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Whoops…off the Clean Eating Train

And my clean eating adventure was an epic failure. Turns out I like Margaritas and my wine a little too much!!!

Hard Work

Turns out I have not been putting everything into it, and I have definitely been getting exactly what I put in…NADA!!!

the difference

My husband and I have been chatting and we both agreed that I need to SWITCH THINGS UP a bit. Whatever i’m doing, or not doing in this case, just ain’t working for me anymore. I can plan and plan as much as I want but when it really comes down to it I let my cravings and emotions control my weight and dedication to my plan.

I really needed to take a step back and JUST DO IT. Stop planning and trying to control everything so much and just go running, go to the gym, don’t eat the junk. Stay focused and make the right choices. Vacation countdown is getting closer and closer and if I don’t JUST DO IT I simply won’t succeed and meet my goal!


So far I have been SIMPLY working out and killing my workouts…literally giving it everything I have.  I need to get my mind and habits wrapped around the LIFESTYLE, not just working out to lose weight etc.  The feeling of pride and commitment that I have when I’ve completed my workout is beyond anything I can put into words. Thats what i’m working for. The feeling of happiness I have when I look in the mirror and FINALLY like what I see is beyond words!!!! I’m officially on day 4 of semi-clean eating & consistently working out!

Sunday – Ran 2 miles (not a ton, but this is a lot for me)

Monday – Ran 2 miles

Tuesday – 2 mile walk with my hubby and the Jovie dog

Wednesday – 30 min Turbo Fire Workout followed by stretching

Workout Pic

Keeping working out strong my friends, and remember that there are so many important things in life and sometimes you simply need to take a step back and reassess your situation. Make the choices that will bring you HAPPINESS & HEALTH and don’t waste your time or energy stressing about the things that are out of your control. Focus on the things within your control that relate to you and your happiness! I’ve always been a firm believer that you can’t help or bring light into anyone else’s life when you are not grounded in your own light.  Focus on the good to spread your light!!!!!

All the BEST!!!!