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Twas’ a very Merry Christmas – Part Three

I spent most of Christmas Eve finishing up my cookie boxes and prepping some food for Christmas Day!!!! The hubby worked for most of the day and then we enjoyed a nice dinner together and watched some Christmas movies.

And finally…Christmas Day arrived.  After weeks of prep the day always flies by, so we spent most of the day soaking up all the fun and enjoying our time together.

We started our morning seeing what “Santa” brought us aka what santa brought the girly puppies.  I swear, they are more spoiled every year then we are…as it should be HAHA!!!



It was absolutely magical and we had so much fun.  We were able to Skype with my in-laws while opening presents, and it was so nice to share in the fun and chat with them on Christmas Day. The girly puppies were so exhausted after all the Christmas fun and had a little cuddle-sesh with all their new toys…so spoiled.


This year I tried a new recipe from a good friend, and made some yummy and healthy quiches for Christmas morning.  The hubby LOVED them and i’ve already made them again since.  I, on the other hand, enjoyed some yummy mimosas while we opened presents.  A Christmas tradition for us…and so yummy!!!!


We had such a magical morning and then it was off to my parents house for Christmas Dinner with the whole family.  We arrived a little early and opened some gifts with my family before guests arrived.  We enjoyed a relaxing night chatting with family followed by an amazing Prime Rib dinner…sooooo good!!!!


My cute parents…love them!!!!




We had such a blast! Given that this will most likely be our last Christmas with the just the two of us, we really tried to enjoy our time together before Little Baby Haguewood comes along at some point!!!

I was also super excited to include my mom in a fun tradition this year for the first time.  Not quite sure exactly how this tradition came about, it just sorta happened, and has been a FUN part of our Christmas ever sense.  The first year Jeffrey and I were dating/engaged, I bought the most adorable Christmas PJ’s for his mom and sister.  Every year sense I have given them Christmas Eve Pajamas that are beyond comfy and cozy!!! It has been so much fun looking back at all the pictures and remembering each Christmas and the endless family memories!!! This year I decide to include my mom in the fun and someday…SOMEDAY…if we have a little baby girl the 3 of us can match!!!  It is such a silly little tradition but I truly enjoy shopping for the cute pajamas each year.  Here is a peak at the last few years…

– 2012 –

Christmas Pajamas

– 2013 –

xmas 17

– 2014 –


– 2014 –

FIRST YEAR with my sweet MOMMY!!! Love her to pieces, she truly is my best friend!!!



And that is officially ALL there is for our Christmas!!! We truly were spoiled beyond belief and had so much FUN hanging out with all our family and friends!!! Not quite sure where we will be next Christmas but I am already excited and can’t wait.  When I took down all our xmas decor on New Years Day I was quite sad but completely ready to embrace 2015 and all the FUN & JOY that is sure to happen!!! I can’t wait!!! Thank you for bearing with me as I blog about our Christmas in January…we just had so much fun that I couldn’t NOT include all the details!!!!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING weekend!!! I was crazy busy with a BIG bridal fair and had such a blast helping the sweetest of brides all weekend long. It was glorious!!!!

As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for reading!