woot Woot!!! We love the 4th of July!!! Aside from Christmas…Halloween…and maybe Valentines Day this is officially one of my all time favorite holidays! But I do love any excuse to be festive and decorate…not to mention wear a cute holiday inspired outfit! We are big patriots in this family and I would like to wish the United States of America a very Happy 237th Birthday!! Yes I’m a major dork and know stuff like that! We gotta remember the reason for the season…

Here are some of my 4th of July Festive Inspired Ideas:

4th of July Inspiration

All Sources can be found HERE!

Our 4th of July begin with a little holiday inspired decorating at the lake house.






A quick thank you to my mother in law for purchasing all the decor. You rock!!!!!

Jeffrey went for a quick little 4.2 mile run…that is seriously a “small” run for him!  And I relaxed and enjoyed my morning coffee and got to work on a festive chalkboard!

Summer 2013 #6


When he got back my sweet hubby whipped us up some some yummy 4th of July waffles.  I decided mine needed a little more festiveness, followed by a festive little beverage!



Very refreshing and yummy water!!!!


I donned my favorite swimsuit and we quickly snapped some pics! This is our third 4th of July together and also our anniversary month. Da da dada…here comes the bride!!! Woot Woot



I love this guy SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

We decided it was time to bust out the yummy adult beverages! Hey it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Introducing 4th of July festive Sangria!!!

Ingredients: Wine, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Pineapple




We enjoyed some yummy Oysters! Thanks Jim…I love the ones sauteed in butter. Oh my goodness so GOOD!!!



The boys got pooped out by all the festive excitement and needed to lay down for a little nap!



Jovie’s turn for a nap!!!


Quick boat ride around the lake!!!


Sun is going down. Time to done cute festive outfit numero dos and get snuggled in for fireworks!




Quick S’mores Break after dinner…i’m a little embarrassed about how many of these I ate. What the hell, it’s summer!!

Summer 2013 #7 Summer 2013 #8


Summer 2013 #10

Our 4th concluded with hours and hours of fireworks let off by the neighbors.  They were going off all around us! It was so awesome. We laid out in our chaise lounges and overhead was an awesome light show!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful and amazing 4th of July!

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Lake Vacation Recap & Photos – Part 1

Well our vacation was officially kicked off by Hoopfest as well as a small home remodel project. Drum role please…we had our  hard wood floors redone.  Way back in April, we had a small toilet malfunction in our upstairs bathroom resulting in a small house flood.  We had our floors refinished as a result of this little mishap.  While they were getting redone we loaded all the babies up and drove across the state for a nice little family vacation at the lake house!!!! Here are some “before” photos of our floors that I took right before we left.

Old Floors #1

We cleared out all the furniture and realized simply how BIG our home is.  Its funny how you can walk through a living room every day and then suddenly it feels like a different house when everything is cleared out. We are so blessed.

Old Floors #2
Love our paint color! My hubby rocks for doing all the paiting himself!!!!!

Old Floors #3

This is the living room that leads into our dining room! We are so lucky to have the original flooring for our home…this is just a little touch up to smooth everything out.

I can’t even tell you how anxious I was feeling at this point.  We sorta just winged it with the flooring and I was going on total “faith” that everything would turn out just fine.  Wait where did all my furniture go????

Old Floors #4

Of course it is crammed into my kitchen and office! No problems…i’m ready for vacation!!!!!

6 hours later we arrived and everyone was ready to play in the lake…especially the puppies!!!!

I do apologize for my annoying laugh and high pitched voice! I was just really excited and they were so cute together.

These two were completely tuckered out after playing for about four hours.  We were all done for the day and ready for bed!


Day 2 brought with it a completely relaxing morning and a gorgeous view! The weather was absolutely perfect and we were so lucky! Jeffrey and I started the day with a quick run on the lake road.  We clocked the distance and it was 4.2 miles total.  Jeffrey killed his run but mine was a wee bit slower. Total shocker.

Summer 2013

We followed up our run with some breakfast and NAPS. Officially the best part of vacation is being able to to do whatever you want whenever you want.  We napped and ate and relaxed and completely CHILLED out 100%. It was soooooooo nice! The first couple days of vacation looked exactly the same…we really needed to decompress and completely unwind.

More to come shortly…

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Hoopfest 2013 – Recap & Photos

Well…another Hoopfest has come and gone and this year we decided to continue the “Family Fun” by tagging on our yearly Lake Vacation right at the end.  It has been a busy 10 days and Woo Hoo are we pooped!!!! The hubby was back at work today and i’m heading back tomorrow.  Today was chalk full of errands, laundry, some shopping, and getting back into my routine.  We completed the day with some running, Jeffrey = 4 miles and Me = 3 miles.  We also had a celebratory dinner this evening because Jeffrey officially marked a huge milestone today with his business!!!! Immensely and Ridiculously PROUD of my hubby right now. He has been giving it his all lately and i’m so proud of how far we have come with the business.

Hoopfest 2013 Chalkboard

Hoopfest this year was a total WHIRLWIND!!!!!! For those who don’t know what Hoopfest is, it is the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world. There are over 7,000 teams who enter and 250,000 people show up in hoards.  This is my third official Hoopfest with the Haguewood Family and I was stoked.  Our house was packed to the brim and we had an amazing time.  We were cheering on two teams this year. Jeffrey and his sister Jessie played with some cousins. Go team “Cuz I said So…”

Hoopfest 2013 #2

And my father in law, Jim,  played with a group of friends from their hometown. Go team “Remember When…”


Everyone rolled into town on Friday and we had a nice time chatting and catching up! We haven’t seen the cousins since our wedding almost two years ago.  It was a fun little reunion and we all got nice and psyched up for the games Saturday morning!!!

Hoopfest 2013 #5

Hoopfest 2013 #4
Love these ladies…
Hoopfest 2013 #3
A little wine by the firepit…
Hoopfest 2013 #7
“I believe that happy Girls are the prettiest girls…” – Audrey Hepburn

Friday night was a blast and I love the feeling of having a full house and laughter coming from every corner.  Saturday morning was an early one and we all quickly put on our game faces! The weather was supposed to be sunny and warm but we all woke around 3am to some seriously intense thunderstorms.  The thunder was cracking right outside our bedroom and we were all on pins and needles.  The show must go on however, and we toughed it out in the rain, coffee in hand!


Attempting to find parking…how many blondes does it take to figure out one parking machine???

I must admit, we are one pretty group of cheerleaders!!!! We were rocking the sidelines and cheering at the top of our lungs.


Hoopfest 2013 #8

Hoopfest 2013 #10Hoopfest 2013 #11

Hoopfest 2013 #9
Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!!

We did have a brake in the weather and a brief moment of sunshine and took the opportunity to take a group photo with both teams and all the wives!! haha

Hoopfest 2013 #6


Our team was out on day 1 with three games played, but the “old men” just kidding, made it to day two with zero losses.  Sunday was absolutely gorgeous and HOT!!!! As my husband puts it, i’m a wilting flower and very delicate, HAHA!!! Not true.  I do however overheat easily, so I enjoyed the games from the shade with lots and lots of sunscreen!




The boys made it all the way through and ended up WINNING their whole division without a single loss.  WOOOOO HOOOO! Hoopfest CHAMPS all the way.  It was one heck of a crazy weekend and I was officially pooped.  This was me asleep by the end of the day on Sunday…officially ready for vacation!!!!