Thoughts on Motherhood & Gift Guide

Holy Cow, time is going by so fast in these last weeks and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I am so excited.  Mother’s Day is a low-key day for us. No expectations about expensive gifts or a big huge breakfast, blah blah blah.  Really all I want is to spend the day with my family, maybe a massage, and to celebrate the many amazing mommas that are continuing to shape my journey through motherhood.  You mommas that have come before us know how quickly shit can get real and that motherhood is the trickest, scariest, rollercoaster ride of emotion that a human can feel.  My perspective on being a mother seems to change daily and without sounding too cliche, it truly is one of the BEST and HARDEST things i’ve ever done in my life.

This will be my 2nd mother’s day and a little over a full year of being a mommy, not including pregnancy.  Reagan is 14 months old and I am almost 36 weeks pregnant with baby number two.  This past year has been filled with the most uplifting moments, moments that completely broke me down until I was in tears, and such an intense joy and love at bringing life into this world that I thought my heart might explode.

I know these moments and the days are limited and I truly try to just soak in the beauty of whatever we have rolling on a particular day.  I am so looking forward to bringing another life into the world, albeit scared shitless, and snuggling a tiny sweet babe again.  It makes me sad to see how big and grown-up Reagan is getting and it feels like just yesterday that she was a tiny and fragile little pumpkin. That same sadness is followed by the biggest smiles and belly rolling laughs at whatever goofy thing she has recently done and the continous crazy shenanigans she gets into.  Sometimes my husband and I just look at each other completely perplexed and I say to myself, “who is this kid?” She is so goofy, silly, truly one of the happiest babies i’ve ever known, and I can’t believe she is ours!!!!!!

In honor or all the amazing mommas out there who deserve the world, a strong drink, and a 10-pack massage series, I put together a little gift guide with some of the fun and trendy things i’ve been loving lately.  Just a few ideas for the mommas in your life OR if you need to treat yourself, DO IT!!!! We work our asses off and I never fully appreciated that until I became a mom myself.

Mothers day gift guide 2017

Hello Gorgeous Coffee Mug   //   Rose Gold French Press   //   Anthropologie Blue Capri Volcano Candle   //   Rifle Paper Recipe Box   //   2017 Nike Frees   //   Pure Barre Membership   //   The Year of Cozy

It is hard and it is draining, but there is still so much beauty in this journey. I wanted to be a mom my whole life and never really knew if it would happen for me. But it did.  I am in the process of growing one little human and trying my darnedest to figure out how the hell to raise another one.  One year into it and we couldn’t be happier, more stressed, tired, but completely grateful and in love with our growing family.

xo xo,